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"Kashima-kun!" called Honda-san from the front of the day care room, flipping her glossy dark hair over her shoulder, "There's someone at the entry for you!" She turned back around in time to pull Akane-chan and Aoi-kun off the bookshelf they were attempting to climb. The two caretakers were slightly outnumbered after Endo had rushed out to handle an administrative emergency.

Ryu glanced up from where he was helping Hana-chan and Tetchan with their colouring to see Hayato standing at the entry giving the colourful room a once over. Ryu noticed he was paying particular attention to the new artwork. The kids had just heard the story of Momotarou, so the walls were covered in pictures of peaches and monkeys and tortoises. He made his way over to his friend, who held out a blue-wrapped bento as he approached.

"Ours got mixed up this morning."

"Really? Good thing you noticed! You didn't have to come all the way here to return it though, they have the same thing inside after all."

"Mine has peppers, Ryu. You hate peppers."

"I could have picked them out you know." replied Ryu hunting through his bag for Hayato's bento.

"Just take the bento, man."

Ryu grinned at the fond exasperation that coloured his friend's tone and handed over the red-wrapped bento box, accepting the blue one in exchange.

"Are you coming home for dinner?" he asked.

"It's looking that way."

"Great, I'll make Omurice."

"Cool, see you then."

"See you."

Hayato smiled at him, before nodding at Honda and ducking out of the room. Ryu turned to Honda to give her his thanks and found her smiling fondly at him.

"Thank you, Honda-chan."

"You're welcome. And if you don't mind me saying, you and your husband are very cute."

Ryu hated the way the word husband made his mind automatically supply him with the warm and fuzzy image of Hayato helping Kotaro and Taka with their homework last night. He fought against the fluttering in his chest with a firm 'it's not going to happen Ryu', even as he felt the back of his neck heat up.

"We're not married! We're just friends!"

Honda looked mortified. "Oh, the way you were talking, I just assumed-"

"No, no! We've just been living together since university so-"

"Ah I understand, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding!"

Ryu was certain his face was flaming, and he was about to stutter more excuses when the door to the day care burst open and Endo strode in.

"Crisis averted everyone… what happened here?" he asked taking in Ryu's red face and Honda's flustered stammering.

"Nothing!" they replied together, quickly turning away to handle the children, leaving a confused Endo standing at the doorway.



Hayato pushed the door of the lab open with his elbow, careful not to get his gloved hands anywhere near handle. He'd been conducting some tests on the company's latest drug which involved some mildly corrosive solutions, and it was best if he disposed of his gloves and washed his hands before touching anything.

"Hey Kamitani-kun" said Aoki from the receptionist desk. He was filling in his time slot in one of the log books which were kept above the lockers storing the researchers' mobile phones. "Your phone's been going crazy for the last minute or so. You must have like, 20 messages on here."

"Ah, sorry can you check them for me please? My hands…" He trailed off holding up his gloved hands as an explanation. The passcode is 4321"

"Oh, don't worry about it." Aoki said, pulling the phone, sighing at the simplistic password "You may want to change the code after this though."

Hayato made a noise of agreement as he removed the gloves and threw them in the bin before turning on the tap. Aoki began to read the messages.

"They're all from someone named Ryuuichi. Apparently something came up and he can't pick up the kids, so he wants to know if you can."

Hayato went through his day's schedule to see if it would be possible to pick up Kotaro and Taka from the academy. 5 tests were pending. He cringed, it looked like he wasn't going to be able to make it.

He turned back to Aoki to find the other man grinning slyly at him.

"A husband and kids, Kamitani-kun? You've been holding out on us!"

Hayato could have sworn his heart skipped a beat at the thought. 'It's not like that.' He told himself. Instead, he simply raised an eyebrow at his co-worker, hoping that the blush threatening to colour his cheeks didn't make an appearance.

"We're flatmates." He said evenly "Our brothers go to the same middle school so we usually take turns picking them up." He tried not to roll his eyes at Aoki's disappointed look. He was mostly successful.

"Anyway," he sighed "could you ask him to ask my mother, or Saikawa-san please? I don't think I'm getting out of here anytime soon." He asked as he dried his hands.

Instead of typing out the message, Aoki looked at him speculatively.

"You should go."

"Aoki-san I have 5 tests pending. I can probably finish 2 more before I have to leave."

"That leaves only three, right? I can cover those."

"I can't ask you to-"

"You're not asking, I'm offering, now go earn some brownie points with your boyfriend." Aoki grinned and tossed Hayato his cell phone as he sauntered into the lab. The last sent message simply said "sure" and Ryu chose that moment to respond with a series of grateful emojis.

The tips of Hayato's ears turned red.

"It's really not like that." he said softly to an empty room.



"I have some moderately bad news."

Ryu finished serving breakfast onto Kotaro's plate and glanced over to the chair next to him, where Hayato was sitting in a pair of boxers and an old t-shirt picked up at a concert they'd gone to in their first year of university.

Ryu took a sip of his tea. "What's that?" he asked, absently leaning over to smooth down the other man's bed head. It probably said something about their relationship that Hayato bent down to make the top of his more accessible out of habit.

"Mom's got a lot of work tonight, she won't be able to take Taka and Kota to the festival."

Kotaro made a disappointed sound from his spot at the table, and Ryu and Hayato shared a wince.

"Does Taka know?"


The men winced again, imagining the reaction of the hyperactive little boy. There was no way Kamitani-sensei would let Taka go by himself before he was in high school, and Ryu wouldn't be comfortable sending Kotaro out on his own either. Hayato sighed.

"You free this evening?"

"Yeah, you?"


And that's how the four of them ended up at the summer festival.

The festival, with its interesting games and various foods on sticks, had not lost its appeal in the least for the younger boys, who ran from stall to stall with unbridled enthusiasm. Ryu watched over them fondly. With Taka the excitement was obvious as he ran through the crowd clutching Kotaro's arm so the other boy had no choice but to follow behind him, but those who knew Kota could see the way his eyes lit up and how he watched everything around him with keen interest. Ryu couldn't help but smile when he thought back to the first time they had all come to the festival together. Taka had thought Kotaro was a little bit magic for an embarrassingly long time after he'd pulled his lost sword out of the lottery.

"It's like we're in high school again." said Hayato with a smile, unknowingly echoing Ryu's thoughts.

"Hopefully no one loses their prized possessions this time." He joked in response.

Hayato snorted, giving Ryu a quick once over. He was wearing a jeans and a soft cotton shirt. "You wore a Yukata that time."

Ryu fought down a blush. "Yes, well, so did the boys"

Hayato snorted "The boys were three." He glanced over at his friend slyly "It's okay. It suited you."

Ryu really did blush at that and cast around for some kind of distraction "Oh look! Is that Mamizuka-sensei?"

It was, in fact Mamizuka sensei, who was talking with Sawatari-sensei. The twins and Midori were playing nearby, joined by Kirin, whose parents were nowhere to be seen.

"Ah! Kashima-kun, Kamitani-kun!" called Mamizuka-sensei, spotting them in the crowd "Long time no see!"



Taka and Kotaro ran to meet up with their friends.

"You look nice." said Kotaro shyly to the girls, who beamed at him, turning in place to show-off their carefully tied yukatas.

"It's just a stupid yukata! I think you look dumb!" said Taka sticking out his tongue at Kirin.

Midori kicked at his shin, and Kirin stuck her tongue out right back.

"You look dumber!"

"Do not!"
"Do too!"

"Do not!"

The twins and Kotaro watched the back and forth like a tennis match, and Kazuma looked to be on the verge of tears. Takuma sighed.

"Divide and conquer?"

Kotaro and Kazuma nodded, and the three moved in tandem. Takuma got in between Kirin and Taka, smile on his face and hands held out in a placating manner.

"Guys let's not fight."

"Agreed." said Kotaro slinging an arm around Taka's shoulders.

"No fighting." Echoed Kazuma holding Midori back from going after Taka again.

The adults watched the interaction with bemused expressions.

"Even when they're in middle school, somethings just don't change, huh?" asked Sawatari-sensei with a smile, glossing over the fact that her daughter hadn't quite finished elementary school yet.

The two groups decided to go through the rest of the festival together, and they managed to make it to the fireworks with minimum chaos. Kazuma only cried twice and Hayato only had to hit Taka once. The kids had become too big to sit on their brothers' and parents' shoulders years ago, so the group made for higher ground to get a better view of the fireworks. One they settled in, the kids began to play with a ball they had bought while they waited for the show to start.

Kotaro was running backwards to catch the ball when he collided hard with Taka, and the two nearly bowled over the elderly couple seated behind them. Ryu and Hayato were by their side in an instant.

"Are you okay?" Ryu asked, checking over both the boys nervously. They both nodded in assurance, and in fact looked none the worse for wear, even if they seemed a little shocked.

"Good," said Hayato, his shoulders dropping a little in relief "now apologise to aunty and uncle."

"But-" Taka started to complain before he was cut off by Hayato's glare. He gulped and then turned around to face the couple. Both the boys bowed.

"We're sorry!" they said in tandem. The couple beamed at them, and they flushed before running off to re-join the game. The man and his wife turned to Ryu and Hayato.

"We're truly are sorry for the bother." said Ryu, knowing that Hayato was nodding behind him.

"It's no problem, it's nice to see young people so energetic." Said the man. His wife smiled.

"You have a beautiful family." She said "It takes me back to when the two of us were first married." She gave her husband a coy look and laced their fingers together.

Ryu and Hayato spluttered in response."

"We're not-"

"He's just-"

The man laughed and said "You're embarrassing them now, dear. It was lovely meeting you." He said to the boys, who decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and beat a hasty retreat faces flaming. When they turned back to their group, they found the other adults snickering into their sleeves, which only made the men blush harder.

The entire group settled down as the fireworks began, the children watching wide eyed, transfixed no matter how many times they'd seen the same display before. It was as though they were pulled by some kind of magic, Ryu thought.

He turned to tell Hayato this, but his breath caught in his throat. His friend was leaning back on his elbows, soft light from the lanterns illuminating his face. His shoulders were relaxed and he was watching the fireworks with a small smile on his face. Ryu felt himself pulled in by a magic stronger than anything the conjured by the colourful pyrotechnic display that burst above him. Hayato turned to face him, probably feeling the force of his stare, and his smile grew. Ryu couldn't do anything except return the grin and turn back to the fireworks. If he leaned into Hayato's shoulder a bit, well, it was normal for them, wasn't it? He thought back to the way the old lady had so casually intertwined her fingers with her husband's. Looking at Hayato, attention back on the fireworks, Ryu had never wanted anything more.



Monday morning dawned and the household was thrown into a minor panic when Ryu opened the fridge to find only half a bottle of milk, three eggs, and a spring onion, which meant a hurried, caffine-less morning for the adults and convenience store bentos for everyone's lunch.

Thankfully, Mondays usually meant that all three would finish work and school at around the same time, which left ample time to go grocery shopping. Ryu had told Hayato that someone (probably Saikawa) had mentioned that children are less picky about their food if they actively help in the preparation. Ever since, Kotaro was involved in everything from choosing the vegetables to cooking the meal as much as possible. Hayato didn't feel like pointing out that Kotaro was the least picky kid he'd ever met. (He absolutely didn't share this tactic with his mother. Any improvement in Taka's tolerance for vegetables was solely due to him growing up, further proven since Saikawa had tried it once and it hadn't worked. That was his story and he was sticking with it.)

"Okay, so we need green beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and radishes from this aisle." said Ryu, pulling him out of his reverie. Hayato glanced over the other man's shoulder at the list he was holding.

"You forgot broccoli."

Ryu glanced back at the list. "Oh you're right, thanks! Can you grab that and the carrots?"


Ryu beamed at him before turning to his brother. "Kota I need you to get the onions and the radish. You remember how to check if they're good, right?" The boy nodded and the three went their separate ways, meeting up in the middle to deposit their goods in the basket.

Ryu looked back down at the list, his brow scrunching in concentration, and the first word that popped into Hayato's head was adorable. It was a word he had begun to associate with Ryu years ago, but damn if it wasn't running through his brain more and more often now. Like when the man poked his head out of the bathroom in the morning, toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, to call garbled instructions to either him or Kotaro, or in his day care when Hayato visits occasionally, decked in a yellow apron with kids hanging off of him in a way that made Hayato's art ache with familiarity, or right now, when he was running his slender fingers down the list, brow wrinkled and tongue poking out slightly. Hayato shook his head. He was really far gone wasn't he?

They managed to grab everything else on Ryu's extensive list without incident and were making their way to check out when a cheerful young woman materialized in front of them. She beamed at the three of them and asked in a chipper voice

"Would you like to sign up for 'Itedakimasu'? It's our local food and cooking magazine!"

"No thank you." said Hayato, blinking at her sudden appearance. It seemed she belonged to a kiosk set up between the snack aisle and the check-out counters.

"New sign-ups get their names put into a lottery!" she said coaxingly, not quite ready to let them out of her clutches "The grand prize is a trip for up to four people! A perfect get-away for you and your husband, sir." She added slyly, taking the way the men stood, hips nearly brushing, and the single basket between them.

Ryu, quietly negotiating the number of chip packets Kotaro could buy this time, hadn't registered the comment, so it was Hayato alone who flushed.

"We're not married, actually." he said, as calmly as he could manage, giving her a strained smile, and quickly ushering Ryu and Kotaro towards the check out, casually bumping Ryu's shoulder as he did so. The other man gave him a confused look which melted into a warm smile when he noticed that Hayato had sneakily added a box of his favourite cookies to the basket. Hayato thought it was massively unfair that anyone could look so good standing in sweatpants and an oversized shirt in the middle of a grocery store.



"That will be 3,220 yen." chirped the girl at the ticket counter at the aquarium, punching something into her computer. Ryu frowned, realizing the tickets were less expensive than he was expecting.

"Shouldn't it be 4,520 yen?" asked Hayato, who had apparently noticed the same thing.

"Oh! We're having a promotional event!" said the girl with a smile "couples get in at a reduced cost."

"Ah-" said Ryu, not meeting Hayato's eye. "We're not a couple actually so…"

"Oh!" said the girl looking embarrassed. "Well, I've already printed the tickets so you can get it at the discount anyway! I'm so sorry about this! Please don't tell the manager!"

"Um, it's no problem?" said Ryu, unsure of what exactly was happening. They took the tickets from the stuttering girl, and entered the aquarium, Taka and Kotaro ahead of them chattering about which animals they wanted to see first. They were studying marine life in school and had been begging to go the aquarium ever since.

"So," said Hayato, breaking the somewhat awkward silence that settled between them "is it just me, or has this been happening more often."

Ryu was torn between relief that it wasn't just happening to him, and abject panic at what would happen next. Was this making Hayato uncomfortable? Would he maybe want to put some space between them? He was pretty sure these assumptions were hurting Hayato's chances in the dating game. What if he wanted to move out? He'd be perfectly within his rights, it's not like Ryu didn't know he stayed only to help him out with rent and things and-

"Ryu?" Hayato's voice broke through the increasing wave of panic that was rising in Ryu's mind "are you okay?"

"I- yeah."

Hayato looked at him quizzically. "Does it make you… uncomfortable when people assume, you know?"

This was it. Hayato was going to suggest they go their separate ways and Ryu wasn't sure anything was going to keep him from crying in the middle of the crowded aquarium. He took a deep breath. If Hayato wanted to leave, he was going to be strong and let him go.

"Yeah, I guess." he said, watching Hayato carefully out of the corner of his eye, waiting for the look of relief that would no doubt blossom on his face in response. Instead he saw… disappointment?


Most people would tell you that trying to read Kamitani Hayato's emotions was a hopeless endeavour. Ryu was not most people. He'd known Hayato for almost 8 years now, and he could tell when the other man was pleased or upset or proud in just a glance. Right now, Hayato was most definitely disappointed. Ryu's heart skipped a beat and his stomach swooped hopefully.

"But probably not for the reason you think." He said carefully, looking at the fish swimming lazily in the tank in front of him, trying to ignore the way Hayato whipped around to face him. "Most of the time I'm just thinking about how you're always by my side, and always helping me out." He could feel the blush creeping up his neck and on to his cheeks as he looked up at Hayato through his lashes. "You'd make a great husband."

He had to fight the urge to giggle at the astounded look on Hayato's face. Not even a stranger could fail to see that he was absolutely shocked.

"Wh- You mean- Would you-" Hayato was struggling to get the words out, but Ryu under stood. His hand crossed the mere inches that separated them, and he interlaced their fingers tentatively, turning to smile at the man beside him. He received a small smile in return.





Ten years seemed to fly by, now that Hayato thought about it. The Morinomiya academy gym was decorated in white, gold, pale pinks and purples which gave the whole room an elegant feel even to Hayato's untrained eye.

"Ten years and this place is just the same" said Ryu, materialising next to him. He had a name tag on the pocket of his pastel blue shirt. He held out one to Hayato as well, who took it and fastened it to his jacket.

"I remember significantly fewer decorations" said Hayato with a smile.

"Semantics." Ryu replied airily. "Anyway, did you get a chance to talk with the others yet?"

The ten year reunion of their graduating class brought them back into contact with friends they had lost touch with years ago, as well as gave them yet another excuse to mingle with the friends they saw almost every weekend.

Hayato snickered. "Inomata and Ushimaru have been fending off Ushimaru's old fan club for the past 20 minutes. Apparently they can't believe they're still dating."

"I can't believe neither of them has proposed yet."

"Honestly if this keeps up, I wouldn't be surprised if Inomata pops the question right here."

Ryu laughed, the sound kindling a warmth in Hayato's chest as usual. "Yagi and Nezu?" he asked.


"Helping, or helping."

"At this point it's 50/50." Said Hayato looking at the group surrounding their friends. Yagi and Nezu were flanking the two women, the former looking highly pleased with himself and the latter looking exasperated.

"Want to go join them?"


They made their way over to the crowd, drawing attention away from the red faced Inomata and Ushimaru. They shot them a thankful look, which Hayato responded to with a subtle nod. Yagi looked disappointed until Nezu smacked him on the back of his head.

"Kashima! Kamitani!" said Usokawa in surprise. He'd filled out in the last years, no longer toting the awkward lankiness of youth, and had cut his hair short. Hayato barely recognized him.

"Usokawa! It's been a while!" said Ryu with a smile, standing close enough to touch Hayato's shoulders. His greeting was enough to start everyone babbling, and draw more of their classmates into the crowd. Hayato knew he'd been somewhat popular in high school, but he was pretty sure Ryu was unaware of his own popularity.

"So," Miyamori finally asked "what's new with you two?"

Ryu gave Hayato a mischievous smile before responding, "Oh, nothing much. I got married last year." Which lead to a bout of exclamations, some of which were too disappointed for Hayato's liking. Apparently some of the Ryu's own fan club hadn't quite given up hope either.

Hayato cleared his throat. "Me too."

The announcement lead to more shouts of surprise.

Kouzume inclined her head. "That's quite a coincidence." She said with false sweetness. Ushimaru seemed to have a coughing fit behind them, which Hayato knew was an attempt to smother a laugh at the comment. Nezu patted her on the back, lips twitching. Yagi didn't even bother to hide his grin, and Inomata elbowed him in the side, smothering a smile of her own. Hayato remembered this woman as a slightly obnoxious girl in pigtails and glasses who used to follow Ryu, and by extension him, around in their last two years of high school. Kotaro and the other kids had hated her. Ten years later, she had ditched the pigtails and kept the glasses, as well as the hungry look she kept throwing Ryu, who was oblivious as always. He grinned wolfishly.

"Not really," he said casually to Kouzume, interlinking his fingers with Ryu "since we're married to each other."

There was pin drop silence as their former classmates took in their clasped hands, the gold band on Ryu's hand, and the matching one on his own.

"Well." said Takeda suddenly "Is anyone really surprised?"

This lead to a round of laughter and murmurs of assent, despite the fact that a few women still looked utterly furious at this development, and the crowd soon dissipated, breaking up to talk about more interesting topics. Ryu squeezed his fingers, and he dropped a kiss onto his husband's head.

"Five years after you got together and you two are still adorable!" said Ushimaru, sidling up to them now that she didn't have to fight through the crowd of people to do so. Inomata nodded, having been pulled along by her girlfriend.

"The word you're looking for is gross." called Yagi from where he was standing with his arm around Nezu's waist and his head on his shoulder. Nezu's cheeks were tinged with pink, but otherwise he seemed unaffected by his boyfriend's blatant display of affection.

"Like you have room to talk." Hayato griped good-naturedly, pulling Ryu closer. His husband grinned up at him, and Hayato knew then and there that his life couldn't get any better than this.

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