The Overlord's Dragon.


As I look at my personal NNI in my small bedroom, Neural Nano-Interface, I couldn't help but sigh.

I had a lot of good times with this thing and the games I've played on it. Aberage, where I could build power suits and beat others plays. Duty calls, an FPS with guns both realistic and fantasy. Good times on both, but none of them compared my first and favourite game I owned on this.


A DMMO-RPG with the main selling point being, 'player freedom'. It wasn't the first DMMO-RPG, but it was close. It was, however, the product that made DMMO-RPG a smash hit on the gaming industry. The freedom the players had to customise and play the game is just too many to count, some liked to play vampires with holy magic, while others will play robots with miniguns for legs and rocket launchers for arms. I never did figure how that worked. At all.

I myself had put in countless hours playing YGGDRASIL, gathering items to get upgrade my race levels or change them into something else. As frustrating as those bloody Primal Fire Elementals were, never dropping my goddam item.

"Are you alright, Ryan? You looked someone killed the dog. And then ate it in front of you."

I looked at the door to see my older brother, Jack, leaning on the doorframe looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I wished. That bloody dog likes my bed far too much for my liking." I said with a roll of my eyes, "No, it's something much worse". I said in a low voice.

Raising his eyebrow, he walked towards me, "What, is your NNI acting up? It's old, you know. About time you get a new one."

"No. Worse."

He looked at me.

He looked at my NNI.

"Have downloaded porn on it? You know there are sites for that right? I can give you some if you want." Jack said with a smirk.

"Hilarious," I said with a roll of my eyes. "No, you idiot, YGGDRASIL is ending in an about two hours. Just depressed that I won't be able to play it anymore or with my friends anymore." I sighed.

It took my brother awhile, but he eventually got it. "You mean that Weeb game you spent all day trying to get and translate? The one that only came out in Japan?"

"That's the one," I said, trying not smile at my brother's term for YGGDRASIL.

My brother took a quick glance at the clock. 1:00 PM. The servers would shut down at 3:00 PM, 12:00 PM in Japan.

After some debate, he told me, "Listen, I only came up here to make sure you were studying for your GCSE. If you take some time to unwind, I won't say anything, and if Mom or Dad asks, I'll just say you're taking a break from studying." He said with a grin.

I looked at him and I couldn't help but give him a smile, "Thanks for this bro. It means a lot to me."

"Whatever", he said rolling his eyes, "Just make sure you're actually studying later. GCSEs are bad enough, even worse when you don't know anything." With that, he walked out of my room and made sure to close the door.

Making sure to rig up my NNI I couldn't help, but smile. Jack was my older brother by about 3 years, him being 19 and me being 16. He never really shared my passion for video games but he knows how much fun I had with this game in particular along with the friends that I made on it.

After rigging it up, I sat in the chair and put on the helmet and jumped into YGGDRASIL for the last time.





As I log on to my character I take a quick at my stats to make sure nothing has changed. I decided to take a look at my equipment and models first, considering they were more likely to change.

Dracul himself was in his Dragonoid form at the moment and I was glad to see nothing had changed. A 6 foot tall Dragonoid, with dark red scales covering his body with wings large enough to fly, if the game was advanced enough to handle that sort of thing. He had small curling horns around his brow, much like a ram along with his large prehensile tail.

My equipment itself hadn't changed at all. Full, dark red, plate armour with the pauldrons in the shape of dragon heads. His helmet was in the shape of a dragon with a closed maw much like his own and the chest plate was decorated with the image of a rising dragon. His weapon was a colossal double-edged claymore, with a wide blade and as tall as Dracul himself. It was relatively simple compared to other weapons with the hilt simply consisting of a simple handguard and a round head for a pommel. The blade was a dark red expect around the edges that were steel grey.

Satisfied that my equipment hadn't changed, I went on to check my Levels and stats.

Name: Dracul

Racial levels:

Fire Dragon: 15

Ash Eater Dragon: 10

Wyrm of Muspelheim: 10

Inferno Dragon Lord: 5

Job levels:

Fighter/Bruiser: 15

Sword-Master: 10

Arcane-Knight: 10

Elementalist (Fire): 10

Knight of Muspelheim: 5

Chosen of Surtr: 5

Harbinger of Ragnarök: 5

Ability chart:

HP: 90

MP: 75

PHY. ATK: 95

PHY. DEF: 80


MAG. ATK: 80

MAG. DEF: 60



It was nice to see that nothing had changed from the last time I was in, some months ago.

After a quick look around I saw was in Asgard, specifically the hall of Valhalla, one of the more popular places in YGGDRASIL due to the no PvP rule in here.

It was completely empty.

It wasn't too surprising to me that it was empty. YGGDRASIL was an old game and took some time getting used, more so if you played a warrior character like myself and with the servers shutting down, why would anyone bother?

Even still though. The game had a lot of good memories for me and I know for a fact others as well. It was just depressing that I saw no one, not even a stranger, in here.

I knew one person was still on though. A good friend of mine that helped me to no end, even helping me become a Dragon. I shot him a message, hoping he wasn't AFK.

Dracul: "Yo, Momo. Nice to see ya again. You doing good?"

Momonga: "Ah, Dracul, it's good to see you as well. I'm doing fine, I suppose. How about you? Shouldn't you be studying for your exams?"

Dracul: "I've been non stop studying for that bloody thing, so I'm taking a break as it were. Even then, I have too many good memories with this game to not be with it till the end. Still, though, I expected some people at least. I'm at Valhalla at the moment and I can't see a single soul. It's actually really depressing."

And it was. Valhalla was a massive hub of activity due to the fact that both the Heteromorphic, Demi-Human and Human races couldn't attack each other along with the fact that most materials and items could found for various purposes, people mostly just stayed here to buy and sell.

Dracul: "Anyway, have any of the others been on? I would think at least one other person of Ainz Ooal Gown would be on."

Momonga: "No I'm afraid, I'm the only one to have been on today. Considering this might be the last time we see each, would you like to come to Nazarick?"

I felt my lips curl up at that. Momonga might be quite reserved, but I've no doubt he's actually depressed at the moment. Same as me.

Dracul: "Yeah I won't lie, I would prefer to spend the final moments with a friend rather than alone. Send me an invite and I'll be there shortly."

Momonga: "Thank you, Dracul. I'll send a [Gate] over as well."

A second later I got an invite by Momonga to join a party as well as a [Gate], a blackish portal, to Nazarick.

Dracul: "No problem, Momo. We both had great times together. while playing YGGDRASIL. Might as well make it good until the very end."





After stepping out of the [Gate], I was at the entrance of the Great Tomb of Nazarick in the marshes of Helheim. The headquarters for Ainz Ooal Gown, a guild made solely out of Heteromorphic races with 41 members. At their peak, the guild was ranked 9 out of countless others and the only guild to clear Nazarick, the hardest dungeon in the game and turned even harder when they made it their guild base.

Despite that though, almost all of them have quit the game completely, deleting their characters and turning in their gear to the guild before logging off for the last time.

If anything else this was the worst thing. I was quite close friends with some of the members of the guild, Momonga, Touch me and Peroroncino to name a few. To see the guild that Momonga and Touch me have build from the ground up to be like this.

It was probably the most disheartening thing about the whole thing. I understand most of them left for real life reasons, but it still didn't make it any less depressing.

Deciding to not spend my last moments in a funk, I sent a message to Momonga.

Dracul: "I'm outside of Nazarick, Momo. Where are you?"

Momonga: "Ah, hold on, I'll be out in a moment."

I saw a [Gate] spawn by my side and from there I saw my friend who almost been with me from the start when I started playing three years ago.

An Overlord, the ultimate race for Liches, draped in an almost pitch black robe with gold thread around edges with an open chest, showing off the ribcage. He had two large pauldrons, made from bone, with a large ruby in each.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you, Momo," I said with relief.

"Trust me, you're not the only one, Dracul. I was thinking no one else was coming on". Momonga agreed.

"Has no else really been on? I would think at least one of the guys would come on, especially now, with the servers being shut down."

"No one, I'm afraid. Other than me, you're the only other player to come to Nazarick in quite some time, months even."

YGGDRASIL wasn't advance enough for emotions to be shown on characters, even more so for undead characters, but I could tell that Momonga was depressed, resigned even, that not one person of the guild had come on to see the end. He loved this game more than me and the guild even more.

It might not be much, but I'll be damned if me and my friend spend the last moments like this.

"I don't know about you, but fuck this." And with that, I start making my way to Nazarick.

"Dracul?" I heard Momonga asked before he started walking with me.

Turning to my head slightly to look down at him I said, "Come on, Let's go walk around Nazarick and reminisce the old times. I refuse to spend the last moments of my favourite game in a melancholic slump and I'm pretty sure you don't want to either."

"..Thank you, Ryan-san." I heard him mutter.

"Heh, first off it's just Ryan. I'm not Japanese so honorifics don't count for me you know and secondly, this day is already shit. Let's at least turn it around and make it a good one." Even then I couldn't resist using emoticons that I so hate sending him a :).

"I'll call you Ryan if you stop calling me 'Momo'."

"Alright then."

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah, I'll call you Bone Daddy instead." I'm glad the game couldn't copy facial movements or he would've seen my grin.

"Please no," he sighed, "I still remember the first time you called me that. In front of everyone. Even then I don't want my last moments in Nazarick being called 'Bone Daddy' by a 16-year-old teenager." He said with a shiver.

"HA! That was a great day." I smiled at the memory, the first time I met the whole guild.

"Do you know how long they talked about that? Peroroncino-san thought I had a foreigner lover overseas, for god sakes."

I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. "Hahahaha! Seriously!?"

With a nod, he continued. "Seriously. Do you have any idea how long I had to convince him he was wrong? Even worse, he thought you were a girl using a voice changer. When I told him you were, in fact, a male he thought we were in a 'taboo relationship' as it were." He said, sighing.

I was still laughing uproariously at the thought. Peroroncino did always have a one track mind for anything perverted. After a while, Momonga joined in, laughing as well.

"Haa... Thank you, Dracul. I needed that" Momonga said along with a :).

Giving him :) as well I said "No problem, Momo. Now come on, let's get inside Nazarick. Better in there than out here."

"Indeed. Let's go."

And with that, we descended into the Great Tomb of Nazarick.





As we made our way to the first floor, me and Momonga talked about the old times when we played together, such as when we ran into a group of Demi-Humans, Lizardmen to be specific, by accident.

"Honestly, I'm surprised they even lasted that long. They were only, like, level 75? 80 at most."

"There was 20 of them, you know. We could've died if we weren't so close to Valhalla at the time. I also get the feeling they were quite upset at you for constantly killing them. Every time you met one. Nonstop." Momonga claimed.

I got the feeling Momonga still held me at fault for that particular event, along with glaring a hole in the side of my head.

"Come on, Momo. If you're going to play a race like Lizardman, instead of something like a Dragonoid, you need to accept that, maybe, possibly, there is a player out there that doesn't like the fact that Lizardmen are basically shitter versions of Dragonoids without wings." I said, stating the truth that Lizardmen sucked at everything and just being cheap knock-offs of Dragonoids.

"Doesn't have to do with the fact that you kept dying to Lizardmen when you started playing?" Momonga said smugly.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" I said innocently. While talking about my completely rational dislike for Lizardmen, we made it to the first floor and saw the Guardian for the first, second and third floors, Catacombs with wandering low-level undead.

I haven't visited Nazarick in awhile and even the times I did visit, I mostly talked rubbish with the members I was friends with or trying to figure how to get a certain item. I never really took a good look at the NPC or the Tomb itself.

"So this is Shalltear, huh? Who made her?" I asked Momonga. I took a good look at the NPC standing around and only one word came to my mind.

Gothic Lolita.

She was a small thing, especially compared me or Momonga, only just coming up to his chest. She wore a dark, evening dress and had incredibly pale skin. She had pretty, even attractive facial features, even with the blood red eyes and slit pupils. I was having trouble trying to guess what race she was. She wore her silver hair in a massive bow along with a long ponytail at the back.

"Shalltear was made by Peroroncino-san."

Oh good God, no.

"This is the only NPC he made."

Oh, thank you, God.

"Peroroncino made her, huh? What race is she? An angel?"

Shaking his head, he answered. "No, Victim is an Archangel. Shalltear is a True Vampire."

I looked at Shalltear.

I looked at Momonga.

Momonga looked at me.

"You can't be serious. True Vampires are one of the ugliest things in the game and the things that can change their appearance are temporary at best. She on the other hand," I waved my hand towards Shalltear, "actually looks decent, attractive even and I don't know anything that could hide a True Vampire's appearance." I said in a voice of disbelief.

"Peroroncino-san spent a lot of time modelling her for her to look like this. Almost 6 hours, if I recall."

Jesus, Peroroncino.

"Well, no one can say he wasn't devoted." I had to ask Momonga the most important question, however.

"Have you looked at her settings yet? If he spent that much time on her appearance alone, God knows what her settings look like".

"No I haven't," he said, shaking his head, "I've been busy with trying to keep the guild afloat after everyone left."

I couldn't help but snort at that. "Yeah, right. I bet you're just scared to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes."

"You aren't?" He said dubiously.

"Oh no, I'm terrified," I said honestly. "Still though, I can tell he really loved this NPC. Even if he did almost certainly fetishize her."

"Indeed, he wouldn't stop talking about her for days after she was made," Momonga said with a sigh, no doubt remembering happier days.

"Come on, let's not be like that. We don't have much time left, you know." After a quick glance at the clock in the HUD, it was 22:20 at the moment.

"Right, let's carry on…", Momonga drifted off, "Actually, can we go to floor 9? HeroHero-san just logged on."

"Really? Sure, let's go. I haven't talked with him much, but It'll be nice to see how he is doing." I wasn't as close to HeroHero as I was with Momonga or Peroroncino, one or two conversations at most, but he was a nice guy to talk with.

"Indeed. This must be the first time he logged on since he changed his jobs in RL. Let me open a [Gate] for you."

After saying my thanks, we stepped into the [Gate] to the conference chamber.





"Yo! Been awhile huh, Hero-san?" I waved to him as we stepped out of the [Gate].

The conference chamber is a large open room with a wide round shape table, with a large symbol decorated on the surface, along with 41 chairs for the guild members. On the back wall was a display case for the guild weapon, the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown that spun lazily in mid-air.

"HeroHero-san, It's nice to see you again," Momonga said.

"Ah! Dracul-san, Momonga-san. It's nice to see you two as well." Herohero said as his character, A Elder Black Ooze, wobbled.

We sat down with him on the giant round conference table.

"It has been a while hasn't it, two years if I recall? How have you been, HeroHero-san?" Momonga asked.

"That long? I've been doing so much overtime lately that I have trouble telling what the time is." HeroHero said in a weary voice.

"That doesn't sound healthy at all," I said worriedly, "Are you okay? Shouldn't you see a doctor or something?"

"I already have, but all he said was that I needed more rest," HeroHero said, shrugging his shoulders.

"I see. Just make sure you don't overwork yourself, HeroHero-san."

"Thanks you guys. I'm sorry, I didn't mean just to complain about my problems when I got here." HeroHero bowed his head slightly.

"Don't worry about Hero-san," I said as I waved my hand, "It's alright to complain every now and then, hell, I do it all the time." Giving him a :).

"Dracul is right, you know. It's no trouble at all, HeroHero-san." Momonga agreed with me.

"Thanks, you guys. I really appreciate it. I'm glad we could talk again one last time, but I need to go and sleep. Work starts at 06:00 AM and it isn't getting any easier."

"O-oh," I heard Momonga muttered softly under his breath, "Well, have a good night, HeroHero-san."

Man, he must really be tired. I didn't know Japan's working place was that rough.

"Good night, Hero-san. It was nice to speak with you again and make sure to get some proper rest." I said, giving him a :).

As he went into his menu, he looked around him in, what seemed, wonder.

"But man, I didn't expect Nazarick to still be standing. It's because you've been supporting the base, even now, haven't you Momonga-san?"

I could tell that comment flustered Momonga by the way he acted.

"T-this is the base we built together, you know? Plus I can't take all the credit, Dracul helped out as well."

"Really?" HeroHero turned his head to ask me in surprise, "Thank you, Dracul-san. It's shame you couldn't join, you would've been a great addition to the guild."

"W-well, I mean," Jesus, way to throw me under the bus, Momonga. "I might not have been able to join, but you guys were more or less the only people I hanged out with in YGGDRASIL, you know? Even then, I haven't been on the last few months due to me studying for my exams." I said, rubbing the back of my head.

"Don't worry about it, Dracul-san," he told me while chuckling, "If there is a YGGDRASIL sequel, I hope we can meet there again. Thank you two for all your hard work." HeroHero said before he logged off.

"It was nice to see him again, don't you think, Momo?" I asked him.

It took a second, but he responded, "A-ah, yes. I'm glad to see him doing well, somewhat."

We both took a quick glance to see what the time is.

22:25 PM.

"Would you like to visit the other areas than, Dracul? It'll take some time so we better hurry." He tried to act the same, but I knew him better than that.

Sighing, I took off my helmet and looked at him.

"Dracul?" He asked confused.

"Satoru," I said softly, noticing how he went stock still. "I've been friends with you for 3 years and you're the person I played with the most during my time in YGGDRASIL. I know when you're hiding something."

For a while he just sat there, looking at the table with a blank stare.

"Damn it all!" he shouted suddenly, slamming his fist on the table. "We built the Great Tomb of Nazarick together! Does it mean nothing to them?!"

Before I could say anything, he slumped in his chair seemingly exhausted after his outburst.

"No, that's not it all. When choosing between fantasy and reality, it's only natural to pick reality." He somberly said to himself, seemingly having forgotten about me.

Alright, enough of this.

"You know, have I ever told you a saying me and my family are fond of?" I asked him.

"A-ah," He startled, realising that I did exist, "N-no, I don't believe you have?"

"Life's a bitch and then you die," I said in an all too chipper tone.

He just stared at me like I just said something stupid, "What?"

Alright, let's see if I can explain it more.

"Well, it works like this. Life, nowadays, is generally nothing, but work, work and more work. I know Japan has it worse than most other countries, but with these new laws being placed everywhere, it's only gonna get worse for everyone, and so like that Life runs us ragged for most of our lives like a bitch and we only stop when we're 10 feet under."

He still didn't seem to get it so I went on.

"Because life is such a bitch, we do things to forget it. Smoke, drugs and se-"

"Dracul", Momonga interrupted me, holding up his hand "Not that I don't appreciate you trying to cheer me up, but where are you going with this?"

"Ah right. Sorry about that," I scratched the back of my head in embarrassment at going off on a tangent, "Well it works like this. Life sucks and so we make memories to have something to be happy about. That's why I'm sure, that even if the others aren't here today, that they're thinking of all the times they had together in YGGDRASIL."

He wasn't saying anything and I was starting to think I said something wrong before he spoke.

"Thank you, Dracul. That helped, surprisingly enough." Momonga said.

"Wait, really? I thought it sucked." I said, confused.

"It could've...used some work, yes, but I get what you're trying to say. Thank you, truly."

"Well, you know," I said with a shrug, but giving him a :), "We just told Hero-san it was okay to complain. Why should it be any different for us?"

"Yes, you're right," he sighed, "Come on. We don't have much time left, you know."

"Right then. Let's go." I said as we both got up from our chairs.

Before we made our way to the door, Momonga said, "Actually, can you wait a minute? I want to get something first."

"Sure, but what are you getting?" I asked him.

"This," he told me as he walked over to the display case for the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.

The guild weapon is a gold staff that is tall as Momonga and its shaft is twisted and turned, much like a caduceus. Its grip is lined with sapphires that seemed to glow with ethereal light. Its head is a bowl-like shape that had seven squirming serpents all entwined with each other and all held crystals in their mouths, though I have no idea what the abilities of the weapon itself were.

"Did I ever tell you how we made this weapon?" Momonga asked me as he started at the staff with nostalgia.

Nodding, I answered, "Yeah, the whole guild spent all the time they could to gather the mats for this. Even using paid vacations and such to get more time to work on it."

As a result of all the time they spent on the staff, it was rumoured to be stronger than most Divine class equipment, maybe even World class, but even though it was undoubtedly a powerful weapon they never used it. Something that I thought was a bit stupid, but if it got stolen or destroyed the guild would be disbanded as a result, so I could understand the caution at least.

"That's right. We all played recklessly to make this weapon, using paid vacations as you said and even arguing with their wives." He confirmed as he reached out to grasp the staff.

"This staff, more than anything else, is a testament to the guild of Ainz Ooal Gown and the adventures we had together and so I've decided to at least have it with us in our last moments of YGGDRASIL," Momonga told me as he held the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown in his hand, equipping it.

I'm glad he was deciding to think of the good memories of when everyone played together and not focusing on the negative side of things, but still, I had to say something to him about the irony of this.

"You know, I'm actually impressed, Momo," I told him as we started making our way to the door leading to the rest of the floor.

"Oh? About what?"

"It actually took you till the end of YGGDRASIL to finally get and use a weapon, like I've been telling you, and the guild weapon at that," I said, laced with smugness.

From the way he looked at me, I'm pretty sure if he could, he would roll his eyes.

"Very funny, Dracul. Let's carry on before we run out of time." He said as went on our way to the rest of dungeon.

"Heh, aye aye captain. Where are we heading next?" I asked.

"Hmm," he hummed in thought before he decided, "I've got just the place that I think you'll really enjoy."

"Really? Then let's go, no sense wasting time." I said, excited.

"It's the 5th floor and I think you'll really enjoy the atmosphere. It's also where Takemikazuchi-san stationed his NPC, Cocytus." He told me as he opened up a [Gate] to the 5th floor.

"Warrior-san? Now that's something I have to see for myself. Come on, let's go!" I said as I rushed towards the [Gate] and went into the 5th floor.





When I saw the 5th floor, I was thoroughly unamused and for good reason. Soon after, I saw Momonga step out of the [Gate] and arrived to see me glaring at him.

"Momonga," I said to him.

"Yes, Dracul?" He asked me, sounding like he's trying to hold in his laughter.

"I hate you," I stated to him as my health slowly, but surely dropped bit by bit.

The 5th floor was a virtual wasteland covered in ice and glaciers. Due to my race being a Fire Dragon and my Job classes, I took an obscene amount of damage from anything ice related and even with all my rings and necklace contributing to resisting the ice element, I took more damage than I like.

Apparently, that was all it took as Momonga started laughing at my predicament as the debuffs started coming in.

"Goddamnit, Momonga!" I shouted at him without any real heat as he continued laughing.





After the incident on the 5th floor, we spent our remaining time going around Nazarick and its floors. We spent most of our time talking about the old days and exchanging stories of the time we had in YGGDRASIL. Soon enough though, our time was running short so we decided to retire to the 10th floor to await the end.

As we made our way to the throne room, I saw a group of NPCs lined up by the side of the corridor to the throne room. Six of them are women dressed as French maids, some more risque than the others, and the only male was dressed as a house steward and they were bowing their heads in respect to us. At least that's what they were programmed to do.

"Are these the Pleiades you were telling me about? The last line of defence against invaders?" I asked Momonga as we stopped by the butler to look at them.

"They are. They were only supposed to buy time for us to prepare, but even then no one ever made it this fair." Momonga told me as he, seemed, open up a menu I couldn't see.

"I see. So these are their names, huh?" Momonga remarked to himself.

"Names?" I questioned.

"Ah, sorry Dracul, I was looking at the guild menu. Give me a moment." He told me as he introduced me to them quickly.

The male was dressed as a house steward and his name is Sebas Tian. An older looking gentleman with grey hair and along a well-groomed beard and moustache.

The glasses wearing maid was Yuri Alpha, a Dullahan and vice-captain of the Pleiades. She had black hair and wore it in a bun alongside with a blue necklace. Her outfit is a lightly armoured maid uniform and she seemed to have spiked gauntlets equipped.

Lupusregina Beta is a light brown skinned woman with a lithe build. Going by the ears sticking up in her hat, I'm guessing her race was an animal person much like Peroroncino. She has no armour or weapons equipped so if I had to guess she was a magic caster of some sort. She has bright red hair that she wore in two long braids that reached her waist and her maid outfit had a slit on the right leg, showing it off.

Narberal Gamma wears a heavily armoured maid outfit so I pegged her for a fighter, but I couldn't see any weapons on her. She's much like Yuri Alpha in appearance, but with her dark hair, she wore it long instead of a bun. She didn't have any defining features so I couldn't guess at what her race is.

CZ2128 Delta, which is a ridiculous name in my opinion, is an Automaton and the only way I could tell is the fact that her one eye, the other one having an eye patch over it, was emerald and had a scope as a pupil. She has long, light orange hair and she wore both camouflage gloves and scarf. Besides that she wore an outfit similar to Yuri, however, the armour looked like a more modern version than Yuri's.

Solution Epsilon is, in one word, risque. Out of all the Pleiads, her maid uniform showed the most skin and seemed to be made in a way to emphasize her sex appeal to the absolute limit the game would allow, which was pretty impressive considering how the devs kept a pretty tight lid on that sort of thing. She had her bright, blond hair in curls and blue eyes, but besides that, she wore no armour and had no weapons and along with being, seemingly, entirely human I have no idea what her race could be.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta was the last maid in the line and the one that stood out to me the most. She was clearly one of the Insectoid races, but which one specifically, I couldn't tell. Her dress, instead of the french maid uniform, is rather Japanese in theme and seemed to based on a Japanese priestess.

"I have the distinct feeling that Whitebrim-san was the one who designed the maids for Nazarick. It would explain all the detail put in the dresses."

I'm sure that Whitebrim's-san obsession with maids is entirely unhealthy, always yelling about maids and justice or something.

"Indeed. HeroHero-san programmed them, but it was Whitebrim-san that lead the project. He was very… enthusiastic about it."

"That's putting it mildly," I snorted, "What do you want to do with them? We don't have much time left, you know."

He turned to look at the NPCs before deciding.

"They'll come with us to the Throne room. As the guild master, I should put the NPCs to good use at least."

"Your choice," I shrugged, "But we should hurry up to the throne room while we can," I advised as I took a look at the time.

23:50 PM.

"You're right. Come on, let's go." Momonga said as we both started walking down the hallway with the NPCs in tow behind us.

As Momonga and I started walking towards the Throne room in silence, except for the click-clacking of the shoes of the Pleiades, I took the time to remember time to think about YGGDRASIL and my adventure through it.

Making Dracul, a simple Dragonoid before.

Getting PKD constantly by other players who played early into the morning, bloody Lizardmen, to the point of almost rage quitting the game before managing to avoid them.

And finally going to the 9th and final World Tournament and even making to the finals before losing.

Can't be too mad about that though, I managed to become a Dragon because of that.

"Dracul?" I heard a voice saying my name.

"Huh?" I said as I looked to my left, seeing Momonga looking at me.

"Are you alright? You've been quiet."

"Ah, sorry," I apologized to him, "I was just reminiscing about the old times."

Taking a look around me, I saw that we were at the entrance of a giant room. It's an extremely large hemispherical room with a magic circle in the middle with 72 indents in the walls, most filled with demonic looking statues, and two very large doors at the end.

"What kind of room is this?" I wondered out loud as I looked around the massive room.

"This room is called The Lemegeton, named after Solomon's grimoire, and it was supposed to have 72 demon statues in it," Momonga answered me as we made our way to the doors.

"Supposed to? What happened?"

"The person in charge got bored." Momonga sighed.


We walked in front of the massive doors that led to the throne room. The doors themselves had two impressive lifelike statues on them, the left is a beautiful goddess and the right is a scowling demon.

We walked up to stand in front of it and I waited for Momonga to open the door.

Except he didn't.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"Ah, well, I'm just remembering when Lucifer-san made that golem and well…" he trailed off.

Oh yeah. That.

"He wouldn't do that. I think."

"Let's hope," he said, uneasy.

Without any hesitation, he opened the doors and I saw the throne room for the first time. If I thought the Lemegeton was impressive, the Throne room had nothing on it.

On the high ceiling, there hanged numerous chandeliers that seemed to glow an eerie light from the stones embedded instead of any candles. On both sides of the room, poles were hung and on those poles are the symbols of all the 41 members of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Its height and length are completely colossal as such the whole guild could comfortably fit in here and much more.

And at the end of the hall is the World item, the Throne of Kings. The monumental obsidian throne was on a raised platform, looking down on everything else and from what I was told was a gift by the devs when the guild conquered the original Tomb. The seat is big enough for one person, but the backseat is towering, tall enough to touch the ceiling.

"Damn," I said as I looked around in awe, "you guys really went all out here, huh?"

"We wanted it to be as impressive as possible, considering this is the last location of the dungeon. It was probably the longest discussion we ever had."

We walked towards the Throne with the NPC still following behind us in a straight line until Momonga put them on standby. At the foot of the throne was an NPC, female with long black hair, two horns jutting forward on her head and black wings on her hips.

"Is this Albedo you told me about?" I asked.

Albedo is the Overseer of the Floor Guardians and was set of three NPCs that Tabula made, however, Momonga didn't take me to see the other two for some reason.

"She is, but…" Momonga seemed to go through some menu before sighing, "It seems Tabula gave her an item, a World Item in fact, before leaving though."

This wasn't the first time we saw something like this. During our trip around Nazarick, we saw that some NPC, mostly the Floor Guardians, were given equipment by their creators like Cocytus was given the God Slaying Emperor Blade by War-san.

Still though, a World Item. That was a bit much.

"Are you going to do anything about this one? I could understand about the other ones, but you guys had strict rules about the World Items you owned." I questioned him.

"No," he said shaking his head, "It doesn't matter at this point, even if it is a World Item."

Momonga made his way up to the Throne of Kings and sat down on it while I made my way up and leaned against the right-hand side.

"You know, I never did take a look at Albedos backstory," Momonga said.

Shrugging I said, "If you want to take a look, now's the time. Though knowing Tab-san, it could be a bit….weird."

"Well, might as well." He said before using the Staff to look at it.

I couldn't see what he was reading, but the noise he made told me plenty enough.

"How much are you looking at?"

Tab-san has a strong personality, to say the least, and when he was passionate about something you could tell mostly because he wouldn't stop talking about.

Something told me he was very passionate about Albedo here. God knows what the other two are like.

"It's a...extensive background, to say the least. I think I'll just skip some of it to save time."

He waved his hand to skip the majority of it until he got to the end.

"A slut!?" Momonga said in shock.


"What? You mind expanding on that?"

"Ah well, let me explain," he told me after calming down a bit.

And explain he did. Turns out Tab-san is a fan of 'gap moe' and from what Momonga told me, it was a gap between personality and appearance so he made Albedo as beautiful as he could so he could make her slutty as he wanted.

"I gotta admit, that's impressive devotion to one's fetish. Disturbingly so."

"Even if you say that, isn't this a bit much?" Momonga hung his head, before looking back up.

"Do you think he will mind if I change the last bit? I mean it's the last day an-"

"Momo." I held my hand up to stop him from rambling, "It's the last day, you're the guild master and you've been supporting the guild non-stop so if anyone comes back, everything will still be the same. I honestly think he wouldn't mind if you change a tiny detail in his NPC." I said.

I know Momonga would disagree with me vehemently on this, but for me, the fact that he left or any member for that matter means he longer has any say on what happened to any stuff, NPC or Items, in the guild.

It might be hypocritical for me to think such a thing, considering I'm an outsider of the guild, but Momonga cared a lot about the guild, more than anyone else. He should at least be allowed this much.

"Ah. Thank you, Dracul. My apologies, I didn't mean to start rambling there." He bowed his head slightly towards me.

"Don't worry about it, though I am curious to what you have in mind."

"Hmmm…" he hummed in thought as he rubbed his bony chin, "I've got it."

He started typing and when he finished he started chuckling to himself.

"What did you put?"

"Well, it's a bit embarrassing to say out loud…"

"I'll be disappointed if it wasn't. What, did you put 'she loves Momonga' or something?"

As soon as I said that, he went stock still and couldn't seem to look at me anymore.

He didn't, did he?

"Momo, did you actually put that in?"


Instantly I started laughing so much that I had steady myself against the Throne to stand up and Momonga's cradling his head in his hands.

"Momo, you sly dog you! I didn't know you had it in you! You didn't even buy her dinner first!" I said as my laughing started dying down.

"So did you even guess that first time?" He asked me as he took his head out of his hands.

"Oh, it's simple," I said, still chuckling.

"How so?"

"It's what I would've put," I said honestly.

"Of course you would." He sighed, before dismissing the menu and looking at the NPCs in the room standing motionless in the room.

He raised his hand before bringing it down lightly.

"Kneel." He commanded.

At once, all the NPCs went to their knees before Momonga and bowing their heads.

"Finally started acting like an Overlord, eh?" I joked as I rested against the Throne.

"Well, if there's ever a time to start acting, it's now." He said as he rested on Throne and looking up to the flags.

"Do you know which symbols belong to who?" Momonga asked me as we both looked at them.

"Hmm…I know that's yours." I pointed to the flag that held Momonga symbol.

"Mhm, and that's Touch me-san." He points to Touchs flag.



And from then we named all the flags that bore the symbols as a countdown to the shutdown.

It only took a couple of minutes.

Soon, too soon, it was 23:59:54.

"So, this is it, huh," I said, my voice bleak.

Servers shutting down in 6.

"Yes, yes it is," Momonga said, the same tone as me.


"We had fun though, right?" I suggested.


"It was fun." Momonga acknowledged.


"Really fun…"


"See ya, Momonga. It was great seeing you again."


"Same here, Dracul. Goodbye."






Wait, what the hell?

I looked down to my side to see Momonga still here as well, just as confused.

"Dracul?" I heard him say, except something was off with his voice.

Instead of the voice of a twenty-year-old or so Japanese man, it's a deep, baritone voice as if he really is an Overlord.

"Momo?" I said to him and the same thing was happening to my voice.

My voice is guttural and almost growling, like a Dragon, instead of the voice of a 16-year-old kid.

What the hell is going on? Did they push back the shutdown? What about our voices then?

"Lord Momonga? Sir Dracul? What's wrong?" I heard a soft, melodious voice call out to us.

We both turned to look at the source of the voice to see Albedo staring up at us with worried eyes and a concerned look on her face.

What the fuck?

"What the fuck?"



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