Five years later, Mossuk was in an uproar. Hunters, crafters, elders and children crowded around the little group of visitors, talking excitedly and pestering them with questions. Sagani pushed her way into the center of the crowd, her face full of delight.

"Pallegina! Edér! Aloth! Huani!" she said, hugging them each in turn. "I can't believe it!"

"I'm glad we caught you," said Huani, grinning. "We were afraid you might be out on one of your long hunts."

"Oh, no, not anymore. Come with me!" Sagani dragged them off to her home, a snug longhouse built from stone, sod, animal hides and whale bones. There she introduced them to the family they'd heard so much about, including one new addition.

"You're a grandmother?" said Huani.

"Yes! Isn't it wonderful?" She sat down and perched the baby on her knees while his mother hovered nearby, proud but shy. "I wrote you all about it a few months ago. Speaking of which, have you heard from Kana lately? I think his letters get lost."

"He's still dazzling the lore college with his translations from Engwithan, as far as we know."

"Good! That's - what are you doing here, anyway? You didn't come just to visit me."

"We came here to visit you, but that's not why we're in the Deadfire."

"I thought so. What happened?"

"Remember that big statue in the hill behind Caed Nua?"

"Of course."

"It got up and walked off."

" ... It did what?"