Haha At Kyleen

The dark haired 16 year old rested against the silver railing on the harbor in Hitoba. The bright sun reflected off the mirror-like ocean, shining into his brown eyes. His black hair, as messy as it already was, was ruffled by the gentle wind.

"Where is she?" He said to himself, checking his wrist watch with a sigh. Usually he was the late one. He almost gave up on her and turned to go back to the Inn.

"Meis! Sorry I'm late! I was walking down the street over there and sitting n the middle of the street was this massive bag of dough! I didn't want anyone to see me take it, so I had to wait behind a tree. You still have to treat me to lunch though!" The emerald haired and eyed girl said, pulling her small back pack off (which was bulging because of the bag) and showed him the money. Her pink cape billowed as she ran up the steps. Then she leaned with her back against the railing to catch her breath. She smiled up at him, and Meis returned the friendly gesture.

"I do, do I? Well, it just so happens I left my money at the Inn and I told Sodina she could take it and go shopping. Sorry, Kyleen! Let's go down by the lighthouse stairs, shall we? " Meis replied as he took her small hand in his. Kyleen reluctantly let him. She followed him to the stairs and stood on the bottom one.

"So... Meis. Are we going to have fun today or are you just going to stand around with your thumb up your butt?" Kyleen asked, smirking. She crossed her arms and laughed. Meis was used to her attitude. And he was going to have fun at least, he was sure of it.

As the sun began to set in the azure sky quite a while later, the date finally came to a close. Meis knelt down and skimmed his hand across the glassy sea. He thought it was warm enough. And it wasn't deep, which was a good thing.

"Well Meis. I guess sometimes you can have fun with out spending money on me. You owe me majorly!" Kyleen said as she hit Meis's arm playfully. Meis grinned. Finally! Time to reveal his evil plot.

Pretending to joke around, Meis rested his hand on Kyleen's shoulder and... gently pushed her, causing Kyleen to fall into the warm, calm ocean. She broke the surface coughing and cursing Meis. Meis, on the other hand, was clutching his stomach in a fit of hysterics.

"You asshole! Whot was that for?" She screamed, mascara running down her red cheeks. Kyleen's eyes flashed a death warning towards him. Meis had resorted to kneeling on the ground to keep from falling in himself.

"I'm sorry Kyleen! Really. Here, let me help you!" Meis said, amongst laughs. He was now laughing so hard, tears were streaming down his cheeks because of the situation.

"No way Meis!" Kyleen replied, crossing her arms and raising her nose in the air.

"Suit yourself!" Meis said, still laughing as he casually walked back towards the Inn to tell the others whot a wonderful time he had.

"MEIS!" Kyleen yelled, hitting the water with her hands. She pouted very well for her age.

Kyleen didn't notice it, but as Meis turned the corner, he too fell face first into the ocean.