The Eternal Situation

It's been a long time since I updated this story, and I get asked almost daily to update it, despite saying that I'm not working on it anymore in several different posts, notes, and chapters. So I'm going to post this so that everyone can see in full what I intend to do.

I'm going to rewrite Eternal. Kind of. It's more in the vein of The Son of Neptune vs Vas Bellicosum, in that it holds onto several traits from the original, but is much more its own story. When will this story come? Eventually. I have Filii Deorum and Go Into the Water to work on, and both of those are time consuming. I've already written the first chapter for my rewrite, tentatively titled 'Firstborn: Fall of Troy,' but that's more a proof of concept that anything definitive, and it won't be posted anytime soon. I've also structured it more to my liking—I have three 'stories' planned right now for the rewrite, covering different periods. The first is obviously on the Trojan War, so it's essentially a rewrite of The Perseid as well, but the two stories were always linked. The second story will cover the period after the Trojan War to the 'Present' date. It'll be less of a continuous story arc and instead several smaller short stories contained into one big story. The Third, and final, story will cover the Second Titanomachy, and Percy's interactions with the latest generation of demigods.

Again, this is all tentative, and things may change as time goes on for me, but you all deserved to hear some news about what I was doing. Let me end this by saying one last thing.

Please stop asking me to update Eternal.