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Bella POV

I don't understand what I could possibly need at a food store. I hate my power, sometimes, it leads me to strange places. I look around the store, and I don't know why, but I must be here In this aisle for a reason. I smell the icing and cake mixes that fill the aisle. Food, that once made my stomach growl, is now unappealing. My head lurches to the side. Nothing. No one is there. The store is almost empty. An elderly woman is checking out groceries, a man stands in the liquor aisle, a woman is checking a list and another woman is placing food in a red buggy.

I shake my head in frustration.

I turn to leave the store, frustrated with my powers and what it seeks.

I round the corner and jump when a cart hits me out of nowhere.

"Oh dear," I hear a sweet voice gasp.

I look up into shocked, concerned eyes.

"Are you alright dear?" the woman said, "I am so sorry"

I shake my head and give her a charming smile, "No, it's alright, it was my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going."

I looked to her and smiled.

I wonder why a vampire is at a food store?

'I don't think I can judge her, I'm here,' I thought, smiling.

"Are you sure dear?" she asked again, her eyes still filled with concern.

I nodded, "I'm alright"

My power settles then, the humming stops.

So, I'm here to meet her.

Will this be good, or bad?

Only one way to find out.

"Hello I'm Bella." I extended my hand out to her.

"Esme Cullen." She smiled warmly and took my hand.

I saw it.

Esme Cullen, nee Platt. She was married to a horrible man who beat her and when her child had died, she decided she no longer wished to live anymore and had jumped off a cliff.

But someone had found her.

Carlisle Cullen.

The spark between them had been immediate and they had fallen in love.

Together they had five children; two daughters, three sons.

She wants them to be happy.

She wishes for her first son to find love and happiness.

She desires a child of her own.

I let go of her hand and I give her a small smile of contentment.

"It was very nice meeting you, Mrs. Cullen, well, I must be off," I said, hurrying away.

I have never seen someone with desires who are so genuine.

She had a horrible human life and yet she has made her own family with her vampire children.

I waited out in the woods for Mrs. Cullen to come out of the store.

She came out with her buggy, serenity hovering around her.

My hand began to glow, and I waved it at her.

"You deserve everything your heart desires," I whispered.

I then ran off.

My power is strange.

In order to work I have to touch someone and find their heart's desire.

And I can make their desires come true.

I use it for those who deserve happiness and if my power wills it.

'Good luck, Esme Cullen,' I thought, hoping this would give her joy.

After the glow

Esme's POV

That was strange I looked around seeing nothing.

What just happened?

I open the Mercedes and place the groceries in the car.

I badly need to see Carlisle.

I hurried home, putting the groceries away, I looked at the time 11:47

Carlisle gets a break at 12.

A few minutes later I call him, my body filled with anticipation.

"Esme?" his voice rings over the phone, "Is everything alright?"

"No, I need you to come home, now."

"What's wrong?" his voice is filled with worry.

I hate when he's worried, but I need to see him.

"I'll explain when your home." I hung up the phone then.

Going to our room I slip in to something more comfortable.

Carlisle POV

I rushed home.

What could have happened?

Esme didn't sound too worried, so it could be fine.

Then again she has never asked me to come home before.

I pulled in to the drive way stopping the car I rush in side with inhuman speed.


"In here"

I ran into our room to find my beautiful wife lying on our bed one hand prompting her up.

She was wearing a red baby doll I have never seen before.

I grinned.


"Esme." I breathed

"Yes, my husband," she whispered, her voice coy.

"You look most beautiful," I whispered, walking closer to her.

As I drew closer she grabbed my tie and pulled me to her.

"I would never do this for anyone other than my amazing, wonderful, husband," Esme whispered against my cheek.

She pulled me on top of her and we lost our clothes quickly.

We made love three times before it was time for me to get back to work.

"No please don't go," she whined.

"I'll be back tonight, love, promise." I whispered against her skin, "I never realized how much you had missed me."

"I always miss you."

She kissed me, her touch tender and warm.

"I love you."

"As I love you, my Esme." I whispered to her kissing her deeply.

"Hurry home," she murmured, her voice soft and content.

"I will" I promised

I hurried back to work – a smile on my face.

Esme and I are overdue for a nice vacation maybe I'll plan a trip to Isle Esme.

It was the best place for her.

I know she'd love it.