046. Monster



These powers… they're too unpredictable.

Anissa calms her breathing in the ruby-red bathroom stall, hanging her head, staring down mesmerized at her slender, dark brown hands.

She shouldn't be hurting anyone like this, cracking some punk kid's skull as if it nothing.

Because she's not the bad guy here.

Once her heart stops pounding in the back of her throat, Anissa exits the stall, glancing around distracted to the rainbow-chalk drawings on the co-ed bathroom walls. She washes her hands on instinct, unable to locate the sink-mirror.

Instead, scrawled on the blank white wall in loopy and drunken handwriting: YOU LOOK FINE.

"It's true," Grace murmurs against her, circling her arms around Anissa's waist and hugging, giving a close-mouthed smile when Anissa laughs.

"You're almost as corny as me."



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