Crowds gathered throughout the streets, littering the place with cheers and applauds, as wells as screams of excitement. Massive robots rampages through the city, as the police were keeping the civilians at a safe enough vantage point to keep them from harm. The news helicopters flew in, capturing this event for everyone to see. Calls wrung out at nearby hero agencies, as one specific one found their star hero to have left, dashing off before the news even came on.

The young hero quickly got himself dressed on his way to the action, as he pulled up his sleeve, revealing a prosthetic arm. Back at the scene of the attack, other heroes ran in, attacking the robots but to little success. Suddenly, debris floated through the air, raining down the the onslaught of machines. Following that was a stream of ice, creating a wall to block said robots from advancing. A woman with black hair dashed in, as grenades formed from her skin, falling on the front line and exploding, sending an electric pulse that disabled the front line.

Seeing this, the middle robot's cockpit opened, as a familiar figure emerged, clapping his hand.

"Well done heroes, truly, a spectacular work." Complimented the villain boss, "Now then, shall we?"

"You're on!" The woman in the pink uniform called out, dashing towards the boss, only for a familiar brown haired male-looking woman to jump in, stopping her dead in her tracks.

"Long time to see, Ura-san!" Smiled the villain.

"Magne! surprised to see you're still working for Mightless!" Smiled Uraraka.

"What can I say? I'm just a fan of danger." Laughed the trans as she swung her magnet at her.

While that was going on, Todoroki and Momo jumped back, as a barrage of throwing cards were launched at the two, as two new figure arrived.

"Ah, I should probably take time to present to you my two newest recruits." Smiled the leader, "Solitaire and Von-go. I would tell you their quirks, but where's the fun in that when you can find that out for yourself?"

Suddenly, a man came jumping out from one of the throwing cards, kicking the ice hero in the guts.

"Pleased to meet you, Frost-Burn, I am the Villain, Von-go! I'll show you the art of villainy." Von-Go spoke in an accent that tried to sound Dutch but came out Swedish, which was surprising since the dude looked Japanese.

Meanwhile, the one who threw the cards was found by Momo, as he shuffled around his cards with finest.

"Hello there, Miss Creati, do you want to play a game?" Asked the villain, revealing a full hand of fours.

While the three heroes were busy fighting the villains, a Fourth figure emerged from the top of a building. Some noticed him, as the crowd cheered. the villain boss took notice at the cheering, turning to look up, coming face to face with a long time frenemy.

"At it again, Mightless?" Asked the hero.

"Could say the same for you, Deku." Mightless smiled back.

"It's Deku!" Some of the crowd cheered, "The Number One hero!"

Hearing this, Mightless let out a chuckle.

"Wow, are my ears deceiving me? A quirkless, Number One?" Mightless laughed with sarcasm.

"Yup, you heard it right, I finally outranked Icy-hot over there." Katsuki laughed back, pointing at Todoroki, who was locked in a deathmatch against some demented painter who's quirk turns himself into a painting, allowing him to latch on to any paintable surface.

"Well then, Let's see if you truly live up to your rank, hero." Mightless smiled, assuming a fighting stance.

"Likewise." Replied Deku, assuming a fighting position.

As Momo dodged Solitaire's throwing cards, some hit the robot they stood on, blowing it up. As the ground beneath the two rivals shook, they dashed at each other, clashing fists. Mightless backed off, firing a series of explosions at Deku, who leaped side to side to avoid the upcoming blasts, then charged after finding an opening in between the barrage.

Seeing this, Mightless lifted his prosthetic arm, as his forearm expanded, revealing a shield, blocking Deku's punch and pushing him off balance, he then blasted him with a point blank explosion, sending him hurdling down the massive mechanized Goliath they were fighting on. However, a grappling hook shot out of the hero's own prosthetic arm, latching onto the giant robot as he swung himself around Mightless, drop-kicking him in the back and sending him tumbling back a few feet.

"I see you've upgraded your prosthetic arm, Deku." Mightless said, smiling, as he aimed his metallic appendage towards the hero, "I've made a few adjustments myself."

Suddenly, his palm opened, revealing a Gatling gun, as he fired a flurry of bullets at his opponents. Seeing this, Katsuki pulled out his newly made compressible Bo staff, rapidly spinning it in front of him, deflecting the bullets. Seeing this, Mightless fired two explosions below him, sending him flying towards his foe as flames shot out of his metal elbow, as he attempted to land a rocket punch at Katsuki.

The hero blocked it, barely, as he was pushed back a little, before hitting Mightless in the leg with his staff, followed by his face and sides. Mightless retaliated by pressing a trigger on his prosthetic arm, as his palm became magnetic, pulling Katsuki's Bo Staff towards it. With his weapon disabled, Izuku kneed Katsuki in the stomach, then uppercutted him into the air, before grabbing his arm, and doing several midair spins, boosting his speed thanks to his explosion quirk, before slamming him to the ground at full force.

The hero let out a gasp, before rolling out of the way as Izuku descended on him with a stomp, barely dodging it, before landing a blow on the villain's sides again. The two fighters let out a small grin as they were locked in a fistfight, both evenly matched somewhat.

In the distance, the civilians watched this all unfold with intensity.

"Wow, this is like the 10th time I saw these guys fight!" Said a young kid, clearly not older than 10, "They must be rivals or something."

"Oh, they fought far more than just ten times." Some older fans replied, "I remember their official match record was 24-21, 24 being Deku."

"Incredible! They fought that much! Deku must really want to catch this guy." Said the kid.

"Not quite." Replied the older fan, pointing to the two's head as their fight was being broadcasted on the big screen, "Take a close look at their facial expressions."

Taking a closer look, the kid noticed: They were smiling.

"They're having fun." Said the older fan, "To them, this is like a round of Smash Bros. There's actually a betting website now, betting on who would win the next fight."

"And from the looks of it, looks like I'm gonna be winning 50 000 yen! Look!" Said another passerby.

Mightless aimed and fired a powerful shot into the air, as Katsuki kicked him in the chest.

"Were you trying to shot at birds or something?" Asked Katsuki, knocking him over.

Mightless didn't respond, and instead went boosted himself into the air, knocking Deku back, before charging at him with a series of explosions.

"I recognize this attack" Thought Katsuki.

Howitzer Impact!

Izuku unleashed a massive explosion upon his rival. However, Katsuki came charging through the smoke with minimal burns, pinning the villain down to the ground.

"Looks like I'm at 25." Said Katsuki, playfully.

"I wouldn't bet on that."

Suddenly, the shot Izuku fired off earlier landed, hitting Katsuki directly on the back, forcing him to let go, as Izuku pushed him back, delivering a powerful punch to Katsuki's abdomen with his prosthetic arm, sending him tumbling down to the ground and creating a small crater.

"Mortar Shot, a new move I came up with." Izuku explained, "Beware of it next time."

Walking up to Katsuki, he leaned down on him, facing him, before flicking him on the forehead.

"It's 22-25 now." Mightless smiled.

Katsuki smiled back.

Just then, Todoroki took out Von-go and Momo restrained Solitaire. Seeing this, Mightless talked into his earpiece.

"Time to withdraw."

Just then, a blond woman in her twenties, wearing a somewhat revealing, skin tight latex suit, dashed in, and in the blink of an eye, retrieved both of the subdued villains. A helicopter with "League of V" written on it descended, as the villain withdrew. The crowd cheered as the fight was over, however, some of the cheers went to the villains as well. Seeing this, Mightless looked down.

"Thank you all for watching!" The villain thanked everyone, as if this was all a stage play, as the helicopter few off before the arrival of the authorities.

"Good work everyone!" Mightless congratulated his group, sitting down and serving himself a bottle of high brand champagne.

The helicopter landed on a massive, 150 story building with a giant "Villains Incorporated" logo slapped onto it. This was the League's new headquarters. Within these ten years, Mightless traveled across the criminal underworld, gathering all of society's rejects, and giving them a new place to call home. Eventually, he established connections with foreign crime gangs, and, after several heists and business meeting, eventually got enough money for a massive, formal looking building.

Nowadays, Mightless's League of Villains has over 25 000 men working under the criminal boss. His influence was so powerful, that despite his headquarters being in plain sight, no hero dared to approach it. Not only that, but he had a significant impact on the country's economy as well. His company's net worth was already in the tens of billions, not to mention that the first 50 floors are a five star hotel, usable by the public, with a casino at ground floor to boot. And below this casino, at the basement, was an auction house where priceless goods are sold almost everyday.

Human trafficking often happened in said auction house, but Izuku always makes sure to make the most out of the human merchandise that he purchases. About 400 of his employees were sold to him in his auction house as a matter of fact.

As the villain boss descended from the helipad, he got himself dressed in more formal attire. This was the main part of his day, working. As soon as he got indoors, several of his secretaries came running at him.

"Sir! Your have a meeting with the crimelords at 5." one of the secretary reminded him.

"See if you can push it to 4, better to get this over with quicker." Replied the boss.

"Mightless-sir! Serpent just called, he's proposing an investment." Another one came in.

"Tell him to shove it up his ass! If he doesn't pay up his 25 million debt, I'll have his head." Replied the boss

"Boss! Your meeting with the ISIS leaders is in a week, would you like me to ready your private jet?"

"Cancel the meeting, we'll probably just get high in a hot-tub like last time, it's not worth the trip, nor the smell of goat."

After getting pass his wall of secretaries, he finally made it to his office. His mahogany desk, sitting in front of a massive glass window, allowing him to view the city beneath, sits in the center of the room, with marble floors, complementing the priceless paintings that decorated his hard wood walls, and blending into the bookshelves and chandeliers, which seemed as priceless and expensive as the golden and marble statues on his shelves.

As he sat down on his leather office chair, with Toga, following him, he received a video call from an old friend. A wave of excitement washed over him, as he cleared out his work, answering.

"Sachi! It's been a while!" Izuku greeted.

"Izu-bro! Toga! It's been too long!" Sachi smiled back.

"How's things going with Irina?" Toga asked, smiling.

"It's been going wonderfully." Irina replied, walking in the shot, holding a baby, wrapped in a velvet blanket.

"Oh my god! You guys had a kid!?" Izuku yelled out in amazement.

"Just wanted to announce the good news." Sachi smiled, "Beautiful, isn't she?"

"Have you decided on a name yet?" Asked Toga.

"We had a few in mind." Explained Irina, "In the end, we settled for Serena."

"Serena Tsukiyama, has a good ring to it." Izuku replied.

"By the way, how's your marriage been?" Asked Sachi, "Again, sorry we couldn't be there during your wedding, I heard even your U.A friends were there, though we had a hard time believing that."

"They were there... to stop us that was." Toga laughed.

"We had our wedding while holding an entire church hostage." Explained Izuku.

"And we blew up the wedding cake when they arrived then ran off on a helicopter with a "Just Married" flag waving off the back." Toga finished, "You should have been there, I even tossed my bouquet filled with explosives at the few flying heroes that gave chase to us, I think the one who caught it was happy at heart, even if she spent her next two weeks in an emergency room."

"Marriage-wise, it's hard to describe. I mean, we were already so close, that married life is basically the same only with a ring attached." Izuku answered to the initial question.

"Ah, I see, by the way, how's the rest of the league doing?" Asked Sachi.


Somewhere in New York...

Stain jumped from one building to the next, as he was relentlessly hunting down a certain American Hero. The hero flew at incredible speeds, trying his best to outrun Stain, but the hero killer seemed to always be able to catch up.

"You can run, Captain Celebrity, but you can't escape our justice!"

"You are mistaken, Hero Killer." Replied the hero, as suddenly, several of other heroes lunged at him from all sides, dragging him down midair, "I asked the help of a few other hero agencies to help bring you down, your reign of terror ends here, Stain!"

The Hero Killer smiled however on his way down.

"Spinner! Now!"

Suddenly, a red blur zipped past the famous hero, as his chest was split open, as the hero fell out of the sky. Meanwhile, Stain dispatched of the last of the heroes intervening him. As the downed hero tried to crawl away, he stopped at the feet of the hero killer, as well as someone who seemed to be dressed similarly.

"Who... who are you?" Uttered the hero, looking at the new villain with reptile features.

"The name's Spinner, the Hero Killer's top disciple." Responded the lizard, Cutting a knife at this throat, "Now then, let's end this, shall we?"

Meanwhile, Somewhere in Siberia, the Hounds were tracking down a former government official, one who was said to have exploited his people for 2 decades, starving 1500 of them to death. As the officer was being escorted by armored truck, sniper shot wrung out, taking out the truck's wheels.

As the soldiers noticed, they exited the vehicle, trying to make out were the shots came from. However, as soon as they exited, a women in a thin winter coat can dashing in, slitting the throats of the soldiers. Following this, the front truck of the convoy was lifted by Rabid, and thrown, crushing the remaining soldiers and smashing into the truck housing the government officer.

As he crawled out of the flaming vehicle, bleeding, the leader, Alpha, walked up to him.

"Vladinov Bornogovich, responsible to exploiting 6 Siberian villages, and executing over 50 civilians. I can see why they would want you dead."

"Go to hell you dogs." The officer spat back at them.

However, as Alpha was about to land the killing blow, a woman with black hair came in from nowhere, and with a swing of a blade, stabbed the man through the head, killing him off instantly.

Seeing this, Alpha pulled out his combat knife, as the woman then swung at him, the two blades clashing. Alpha noticed that the blade was coming out of her, a quirk, no doubt, as it cut through Alpha's knife, grazing his shoulder, as Alpha kicked her in the stomach, only for her to sprout blades from there, stabbing him through the foot. The kick connected however, as the woman was sent flying back a flew feet.

Rabid came charging at her, but was stopped by Tracker.

"No, this fight is Alpha's alone." Said Tracker.

Alpha activated his quirk, cancelling out his feelings of fear, as he dashed in, not worrying about the pain in his shoulder and feet. He threw a punch at the woman, despite knowing that she would sprout blades where he will punch her. However, she dodged instead, and aimed her blade at his neck. Alpha ducked, dodging the blade by a hair, and elbowing her in the sides.

She let out a gasp, as the Hounds leader took advantage of this opening to to land a right hook square in her face. In doing that however, he let himself get stabbed through the leg. The two let back a little, as Alpha broke off the blade lodged in his leg, using it as his own, as the two landed a shallow slash on each other, one of Alpha's arm and one across the woman's stomach.

However, instead of continuing, The woman noticed the tag on Alpha's shoulder, and retracted her blades. Alpha noticed this, and dropped his weapon too, deactivating his quirk.

"Alpha! Are you alright?" Asked Doc, running in to patch up his wounds.

"I'm fine." Replied Alpha, sitting down while pulling out a canteen of ale, "Who are you anyways? Why did you attack us? Why stop?"

"My apologies, I was under the impression that you were with Vladinov." Explained the woman.

"Well, our coats were stolen from his base." Replied Alpha, "An understandable mistake. However, how did you know we weren't with him?"

"You tag." Replied the woman, pointing at the badge on his shoulder, "I recognize it, you're the Hounds, aren't you?"

"That's us, and you are?" Asked Rabid.

"The name's Razor, from BUTLER."

"Wait, I know that place..." Said Tracker, "It's an orphanage that raised children into top grade assassins, isn't it?"

"Right on the money."

"Tracker, how do you know such a place?" asked Alpha.

"I was raised there myself, that was prior to me joining the Hounds." Rpelied Tracker, "To think I would run into another one of my kin."

"The world's a small place, huh." Said Razor.

"So, what are you doing here?" Asked Tracker.

"To kill that son of a bitch." Razor replied, pointing at the corpse of Vladinov, "Apparently, he had connections with Shiro, I thought I could use them to bring him down for good."

"Wait, Shiro? As in, the boss of Hades, Shiro?" Asked Alpha.

"You know them?" Asked Razor, "Then again, who doesn't."

"Our former boss made alliances with him in the past 5 years, they even exchanged a few men here and there... Yeah... I remember, we worked with his Elemental Assassins at one point, that was before our contract with him expired and we parted ways."

"So you mean you too know about Shiro?" Asked Razor, "Don't tell me I have to torture the info out of you."

"Hey, Shiro and us are neutral, but if you want us to help you take him down, we'll do it, for money that is..." Alpha replied.

Razor thought about it for a while, before turning to them.

"How much?"

"150 million, 170 if you want him alive."

"120 million, no more, no less." Replied Razor.


As summer ended, U.A's entrance exams started anew. A young, horned boy stared longingly at the waving flag, as he fidgeted nervously.

"Alright Kota... this is it, this is your first step into your new future! Let's kick it off with a running start!" Kota muttered to himself, dashing towards the school.

However, right as he took his first step, he tripped on his own shoes, as he fell forwards, nearly smashing face first into the pavement, closing his eyes as he braced for impact. However, opening his eyes, he was still standing in the same spot, as if he didn't even take a step at all.

"Are you okay?" Asked a girl with white hair and a horn, she looked around his age, "I used my quirk to prevent you from falling. My dad told me that it was a bad omen to trip and fall, it sure is nerve wracking."

Kota didn't say a word, entranced by how cute that girl looked.

"Anyways, I'm gonna go, good luck!" She smiled, running ahead.

"I talked to a girl!" Kota thought, blushing.

The exams went by smoothly, initially anyways, until the giant 0 pointer appeared, forcing many kids to run away in fear. Kota blasted the robot with his strongest water jet, but to no avail. Suddenly, he tripped, falling over. As the robot was about to crush him however, a white beam was fired, as the robot was seemingly erased from existence. Kota, confused, turned around to see the girl from before, standing behind him, lending him her hand.

"Are you okay?"

Kota blushed like mad, as he extended his hand to hers.

"My name is Eri, just Eri." The girl introduced herself, "What's yours?"

"K-K-K-K-K-K-Ko-Kota." Kota replied, jittering.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Kokota!" Eri replied, smiling.

Kota was too flustered to correct her though, as the intensity of holding hands for the first time was too much for him to bare, causing him to pass out. A few days passed after that, with the feeling of Eri's soft hands still embedded in the boy's memories. Eventually, he received the U.A admission letter, who told him that he had passed. A few days later, when the classes started, Kota found himself once again, at the front doors of U.A.

Meanwhile, as Eri got ready for school, her father bombarded him with questions, asking her if she packed her tissues, backpack, if her needed water, etc. She eventually got to the door, as her dad hugged her for the nth time. Finally opening the door, he added one last thing.

"Eri..." Said Kurogiri, her adoptive father "I'm so proud of you."

"Love you too, dad." Eri replied, smiling.

Arriving in class however, a familiar face caught the girl off guard.

"Kokota!" She called out, "Over here!"

The boy saw her, and immediately began blushing and quivering.

"Ah! Eri! We're in the same class!"

"Oh! Good morning, Asui-san!"

"Call me Satsuki." Replied Tsuyu's little sister, who was also attending U.A.

However, the reunion was cut short, as a man aged in his middle thirties walked in. His white hair, neatly done hair and slightly chapped would say otherwise though.

"Classes are starting soon, please be seated everyone." Said the man, clearly the teacher.

As everyone was seated, Eri's eyes widened, as she recognized the teacher.

"Good morning Class, my name is Tomura Shigaraki." Greeted the teacher, letting out a smile that looked similar to that of his grandmother, Nana's "And I'll be your Homeroom teacher this year."

Eri, seeing this, let out a smile.

"Something tells me this won't be your typical hero course." She thought

Calls rang out in Todoroki's hero agency, as his sidekicks all scrambled around to answer them all. One might think this is an state of emergency, but this is, in reality, just your typical day in the office before the arrival of the head manager. Thankfully, he had just arrived, as many of Todoroki's agency worker sighed in relief.

"Good morning Toya-san!" The receptionist smiled.

"Good morning, I assume my brother's out again?" Asked the former villain.

"Of course, he works really hard after all" Replied the receptionist, "Not to mention how dreamy he looks. Ah! You're not gonna tell him, are you?"

"You're not the only women in this agency with a mad crush on him, Reina, so don't worry." Rpelied Toya, "Besides, if there's anyone he's gonna end up hooking up with, it's Yaoyorozu."

"Can't argue with that. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the time he goes out, he's actually dating that heroine instead of patrolling. I mean, he's out working twice as more than even Deku, yet he's still only rank 2, something just doesn't add up."

As Toya looked out the window, he smiled.

"Yup, totally."

The island that the former prison known as Tartarus was formerly built on was torn down after the war, and rebuilt as a monument in memorial to all the heroes and policemen who perished during the war. Many people attend it every day. However, one specific grave, standing right next to the statue of All Might and All For One shaking hands, made to symbolize good and evil finally coming to terms and shaking hands, was a statue of Endeavor.

The new Number two hero, Shoto Todoroki came to the grave once again, with a bottle of sake and some flowers.

"Hey dad, ten years sure does fly, huh?" Said Todoroki, sitting down cross legged in front of the grave, putting the bottle by the grave, "We have some catching up to do."

Months went by, as a letter was sent by Momo to all of her friends from U.A, All of which are now famous pro heroes. As she set everything up, using her creation quirk to help, one after another, her former classmates started to show up one after another. First one to arrive was Aoyama.

"And the star of the party has come!" Aoyama cheered, sparkling as usual.

"You're actually the first one here." Said Momo.

"Oh... Hey, mind if I made this party a little most... flashier?" Asked Aoyama.

"Trust me, If you did, we'd be visible from space." Momo replied.

"Heya! I brought the beer!" Mina yelled out, in her cheerful tone.

"And I brought some food." Tsuyu added, coming in right after Mina.

"Oh, uh, put them on this table." Said Momo.

"Yaoyorozu!" Mina immediately jumped at her, hugging her, "It's been too long!"

"It sure has." Said Momo, "How's the hero business going?"

"Oh! It's been going great! Say, did you catch my battle against Mightless last week?"

"Was it the one where I jumped in and caught you when Midoriya sent you flying off that building with an explosion?" Asked Iida, who walked in.

"Iida!" Momo greeted, "You made it."

"I hope I'm not too late. I took way too long deciding on what gifts I should bring you, especially for you, Momo, considering you probably have everything already, or could just make them." Said Iida.

"Oh it's fine. I didn't really need a gift anyways, It's fine... it's..." Momo reassured, but couldn't help letting that reveal bring down her tone.

"I made it!" Ochaco said, running in.

"Oh hey Ochac-Oh my god!" Iida greeted, before turning around to see what she was wearing.

"Yeah, I had hero work to do prior so I didn't have time to change my uniform." Uraraka explained.

"Nevermind that, what's with your new costume! It reveals almost as much as Yaoyorozu's!" Iida exclaimed.

"It's supposed to help me move better. Plus, I noticed that most of the male villains seemed to lose focus when fighting me in this outfit, which is exactly what I want." Explained Ochaco, "Though I will admit, it's a little embarrassing."

"Oh! What are you talking about!" Mina butted in, her shirt unbuttoned and her face tomato red, groping her chest "With your chest size and that slutty uniform, you're clearly trying to bait a trouser snake into your women hole!"

"Mina, are you drunk?" Asked Ochaco, shocked.

"She gets drunk at any party she goes to, that's kinda her thing." Said Kaminari, walking in.

"Oh, hey Kaminari." Greeted Tsuyu.

"Hey! Guys, wanna see something awesome?" Asked Kaminari, as he turned on the radio.

Suddenly, Mina just started dancing on instinct, as if music was a natural trigger for her. However, as soon as Kaminari changed songs, her dancing style changed, from break dancing to slow dancing, to line dancing, to the robot, back to break dancing.

"She does it unconsciously too when she's drunk!" Kaminari laughed, It's hilarious.

"Hey now! We shouldn't take advantage of a girl when she's drunk! That's not right!" Iida called out.

"Hey! Man up for once! It's a party, so let's party!" Kirishima replied, as he walked in as well.

"Yeah! Come on already!" Aoyama added, shooting a beam into the air trying to catch attention.

As the party slowly started to swing, Koda came in, bumping into Mina.

"Koda!" Iida and Kirishima greeted, "You came too!"

"Hey guys, long time no see." Koda greeted in sign language.

The sweet scent of freshly baked pastries filled the room, completely drowning out the other fancy snacks Momo had set up, as Sato came into the room, holding a plate of home cooked pastries.

"Hey there, I thought I'd bring some of my homemade recipes to the party." Sato greeted, as all the woman flocked towards him, all grabbing a handful of his desserts.

"Wow! These taste even better than before!" Tsuyu complimented him, "Have you thought of opening your own pastry shop?"

"Well, I'm a hero so... oh my god, why DIDN'T I go for the pastry shop option?" Asked Sato to himself.

"Well, then we wouldn't have been able to have your delicious pastries, so thank you for being a pro hero instead!" thanked Mina, still semi-drunk.

"Did someone mention pastries?" Asked Shoji, who just came in, "I would like some too."

"Who's this Goliath?"

To everyone's surprise, Shoji grew even taller after high school, growing to a whopping 7 foot 8. As his towering figure bent down to pick up a snack, he looked around, seeing how much shorter everyone else were compared to him, and back off, embarrassed.

"Hey! Shoji! Jesus you're so much taller now!" Kirishima cheered, walking up to him, which surprised him.

Meanwhile, some of the U.A. grads chatted among each other.

"You also ran into Mightless? Wow! Have we ALL fought him at some point?" Asked Mina to Kaminari.

"Maybe we should ask everyone." Said Kaminari.

Jiro came in next, immediately running into Kaminari. The blond man noticed, and immediately imitated his dumb face, as Jiro burst out into laughter. The two met up, as they tried to catch up.

"So, how's it been?" Asked the Blond Hero, "Still dating that Sukuru guy?"

"Nah, we broke up long ago." Replied Jiro.

"Really, it hasn't even been a month." Kaminari added.

"I know but... I don't know, he just didn't really click." Jiro replied.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Kaminari... you think... maybe we should get back together?" Asked Jiro.

"Us? But... We broke up long ago, didn't we? Two heroes dating attracted way too much attention, so much so that you couldn't handle all of the press that we've been getting. Wasn't it always like this?"

"Not this time." Jiro explained, "This time, we KEEP it secret."


"I miss you, Kaminari, I just wish we could be together again."

Kaminari hugged her.

"Me too, Jiro, me too."

"Hey! Am I late or what!?" Asked Sero in the meantime, walking in to a party at full swing.

"Yo! Sero! My man!" Mina called out, high fiving him.

"Sorry for being late, had some extra paperwork to fill." Explained Sero.

"Oh, it's fine. By the way, have you also run into Midoriya during your hero career." Asked Mina.

"Several times, why?" Asked Sero.

"Is there anyone here who HASN'T run into Midoriya!?" Asked Mina, in confusion.

"Why are you so concerned on that?" Asked Tokoyami, who also just arrived.

"Everyone I met had fought Mightless several times! Yet I only ran into him Once! ONCE! Why!? Am I not good enough for him!?" Asked Mina, enraged.

"Woah there! calm down!" Dark Shadow came out, "I'm sorry you weren't there when he took an entire church hostage to have his wedding."

"HE'S MARRIED AND YOU WERE THERE!?" Mina yelled out.

"I made it worse." Dark Shadow muttered.

"Yes you did." Tokoyami replied.

Todoroki then came in, and was meet with tons of his friends, running in to greet him. However, he walked past them, and straight to Momo. His former classmates stared in confusion, as Todoroki slowly walked up to Momo, who looked back in confusion. As he slowly approached her, he bent down, staring longingly into her eyes. Momo blushed in confusion.

"You have beautiful eyes, Yaoyorozu." Todoroki said in an almost flirtish way.

"E-E-E-Excuse me?" Momo uttered in confusion.

Suddenly, Todoroki leaned in, kissing her in front of all of his friends. A mixture of confusion, pride and anger followed.

"Todoroki! What the hell!" Mina yelled.

"Yeah! You can't just do that out of the blue you know!? How shameful!" Iida yelled, boiing the air.

"So manly!" Kirishima cried.

Suddenly, Todoroki lips disconnected, as he turned around.

"You see? I told you I could do it." Todoroki called out, "That's 50 000 you owe me now, Hagakure!"

"Doh! Alright!" Hagakure grunted, coming out of hiding.

"It was a bet!?" Everyone yelled in unison.

"Hagakure! you came!" Ojiro came out of nowhere cheering.

"GAH! Ojiro!? Where did you come from!?" Asked Sero and Kirishima.

"I came right after Ochaco." Replied Ojiro, "Did none of you notice?"

Everyone shook their head.

Ojiro collapsed to the ground with a black cloud looming over him.

"So I'm even less noticeable than the invisible girl, huh..." Ojiro muttered in a depressed tone, as several of his friends ran in to comfort him.

However, just they could say anything, Katsuki came in, as they all ditched Ojiro to go greet him, jamming that nail deeper into his chest.

"Maybe I should be a villain, maybe then they will finally acknowledge my presence." Ojiro muttered to himself.

"Katsuki!" Everyone cheered, hugging him.

"Hey Hey Hey! I came in expecting a reunion party, not a fan club." Said Katsuki.

"Oh, sorry, it's just that you barely see any of us." Replied Ochaco, "In fact, we doubted that you were gonna come at all."

"Yeah! You're never around, what gives!?" Asked Kaminari.

"I see him pretty often though." Said Kirishima.

"Of course you do." Replied Jiro.

"Sorry guys, I mean, I probably should hang out with you more, but I'm still catching up with another friend of mine." Explained Katsuki.

"Another one? But, we're all here." Said Ochaco.

"Nope, there's still one missing" Said Katsuki.

Suddenly, a thud was heard from behind them. Turning around, they came face to face with Izuku.

"Hey guys, did you miss me?" Asked Izuku.

"Midoriya!?" Uttered Iida, "But why? Why are you here?"

"Hey, I may be a villain, but I was still part of this class, aren't I? So, I guess you're gonna kick me out?"

Just then, Ochaco, Iida ran in and hugged him, followed by several others.

"Welcome back, Midoriya."

As the party was slowly wrapping up, some highlights including the karaoke, that arm wrestling match between kirishima and sato, where Sato won by shoving all remaining cakes he baked down his mouth at once, but causing him to pass out shortly after, and Mina's drunken actions. Eventually, as they left one after another, Katsuki and Izuku stayed behind for a bit, having a talk between friends.

"So, how's everything going back at the league?" Asked Katsuki.

"Good, good." Izuku answered, "By the way, Katsuki, I heard Sachi and Irina had a kid."

"Seriously!?" Asked Katsuki.

"Yeah! They looked so happy together. Which got me thinking, should I... have a kid too?" Asked Izuku.

"Well, why not?" Asked Katsuki.

"I mean, I'm sure Toga would love to have a kid with me, but, my work is questionable, and with my connections, I don't know if my son or daughter would be able to live a normal life." Explained Izuku, "I mean, Kurogiri, Sachi, Irina, Yeong, they have it easy, they gave up being villains, so they can be a normal family all they want, but me? Can a crimelord like myself really raise a kid in such environment?"

Katsuki placed his hand on Izuku's shoulder.

"You know what I think?" Asked Katsuki, "I think a kid is still too early for you and Toga, you two make a great couple, but a bit is still too early for a couple who's still in their mid twenties. I think that should you have a kid, they shouldn't let society do the talking about what's good and what's bad. You claim to serve a noble cause, and you have millions of fans that have your back, so if you believe what you're doing is right, you tell your baby what's right, and if he/she disagrees, then see what her opinion is!"

Hearing this, Izuku smiled.

"I guess you're right." Replied Izuku, getting up, "Well, I better get going."

"See you soon, Midoriya."

"You too... Deku"

A simple story of heroes and villains... concludes...

*Record scratches*

"Guys? I'm here for the party. Guys?" Asked Mineta, who just cam in.

The End...

Izuku: So... it's finally over.


Sachi: Will there be a sequel?


Izuku: Author?

I'll think about it.

Izuku: So, will you do your thing?

Sachi: He's gonna start, so we should probably go.

*Ahem* Thank you all for reading my story. Never have I thought I would have made it this far without you guys. Mightless started off as a hobby fic, and yet here it stands, as one of the most popular villain Deku fics. It's been quite a ride, especially for such a amateur writer like me. Maybe one day, I would write my first real novel. Until then, I would like to thank all of you for sticking around for so long. So so long, my fans.

-The Mysterious Banana...