GrimmFall: Toonami Rebirth

Opening Files: Toonami

Toonami is a programming block that airs more action-animation oriented shows. The block was hosted by Moltar of Space Ghost Coast to Coast for the block's first two years until he was replaced by the original TOM. The first TOM hosted the show aboard the Absolution for over a year until he was destroyed by The Intruder. Sara, the Absolution's AI, downloaded TOM 1's memory matrix into a new unit on the ship.

The new TOM, dubbed TOM 2, saved the ship by separating the starboard engine, now almost fully consumed by The Intruder, by setting charges and blowing apart the connecting section of the engine. After bringing the Absolution to Startower for repairs, he continued to host the show for three years. At the end of the third year Sara was stolen by a space pirate who made his way onto the Absolution. TOM 2 went after him, only to be killed during their encounter.

Friendly robots found his remains on a scrap pile and repaired him into a new body, his most famous model, dubbed TOM 3. TOM 3 was eventually able to save Sara and continued to host the show for exactly four years aboard a new Absolution Mk II. This version of TOM remained in service for four years, at which point it just mysteriously disappeared. His demise has yet to be disclosed on-air and on-line.

He was replaced by TOM 4 who hosted from Flowus 3 which was stationed on an unnamed planet. TOM 4.0 officially ended the Toonami block upon its cancellation due to a low budget, TOM 4's unpopularity and the Adult Swim block that started airing actions shows and attracted attention away from Toonami. Four years later Toonami made a sudden return when a transmission sent by TOM 3 but was considered TOM 3.5 due to subtle alterations to him and the Absolution from an unknown location. His sudden reappearance along the petitions of many fans to bring it back sparked a new and renewed interest in Toonami and it was brought back but TOM's routine evolved to compensate the block's low budget; new messages with each intro, promoting Twitter Hashtags, introducing a Media Chamber, and switching the dark red graphics to blue.

He disappeared shortly after again and was replaced by the current host TOM 5.

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Through the depths of space sailed a large ship, approaching a nearby planet. The ship was large, sleek and armed to the teeth. This vessel was also hyperspace capable, allowing it to travel to other galaxies and even across the multiverse with the most advanced FTL based communications network that allowed it to send transmissions all across the universe. This ship was well known for the famous programming block that broadcasted the best action series for the universe to be seen.

It was called the Absolution, the mobile broadcasting vessel of the programming block Toonami.

After the original Absolution was destroyed by the space pirate Orcelot Rex, in an attempt to capture SARA, a second ship was built. It was dubbed the Absolution Mk. II by TOM 3 and SARA. With the help of underground robot prisoners, the Dronomeks, TOM was rebuilt into a bigger, stronger being, and he saved SARA and the prisoners from Orcelot Rex. The freed robots awarded TOM and SARA a new larger space vessel, dubbed the Absolution Mk. II in honor of the original vessel that had been a part of their lives.

The ship had multiple decks which were accessible by an elevator going throughout the Absolution. Most of the ship and the broadcasting could be controlled by TOM or SARA on the bridge via the main computer. The ship also had one or multiple hangars which stored smaller vessels.

"Stay gold, bang." TOM 3 said, ending today's run and sat back in his chair as SARA ended broadcast. "Oh man."

"What is it, TOM?" The holographic form of SARA appeared next to him.

"Just a lot of things. I hear there have been budget cuts and we might have to move to a planet and start broadcasting there. We're losing views to Adult Swim because they've started airing action shows like us and getting more attention. So now funding once directed at us is now going to them." TOM answered unhappily.

"Move to a planet? Wouldn't it be easier just to return to Planet Ghost and let Moltar take over again?" SARA asked.

"They asked. He said no." TOM shrugged. "Not really interested and he told them never to call him again. That's why he bought the Absolution and left the job to us."

"So what will the staff do now?"

"If we can't solve the budget cuts we'll either have to move to a planet to save on money that's used to keep the ship running and to buy broadcasting rights to our shows. If we can't turn this around they'll even have to replace us with cheaper models and that's only the least bad thing."

"What's the worst?"

"…They might have to cancel Toonami."

SARA gasped even though she couldn't actually breathe. "They would really do that? Toonami has been the best programming block for action for over a decade."

"What can I say, SARA? We got a lot of attention when it was just Moltar and our views skyrocketed when we took over, even after the incidents with the Intruder, the trash compactor, Swayzak and Orcelot we managed to bounce back. Now it looks like we're about to hit rock bottom." TOM shrugged. "We're trying our best, SARA but Adult Swim has been beating us to the punch. Things are changing."

"There must be something we can do, TOM. We can't just let Toonami end after all our success." SARA protested the idea of Toonami being cancelled.

"I don't know what exactly we can do, SARA. I guess we'd have-" TOM stopped as the bridge computer started beeping. "SARA?"

"Hang on." SARA quickly ran a ship diagnostic. "I'm intercepting a strange transmission. It's Earth based."

"A call from Earth?" TOM asked.

"It does not match our network. It's more like…A burst of data that was sent directly from Earth."

"We're too far from Earth for it to be direct." TOM said, watching as SARA worked on decoding the transmission.

"Hold on…I think this transmission was piggy-backing on our broadcasts!" SARA reported. "Someone must be trying to hack our broadcast!"

"Who? Swayzak again?" TOM asked, bracing himself for whatever was about to happen.

"No, it's human. It's-" SARA was cut off as the computer screen was overcome with static and from the speakers came an obnoxious laugh.

"What in the world?" TOM asked, hearing that laugh. "Who is there?"

"At last! I made it!" The screen's static faded, showing an over-weight human male with long orange hair and his attire obviously a sci-fi costume. "I almost thought I wouldn't make it!"

"Who are you? What are you doing the main computer?" TOM demanded.

The human regarded the Toonami host. "Ah, TOM! The host of the world-wide famous Toonami! I'm a big fan of your work!"

"Really? So you are just some geek stalker?" TOM asked dryly.

"Oh no! I am much more than that! I am…Master of Media! The traveler of the multi-verse! I am Control Freak!" The human announced with an obnoxious laugh.

"Control Freak, huh? Oddly fitting." TOM muttered.

"As for why I am here, TOM. I need a place to hide from interdimensional authorities looking for me. I barely escaped them on my Earth by beaming myself out into space and came into a new universe with a portal device I stole from a sci-fi series. That's when I heard of you and your ship and here I am! A ship with hyperspace capabilities that I'll help me get away from the authorities!" Control Freak ranted.

"Don't be too sure of that, Freak. We don't make things easy for intruders around here." TOM retorted. "SARA, run a full virus scan."

"On it." SARA replied.

"Don't to be too sure of that!" Control Freak laughed. "I've already made sure to hack and disrupt her control of the ship. Now to move onto phase two!"

"TOM, he's accessing the hyperdrive!" SARA reported. "The engines are already powering up."

"And now I'll take this ship back to my home universe and fix the mistake I made!" Control Freak ranted as a hyperspace portal appeared before the ship.

"What's he doing?" TOM had to cover his visor from the sheer light.

"He's modifying the engines to emit some sort of tachyon pulse. He's using the hyperdrive to create a wormhole. " SARA answered. "I can't block him out!"

"Hang on!" TOM ran off the bridge and through the many halls of the ship towards the engine room. "SARA, can you try disrupting the navigation system?"

"I'll try but if we enter the wormhole and navigation is lost we'll be lost between dimensions." SARA reported.

"Then let's hope he'll give up if he can't get to where he is going." TOM said, finding his way to the engine room. "I'll cut power to the main engines and computer relay system to break his control of the ship."

"Not so fast, TOM!" Control Freak shouted through the speakers, summoning Clydes from all over the ship to block TOM off and sealed the engine room.

TOM lunged forward, bashing his way through the Clydes and slammed into the door. "He's blocked me off!"

"I'm trying to delete our navigation protocol but he's fighting me, TOM." SARA reported. "I won't be able to stop him."

TOM looked around, desperately trying to come up with a plan to stop Control Freak and only had one idea. "SARA, try and hold him off as long as possible and open the nearest hangar doors."

"What are you-"

"Just do it!" TOM ran down the hall, stopping at the nearest hangar deck.

Control Freak hadn't bothered to seal off the hangar which was good for what TOM was about to do. Unlike the previous Absolution the new one had no army of DOKs to call on for help but it still had jetpacks lined up for him along with personalized fighters in each hangar.

"TOM, what are you planning?"

"If I can't do it shut down the engines from the inside I'll do it from the outside." TOM said, getting his jetpack on.