All I could see was darkness. Then my body slowly stared to rise as I stared at the glowing full moon above me. A voice in my head caught me off guard as it said that my name used to be Harry Potter but I would now be know as Hallow Eve. As I touched the ground the earth beneath my feet turned a purplish black color. I could no longer hear the voice in my head but I knew it was the Man In The Moon. And that was that last I ever heard from him. But that was a very long time ago.

"Anna ate you ready to go trick or treating tonight." A boy dressed as Jack Skellington said. "I'm almost ready Adam." Anna said after putting the finishing touches on her Rag Doll Sally costume. "Come on Anna we have to go before Hallow Eve comes out." Said Adam. "Oh come on Hallow Eve isn't even real so stop being such a scardey cat already." Said Anna. Suddenly a cold chil passed over the pair as they stated walking.

Hallow Eve was all but a myth to the children. Like Jack Frost who was pretty nice. They had only met on a couple of occasions but when they did it was amazing. They were like yin and yang with Hallows Raven Black hair and Jacks Snow White hair. And Jacks Ice blue eyes and Hallows Acid green eyes.

In the North Pole the moon shone brightly down on a crystal that was coming out of the floor. A large man with a Russian accent suddenly went over to a lever and turned on the northern lights. All over the world the guardians could see the light and knew that they were being summoned. While back at the pole everything looked as if had been covered in shadows. Suddenly a ghostly laugh filled the air and then it stopped and everything went back to normal. Suddenly the guardian came rushing in through the door and ran over to the tall Russian. "North is everything alright we saw the lights." Said a fairy. "Everything is fine tooth." North answered. "Alright then mate why did you call us here." Said a bunny with an Australian accent. "Bunny Manny has chosen a new guardian." At this all the guardian groaned. "Please don't let it be Jack Frost." Said Bunny. Suddenly the moon flowed brighter hitting the crystal and as it glowed to figures appeared in the crystal. "Jack Frost and Hallow Eve." North said. "Well then we need to go find our two new guardians." North Said.