"Who was that." Hallows voice breaking the siblings of the room. "That would be Pitch Black or as he is more commonly refers to himself as The Boggie Man." Said Tooth voice stuttering.

A sudden jingle came from the direction of Sandy. Above his head there a dark black horse made completely of black sand it's glowing yellow eyes piercing everyone's souls.

Suddenly the horse ran off most likely running to its creator. A awkward silence filled the room once again. Over the next few years the guardians had to work extra hard to prepare for the big Easter egg hunt that was coming this spring. Hallow glanced at Jack and saw the ice blue irises staring right back they both turned back to their work their faces covered in a deep red blush.

Just days before the hunt the guardians left the task of guarding the warren to Jack and Hallow. While guarding they feel a pull dragging them to the lake where they became who they were today. A bed frame sat on the ice covering a hole where voices could be heard. They ran over trying to help and they are sucked into the hole. While they are trapped the Warren is attacked destroying everything. After freeing themselves they rush back to the Warren to find the guardians standing in its ruins.

Bunny turns to them tears running down his cheeks flattening the fur. "Get our how could you have let this happen." He said his voice thick with rage making his Australian accent thicker. "We don't even have enough time to redo everything and it is all your fault you should have never become guardians." He said almost to himself but everyone still heard him. The other guardians nodding along aside from sandy who adamantly shook his head no.

They tried to explain themselves but they were shut down before they could even get a word out. Bunny tapped his foot on the ground and they found themselves forcefully ejected out of the Warren.

"Wind take us somewhere." Jack called to the sky and the wind picked them up dragging across the world onto a flat plain of ice.