Princess Time!

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- - - - -

"I really don't see why she can't just stay put for five minutes," Pocahontas grumbled, scanning the forest with her keen eyes. The leaves rustled in the wind, the sun shone down and cast short shadows, and the scent of flowers hung heavy in the air.

"She doesn't have a very developed danger sense," Mulan commented, kneeling down to look over some tracks. "Ah... She came this way!"

"And went that way," Pocahontas said, pointing to a few bent stalks of grass. She rose and took off, striding gracefully through the brush. Mulan followed, hand at her sword hilt.

They moved through the forest, seeking further signs of their quarry. At last, Pocahontas stopped and held up her hand. Mulan froze. The Indian princess pointed to the left, and Mulan moved under cover of bushes to a tree. She peeked out into the nearby clearing... And stared.

"Oh my... You really are a cute little thing," Snow White, the youngest of the Princesses, giggled as she held a long eared, green creature with thin hair atop his head. The creature grunted, and pushed back.

"Cute, I am not!"

"Oh, and your dialect! I love it too!" She squealed.

"Let me go, hrmm? I have much to do! Understand this, you do not!" The little creature yelped as Snow White cuddled him harder. Mulan and Pocahontas looked at one another. Their stern expressions... Broke, as they snickered.

"And here I thought we'd have to rescue her... Again," Pocahontas chuckled.

"Seems like the poor creature there is in need of rescue," Mulan observed wryly.

"Snow White! We have lunch! Either leave your new friend behind or invite him back!" Pocahontas called. Snow White smiled happily at the little green creature. He scowled back. She continued to smile. He sighed, and wrapped his arms across his chest in a bit of a pout.

"For lunch, what are you having?"

"Oh, Tiana's cooking this wonderful dish called gumbo! I have no idea what it is, but it sounds ever so wonderful...!" Snow White began to cheerfully babble, picking up the green creature and carrying him with her. Mulan and Pocahontas watched her carry her strange visitor with her... And they smirked at one another.

"How do you think Tiana's going to react?" Mulan asked.

"I had the same thought," Pocahontas grinned.

- - - - - -

Heavily inspired by the Pocket Princesses webcomic by Amy Mebberson, this thread is for any and all Disney Princess related hijinks you might think up. Basic premise? The Princesses are roommates and have access to the entirety of Disney properties and canon to interact with for hilarious adventures.