WARNINGS: mentions of child rape & violence in this chapter.

A/N: Summary in title. Basically Snoke recognises Rey's powers at an early age and adopts her. How does the story differ when she grows up in the First Order? This story follows from Rey's childhood right through to the end of the Force Awakens. I have plans for continuity but I'll see how I go. I have written this and proofread myself. It's important to me to be as accurate and true to character as I can. Please bear in mind how I've written Rey is how I believe she would speak and behave as Leader Snoke's adopted daughter, but all other characters should be true. There will be some OC's. There will be large gaps in the story as I jump ahead through the years. There will be sex scenes; although I'll be covering them with a 'T' rating if I don't feel that an 'M' rated graphic sex scene fits well. Eventual Reylo - but I hope to reward your patience. I will try to update on a regular basis, but with life beyond the fictional I can't make promises, only I won't abandon it. Thank you. Enjoy and please review, it makes me happy.

Rey was four years old when her parents left her on Jakku. You'll be safe here little Rey, they said. We'll be back.

She'd been waiting for almost three years for them to return. Unkar Plutt was the closest thing she had to a guardian, and that was perhaps the saddest part. After a month on Jakku, the money her parents paid Plutt to look after her had run out. "They've abandoned you girl, you're not the first and you won't ever be the last. And if you want to eat, if you want to live, you work." At least he had been forthright, she supposed, if that was the only attribute he possessed.

She became a scavenger, climbing inside downed starships and trading her salvaged parts with Unkar Plutt for food. She couldn't encroach on the other, older, more experienced scavengers, they were bigger and stronger, and she couldn't fight them, but she could work smarter. She could climb into crevasses they couldn't, access the intricate workings of computer panels and expensive wiring. She learned to read all the codes, speak all the languages, and do what she could to survive. If you could call it survival.

Nights were the worst. She could only hide, desperate to sleep but so afraid. There were evil men who could do unspeakable things to little girls sleeping in their beds. There were whores, of course, but they cost portions. Why trade your lifeline for pleasure when you could steal it for nothing?

She was six years old when the older scavenger had found her. He'd been watching her for days. She'd been so afraid she'd pushed him away with all her might – an invisible barrier knocking him away. She thought she had won. He'd punched her so hard in the head that her world was shrouded in a dark cloud, barely present, but aware enough to know and feel what he did to her – as he touched her in places that made her sick and did things she could never forget.

That was the night she first heard his voice. A deep, calm whisper. "You want to kill him."


The voice was dark and resonating, comforting and soothing. The voice knew her. Understood her.

On the days when the sandstorms hit, when there was no salvaging to be done, when she was stuck indoors with hunger pains beyond imagining, so sick and tired, so afraid to sleep, so lonely, he was there to comfort her. She would tell him her secrets, her feelings. He would whisper sweet nothings to her as she fell asleep. He was her confidant, and her sole friend.

When two older boys beat her, kicked sand in her face and stole her haul, and her day's rations – he would encourage her, show her how to fight for what was hers. She slit the boy's throats in their sleep and took their portions. She had enough to eat for a week.

Rey had been stuck in the towering heights of an up-turned star destroyer when her climbing cable had come loose from the pulley and she was stranded. He had shown her that she had special powers. She could use the Force to pull the rope back.

She became greedy. She wanted more. How else could she use her powers? Could she lift entire ships to find new parts, buried in the sand? Could she use the Force to find her parents?

He told her that her parents sold her. They didn't want her. That she was beautiful and special, but they threw her away on Jakku, a junk yard at the end of the galaxy. He told her that she's nothing, a nobody – but not to him.

She was seven years old, and suddenly the voice stopped. She couldn't hear it anymore, he was gone. She screamed into the wilderness, speaking to nobody, crying to the vast, empty skies but she couldn't hear him anymore. When the evil man came back for her again one night, she was so weak and devastated that she couldn't fight him off – but then she heard him again. Her invisible friend. "Use the Force," he told her, "Strangle him. Destroy him. Watch him die."

She pulled in the man's direction and seized his neck, crushing with all her anger, her desperation.

"Reach out with your anger."

She heard the man gurgle and watched him thrash about. The bones in his neck crunched and his body went limp, but he was still alive. She held him for several long minutes until his eyes were bloodshot, dark, and unseeing, his nose was bleeding a dark crimson.

"How does it feel?"


The next morning, there was speculation and whispers among the locals, that there was a murderer among them. Everyone was suspicious of Rey, not that they expect the young girl could have committed such brutal murder, but they think she knew more than she said. If possible, she felt more alone and alienated than ever. They didn't understand, they couldn't. Only he did.

He comes for her later that day.

A harrowing black shuttle with sharp edges and menacing, folded wings lands near Niima Outpost. Stormtroopers engulf the marketplace.

Rey, she hears his voice. Come to me, Rey.

"Where are you?" she pleads.

Use the Force, Rey. Reach out with your feelings.

She lets the Force guide her, just how he has taught her. One footstep after another, into soft sand and onto smooth, metal grating as she walks slowly up the ramp into the shuttle, with greyscale walls, clinical lighting and a hooded figure waiting for her.

"Welcome, my child," he steps forward and kneels to meet her height. She is startled to hear his voice in person, instead of inside her mind. She is awestruck and says nothing. "It is so nice to finally meet you." He lowers his hood and she sees an old man, of a species she doesn't recognise, but with icy blue eyes she feels like she's known forever. "I'm not what you expected, I know. I've seen your dreams."

"I waited so long-" she cries. "I didn't think you were real."

"I needed to be sure that you were the one. That you wanted it badly enough, that you were special, enough."

She falters then, not believing herself to be special. "You are special," he murmurs, and she feels him inside her mind like an icy trickle down her spine.

"I am special," she echoes.

"Join me, Rey." He holds out a single, wrinkled hand to her. "Pledge yourself to me and I will show you how special you are."

She looks from his hand to his cool eyes.

"Join me, and you will never know loneliness again. You will never be hungry again. No man will ever lay a hand on you again. And I will show you the power of the Dark Side."

She can see herself in his eyes, laughing and happy, never alone, never lost. She takes his hand, but ever so greedy, she wants more. He can feel her thoughts, feel her desire, and he opens himself to her, and she steps into his embrace.

He tells her that from this moment forward, she won't carry her parents name. She will be known as Rey Snoke.

His voice is smooth and hypnotic. "You're my daughter, now, Rey."