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One month since Thor left:

Naruto was playing around with his new form, flashing it on and off of his body, the bright yellow energy flooding his body time and time again.

Each time was easier than the last, something that Naruto felt he needed to practice, it would be critical for him when Thanos arrived.

He was away from the Avenger's compound, on the other side of the country in fact.

His experiment with his newfound power had a small tendency to break things and out of respect for Tony and the loss of his car that Naruto may or may not have punted several thousand of feet away, Naruto had decided to take this show on the road.

So, he returned to the on place that he could remember that had next to nothing that he could destroy by accident.

The sandy desert of New Mexico brought back memories, this is where he had first met Thor, something that happened in a blur.

The Destroyer didn't care for his tender moment of realization, it just continued onto launching it's next attack. Only for it to get hit a brick, causing it to stop it's looked and saw that Jane had done something really really dumb for such a smart girl. The Destroyer loaded up an attack and Thor felt his chest twist in pain."No, don't hurt her. You want to kill someone, you kill me" screamed ThorThe Destroyer didn't listen and sent a blast of deadly energy at Jane while Thor screamed "NOOOOO!"The blast approached her and right before it hit her, it was intercepted by a blur of blue energy. The blue blur tore the energy apart and there stood Naruto, his eyes blazing with energy as he held his sword in front of him, it covered in a thin blue outline showing that he had super charged it with his chakra."Sorry, Ms. Foster, I got lost because everything looks the same around here" said Naruto as he stood in front of her, his hair swaying lightly in the just nodded dumbly and suddenly the sky crackled with Lightning and the sky darkened. Naruto sniffed the air and suddenly a hammer slammed into the Destroyer, sending it skidding backwards on it's dropped down next to Naruto, in his traditional Asgardian armor with his red cape flowing behind him. Jane looked at him in awe and Naruto made a face of disbelief."Thank you blond child, you have saved a very special person to me" said Thor as he slammed his hand onto Naruto's back. Naruto didn't move at all, surprising Thor who laughed."Are you an Asgardian as well? I don't recall ever seeing you but with this level of strength, I could see it" stated Thor"No, I'm just a SHIELD Agent" replied Naruto as he looked at the Destroyer get up."Ah, those people who I beat up in the tents, you should have been there, they might have stood a chance" said Thor before he threw his hammer and nailed the Destroyer in the face. The Destroyer bounced but Thor wasn't done just yet. Flying towards his hammer, Thor used it to blast the Destroyer into the sky, when he was surprised to see Naruto slicing it in half with his his head at the strange sight, Thor began to spin his hammer and again the sky darkened and the sky was split by lightning.

A small tornado appeared around Thor, controlled completely by him. He didn't waste any time and using it to pick up the two halves of the destroyed destroyer and using his tornado to tear it to his hammer, lightning came down multiple times striking the tornado over and over again, making sure that the magical Asgardian object had no chance of surviving. With a single bat of his hammer, Thor sent the tornado blasting through the skies, never to be seen from to Jane and Naruto, Thor smiled brightly."Jane, I will never forget you" Thor said to the beautiful scientist before he turned to Naruto."My name is Naruto, by the way." supplied Naruto"Thor. And it was a pleasure to meet you, Naruto." Thor said after introducing himself before he turned back to Jane."I wish that I could stay here with you forever, but I am afraid that my planet need me" stated Thor as he stepped closer to wiped away a tear that threatened to spill from her eye and sadly said, "I know. Promise me that you'll visit"Thor didn't say anything but he did step forward and kiss a moment, they broke the kiss and a beam of rainbow energy broke through the sky hit the Asgardian Prince.

Naruto was drawn from his trip down memory lane by his sharp ears picking up the soft rumbling of a car engine and he turned to see an all white Jeep Wrangler headed right towards him.

He couldn't feel any negative emotions coming from the driver, so Naruto didn't just blow it up.

The car stopped about 20 feet from him and Naruto watched as this attractive raven haired woman had to literally jump out of the elevated driver's seat.

In her hands was a device on some kind, it looked almost like a radar that Naruto had seen some SHIELD agents use.

The woman pointed the device and Naruto and let out a loud "Yes" before walking closer.

"Hey lady, can I like help you with something?" asked Naruto to the approaching woman

"Yeah you can, you can get out of town, you're energy signature is messing up my machine. You're giving off wave after wave of low level microwaves" said the female

"Did you just call me a household appliance?" asked Naruto confused by the words that this woman used.

The girl made a face and said "Microwave refers to the type of electromagnetic radiation"

Naruto dropped the Kyubi Cloak and looked at the girl with interest in his eyes, "So my energy gives off some kind of radiation?"

"Yeah and it's messing up my ability to scan for other forms of radiation, I'm trying to get my PhD in Astrophysics with a focus on Cosmic Microwave Background"

Naruto's face said that he didn't understand what she was saying but he still seemed interested.

"My name is Naruto" he said as he extended his hand out to the female scientist.

"Yeah, I know. My name is Darcy Lewis" replied the female.

4 Months since Thor left:

Naruto dropped his phone onto the couch in the living room of the Avenger's headquarters and said "Guys, I know that I really don't fuck with Steve anymore since the whole Nat - Steve thing, but like where has he been?"

Sam looked at him with a confused face "I thought you like broke his back and shoved him into a retirement home or something"

Tony slid into the conversation and said "Nobody has actually seen Steve since before the funeral, in fact he didn't even make it to the funeral. Some remaining Hydra goons jumped him and captured him"

Naruto stared at Tony "Are you fucking kidding me? Then who the fuck helped capture and kill Nat?"

"My guess, that Bucky guy, that failed Hydra clone of yours, and some blond chick" answered Tony

Naruto rubbed his face as he groaned "You didn't think to … I dunno know … tell me that the man who I was probably going to kill didn't do the thing I was going to kill him for"

Tony made a bitter face and said "It could be the human rights for all mutants that I'm fighting for or maybe it was killing the people that killed your girlfriend. In case you haven't notice, I've been picking up the pieces of the mess from all the shit that we've been through"

Naruto narrowed his eyes "I don't like your tone"

Wanda twisted her hand and both Naruto and Tony slapped themselves in the face as hard as they could.

"And I don't like this idea of the two of you acting as the Americans say "Ass Jacks" hissed Wanda as her hands continued to glow with the red glow of her magic,

Naruto stubbornly looked away but Tony looked at his blond friend and allowed Wanda's words to ring in his mind.

"She's right, we can't afford to be divided at this possible time" said Tony "Any idea on how to even start looking for him?"

Naruto thought for a moment, before the answer seemingly popped into his head and his body was engulfed in the bright yellow energy of Kurama.

"I'm off to see a wizard" he yelled before he blurred away, faster than any of them could process let alone stop him.

Tony let out a sigh and said "I hate when he does that, I'll see you guys later. It's date night and Pepper hasn't canceled yet, so I gotta leap on this one"

Just outside New York City:

Naruto didn't have to make it all the way to the city as the man that had popped into his mind was waiting for him on the border of the city.

"Mr, Uzumaki, care to explain why you created a sonic boom that could be felt all throughout the state?" asked Dr. Strange

"I had to ask you something" answered Naruto as his body dropped the yellow energy and he stood before Strange in his normal form.

"I'm not somebody that you can just come to for every single answer" said Strange "The more answers that I provide you, the less certain our future becomes"

"I thought that you couldn't see our future becomes of my presence" said Naruto confused.

"The time stone could not, but there are more ways than one to see the future, the mirror dimension grants more powers than anyone will ever know" replied Strange

"Yeah I don't know what any of that means, but I need to know what happened to Steve Rogers" said Naruto

"Hmm, you seek to reunite with your friend" started Strange "But for what purpose? To band together to fight Thanos? Or for some more personal reason?"

Naruto blinked "Bitch, I ain't gay"

Strange chuckled and said "You took that quite literally"

"Listen, can you help me find Steve or not?" asked Naruto

"You must find the answer yourself" said Strange before a green light flooded Naruto's vision and he was blinded.

When his eyes reopened, he found that he was no longer in the city, but rather at some kind of airport.

A pair of twin line ups of superheroes stood across from each other and Naruto could easily recognize all but two of the people, one on each side.

On one side was Tony, Nat, Peter, Rhodes, Vision, and some dude in a black cat like costume.

On the other side was Steve, Bucky, Clint, Wanda, Sam, some guy in a red suit with a silver helmet.

They started to run at each other and were clearly fighting one another, Naruto could only watch in horror as they fought, unable to tear his eyes away from the scene before him.

Cap and Tony fought in a hand to hand combat that Naruto saw was clearly being dominated by Steve.

Vision and Sam were flying around in a cat and mouse situation where Sam was doing his best to avoid the gem generate beams shooting out of Vision's forehead.

Clint and Nat were going through the motions, not really going at full speed and clearly pulling their punches.

The guy in the cat like suit was fighting Bucky, his bitch ass metal arm wielding self was winning the fight unfortunately.

Peter was fighting the silver helmeted man, who keep on shrinking and growing randomly.

Rhodes was trying to push Wanda away from the fight, sending wave after wave of everything that his suit had to try and keep her away from the main fight of Cap vs Tony.

Naruto scowled at the scene of his friends and loved ones fighting, but he wasn't sure what he could actually do in this situation.

He balled up his fist and sighed, before punching the pole next to him, his fist punching a dent into the metal.

"I'm solid, I'm fucking solid" said Naruto before he allowed the powerful energy of Kurama's unfiltered chakra to flow his body and he was engulfed yellow energy.

Blurring into the middle of the fighting, Naruto roared out "ENOUGH!" with drew the attention of everyone.

The fighting stopped as everyone turned to look at this newcomer and Naruto glared at the people surrounding him.

"What's wrong with you people?" said Naruto in a normal volume this time, his words heard easily in the quiet area "How can you fight each other when you need to be united and preparing for the threats that is headed towards Earth"

Tony's helmet retracted and Naruto looked at his close friend in the eye, but there was a lack of familiarity in Tony's eyes.

It was the first time that Naruto realized they didn't know him, he was nothing more than a interrupting stranger.

"Threat? Who are you?" asked Steve, his scratched up shield facing Naruto, his eyes locked onto the blond Avenger.

"My name is Naruto" answered Naruto "I am a … friend of sorts. I come from a world where things are slightly different but we're on the same path as you guys. Thanos is coming and his goal is to wipe out most of the universe"

"Anyone else having a little trouble believing this nut job" said Tony as he raised his hand blaster at Naruto.

Naruto shook his head at the same stubborn Tony behavior that he was used to in his world.

The world faded away and Naruto was in a black void, but in a blast of green light, Dr. Strange was beside him once more.

"That was a very curious approach, one that I had not expected from you" commented Strange

"I didn't want to see them fight" said Naruto "I wanted to see if I could bring them together, if I could do what I failed to do back in our world."

"Interesting" said Strange "A couple months ago, you were telling everyone who would listen that you were the strongest in the world. Yet, today you are beyond humble and even showing remorse over your past actions"

"All the strength in the world and I couldn't save the woman that I loved. Part of me died with her, every single day I am reminded that I failed" replied Naruto, his words hanging in the the air, the raw truth adding gravity to them.

The black void faded and the duo found themselves back outside of New York City, the world around them frozen.

"I have some things that I need to look into that will help us. Continue to prepare and we will stand our best chance" said Strange before his orange glowing portal opened up and floated through it, the portal closing behind him.

5 Months since Thor left:

Naruto sat in the outside seating for the cafe, the burning summer sun being blocked by an umbrella, but nothing was able to block the overly warm air that covered everything like a thick blanket.

"Hey!" called out a female voice causing Naruto's wandering mind to scramble to refocus.

"Wassup" greeted Naruto from his sitting position, his eyes washing over the lightly dressed woman, her baby blue T-shirt stretched slightly by her bosom, her blue shorts with white pin stripes barely made it past her mid thigh, her baby blue flip flops completed her look.

She hadn't worn her hair down today, the long raven locks were pulled back into a high ponytail, her glasses at on the top of her nose as if she had just finished pushing them back up.

Her pale skin looked so out of place in this sun filled day, but it made her bright red lips only stand out that much more.

Naruto flexed his chakra and a clone popped into existence and pulled the chair out for the lady to take a seat before poofing out of existence.

As she sat, Naruto leaned forward and said "So tell me Ms. Darcy Lewis, what is this magical emergency that 'Def requires an Avenger, but like only that cute young blond one' that has me out here in this heat?"

If Darcy was phased by this rather forward question, she didn't show it as she simply smiled brightly at Naruto.

"I thought it would be obvious, you left without taking my number down last time" she said in a goofy parody of a matter of fact tone.

Naruto chuckled as a smile graced his face and he said "I don't know how they didn't throw me into jail for failing to properly court a fine young maiden such as yourself"

Darcy smiled at Naruto and he had to admit that it felt almost … wrong for him to be here with a female who was not Natasha.

"I actually do have something to show you" said Darcy "But it's at my house around the corner"

Naruto shrugged and agreed to at least see what the thing of importance was, which turned out to be a mistake as she immediately shoved his pants down and pushed him into the recliner in her living room.

"Well hello there" muttered the raven haired beauty, Naruto's still growing dick less than two inches from her face.

Naruto wasn't sure what was happening but he was kind of into it. An attractive woman wanted to randomly suck his dick? Count him in even as he felt the icy grip of guilt start to form in his quickly got to the point and wrapped her warm hand around it, the grip being firm but not too first up and down to test the waters was gentle, clearly a warm up for the pushed her hand all the way down, the foreskin being tugged back to reveal the entirety of Naruto's lightly throbbing red leaned forward and planted a kiss at the tip, her wet hot tongue flicking across the slit before she pulled back and put her face at the base of Naruto's length of flesh and licked her way all the way back up to the she didn't stop there, as she made her way back up to the top, she didn't bother with another tongue bath, she put the tip in her mouth and started another downward trek.I couldn't help but moan as she never stopped sinking down, more and more of Naruto's dick filling her mouth.

It continued until Naruto's tip was kissing the opening to her !She gagged as Naruto saw roughly an inch and a half sticking out of her mouth before pushing forward, trying to get all of it in her pulled back and glared up at him, but quickly went back to work, trying to cram all of into her felt his dick twitch in her mouth, knowing that his long period of loneliness was going to catch up to me sooner than later. You don't go from basically fucking a gorgeous red head every day to not even jerking off without matters into his own hands, quite literally with Naruto's hands grasping the sides of her head and pulling it all the way into Naruto's pubic coughed and he felt vibrations travel up and down his sensitive organ, Naruto's hips bucking on the way out, forcing his member all the way back , as he continued to pump into her mouth, each pull back growing harder to do and each push back in more tempting to be Naruto's last.

Her eyes started watering as Naruto grew more and more forceful, her mouth simply being a tool for Naruto to use for Naruto's own he looked down at her, her eyes red and teary, her mouth full of Naruto's meat and he continued to saw in and out of her mouth, Naruto's mushroom like head expanding before it twitched twice and exploded at the entrance to her might have meant to say something in protest, but all he felt was tremors going up and down his meat as he lightly pumped, Naruto's member still firing off small rounds, her tongue pressing against the bottom of Naruto's essence prolonging Naruto's of pleasure, he let go of her head and fell backwards onto the couch.

Naruto's dick was still half hard and soaked in her saliva."Sorry about that" Naruto said as caught his breath "Probably should have warned you, do you need a moment to spit that out?"She looked at me and said "Oh I swallowed"She followed that up by making a show of sticking out her tongue and opening her mouth, showing that she had indeed was an act that brought Naruto back to full mast instantly again, but he refused to do anything about it.

He felt like his chest was caving in, it was something that he couldn't believe that he had just done.

He had cheated on Natasha with this attractive yet random girl. Was it cheating if the girl had been dead for months? Probably not but then why did he still feel like this?

"So you ready for the main event or what?" asked Darcy as she started to take off her own clothes.

"We can't have sex" blurted out Naruto

"I have protection" said Darcy as she mistook the situation

"Listen, you're very hot, but this feels wrong. I've had a really messy end to a long term relationship and it would feel wrong to just jump into your pants" said Naruto

Darcy frowned "Funny that you wait until you've already gotten your dick sucked to bring up these feels"

Naruto bit his lip and said "Bend over the chair, I said we wouldn't have sex, nothing about other stuff."

9 Months after Thor left:

"Senator Kelly, to what do I owe this massive displeasure" said Naruto as he opened the door to the Avenger's headquarters.

Kelly put a mocking smile on his face and said "I've come to get government property"

"Government property? Is that what you call your dildo?" asked Naruto

"Cute" said Kelly as he tried to push past Naruto only to feel his shoulder slam into a brick wall as he bounced off of Naruto.

"You're not welcome here, try to push your way in again and I will use the law to take your head off" warned Naruto

"That is no way to talk to your boss, I am Government official and you will treat me as such" growled Kelly

"Fuck you, I'm a US citizen, I pay taxes. Shit, you work for me" pointed out Naruto

"Enough, I have come for the Captain America Shield, Steve Rogers hasn't been seen in almost a year. The shield belongs to the man who holds the title Captain America not Steve." said Kelly

"Yeah I don't care" retorted Naruto "You're not taking the shield. I know the history of the that title and I'm not handing over shit"

Kelly looked like he had gotten slapped in the face, apparently him being told no was not something he had been expecting.

"But the shield belongs to the government" whined Kelly

"The same government that did Isaiah Bradley so wrong?" questioned Naruto "The last time you guys made another Captain America, you threw him behind enemy lines to rescue soldiers taken captive, then upon his successful mission, you imprison him for 30 years until you decide you can't get anything else out of experimenting on him."

"I had nothing to do with that" said Kelly honestly "That's criminal, I want to simply bring about another Captain America to give the people hope."

"That's a noble reason" said Naruto "But it's not going to happen. Captain America is an Avenger, not some pet to show off to the public."

"I'll come back with the army if I have to" swore Kelly

"You'll need more than one army to get past me" said Naruto as he watched Kelly walk off.

Shaking his head, Naruto couldn't believe the nerve of the small asshole, but he was more than ready for him and whatever he would bring.

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