It took 7 days for Thor to get back on his feet, both mentally and physically prepared to make his return to Asgard. And Naruto was right by his side, suited up with his sword across his lower back. Both of them were a bit nervous about what they might find upon their return. Thor was scared that he had failed his people, his oath to protect them fueling his desire to return home. Naruto was unsure of his new form, he had never tested it in live combat and Hela was someone powerful enough to shrug off Thor's attacks last time and send him skidding throughout the universe.

The duo of powerful Aliens stepped outside and Thor, who was wielding Bloodaxe, swung the mighty blade with intent as it slashed a rip through the fabric of time and space, creating a portal to Asgard.

"No turning back" said Thor as he held the legendary Asgardian Axe in his right hand, the blade pulsing with excitement at the thought of spilling the blood of an Asgardian God like Hela.

"You couldn't make me stay here if you tried" said Naruto as he allowed the lightning tattoo design that housed his father to start sucking in chakra.

Thor nodded and Naruto jumped through the portal first, Thor following a second later, closing the portal behind him with a thought.

Thor landed on the rainbow bridge that connected Asgard to the transporter for the nine realms, Naruto was already standing there, an orange pigment around his eyes.

"There is a large amount of people hiding in the mountains" Naruto informed Thor who immediately let out a sigh of relief at hearing that his people were still alive.

"How many of them?" asked Thor

"I can't tell you for sure, we are a bit too far away, but I would say close to 300" answered Naruto with his eyes closed as he tried to focus on feeling out each individual person, but even Sage Mode had it's limits from this distance.

Naruto hissed as something large, powerful, and evil enter his range and Thor picked up on the sound and wince.

"You feel her don't you?" asked the Asgardian

Naruto nodded and said "She's strong but I can hold her off until you rescue your people"

Thor gave Naruto a thankful smile before the duo took off running down the rainbow bridge as they traveled towards the large city. They made it to the edge of town before Thor made a right and went off to search the mountains, while Naruto continued in a straight line into town. He knew exactly where he was going, cutting right through the empty streets of the once busy city and making his way to the large castle in that sat in the back of the city.

He pushed the large castle doors open and he resisted the urge to shiver as the wave of cold dead energy washed over his body, it felt like a tiny drop of the being who had allowed him to talk to Nat one last time. As he got closer to the throne room, the cold feeling got worse, but a flaring of his chakra cleared that all up. He entered the throne room and sitting there was a single pale woman with dark hair and clothing.

"So, my dear little brother was too scared to face me himself, so what? He sends his friend to fight his battle" said the woman, her voice as cold as the energy that filled the air.

"Believe it or not, I actually choose to face you myself" said Naruto to the woman draped in all black.

"It's always adorable the way that your kind tries to take a stand" mocked the woman

"My kind?" asked Naruto

"Yes, you little heroes, always in such a rush to do nothing but throw your lives away" answered the woman as she put both of her hands on her head, and when she dragged them from the front to the back, her hair was replaced with a helm that had a series of horns.

She jerked her hand forward a spike shot out at Naruto who just watched as it smashed into his chest before shattering into tiny fragments.

"Yeah it's gonna take a bit more than that" said Naruto as he dashed forward only to be batted out of the air by a giant dog.

"What the fuck" groaned Naruto as he recovered from being launched through several walls, making his way back to his feet,

Racing towards him was a large black wolf that was easily the size of 3 school buses stacked on top of each other.

Naruto allowed more nature chakra to flood his system and he blurred forward before slamming his fist into the snout of the wolf, sending it tumbling backwards only for a large spike to stab at him from the side.

Using the force to flip to the side, Naruto right himself in the air and a ball of spinning chakra formed in his right hand before he used it to destroy the massive spike. Landing on the ground, he saw Hela standing on the balcony overlooking him, a look of interest on her face.

"You're very different from any of the other people that I've face. I might have to keep you" She said

Naruto made a face and replied with "Sorry, but I'm already fucking a brunette back home"

Hela rolled her eyes and her large wolf launched itself at Naruto again, but Naruto was much more prepared this time. In a burst of smoke, there was 10 clones of Naruto who rushed to engage the wolf while the original turned his attention back to Hela.

He sped forward in a black and yellow blur, racing up the wall of the castle before launching himself at her. Hela didn't even blink as Naruto was in the air, fist reared back to punch her before sending a sharp spike aimed at his stomach.

Naruto gasped as the spike ripped through his body and Hela tilted her head as if confused as what made this time different than last time.

Her answer was when the Naruto impaled on the spike burst into a cloud of smoke and she looked straight up just in time for a blue spinning orb to slam into her face.

Her body crumpled as the force of the Rasengan drilled into her body, starting at her face. As her body folded and the Rasengan detonated with the final burst of chakra, Naruto landed on the cracked floor of the balcony and looked at the broken body of Hela.

"Man, Thor kind of oversold her. This was too easy" commented Naruto as he looked at the defeated Hela.

But as if a deflated pool toy being refilled with air, Hela's crumpled body popped back out, good as new and her neck popped as she returned to perfect condition.

She cracked her neck with a smirk "I stand corrected, you're more than interesting, you're special"

Naruto let a smile grace his face "I'm glad that you didn't get put down that easily"

Hela licked her lips "Oh, I know that I can grow multiple rounds, but can you?"

Naruto shrugged "Let's find out" before he unleashed a burst of chakra that caused the balcony to crumble as he launched himself at her once more.

With Thor:

His journey into the mountains was a quick one, as he was met by Heimdall half way up the mountain.

"Heimdall, my brother, it is good to see you" said Thor, his voice trembling as he pulled the dark skinned all seeing Asgardian into a tight hug.

"My prince, I knew that you would return, I foresaw it months ago. I did not know when, but I knew it would happen" said Heimdall.

"Take me to the others" commanded Thor, his desire to see his people growing by the second.

"Of course" said Heimdall as he turned and started to lead Thor through the mountain range, before leading him into a cave.

Thor saw the hundreds of Asgardians here and he nearly cried upon seeing their happy faces when they all saw him.

The murmurs were all very similar "Thor is here" "Thor will save us" "Thor can defeat her".

Thor cleared his throat, sucking up his runny nose as he addressed the mass of Asgardians "Listen, I know I am late, I am truly sorry about that. But I will get all of you out of here. Not a single more Asgardian will fall to Hela's wraith, not as long as I am alive"

There was a somber silence as Thor spoke before a man from the back said "Honestly brother, your speeches lack a subtly that a true king should have"

Thor's eyes widen at the voice and when the man stepped forward, tears actually did fall from his eyes.

"Loki, what are you doing here?" asked Thor as he walked forward to meet his brother half way.

"I arrived here when Heimdall beamed us up, I quickly told people of Hela's incoming arrival, the army of Asgard tried to fight her. I tried to fight her, but she was much too strong. So, when we were retreating, I used my trickery magic to cover our tracks." explained Loki "I've been slowly kidnapping citizens and bringing them here over the past year. We've had to keep moving but I've been careful about covering our movements"

Thor pulled Loki into a bone crushing hug that Loki returned wholeheartedly, Heimdall watched as the two brothers embraced for a moment before they separated.

"Do we have any left over ships big enough to carry this many people?" asked Thor to Loki and Heimdall.

Heimdall's eyes glowed and he looked all throughout Asgard before he nodded "There is a single older ship, it can hold all of us"

Thor turned to Loki and said "You have brought our people this far, I need you take them a bit further"

Loki frowned "And what of you? The king of Asgard need to lead his people to safety"

Thor clasped a hand down on Loki's shoulder and said "He is"

Loki looked confused "What are you saying brother?"

Thor removed his hand from Loki's shoulder, wiping his eyes with that hand before turning around "I have been absent, sent adrift by Hela's casting of me out of the beam back home. I have failed time and time again to lead Asgard and its people. But where I have failed, you have succeeded brother. Think about what you have done in my absence. You have saved our people, tricking the Goddess of Death with your magic."

Heimdall nodded "It is true Loki, you have grown much since your mother has passed. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it myself. But you've proven that you have every right to rule Asgard as anyone else in the realm"

Loki's face was difficult to read for both Thor and Heimdall, "Okay, I will get them onto the ship. And I am to be King only until Thor is ready to take the mantle from me"

Thor nodded and pulled his brother back into another tight hug "I only hope to be half the king that you've already proven to be"

The two brother split and Thor walked out of the cave ahead of everyone but Heimdall.

"You must go get the ship Heimdall. With your eyes, you can easily avoid Hela and any of her little minions" said Thor

Heimdall nodded and took off, Thor's eyes following him before he lifted Bloodaxe once more and allowed the magic that flowed through the murderous axe to lift him into the air and he raced towards the castle.

He landed onto steps of the castle and tried to think of how he could draw Hela's attention away from Naruto before he felt a tug of magic on his mind. Turning to the open doors of the castle, Thor walked inside and made his way to the throne room, looking up at the destroyed ceiling that showed a tale of Odin and Hela battling the 9 realms.

But that was not his main interest, not it was the golden throne that was his target of interest. Walking up to it, Thor felt his body vibrate as if he was being shocked, but it didn't hurt him. In fact, he had never felt better if he was being honest. He was inches away from it when it hit him, the throne was calling out to him to take a seat on it.

Not sure of what to make of the throne calling out to him, Thor turned and dropped into the golden throne. The second his butt hit the throne, he was ripped from Asgard and back onto the cliff where his father had passed.

His father was standing there like he had when he last saw him. His father turned to looked at him with his single eye and smiled.

"Ah Thor, I didn't think that it would take you this long to sit on the throne" said Odin in a joyous tone

"Father … I watched you die" said Thor confused

"Oh, I am dead" said Odin "This is just a final spell that I left behind, a father will always want to get a last conversation with his son"

"So, you're nothing more than an illusion?" asked Thor

"More than an illusion but less than a person" answered Odin as he walked forward and put his hand on the side of Thor's face "Hmm, you are in so much pain. You feel the lose of those Asgardians as your fault for not being here"

"It is my fault father, I should have been here" roared Thor as he jerked away from his father "I should have been here fighting Hela to the death"

"You cannot kill her -" started Odin

"I SHOULD HAVE DIED TRYING THEN!" screamed Thor before he turned towards the cliff and lightning shot out of his mouth, vaporizing the water in a large line.

He lowered his head and was panting when he felt his father rub his back softly "Hela's power comes from being on Asgard, the longer she is there, the stronger she gets. She cannot die while she is on Asgardian ground"

"How do I defeat her then? I can't destroy Asgard, it's my home" asked Thor

Odin's form shook as he laughed "My dear boy, Asgard is not a place, it never was. This cliff could be Asgard, because it's not about the location. It's about the people, it always has been. As long as there are Asgardians left in the universe, Asgard will live on"

Thor raised his head and he looked up at Odin "What can I do? What do I do father?"

"I think you know my son, you already had a vision about it while you were on Earth" said Odin

The magic released Thor and he found himself back in the throne, sitting on the throne of Asgard, just as Naruto was kicked into the room.

The blond avenger had a nasty bruised on the right side of his face, while his clothes had clearly seen better days with the black vest been covered in tiny shreds and his right pants leg missing from the knee down. Naruto also happened to be missing his sword from his back, but was in otherwise good shape.

"Hey Thor" greeted Naruto as he flipped back onto his feet as he prepared himself for another bout with Hela, his bruised face healing before Thor's eyes.

Hela rode into the room on a large spike and said "So the coward finally decides to show his face"

Thor didn't react and Naruto took a deep breath as he finished healing, he glanced back at Thor before asking "How much do we have to keep the city intact?"

Hela scoffed "Please blondie, you've been giving it your all just to survive. Sure you managed to kick Fenris over the edge of Asgard, but you've barely been surviving since then"

Naruto glanced back at Thor who lifted Bloodaxe and rushed forward, the blade slicing through the spike Hela shot at Thor. Hela groaned as the blade slammed through her guard and actually cut into her arm.

Naruto appeared behind her and kicked her in the back. Thor batted her up with Bloodaxe and Naruto's clone was already in the air with a Rasengan that he slammed into her back. She gasped in pain as her back was shredded by the act before she was sent blasted back to the ground.

Thor raised Bloodaxe to behead her only to be blasted back by a speed rock that slammed into his torso. Naruto barely paid Thor's flying form any attention as he raced forward. Hela met him in fist to fist combat, blocking his fist with her forearm. She ducked under a punch, slamming her elbow into his ribs, her knee brought up to block his kick. She spun around and she grabbed his right arm before slamming her left foot into his elbow, breaking the limb.

Naruto hissed in pain and was kicked away as Hela turned around and grabbed the thrown Bloodaxe by the handle. The mighty weapon burned her hand and she was forced to release the weapon as it rejected her.

She scowled at the Asgardian weapon sent it flying by making the ground under it launch it away. Thor jumped into the air and caught the large axe before summoning the heat of the sun into blade before throwing it with all of his might at her head.

The spikes and rocks that she summoned were cut through like butter and she screamed in pain as the heated blade sliced right through her left shoulder and sliced off her arm.

Thor dropped to the ground, the Bloodaxe returning to his outstretched hand and he eyed his sister, she was short an eye but still dangerous.

"What are you waiting for? I cannot be killed here on Asgard, you're best chance is to hurt me enough that I require time to heal" snarled Hela

Thor studied his sister and said "I am offering you mercy, simply leave and I will allow you live out the rest of your life peacefully"

Hela laughed, her cut off arm slowly regrowing "Give me another seconds and I will show you what your mercy buys you"

Thor raised Bloodaxe once more and he summoned the freezing flames of Hel and slashed at Hela who hissed as her body was frozen in a block of ice.

Her body glowed green and the ice shattered and the floor underneath her collapsed as she unleashed more of her power. There was a green glow that came out of the hole and suddenly like bothered ants, the hole was swarming with stone men crawling out, their eyes glowing the same green as Hela's powers.

Naruto groaned as dozens of those stone men raced toward him and Thor swung Bloodaxe, destroying several of them with a wave of flames.

Hela was heard crackling from inside the hole and said "Fight off as many as you can, it doesn't matter because they're already out by the bridge, they will tear the remaining Asgardians."

Thor barely had to glance at Naruto who nodded and said "I've been holding this back for Hela, but this is as any time to pull this out"

Thor felt the shift in the air as Naruto pulled out more power than Thor had seen his friend pull out. Naruto's body was engulfed in yellow flames and before Thor could process it, Naruto tore threw all of the stone made men in the room and was racing towards the rainbow bridge.

Hela rose out of the hole herself and she wasn't paying Thor any attention as she look out at the yellow blur that was Naruto protecting the people near the rainbow bridge from her stone men.

"He wasn't bluffing about holding back" commented Hela on Naruto, his power felt all the way from the other side of Asgard.

Thor ran forward, Bloodaxe in hand, and slashed at Hela who without looking ducked and slashed at the off balanced Thor. The slashed was aimed at his face and Thor tried lean back and it was the only thing that saved his life. And it did save his life, but unfortunately that didn't include his right eye as the blade cut in to the seeing orb and it's socket.

Thor screamed in pain as he dropped the ground clutching the right side of his face, blood trickling down his cheek from the ruined eye. He glared at Hela who smirked at him "I told you mercy would get you nowhere"

Thor growled as he removed his hands, the bloody gash of where his eye used to be was a stain on his handsome face. But while his right eye was gone, his left eye was still there and it was filled with so much rage that Hela took a step back. Thor blinked and there was more than just rage in that eye, there was lightning as well.

Thor stood up, lightning arcing all over his body and he didn't say anything as he stared at Hela with his lone eye. He was gone faster than she could process and she looked around for him and found him when his fist slammed into her face. She went skidding and was only stopped by a wall, but Thor was already there waiting for her. A quick and powerful Spartan kick to the chest sent her flying through the wall and out into the city.

She landed on her back and tried to stand only for lightning to slam into her from above as Thor dropped down next to her downed body. He snarled as he blasted her with another large strike of lightning. She rolled onto her hands and knees, panting as the lightning hurt her more than anything else she had ever felt before.

She looked up at Thor would was still coated in lightning before he struck her with another deadly blast of lightning and her body spasmed as she struggled to do anything against the deadly volts that ran through her body.

Thor let up on the lightning and kicked her in her side sending her crashing into a building, his body strained with using this much power.

A yellow blur past by him and Naruto stood at his side, still covered in the golden flames.

"Your eye" he said as he looked at Thor

Thor scoffed "A small price to pay for my people, an even smaller price to pay for her head on a stick"

Naruto nodded "I saw the lightning, haven't seen that since Ultron"

Thor winced "It is draining to generate this much power by myself, I have mere minute left, not enough time to hold her off and do what is needed to destroy her"

"Don't worry about it then, I can more than handle her at his moment" said Naruto to Thor. Thor nodded and the lightning dropped from his form as he ran back towards the castle, knowing what he had to do.

A building exploded and a really pissed off Hela rose up, standing on a large flat rock. She was glaring at Naruto who looked blew her a kiss that only pissed her off more, much to his pleasure.

She slashed her hand at him and spikes flew at him from all angles, but none of them hit as he blurred away, his Kyubi Cloak Mode making him far faster than she could keep up with.

He was in front of her in an instant and kicked her in the face, the power behind his kicked caused her nose to break and blood flowed freely from the now broken nose. Hela grit her teeth as she summoned a long spear and tried to slash at Naruto, only for him to elbow her in the back. She stumbled forward, but Naruto slammed his foot into her chin, launching her into the air.

She arc'd into the air and Naruto slammed a Rasengan into her stomach, sending her crashing to the ground, body broken once more. But Naruto had already learned his lesson, dropping down onto her stomach, foot ripping through her stomach into the ground.

Pulling his foot free, Naruto formed another Rasengan as he kicked Hela up into the air before slamming the Rasengan into her face, sending her flying away as her face was blended up by the attack.

Naruto raced forward and arrived as soon as she hit the ground, she glowed green and Naruto was forced to jump high into the air as the ground exploded seemingly everywhere as Hela tried to recover from the thrashing that she received from Naruto. As she climbed to her feet, she couldn't help but look at Naruto with something extra in her eyes.

"What are you? Are you some kind of Asgardian half breed?" she asked

"No, I am just a Earthling" said Naruto in a bit of a half truth, Earth was his home, not his home world, but his home.

Hela frowned as she couldn't understand how someone this strong came from a backwater place like Earth. He was going to toe to toe with a being who literally getting stronger by the second, but she couldn't match him in his new form. The golden flames that covered his body seemed to be almost the opposite of her own powers, where her power was cold and unyielding to the living, his power was warm and seemingly full of life.

Naruto disappeared from view and Hela braced herself for the next upcoming bout, but got distracted by something else. The ground was rumbling, not from this Naruto person's power but something else. She felt the tremble come from the castle and she looked at the figure of Thor walking back from the castle, a blue cube in his right hand.

"What have you done?" asked Hela as the top of the castle started to crumble and she felt nervous for the first time for in this fight "You cannot defeat me nor can your little boy toy Naruto"

Thor smirked and said "I know, but we don't need to because he will"

Hela was going to ask who "he" was but the question answered itself when the castle finally exploded and she saw a large fire being with a large horn baring helmet.

Hela had to repeat her question from earlier "What have you done?"

"I did what I had to do, to defeat you" answered Thor as Surtur raised his large flaming sword and started slashing through the remains of the castle, knocking the rest of it down within seconds.

"He will destroy Asgard" cried out Hela "You, the prince of Asgard who swore to protect it, have brought about Ragnarok"

"Asgard is not a place, it's the people" Thor replied, echoing his father's words from earlier

Surtur stabbed into the ground and Hela hissed in pain as he struck the foundation of Asgard.

"It's simple, you can either fight us until he destroys enough of Asgard that we can kill you or you fight him in hopes that you can save yourself" said Thor

Hela snarled but she didn't attack her brother, she sent a series of spikes at the flaming giant destroying her source of power. Thor looked around for Naruto and spotted his tired panting form on ground not too far away and Thor grabbed him with his left hand, throwing his fellow avenger over his shoulder. Lightning covered his body once more and he blitzed away from the town, appearing next to the ship on the rainbow bridge. He walked inside, setting Naruto down on his feet as the ship lifted into the air and away from the only place that Thor had ever called home.

Loki came up next to him and winced as he got a good look at the nasty gash on Thor's right side. He opened hand and there was a pulse of light green before an eyepatch was in his hand. He gently put it on Thor's ruined eye socket and grinned sadly "You look just like dad now"

Thor sniffed his nose and said "Not fair that I got the eye problem, while you got the crown"

The joke made Loki scoff "The crown is yours if you really want it"

Thor just shook his head "No, it is yours. You are the rightful king of Asgard"

Just then, the floating place of Asgard exploded, sending crystal and rock flying all through the air.

"A king without a place to rule" muttered Loki "How lucky am I"

"Asgard is not a place brother, it is the people" said Thor gesturing to the hundreds of citizens who were still on the ship behind the siblings.

Loki nodded "The course is set for Earth, I was hoping that we could stay there until we figure things out"

Naruto said "That's a good plan, the many people of Earth love me and will probably give me whatever I want. Or they fear me and will still give me whatever I want"

Loki and Thor chuckled, but Loki stiffened after a moment as a large war ship appeared behind their smaller supply transporter ship.

Naruto felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand and he jumped to his feet, his hand reaching for the sword that was no longer sheathed on his back.

Thor frowned as this was so similar to his visions, this was the moment of truth. In all of them, Loki dies and Thor couldn't allow that to happen.

"Get the people to the escape pods now" hissed Thor as there was a white beam that shot from the larger ship to their ship. Loki pushed everyone into the back as 5 beings appeared in the loading bay, between Loki and the Asgardians and Naruto and Thor.

A large purple man in a shiny golden armor stood in front of 4 aliens, his eyes trained on the cube in Thor's right hand, ignoring Bloodaxe in his left.

"Thor Odinson, my name is Thanos, I believe that you have something that rightfully belongs to me" said the purple giant in the front of the new group, Thanos.

"All I have you, Titan, is death" swore Thor as he raised Bloodaxe

Thanos shook his head "Fine, we do this the hard way" and suddenly both Naruto and Thor's eyes were drawn the gauntlet on his hand and he pointed it the retreating Asgardians and unleashed a purple blast.

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