Hey there, guys! It's me again. So I decided to make another one shot! So I guess I'll add this to my one shot book later. But for the meantime, enjoy the one shot and please review! :)Title and prompt inspired by If I Get My Way by Little Mix :)


Rapunzel stood in front of a confrontation of Eugene and his girlfriend, Elise, who just confessed her unfaithfulness to him.

Honestly, she felt sorry for Eugene, having someone to take his heart and just crush it like a grape.

If she got her way, she would never do anything to hurt him. She would make sure that he would be the happiest man in the world.

She slowly walked up to Eugene right after Elise walked away from him.

When she hopped on the stool, she could see that his face was blank. It looked emotionless.

"You okay?" she asked him, gently reaching out to touch his arm.

"Of course, I am. She's just another girl. I can find someone better." Eugene said, feigning confidence as he hid the pain that was evident in his face. Rapunzel gave him an unimpressed look. "Okay, maybe I'm not that fine." He finally confessed.

She thought of a way to cheer him up and make him feel better. She suddenly hopped down the stool and held out her hand to him as Eugene stared weirdly at her and took her hand.

"What are you trying to do?" Eugene asked. She just smiled at him.

"Tonight, I'll try to fix your hurt and give you a good time." She said as she led them to her car.

"Blondie, I know you're trying to be nice and all, but what about El-"

"No, Eugene. I don't want want to hear her name tonight. We're just gonna spend some time together without talking about her." She said. "Just let me try to prove tonight that you can live without her and you can move on from that cheater."

Reluctantly, Eugene nodded as she started her engine and drove away through the night.

Eugene looked at the window the whole time that they were driving. He was surprised that Rapunzel was this concerned about making him happy again. Her being concerned for other rather than herself was one of things that he admired about his best friend.

They finally stopped at the wide open fields.

She smiled gently at him before she stepped out of her car. She ran to the fields, feeling the cold night's breeze as she spread her arms wide like a bird.

There was nothing like the view of Corona's finest fields at night.

She turned to look at Eugene, who was still in the car. She walked towards him and he looked at her.

"Aren't you coming out of there?" She asked him.

"I'd rather not; after all, I do have a great view right here if I say so myself." He smirked as he propped his feet up on the dashboard and looked at her. She rolled her eyes, knowing he's doing his normal teasing towards her.

"Well then. You know where to find me." She smiled before she left him in her car.

As she sat on the grass, she couldn't help but contemplate about her relationship with Eugene. What if he'd never see her more than just a friend? What if his break up with his girlfriend is not an opportunity to make the right move?

She scowled at herself. There was no way she was giving up right now. She's goy him all by herself amd she wasn't letting go of him tonight.

There were a lot of reasons why she never liked his ex girlfriend. One of them is because all she ever did was tell him lies. She lied about being head over heels for him. But Rapunzel knew better and knew that Elise was bad news. She knew because she was always there whenever she fed him lies.

Her contemplating continued until she felt a strong arm wrap around her shoulders. She looked up and saw Eugene.

"You seem to be lost in thought." He said as he sat down on the grass beside her and started to look at the stars.

"Not really," She replied, fixing her unkempt brunette hair. He smiled before they continued talking, spending the night full of laughter and stories. She was glad that Eugene was cheering up.

"You know, I can't thank you enough for taking me here." He suddenly said after a long moment of silence. Rapunzel's head snapped to face him in curiosity.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you taking me here is one of the best things that you ever did for me. It made me clear my mind, even for just a bit. It made me realize something, too." He replied. Her eyes widened. Did she just hear him correctly? Was this the part of every love story that her "Not So Prince Charming" will confess his love for her? She felt her heart beat quicker just by that thought.

"Yeah? So what did you realize?" She asked, her heart beating faster and faster by the minute.

"You're the greatest friend that anyone could have, and I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend." And at this, her heart dropped and shattered into a million pieces.

So that was all that she was to him? A best friend? Her nose twitched. She sighed. Might as well tell him now. It wasn't worth it anymore, but a part of her still hoped that maybe it could be her saving grace? After all, she was already considering to stop the daydreams before she'd get hurt. But she learned it the hard way.

"Eugene," she breathed, causing him to look at her. "I'm so fed up of being just the shoulder that you cry on and I'm so fed up of being the one that you always lean on."

"What's that supposed to mean? You don't want to be my friend anymore?" He asked, suddenly becoming worried that he'd lose her.

"It's something like that, but I just want to be the shoulder you lie on and the one that you dream of. I can take her place, Eugene. I can take care of you better than she ever did. I want to be your sunshine . . . your everything. I know that I'm not making any sense here. All I'm trying to say is that," she paused as she gulped, nervousness building up inside her. "I love you . . . and I need you, Eugene Fitzherbert." She finally confessed.

Eugene was stunned and taken aback by what she just said. She loved him all this time? And she was tagging along with him and his ex for the whole time? Didn't she get hurt by that?

A few moments of silence and staring at each other awkwardly later, then Eugene finally decided to speak.

"Rapunzel-" He was cut off by her, who seemed to get the hint. She knew that she wasn't worthy enough for someone like him. After all, she was just a naïve girl as some people would call her.

"I'll be fine, Eugene. I get the hint." She said.

And so, they drove in awkward silence. A night once noisy and joyful now turned into a silent and tensioned one.

That was when Rapunzel knew that she should have just kept her mouth shut and her feelings hidden.


A week later, Rapunzel was reading a book when she heard knocks on the front door. She shut her book and rushed to the door with her bare feet patting on the floor.

She opened it and gasped, seeing Eugene there in a suit and tie, holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Hey there, Sunshine." He smiled. "Are you up for a date?"

Wordlessly, she nodded with a smile.