"Listen, we're Lucky we avoided going to jail. Luck won't stand with us forever. This has happened before I swear, I was there on that night, anyone that escaped with their life died horribly. I can't explain it, but I saw all of you die, you need to be careful!"

"Shut up Marcus, we're in the papers, we're alive! Just be glad you weren't on that bus and live life like you mean it, now, get back to work getting those tickets for that new horror flick you've been talking about." Zach closed his phone, and smiled at the hunk of wood sitting on the edge of the counter. "You're going to love this car Dodge I swear." He picked the car up and went into his workshop. He moved to the bandsaw scoffing at Marcus had said. "I'm perfectly fine, nothing is going to happen! Sure those kids died after they escaped but what's the odds of that happening to me?" Zach brushed past his shelf, his sleeve catching on the sharp edge, tearing his shirt. "Oh come on!" Zach sighed and turned around, his elbow hitting a bottle of oil knocking it onto the floor. Zach took out his phone and put in his headphones. He turned on the saw and started working on the block of wood. Finished with the basic shape he put it on the edge of the saw being careful to turn it off. He turned around and grabbed a piece of pizza from the fridge, he finished eating it on the way back to the garage, he opened the door and slammed it closed, the wooden car fell, hitting the switch for the saw, turning it on. "What the heck?!" Zach walked forward to turn off the saw, stepping on the bottle, and slipping, falling forwards into the saw blade as it moved forwards. The authorities didn't find his body for a week, finally pulling the poor boy from the still running bandsaw. Marcus sighed and pulled out a scuffed ticket to the newest SAW movie, and ripped it in half. "Hey, Marcus? Give Atlas a message for us, we're done. Both of us, I'm tired of him exploiting my sister, anyways, I've got a new boyfriend too, come on Brin Brin!" Tammy held tightly to Brindans sleeve.

"I'm sorry about Zach. Come on, their going for food, we should go with them!" Sammy smiled happily and held out her hand. "Come on! It's not good to mourn forever, it's been two weeks since he's been buried." Marcus smiled back and took her hand, a second she leader him into the lonely streets.