With my Legend of Korra Fanfiction done, and on a current, daily upload, I needed a new series to write in between my Naruto Fanfiction. Thus we come to a RWBY fanfiction. Another series that I simply love. This Fanfiction is inspired by many elements, so go check them out. (RWBY, Other Anime, and Vale of Darkness)

In truth, this is going to be my own version of that fan made game. Will it continue past where that Game ended? Yes. It wouldn't be much of a departure if I ended it at Volume 2. Though I have some very interesting ideas, and you may even come to know what they are if you know who the main character is. (Hint. Hint).

Now a question which will be on this and the final chapter of the Prologue Volume. Who should Cobalt be in a relationship with? I really just want an opinion on this, but enough reasons and reviews may sway me since I'm not exactly sure on the matter. Anyways, I hop4 you enjoy and don't forget to review.

Vale: Sky Village, Night…

A woman in a brown cloak snuck into the village. Bits of red hair flowed from under the hood, but no other features could be made out. In a basket she carried a sleeping baby boy with tufts of sky blue hair. The woman looked around the village trying to find a place to put him.

Every house was dark, and it was hard to tell which world be a loving home for him. Eventually she walked up to the biggest building in the village and sat him on the door step before placing a letter in his basket.

"I'm sorry, but I can't raise you. I'm not the motherly type. I know you may never forgive me, nor do I expect you to." Tears fell from her eyes. "My only hope is that someone here can give you what you need."

The baby began to cry loudly causing doors to open all around her. The woman ran and jumped over the wall before anyone could see her. She ran from the village as men and women came to stand around the basket.

A young man with long blond hair in a pony tail walked towards the group and boy that was now being cuddled by one of the women. He wore purple robes with touches of white here and there. On his back there was a lance.

"Now what do we have here?" The man asked staring at the now whimpering infant.

"Lord Ike, we came out of our homes to find this crying child on the meeting hall's steps. We also found this letter in his basket." One of the guards affirmed.

Ike took the letter and began reading it.

"I'm not a good mother. I know I'm not. I have no right raising a child. Think of me as a monster if you must but take care of this child. Please, let him retain the name Cobalt Stone. It was the name his late father wished to give him."

The man closed his eyes sadly. "A mother hurt by the loss of her lover thinks herself unworthy of raising their child." He looked at the villagers. "I know it is late, but this child needs a home. Are there any willing to take him in?"

"I can do it Lord Ike?" One of the women said. "I have a son of my own, so I already have everything needed to raise a boy."

He was about to agree until the woman that held him spoke up. "I wish to keep him. He's just so cute, and I would ensure he grew into a fine young man."

An old guard spoke up. "I'll take him. This village is still small and we're going to need strong men to guard it."

Another man said, "No way, this little guy could become a great Hunter. Let me take him and guide him towards that."

Soon all the adults were trying to lay claim to the child, but that stopped when he began to cry not happy with all the loud voices around him.

Once he was quiet, Ike spoke up. "I am touched that you would all wish to raise this child. He was left on our meeting steps, so I say we all raise him. He shall be the village's child. If at time you wish to step away, you can.

As unlikely as it is, I'll step up and take care of him myself if everyone else steps away from him. In addition, children are free to choose their own path, and he shall be no different. His name shall be Cobalt Stone like his late father wished." He grabbed the child. "For tonight, I'll take the boy. Is what I've said agreeable to all?"

Everyone nodded and soon returned home with Ike taking the boy to his home. For now, he put him in the basket and sat down beside it in a chair.

He smiled at the sleeping baby. "We'll make sure you grow into a proper young man, and we'll be your family from here on out. Now get some rest little Cobalt."

Sky Village, 2 Years Later…

Cobalt now had medium length spiky, sky blue hair, and he was wearing dark blue pants with a matching shirt. His pupils were a stunning bright yellow. He was currently sitting on the side lines watching the two guards of the village train.

They were brothers only they'd had different mothers. One was a dog Faunus with a tail while the other was a human like Cobalt. The dog faunas' tail and short hair on his head were black while his brothers were brown.

Other that, there were minor differences between the two. They both used a gun sword and normal shield. They both wore purple, leather armor, they both had the same blue eyes, and they were both well built.

"Come on Stone, you're going to have to do better than that if you want to beat me." The dog Faunus taunted as he pushed his brother back.

Stone was panting. "We weren't all lucky to be born as Faunus, Gold. Some of us have to work to get your level of strength and stamina."

Gold chuckled. "True, I am pretty awesome, but that's no excuse. Come on, you've managed to beat me before."

Stone looked at Cobalt and winked. Cobalt got the message.

Stone stood up straight. "Here I come."

Gold got ready to defend until Cobalt shouted, "Aqua!"

Gold turned expecting to see his girlfriend who often came to these practices if for nothing else than to spend time with Cobalt. The guards didn't see her, nor did he see his brother who knocked him down. Stone pointed the practice sword over his brother's chest.

Gold glared at Stone. "No fair using Cobalt like that."

Cobalt ran over and was paid with a sweet bun from Stone's pouch as he playfully ruffled the kid's hair. "I didn't use him. I paid him for a service."

Gold looked at Cobalt offended. "Cobalt, I thought you were my little buddy." Cobalt ran over and hugged the guard making him smile. "Alright, I guess it's not your fault my brother decided to cheat." He got into a crouching position. "Come on, I'll give you a doggy back ride."

Stone rolled his eyes. "It's piggy back ride bro."

Cobalt happily hoped on and Gold said, "Not when I give them it isn't."

He took off as Stone shook his head.

Cobalt happily shouted, "Faster! Faster!"

Gold smiled. "You asked for it kid. Hold on tight."

He took off running around the walled village as Cobalt happily giggled the whole way.

Three Years Later…

Cobalt was growing into a fine young man that brought a lot of joy to the small village. He was currently playing with the only other kid in town and his best friend, Steel Water. He'd been placed in a comparable situation to Cobalt since his parents' untimely deaths.

He wore clothes like Cobalt except his favorite colors were black, white, and grey. Today he was wearing a white shirt with black pants and grey shoes. Unlike Cobalt, Steel's hair was black, smooth, and kept short, and his eyes were a dark blue.

"Get back here Steel!" Cobalt shouted, with a smile, as he chased his friend around the village.

Steel happily shouted. "No way! You have to catch me!"

Cobalt got an idea. He ran around one of the houses and got in Steel's way. The two crashed to the ground laughing.

"I got you." Cobalt happily stated as he got to his feet running off.

Steel smiled as he got back up. "It won't be long before your back to chasing me."

One Year Later…

Cobalt and Steel were celebrating their shared birthday with the whole village showing up. Aqua stood behind them. She had beautiful, long blue hair and wore sundresses. She was one of the nicest woman in the village.

She had become the main cook for the boys making them yummy meals and sweets. She always tended to the boys when they got hurt or chided them when they caused mischief. Also, in attendance were some of the villagers that faded out of the boys' lives.

They chose instead to be friendly to the boys. Gold and Stone were also there with Lord Ike who always told the boys the best stories about heroic Hunters or guards. He made time to play with them. Gold and Stone presented the boys with a long box each.

"Cobalt's present is from me." Gold stated.

Stone said, "I got Steel's present."

Aqua smiled at the boys. "Go on and open them."

Cobalt opened his present finding two hand-crafted, training katanas. Steel opened his finding a hand-crafted, dual training staff blade. Both boys smiled and looked at Lord Ike hopeful.

"You mean we can start learning how to fight?" Steel asked.

Ike nodded. "It won't be anything to straining for the two of you, but those of us who care for you decided that now was the right time to give you your own training weapons."

"I pledge to become the best Hunter." Steel said placing his weapon forward.

Cobalt placed his weapon over his. "I pledge to become the best guard Sky Village has ever seen."

"Do you boys want to go out and do a little spar?" Aqua asked.

"Can we?" Both boys quickly asked.

Aqua nodded, and they ran from the house to the front yard where they began hitting their weapons against each other. It wasn't anything grand, like what they would get up to in the future, but to them this was the first step in achieving their goals.

Two Years Later…

Both boys had just come from training, and they were worn out. Their bodies were covered in bruises. Cobalt still maintained his same style of clothing, but Steel had changed over the years. He wore a white shirt, grey jacket, and black pants. Both had their hair at medium length.

"Man, they do not know how to let up." Steel groaned as he fell onto a patch of grass.

Cobalt joined him. "I hear you. It seems every day now they're increasing how hard they train us."

Steel held up his training staff, now scratched and worn from the couple years of training they'd received much like Cobalt's twin training katanas.

Cobalt saw that his friend seemed sad. "Do you miss them?"

Steel closed his eyes. "I know I may have been too young at the time, but I now know full well what their job was. I miss them, but Aqua says they're still with me even if I can no longer see them."

Cobalt looked at the sky. "Do you think we'll still be with each other even when you go off to a combat school and I'm still here?"

Steel chuckled. "Of course, we will. We're best friends after all besides I'm not leaving for years. I'll eventually return because Sky Village will become my base of operations."

Cobalt asked, "So, why do you want to be a Hunter?"

Steel smiled, "Everyone in the village says how strong my parents were. How they kept the people of this village safe from Grimm. That's why I want to be a Hunter. That way I to can keep people safe. Why do you want to be a guard? Wouldn't you rather leave and find your mother?"

Cobalt closed his eyes. "My mother made it clear that she didn't want me while everyone in Sky Village has treated me like their own." He opened his eyes determined. "I want to repay them for everything they've done. The best way to do that is to become a guard like Gold and Stone."

Steel sat up and smiled. "Then from here on out we no longer complain. We work hard to make our dreams a reality. We stop being whinny kids and become men Sky Village can be proud of." He stood and held out his hand to Cobalt. "Are you with me?"

Cobalt smiled and grasped the hand allowing his friend to pull him up.

He nodded, "Alright, from here on out we train hard to reach our goals."

"We will make them a reality." Steel added.

Cobalt put one katana in and Steel put his staff over top of it. "It's a promise between friends."

Aqua walked up and ruffled their hair. "You two are just so cute."

"We're not cute." Steel defended.

Cobalt added, "Yeah, we're men of this village now."

Aqua smiled. "Okay, then would you two men protect me as I gather the laundry?"

"It would be our honor." Cobalt said.

Steel said, "I'll make sure no Grimm harm either you. I'll be extra vigilant."

"If you do an excellent job, then I'll let you have some of the cookies I made." Aqua offered.

They both nodded and followed her. Cobalt made sure to stick by her side while Steel scanned the area for signs of Grimm.