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Grimm Studies Class

The first years were seated for their first class of the day with RWBY, JNPR, CR, and Azure sitting together when, to their surprise, Glynda Goodwitch walked into the room. She came to stand behind the desk.

"Before we begin class today, there is unfortunate news that I must share. On Saturday, Professor Port tragically lost his life on an extermination mission within the Emerald Forest." Glynda began.

Conversation immediately broke out among the various teams.

"Professor Port is dead!" Nora shouted.

"Whatever he faced must have been something tough." Jaune stated remembering the story Rain told him and Pyrrha about getting accepted as an assistant teacher.

Cobalt looked at his desk. "Tukson, Yatsuhashi, and now Port. I get the feeling Port and Yatsuhashi didn't just fall to the Grimm alone. Something is going on here. Something I just can't see. I don't like this one bit."

"Cobalt are you okay?" Ruby asked concerned.

Cobalt took a deep breath. "I'm fine. Just overthinking things. Guess my mind decided to wander."

"Settle down children." Glynda ordered. "I know this news is shocking, but we mustn't let it distract us. From here on out I will be your Grimm Studies teacher and Rain Stone will take over Combat Class for the rest of the year. Now let's continue with class…"

Qrow's Training Field, Combat Class Hour…

Cobalt walked to the field only to once again be ambushed by Qrow only this time he couldn't use Blake's shadow clone. This time the Huntsman' bangs were slicked back, and he was wielding his sword in it's scythe mode. That very scythe slammed into Cobalt.

The manager flipped midair and drew his new weapons before landing. Qrow was immediately on top of him, but the manager had just enough time to cross the guns catching the scythe blade on the blades beneath his guns.

Cobalt struggled greatly to keep the scythe from coming down on him. It was clear to him that Qrow wasn't holding back. The manager should have expected this when Qrow had upped his morning exercise routine.

Cobalt smiled. "So, no more holding back during training? At least, I assume as much considering your using your scythe on me. That strength is no joke either."

Qrow smirked as he spun kicking Cobalt in the side. "From here on out your facing me at my best. Even if after today we'll be switching back to training weapons. Which means I'll be using a great sword and scythe. Now, show me what you've learned."

Cobalt got to his feet and pointed his guns at Qrow. In the corner of his eye the manager could see Ozpin sipping a cup of coffee as he carefully observed him.

The manager opened fire. "I think you mean for me to show you and Ozpin what I've learned, but I get it."

Qrow spun his scythe against the ground projecting fast Aura strikes at Cobalt. Three in total and one right after the other. The manager jumped right, left, and over the third one only for Qrow have charged him while he dodged.

The Huntsman spun his scythe up slamming the blade into Cobalt and knocking him into the air. The manager managed to angle his feet, so he'd land safely only for Qrow to slice at his side sending him tumbling along the ground until he crashed into a tree.

Cobalt just managed to roll out of the way and to his feet as Qrow cut the tree, in half, his back was against. The manager didn't stop there. He extended his blades and slashed at the Huntsman. Qrow blocked every strike. Cobalt ended up behind the Huntsman.

Qrow smiled. "Not bad…"

Cobalt interrupted him. "Aura Slash."

Qrow wondered what that meant until he was suddenly bombarded with Aura from about half the places Cobalt had slashed at before. It wasn't enough to beat him, but it was still impressive.

Cobalt fell to his knees. "For a first attempt, I'd say it was rather successful."

Qrow returned his scythe to a sword and put it away. "What was that?"

Cobalt took a deep breath. "An Aura move I just came up with. You were too fast to keep up with, so I figured the only way to get a hit in was to go with something you couldn't see or predict."

Ozpin walked over. "Very impressive Mr. Sky. Now, we do not want to wear you out in the first few minutes, so go grab a bottle of water. Take a break. We shall recommence your training in five minutes."

Cobalt stood, returned his weapons to normal, and holstered them before walking over to the cooler.

Outside the Second Year's Dorm, After Combat Class

Russel walked out of the dorm and found Cardin waiting for him. "So, where you able to drop them off."

Russel nodded. "I was. Even managed to get out before one of them opened the door."

"Good." Cardin smiled. "Now team CFV can choose how to put Yatsuhashi to rest."

"Come on, let's get back to our room and get started on the homework." Russel stated.

Team CR started down the path.

Team CFV's Room

Coco had brought the armor and great sword of Yatsuhashi into the room. Velvet stared at it while Fox looked its way. True, he couldn't see it, but he knew it was there. The leader held an attached note that she was reading aloud to her team.

'Team CFV,

This armor was recovered by a large party of Hunters. We leave Yatsuhashi's armor and sword in your hands to decide what you want to do with them. Our only hope is that this brings you some semblance of peace.


Team CR.'

"So\, what are we going to do with them?" Velvet asked.

Coco had an idea, but Fox spoke up first. "If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to claim the sword. I have an idea to honor Yatsuhashi in my own way."

Coco nodded. "Granted. The idea I have only requires the armor anyways. Bun Bun get a mannequin from the closet. Team CFV's going to set up a perfect memorial for our fallen friend."

Second Year Dorm Foyer

Team CFV stood before the mannequin dressed in Yatsuhashi's armor. Fox held his teammate's sword over his shoulder as the girls looked over their handiwork.

Coco smiled. "For now, this will do. I'll talk with Ozpin about getting a plaque and framed picture for it." She then clapped her hands together. "For now, I think it's time CFV does as Yatsuhashi said. Fox go train your student. Velvet we're going to Vale for dinner."

Velvet smiled for the first time since the mission. "Dinner sounds nice."

Coco hit Fox's butt. "We'll bring you back something nice."

Fox looked towards the mannequin knowing it was there even if he could see it.

He smiled. "It was a tough week-old, but Team CFV is going to be okay. Rest in peace old friend."

Fox walked out of the dorm and pulled out his scroll to call Ren.

Fox and Ren's Training Field

Qrow had claimed the old training field near the Emerald Forest to train Cobalt and eventually Ruby. This left Fox and Ren needing their own training field. Fortunately, Beacon was a school meant to train Hunters, so there wasn't a shortage of fields or rooms one could use.

The field Ren and Fox used had trees and large rocks scatter about. Perfect for the type of Aura training and combat people like them practiced. Ren walked onto the field and noticed Yatsuhashi's great sword embedded in the ground.

The JNPR member paid that little mind as he bowed. "Master Fox. It is good to see you once more."

Fox asked, "Ren did you train the week I was absent."

"I did master, and I managed to achieve what you had me working on." Ren affirmed.

Fox said, "Show me."

Ren walked over to a boulder the size of himself. He closed his eyes, put his hands together as if he were praying, and took a deep breath. The member of JNPR then struck the boulder once. It crumbled under the strike.

Fox nodded. "Very good. There is one last thing you must do before we get to combat training." He tossed his bladed gauntlets to Ren. "Re-forge StormFlower with that metal birthing a new, stronger weapon."

Ren nodded. "It will be done. I will call them CrimsonFlower."

Ren liked his current weapons and was intent of keeping them; however, he couldn't argue that his weapon simply didn't compare to his friends. In that sense, he was all for improving his weapon.

Fox nodded. "This concludes training for today. We will train again once you have your CrimsonFlower."

Fox removed the sword from the ground and moved towards the Beacon docks. He had his own Re-forging to do if he wanted to make Yatsuhashi's weapon suitable for his style.

Qrow's Training Field, Evening…

Qrow stood back with his arms crossed as he watched Ruby use a lightweight great sword to cut through the logs he'd set up with great speed. These logs weren't all stationary or set up in any order. There were various distances and swung between trees.

Ruby cut through every log and looked back at her uncle with a smile. "I did it! I passed your test!"

Qrow nodded with a slight smile. "It looks that way kiddo."

She ran over to him. "Since I did it, we're going to give my baby her great sword mode, right?"

Qrow nodded. "We'll work on it all week to make sure your weapon's properly balanced. Wouldn't want the extra part throwing off your attacks. Especially with your team's first mission coming up."

Ruby jumped up excited. "Yeah!"

Beacon Gym

Mercury walked around the gym seeing the occasional student using some of the equipment, but he wasn't interested in them. Oh no, he was much more interested in a certain room he found which had Yang practicing her style of combat with punches, elbows, and the occasional shot from Ember Celica.

Mercury leaned against the door and smirked as she hadn't noticed him. "What do you know gorgeous? Turns out my leader knew exactly where to find you."

Yang had been so focused on her combat that she faltered when Mercury spoke to her not expecting anyone to enter the room while she was using it. She stumbled forward but managed to catch herself.

The blond brawler turned around. "Mercury, what are you doing here?"

Mercury walked in and shrugged. "Eh, I asked my leader what he thought the best way for me to improve was, and he pointed me in your direction. Said I could get stronger if I trained with you." He smirked. "Although, that last move was a little shaky."

"Hey pal, not my fault you spoke up as I was performing a combo." Yang stated.

Mercury chuckled. "Really?" He shrugged. "Sounds to me like that's just an excuse, but you could always prove me wrong."

Yang said, "If you're suggesting a fight, I'm all for it. Why don't you come here, and I'll teach you something nice?" Mercury walked over, and they faced off. "You better not go easy on me."

"Wouldn't dream of it Blondie." Mercury replied.

They got into their stances before slowly moving closer to each other. Without warning, the fight started with Yang going for a punch and Mercury countering with a kick. They collided sending out a shockwave before Mercury sprung back.

The mercenary charged in with another kick, but Yang jumped over him and launched an explosive shell only for Mercury to avoid it. The RWBY member tried to strike at him, but Mercury blocked with the back of his arm deflecting the punches.

Yang launched and explosive shell at the same time as Mercury kicked out a steam dust shell. They pushed each other back. The blond brawler fired off move shells at the mercenary who effortlessly dodged them as he drew in close.

He then jumped into the air and came down with an axe kick that Yang blocked by crossing her arms. The RWBY member uncrossed her fist and Mercury flipped off avoiding the launched shell by going low only to lunge up spinning. His foot connected with Yang's chin.

The blond brawler flipped but managed to land on her feet. She then used her gauntlets to lunge at Mercury. The two exchanged kicks and punches in an impressive display of their respective styles.

Then the RWBY member used an explosive shot to add power to an elbow sending the mercenary to the ground. Yang fired off normal shots at Mercury who dodged them by back flipping until he was against the wall. The brawler fired into him a few times.

The Azure member cartwheeled to the right before springing above the shots and landing on the ground. He then spun on his left leg as he sent out shots with his right. Steam dust flew everywhere with a few shots forcing Yang to dodge.

She moved in as the steam dust spun around the room landing a punch on his chest. Mercury counted by kicking Yang into the air before kicking knocking her into the ground. He ended up crouched as he commanded the steam dust bullets to nail the brawler.

The mercenary stood up smirking as he dusted himself off. "Had enough Gorgeous?"

He was surprised as Yang stood up smashing her fist together. This caused fire to spring up around the blond brawler, her hair to glow, and her eyes to become red. Mercury just managed to get his arms up blocking and impressive punch that caused him to skid back.

The blond brawler rushed in and Mercury spun trying to kick her. Yang dodged every kick before hammering blow after blow into the mercenary. She finished with a hammer fist to his breaking his Aura. The mercenary was sent skidding along the ground before coming to a stop.

Yang smiled, her eyes and hair returned to normal, and walked over offering a hand to the downed mercenary. "Not bad. If that offer to train is still there, I wouldn't mind it."

Mercury smirked as he took the offered hand allowing himself to be helped up. "It is Gorgeous because you have a lot to learn."

Yang smiled. "Oh yeah, I just took you down."

Mercury chuckled. "Please, you know full well I wasn't going all out."

Yang smirked. "Whose fault is that tough guy? A win is a win in my book."

"Then maybe you wouldn't mind book-ing a date?" Mercury stated.

Yang raised an eye brow. "Is this your way of asking me out to the dance."

Mercury shrugged. "It might be. All depends on which way you've taken my question."

Yang smirked. "I suppose I can give you a shot. Both for the dance and as a training partner."

Mercury stuck his hands in his pocket. "I'll see you tomorrow, for training, at this time Gorgeous."

He then walked out.

Team Azure's Room: Two Days Later, After Combat Class…

Cobalt and Mercury were playing a video game together when Cobalt sunglasses popped out playing 'Time to say Goodbye', so he paused the game and stood up to answer an unknown number.

"Hello?" Cobalt questioned.

"Cobalt. Thank goodness I got through to you." A female stated from the other end.

"Mae? Mae Orchid? How did you get my number?" Cobalt asked.

Mae replied, "It was transferred into the Order of Grimm's systems after you hacked into them, but that's not important. Peak needs your help."

"Is it the Order of Grimm?" Cobalt asked.

Mae sighed. "I believe so. I've spotted a couple of Knights, but I always arrive to late. I thought of calling in other Hunters, but you were such a big part in freeing us. Please, we need your help once more."

"Alright, I can't just take off. The last time I got in was out of my control. This time I need to go through Ozpin, but considering everything, it's likely I'll be there tonight with back up." Cobalt affirmed.

Mae was relieved. "Thank you, Cobalt. This means a lot."

Cobalt hung up and turned to Mercury. "You up for another mission?"

Mercury shut the game and T.V. off. "Always am."

Cobalt nodded. "Let's go."

Ozpin's Office, Some Time Later…

Cobalt and Mercury stood before Ozpin's desk. "So, you two wish to travel to Peak because of confirmed activity by Order of Grimm Knights?"

Cobalt nodded. "That sums it up sir."

"There is a Hunter on sight, but the Order of Grimm have proven themselves something we should not take lightly. I will approve Team Azure for this mission provided you choose a full team of four to aid you on this." Ozpin stated.

"Reasonable." Cobalt stated. "We'll take Team JNPR. They have great chemistry with themselves and us."

Ozpin nodded. "I will inform them of the impending departure. You have one hour to prepare and be at the docks."


Team Azure and JNPR sat in the airship having just left Beacon.

"We know we're going off to face the Order of Grimm, but is there anything more you can tell us?" Jaune.

"Not really. From the sound of things, Mae always arrives to late to do anything, and had yet to find where they're coming from. Peak isn't as large as Vale, but it has its places to hide. At least, until they could get out." Cobalt stated.

"Isn't there only one entrance?" Pyrrha asked.

Cobalt nodded. "There is, but you run a lot of risk closing it after the previous nine years of captivity." The leader crossed his arms. "Come to think of it, Mae was left with three good people after the events of the battle."

Nora, in her usual demeanor, said. "Guys it's simple. The Order of Grimm have someone with a Semblance that allows them to bypass the dust barrier. That's how they get in and out."

"Well, there is no saying the Order of Grimm couldn't have Semblance users in their ranks." Ren stated. "Admittedly, I haven't heard of a Semblance that interacts that with dust those. Only Semblances that can do what dust does."

Mercury crossed his arms. "It's likely these attacks have only recently started. Considering only a few months have passed, it's not out of the question this Mae called you in to minimize loss to her people."

"True. They were effective, but nowhere near strong enough to take back Peak themselves. The final number of resistance left was only 4 including Mae herself. Still, I can't shake this feeling that something's off now." Cobalt stated feeling uneasy about this mission now.

"Well, we'll just eyes open then." Jaune stated.

Cobalt nodded. "Yeah."


Cobalt and Jaune led their group through the now open field and up to the gates where they found Mae waiting for them. The Huntress wore simple, silver colored armor. Her moss green hair was shoulder length. She had green eyes, and on her back she carried a lance.

Mae smiled. "Cobalt, thank you for coming and bringing such a large group to help us sort this out."

Cobalt nodded. "Any time. Now, is there anything else you need to tell us about the situation?"

"There is something. A new development after our conversation. A Knight appeared and captured another villager. This time, I was able to chase him to oddly enough Market Square. There's a large portion of the ground that has been removed revealing stairs leading down."

Mae frowned. "This leads me to believe the Order of Grimm is expecting you to come and soon. Unfortunately, I must suspect one of my own men have turned at this point because they're the only ones that knew you were coming besides myself.

I've commanded all three to guard the stairway in case any Knights come up. They'll also be staying there whenever we head down. It's completely up to you and your group, but I would like this to end soon. I don't like this happening one bit."

Cobalt turned to Jaune. "I wouldn't mind heading down now. I mean, they are expecting us, so we only have two options. Come to them or wait for them to come to us."

Jaune nodded in agreement. "I agree. We wait for them, and they could very well call in reinforcements. Paladins, considering you are a target of theirs. Going to them may put us in their territory, but it minimizes the risk."

Mae smiled relieved. "You have no idea how relieved I am to hear this. Follow me."

The Huntress walked into the city and the teams followed. They walked past the many houses, apartments, and people. A nice change for Cobalt was the fact that no one wore rags. They all wore a variety of clothing and seemed in much better spirits.

They eventually reached market square which had been cleared of people save the three remainders from the Resistance who all wore similar armor to Mae while still carrying their farming equipment as weapons.

"Alright men, Cobalt and his friends are here to aid us. You three are to remain here and guard the entrance. No one else goes in and no Order of Grimm come out. Am I clear?" Mae asked in a commanding tone.

"Yes ma'am." The men declared.

Mae turned to the students. "Alright, we're heading in. Be ready for anything."

Everyone nodded and followed the Huntress down the stairs.

A Room

A young man, no older than the students from Beacon, sat in a chair with his legs crossed. He had medium length, well-groomed purple hair and matching irises. His attire consisted of an open white suit with a black dress shirt and white tie. a pyro-obsidian chain was wrapped around his right arm.

To his right stood a man with a mane of crimson red hair with brown eyes. His armor was that of a Paladin with the picture of a Narasimha(Lion) Grimm painted on the chest pieces. Two Chakrams were at his sides.

To his left there stood a rather buff woman who wore an earthy brown armor with a forest green cape and the image of a Gigas Prime(Tyrannosaurs) Grimm was panted on the front. Her forest green hair was buzzed cut and she had matching irises. A large, bladed shield was on her back.

The young man smirked as they watched a myriad of monitors starting from the Market Square and covering the entire underground complex. "Paladins, I bring you Lord Cobalt."

"Well, I didn't think your plan was going to work." The Narasimha Paladin stated.

The Gigas Prime Paladin said. "We should go and capture him now."

The young man held up a hand. "Remember the reason why I was called into handle this Dino? Your methods have proven ineffective. We are doing things my way. We shall play the game I have outlined and snag many good subjects for our queen in the process."

The Narasimha Paladin said. "I concur with Agent. Fighting has not turned out well for our comrades. Reaper and Sea Dragon have met their end one way or another."

Dino growled. "Very well Lion. We will do this Agent's way."

Agent smiled. "Very good. Get into position your two. The fun will soon begin."

The Paladin's walked up to a door, which slid open, and left the room. Agent was left alone as he observed the monitors.

Underground Complex

Mae passed an odd-looking symbol on the wall, but everyone else stopped to look at it. It was a green M inside a hexagon. At three points on the shape there were lines connecting to circles.

Mae turned to the group. "Are you all looking at those symbols?"

"Yeah, you aren't?" Jaune questioned.

Mae simply replied. "I've seen all kinds of strange symbols under Peak. Another one is nothing new. Plus, I think we have a more pressing matter to attend to."

Cobalt nodded. "She's right guys. We can look at the symbol after we've saved the villagers."

They followed Mae once more.

Large Room

The group entered a large room with seemingly no doors in sight.

"Did we miss a turn or doorway?" Jaune asked.

Cobalt shook his head. "No, it's been a straightforward hallway. Although, they could have hidden the doors or maybe there's some way to open a door from in here."

Mae nodded. "Good idea. Spread out and search the walls."

Cobalt turned to look at the doorway they came through and found it open. "Just in case, I'm going to stand back with the door. With one of my Semblances, I can keep it open if it tries to close on us."


A panel of the wall, the one with the M symbol, opened and out stepped Dino. She then booked down the hallway towards the large room.

Large Room

JNPR, Mercury, and Mae were searching the room while Cobalt looked out the doorway. Mae was the closest person to Cobalt checking out a corner to the left. The manager noticed Dino running at him.

The manager's eyes opened wide. "Guys, we got company!"

He drew his riffles and opened fire on the approaching Paladin, but the shots seemed to do little else but slightly slow her. Everyone gathered around Cobalt as Dino slammed into him pushing the manager into Ren and sending them both tumbling along the ground.

The Paladin entered the room, and the door automatically sealed shut behind her trapping everyone in the room. Cobalt and Ren recovered joining up with the others before multiple panels in the wall opened. Another Paladin, Lion, walked into the room with about 20 knights.

"We did expect to run into a trap." Jaune stated.

Everyone had removed their weapons by this point, and Mae's lance was glowing an earthy brown. That's not all. The top part of the lance was spinning like a drill.

Cobalt looked at both Paladins, but his attention was mainly focused on the Paladin with a Gigas Prime on the armor. "Okay, here's what we're going to do. Mae, Mercury, and Ren will take on the…"

Cobalt had been interrupted by Mae thrusting her Lance straight into his back. Everyone was so shocked that they didn't stop her as the lance transformed into a gatling gun and she opened fire on Cobalt pushing him towards Dino.

This launched the full-scale fight as the Knights and Paladins charged not only Cobalt, but the others as well. Mercury jumped into action launching kicks into Mae getting her attention off Cobalt.

"Team JNPR, fight! Pyrrha and Ren you got the Paladin without a cape." Jaune blocked a sword strike and managed to push the knight back into his companions. "Nora, we got the Knights."

This whole situation wasn't great, but the students had to fight through. There was no other option open to them currently.

(65) Lelouch of Zero:I really enjoyed how this chapter hammered home, that you should never be complacent with the skills you have and that you should always keep growing. Leave it to Cobalt to change the views of those he meets, for better or worse. I loved the family moments with Jaune and his sisters, regardless of how short they were. Another awesome chapter! I look forward to the next one.

Quillion9000:I'm glad I got the view point across. I didn't want to say at this point that Cobalt could beat a high tear Hunter like I can only assume Jaune's father must be. At least that's my head canon until RWBY proves otherwise. Low tear Hunter and Hunter like (Adam) are different stories at this point. Maybe he's not as strong or normally as fast as they are, but his diverse skill set and quick thinking have always been his best attributes.

Couple that with what progress he has made in other areas, and you have I'd say roughly an end Third year to mid fourth year fighter so far. Then again, we are unsure who in the Vytal Festival was a higher year student as we only knew the characters we'd really meet up to that point. It was short, but Jaune's family is meant to be a minor part of this story. That said, those characters will be seen again.

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