This commercial parody was inspired by two commercials for The Return of Optimus Prime from 1987 that I found on YouTube. If anyone is interested in adapting this into an actual story, please pm me so that I may give you the premise. Enjoy.

The commercial begins with slowed down footage from Down to the Fiery Finish as Ash-Greninja faints after his battle with Alain's Mega-Charizard X. A voice clip of Bonnie plays as this happens.

"Poor Ash lost!" she says.

We then cut to new footage in the Lumiose Conference Stadium, featuring Ash-Greninja using a Water Pulse attack on Mega-Charizard X, whos eyes are glowing red and his body is surrounded by an eerie red glow. The attack hits the fire-type Pokémon right in the face. We then see Ash in his Ultra Guardian outfit as he engages in hand to hand combat with Alain. Like his Charizard, his eyes are glowing red and his body is surrounded by a red glow. Ash's clasmates, his Kalos traveling companions, and his Alola Pokémon Team are in shock as they watch the fight from inside a cage. Pikachu and the rest of Ash's Kalos Pokémon Team are seen fighting the rest of Alain's Pokémon, who's states are similar to Alain's and his Charizard.

As this is going on, the announcer makes his statement.

"Wrong, Bonnie!" he says. "He's just warming up! Ash Ketchum is returning to Kalos, in two all new episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures! Catch the excitement, this November 5th, only on Disney XD!"

The commercial ends with the Disney XD logo.

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