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1. Toothless turns temporarily human AU

2. This one was originally a modern AU, but I needed to change that since I did so many of those. I hope you like my spin on the AU (you know who you are). Hiccup's friends forget how much trouble his leg causes him do to how much he brushes the pain off, and decide to go hiking. Taking place a few months after the events of the red death, but the story takes place on an island that is VERY AU to the original Berk. It's a little more modern. There's no cell phone's or cars, but the teens definitely act more like high schoolers than dragon riders.

3. Valka comes back just after the events of the first movie AU. I got this idea from a friend, though tweaked it a little. Rather than Hiccup finding her, he saves her, though gets trapped in the process and a LOT of things go down. Also a Viggo before RTTE AU.

4. Hiccup has a speech problem/delay/stutter that he has to deal with.

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Story AU: Toothless and Hiccup get into a crash and fall in a pond with some mysterious water that turns Toothless temporarily human!

Story idea: After crashing into a magical pond that changes Toothless to the human species, Hiccup must protect his best bud and make sure the dragon/human doesn't hurt himself. Can he do it until the magic wears off? How will the others react? Perhaps the two boys will gain the brother they never had.

Today started out as a normal flight in the woods. Seventeen year old Hiccup Haddock was simply taking a break after a recent dragon race. The dragon races had become a popular event to blow off steam on the island, though were more tiring than just working in the forge to take a leave from stress or practicing axe throwing to relieve some anger.

The breathtaking sight of trees moving by at amazing speeds, and the stress relief earned through flight ended quickly when a sudden oncoming storm took dragon and rider by surprise. Hiccup was flung off of Toothless as lightning struck at the both of them. Toothless landed in a nearby, unnamed pond, falling unconscious after seeing his rider fall into a group of trees. Neither of them could prepare themselves for what had happened, nor what was coming.

Now, after the seemingly-normal flight was suddenly interrupted by the storm, Hiccup finally roused from his unconscious state. Everything ached, and he brought his right hand up to feel his swollen, bruised eye. A stabbing pain ran up his side, and the seventeen year old boy quickly realized he needed to get back home fast, for a branch had stabbed into his side. Nature's weapon was not still embedded in his skin, though that wasn't such a good thing, because now there was nothing to stop the bleeding.

"T-Toothless!" Hiccup called out through his friend in a hoarse, pained voice, tears stinging his eyes though not daring to fall as the pain escalated. Rather than the typical roar or whine he'd expected, Hiccup only heard what sounded like a panicked boy cry out his name.

"Who's there?!" Hiccup called out, this time frightened for a hole other reason than the wound in his side. That voice...it wasn't that of any of the other riders. Much deeper than Snotlout or the twins, though different than that of Fishleg's voice.

Hiccup carefully pushed past the bent over tree's, holding his side and letting the rain wash blood from his swollen right eye. He came into the clearing where the pond Toothless had fallen in was, though the sight before him was startling.

Standing there, in the shiny water of the odd pond, was not a night fury. Not even a dragon for that matter. Well...for the most part anyways. A tall boy with darker skin, short, jet-black hair and acid green eyes looked at Hiccup fearfully. He too had a swollen eye and a few injuries, though none were major. On his back was a pair of Night Fury wings, though every other part of his body was completely human. He also lacked a left leg, and used a tree stump to help him stand.

"H-Hiccup?" Hiccup was confused. How did this person know his name? He stood there in shock, completely frozen as he eyed this odd human's wings in wonder. What a gift, and sight to behold. Then his mind began to wander. Why Night Fury wings? Toothless was the only one who was with him when he fell...though said dragon wasn't anywhere in sight.

It took the boy before him giving a rambled explanation which Hiccup could hardly understand, before the seventeen year old finally pieced everything together. "T-Toothless? But how..." Hiccup trailed off, taking a few steps closer to the Night Fury-human standing on his one good leg before him.

"Hiccup I...I don't know what happened! What's happening to me?!" Toothless tried to take a step back, though quickly fell backward do to the lack of leg. Hiccup tried to reach out and grab his friend, though was only pulled down in the process. Both boys fell into the pond's water with a splash, their cloths becoming even more soaked than the rain had left them. Well...Hiccup's cloths anyways. Toothless wasn't the most covered, other than the rope of his saddle which still crossed his chest and wrapped around his shoulder.

Do to the rope around him, Toothless soon got tangled up under the water. Hiccup opened his eyes after recovering from the fall, and would've gasped in fear for his friend if it wasn't for the fact he was under water. Taking quick action, the teenage heir quickly untangled his best friend. Both surfaced, gasping for air.

"Gods Toothless...y-you need to be more careful." Hiccup said through pants, standing on all fours as his tired and injured body caught up with him. He was losing blood rather quickly, and was in no shape to be swimming, let along saving his best bud from drowning.

"Sorry Hiccup. I-I just...I don't know how I'm supposed to get around in this...uh...body. You humans are very different than dragons. Here, let me see your side." Toothless slowly crawled to his friend's side, and lay a hand on Hiccup's shoulder. He tried to lift the teen's shirt, only to have Hiccup flinch away.

"No, i'm fine bud. All I need is to get home so I can patch my wounds up. Problem is...we can't exactly get there with you in your current...outfit." Hiccup gestured to the rope still hanging around Toothless' shoulders, which the dragon-boy quickly pulled off. He took notice of how different his own body looked compared to his friend's, and also knew other Vikings always wore clothing and accessories.

"I think I understand what you're saying. What do we do then?" Toothless asked, shivering as the cold air hit him. He didn't cover himself with his arms, cross his legs, nor feel self conscious. As a dragon, there was never a rule against rather you were covered or not. Scales always took care of keeping him warm, and dragons didn't have the same natural instincts or morals that humans did.

"Do you know where my saddle bag went? I have an extra outfit, and my few spares in there. Perhaps you could use one of my prosthetics until we can get you fitted with a better one? I have a feeling it's going to take a while to get you back to...uh, your usual form." Somehow, despite how strange and crazy the current situation was, Hiccup was able to treat Toothless as he always would, and not feint at the sight in front of him. The reasoning behind this was most possibly the fact that in the bond they shared, Hiccup and Toothless treated each other as their own. Toothless would protect Hiccup as if he was another dragon, and Hiccup could understand his dragon as much as any other human, maybe better.

"Yeah...I-I think I do." Toothless crawled over to the bushes near the pond, and yanked the tangled bag from the brush. The red tunic and green leggings inside were soaked from the rain, though they would do. After grabbing the outfit and putting the prosthetic on, knowing how to do to practice helping his rider, Toothless crawled back to Hiccup who was still on his hands and knees, holding his side tightly.

"You're getting pale Hiccup. We need to get home." Hiccup nodded, sitting up. He helped Toothless into the clothing (A harder task than it sounds), and they both helped each other up the hill towards the Haddock house on the other side of the forest.

After finally finishing the long walk home, Hiccup and Toothless both burst through the door of the Haddock house. Hiccup landed in a nearby chair, holding his side tightly. Toothless had a hard time standing up do to his prosthetic being too short as a result of his high compared to his rider's. He fell back onto the floor just as Stoick was exiting his bedroom.

"What's going on here Hiccup? I've been wondering where you've been in this storm." Stoick questioned his son, walking closer to the chair said boy was sitting in. Hiccup ground his teeth together to keep from crying out, his pale form shaking. Stoick imediatly became worried, and he reached down to move the hand covering his son's wound. In response, Hiccup hissed in pain and looked at his father. "D-Dad. My side." He rasped out, trying to sound strong by forcing his voice not to crack.

Stoick became even more worried than before. He was so concentrated on helping his son, he didn't notice the darker boy in the corner of the room. Toothless didn't make himself noticeable, his wings drooping as he felt sadness for his friend.

"Tell me what happened Hiccup." Stoick instructed. He forcefully pulled his son's hand from the wound, and even though he tried not to, Hiccup fought against him. The boy's lip bled from how hard he bit it to keep from showing his pain to much. Stoick didn't say anything about this current weak moment, and instead simply held Hiccup's left hand in the air with his own hand that wasn't holding his son's shirt up. Hiccup clung to the chair with his right.

"Was in the woods...Toothless and I crashed." Hiccup mumbled, the iron taste of blood on his tongue making him even more aware of his pain. He felt dizzy, and the room darkened slightly. "Where is the dragon?" Stoick asked, trying to take his boy's mind off the pain. Hiccup raised an eyebrow, before hesitantly pointing to Toothless sitting in the corner of the room with his hand that wasn't held in the air.

Stoick was surprised to see the odd boy in his house, though after seeing the wings and hearing his son's spaced out-semi conscious explanation, he realized what had happened. "Rumor has it many odd things have happened in that part of the island. People have been said to drown, though bodies never are found. Animal's have went missing, and random people have come claiming to be related to them despite the difference in species. It could be that the pond Toothless fell into is the source of all these strange occurrences. We'll have to ask Gothi and the council for more information, they know more about the history of Berk. Well...the Elder's anyways."

Hiccup half listened to his father's story, blinking to try and clear his vision. With every passing minute his ears felt more and more clogged. It was hard to hear, and his vision was black in the corners. He didn't come back to reality until his father pressed a hot cloth to his wound, making the boy's back ark as every nerve went on high alert do to the pain. He hissed through clenched teeth, and balled his fists. Stoick held both his son's wrists in one large hand, sighing with sympathy.

Toothless couldn't take being helpless anymore, and he was quickly at his rider's side. He brushed Hiccup's hair from his face, and lay a gentle hand on his right cheek. Stoick didn't protest against the action, and instead welcomed the help once realizing the gentle gestures of a friend aided in calming Hiccup down.

After his son's wounds were bandaged, Stoick carried his son upstairs. Hiccup hadn't liked the idea, and protested greatly. He soon came to realize his father was right in saying he couldn't get upstairs on his own with lack of prosthetic.

"You know you could have just helped me limp upstairs right? Or held one of my arms?" Stoick waved his son off, smiling lightly. "You're too injured to do it on your own." He said, pushing Hiccup by the shoulders when he tried to sit up. "Now lay down. Also, be more careful in the future you reckless boy!" Though his father sounded stern, Hiccup could hear the joking tone in the man's voice as his hair was ruffled.

Once he'd made sure his son wouldn't get out of bed (even though the boy was seventeen, he was overprotective.) Stoick walked back down the stairs to help Toothless who was wounded and attempting to walk with a short prosthetic. A screech echoed up the stairs, and Hiccup cracked up into laughter as his father carried Toothless into the room, and sat the teenager/dragon boy on the bed.

"Hey! I'm a dragon thank you very much! I can take care of myself!" Toothless shouted as he squirmed in Stoick's arms. The larger man sighed, and held the boy's arms pinned to his sides while carrying him bridal style. Toothless quickly retreated with a Night Fury like screech when he was sat down. He saw Hiccup at the head of the bed, before smiling brightly and snuggling up to his rider's side. Hiccup blushed deeply, not knowing what to say.

Stoick looked at the sight before him, amused. "And I a chief, son." He said sternly to the darker, more energetic boy beside his usually calm, settled down son. Toothless pouted with a scowl, before pulling the blanket over himself. "I could become the Alpha. Same difference." Hiccup's eyes widened as curiosity overtook him.

"What do you mean you 'can become the Alpha'?" Hiccup questioned his bud once his father left the room. Toothless moved the blanket from over his head to look at his rider with a 'well duh' expression. He sat up quickly, nearly falling off the bed in the process. Once again Hiccup came to his aid, grabbing him before he fell.

"Thanks. Really, i'm not used to lack of tail for balance. As for your question, isn't it obvious? Us Night Furies are an Alpha species. One of the few that still exist. There's us, Bewilder beast's, a select few titans if they're lucky, Dramilians, etcetera, etcetera." Toothless listed off the different dragons that could go into 'Alpha mode', leaving his rider completely confused and amazed at the same time.

"You know..." Hiccup started, being broken off by a yawn. He lay on his side, pulling the blanket over his chill-racked body. He felt a fever coming on. "I kind of like this side of you. The one who can talk. It suck not being able to ride on your back though." Both boys chuckled, before Toothless lay down beside his rider, once again snuggling closer. Hiccup again blushed.

"Uh Toothless...isn't this a bit...odd?" In all honesty, Hiccup had never really been this close to any other human. He was a Viking, and heir. Cuddles or comforting hugs were rare and hardly lasted. Sure other kids had their mom's to hold them when they were younger, but the seventeen year old dragon rider never got that luxury as a young one.

"What do you mean? Isn't this how we always do it? How it's always been? You decide to something crazy, idiotic, or stupid, I have to save you and bring you home, you get sick or hurt, I have to listen to your side of the story and here your reasoning, then I lay next to you as you heal. Only difference here is, I can now protect you with having a daring, reckless rider on my wing all night." Hiccup raised an eyebrow and rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he thought about it. Toothless did have a point.

"I didn't think you minded. I guess it just feels different with you being a human. Us Vikings don't tend to 'cuddle' or protect each other to this extent at night." Hiccup spoke in a quiet voice, and Toothless chuckled while wrapping his arm protectively around his boy.

"Don't worry about it Hiccup. I don't mind, just take it into notice. Trust me, despite how often I worry about you getting yourself killed...I have just as much fun as you do when we're flying together." Hiccup smiled up at his friend while they both lay down, eventually falling asleep.

The next morning, no matter how much Hiccup's body protested, he decided on going to the dragon training arena to lead class as he usually did. The dragon riders were already waiting when he arived, though looked at the boy limping next to him with an adjusted prosthetic oddly, and curiously.

"Who's that?" Astrid was the first to ask. She walked up to Hiccup, taking his hand in hers when noticing his wounds, though didn't go any further. It was obvious the two had a thing for each other, but never made anything official. Toothless smirked, being one of the few who could see what everyone should've been able to. This would be a conversation for later.

"Uh...that's a long story. We actually went to see Gothi earlier, and she said the magic should wear off in time." Hiccup went on to explain his story, shocking all the dragon riders, and leaving some of them astonished and in awe. Others simply went on to tell strange tales about other fake incidences they heard about in an attempt to scare their friends.

"Oh shut up Tuffnut. Who would believe a pond could make your ancestor turn into a six headed monster? It's preposterous!" Astrid said sternly, jabbing the boy in the shoulder with her finger. Hiccup and Toothless watched in amusement for a minute while everyone took in the new surprise in their own ways. Some violent, some shocked, and some just fine with Toothless becoming human as if they had way better things to worry about.

"So eh...I know we were going to do some flying exercises today, but that won't be possible unless someone can let me on their dragon?" Hiccup looked at Astrid as his question was obvious directed towards her. The young woman glared at him, before grabbing one of his hands and using her free hand to gesture to the blood on his shirt. "Not while you're wounded Hiccup. You may be 'stitched up', but you're bleeding out of your bandages. Let me see." Hiccup shook his head, letting go of Toothless and stepping back. The dragon boy simply watched on in amusement.

"Astrid it's fine." Hiccup insisted, his back pressed against the arena wall. The other riders now ignored the two 'friends', doing their own thing. Toothless watched on in amusement, Stormfly standing at his side. "So...what's it like being able to talk to the humans?" The Nadder attempted to make conversation. Toothless shrugged his shoulders, still able to understand Dragoneese. "It's alright. Too bad Hiccup and I can't go flying for a while. The human body is so annoying!" He replied, one hand reaching up to scratch Stormfly under the chin subconsciously.

"Eh, I completely agree with ya T." Tuffnut suddenly jumped into the conversation, throwing an arm around the dragon-boy, though being careful not to hurt himself on the wings. "Agree with what, exactly?" Toothless questioned, screeching in surprise. "The human body is hell. I'd give anything to switch places with you guys for a day." The male twin answered as if in casual conversation with a normal Viking.

Toothless smiled, and talked with Tuffnut for a little while longer. After Astrid had finally gotten her way and checked on Hiccup's wounds, she told him he should rest and take it easy. Now that Hiccup was 'grounded' by his very-likely-to-be-future-girlfriend, Toothless and him had time to hang out in the cove together.

It took weeks of Hiccup catching his friend when he'd fall into ponds, keeping Toothless from being too loud at night, and trying to make a prosthetic that the dragon boy wouldn't complain about, the affects of the pond water finally began wearing off. Within a couple nights after Toothless started changing back, he was back to normal.

It was great getting to fly again and all, but Hiccup had to admit it, things were more fun when he had his best bud to understand him. At least now, the dragon rider could better understand his friend better than ever before after those few weeks of getting to listen to the constant chatter a Night Fury human seemed to be capable of.

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