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"Shishishi! Buggy! I'm done over here!" An exuberant boy of nineteen calls out to his clown partner on a ship just off the coast.

"Yeah, Yeah! I hear you, Straw Hat! Did you suck up all the toxins?! I don't want to step one foot on this creepy island until you're sure it's safe!" The older clown, Buggy replies, an exasperated expression on his made-up face. The boy, Straw Hat, or Monkey D. Luffy, immediately answers,

"It's fine, I promise! No White Lead Disease can get us now! Have the ships dock and lets collect this stuff already!" The two ships Luffy is calling out to sail over to close the distance between them. The first ship is befitting of the clown standing upon it. It is a brightly colored ship, which imitates a circus feel. It has many circus tent designs on it, and it's figurehead is an elephant with the trunk as a cannon. The prow also has two cannons on it, and the sails are white with a Jolly Roger of a skull and crossbones with make-up and red nose like the clown commanding it. Compared to the other ship, the Big Top (as it is called), is the bigger of the two, but the other ship is not to be discounted. The other ship is black in color with black colored masts, a red trim all around it, and giant wooden straw hats similar to the one Luffy is wearing on the top of each of the three masts. The deck is a deep magenta and made of a fuzzy, carpet-like material and the sails are white with another Jolly Roger on it. The ship's Jolly Roger is a cartoon like depiction of a traditional skull and cross-bone with the skull wearing a straw hat, but the skull and bones are purple and appear to be dripping. Finally, it has a figurehead of a three headed hydra with cannons in the mouth of each and straw hats atop each head. The Big Top and the Poison Moon, the smaller ship, dock quickly while many burly men leap off the the Big Top and a large amount men and women in purple and red hazmat suits jump off the Poison Moon. Buggy joins them right after, letting out a sigh.

"I hope you're right about getting all the toxins out! I am not about to get White Lead Disease, no matter how much the stuff we can make out of that ore is worth!" He says.

"Star Clown" Buggy

Former Crew Mate of the Pirate King/Co-Leader of the Straw Hat Delivery Service

Wanted Dead Or Alive

522,000,000 Beri

"Shishishishi! Don't worry Buggy! Like I said, I got it all!" Luffy says smiling before his face becomes more serious.

"Anyway, it's not contagious or anything, either. The Government's reports were apparently untrue, it won't hurt us." He adds.

"Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy

Super Rookie/Son of Dragon/Co-Leader of the Straw Hat Delivery

Wanted Dead Or Alive

650,000,000 Beri

"What?! You serious?! You know how many people died here to keep that disease away from the rest of the world?! You're saying it's was all for nothing?!" Buggy asks, leading Luffy to shrug his shoulders. The action is nonchalant, but one look at his expression makes it clear he is not happy with the answer.

"I'm sure the Government knew, they probably just wanted to keep making money of the White Lead and cover their tracks when the disease started spreading." He says. Buggy shakes his head in disgust,

"Even for the Government, that's just…low." Buggy says, then adds,

"Let's just go, we'll collect the stuff and get out of here, I don't want to spend any more time in this place than I have to. Gives me the creeps." Buggy says as the crew from both ships head toward what is left of "town" with materials and containers to store the "booty," so to speak. Luffy and Buggy spend the entire day watching over the collection of the White Lead ore, both silently hoping none of the surrounding countries' forces that quarantined the island almost twenty years ago know they are around. By nightfall, they have billions of Beri worth of White Lead ore loaded up and distributed amongst the two ships.

"Okay, we're loading up and heading out, men! Let's get the hell out of this place!" Buggy says as they lead the crews onto their ships and prepare to sail back to their headquarters in the New World, a long trip indeed from the North Blue.

"Mr. Luffy! It'll be a week before we make it back to HQ, and that's only if we sail nonstop the whole time!" A suited man calls out while helping some others load a chest of White Lead ore below deck. Luffy looks over at him, hand holding his straw hat in place and smile on his face,

"Okay! Buggy said we'll start selling it once we get back, so we'll just have to be patient!" He says, while privately thinking he will be totally bored the whole time. When was the last time he got to fight someone? When he first entered the New World months ago with his crew, he thought he would be constantly in battle while fighting for supremacy, but it's been forever since he fought anyone or anything. Buggy had been keeping him busy with the business, but he had quite a lot of work to do for someone who ran a business that loaned out mercenaries to do all the work. He was not really even all that interested in it, truth be told. His crew was pretty small, which he liked, and technically his "Straw Hat Pirates" and Buggy's "Buggy Pirates" were separate crews. He also has no problem making alliances because he loves to make friends as he goes on his journey, but he still felt weird about everything. Buggy was a childhood friend of Shanks (even though Buggy holds a bit of a grudge against Shanks), his idol. He was also part of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger's crew, his other idol and the biological father of his big brother Ace, so they became fast friends after meeting in the East Blue (although Luffy did not learn that for a while after they had started traveling together). Buggy had a certain reputation, but Luffy found he was not such a bad guy most of the time, he was a bit cowardly and looked out for his own interests most of the time, but he has had Luffy's back about as many times as Luffy has had his, which has been quite a lot. When Buggy suggested they start this business, Luffy feared it would get in the way of his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates, but Luffy has found his notoriety and the power he and Buggy had accrued has made his goal feel much more in reach than ever. He knew Buggy well enough, he was no genius, a sobering conclusion coming from a goofball like him, but Buggy had the know-how when it came to the important things like making their way through the Grand Line efficiently while still getting to have some adventures. Buggy really only cared about being a pirate for the money, while Luffy did not care about money at all, but the fact they were somewhat opposite in motivation lead to them balancing each other out. They were a good team, even if Luffy did not always get exactly his way. Luffy sighs as he adjusts his magenta sash tied around the waist of his black trousers and enters the ship. He retrieves a large bottle of poison and pours it into a glass, then drinks it all in one gulp.

"At least I can add the toxins from the White Lead to my poison, but that island…How could Gramps work for people who let that happen! Maybe Dad's right, maybe the Government's really rotten to the core…" Luffy says to himself, though he decides he does not want to think about it, but how could he not? How could the Government hurt the people who they are supposed to protect? He could never even dream of hurting his crew mates, they were so precious to him, each and every one of them, plus Buggy and the Buggy Pirates by extension. He could not understand, but he could not be more glad he did not listen to his Grandpa and become a Marine. He is not even sure if he could live with himself knowing he wold be following the commands of the people who did that. The life of a pirate truly was perfect for him, he could oppose the Government like his Dad and his Dad's army, but he was free and in charge as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and the leader of the Straw-Clown Alliance. Luffy decides he is hungry, and rushes off to the kitchen, eating meat out of the fridge and deciding not worry about it anymore. With the White Lead ore, he would be rich and gain power, which was another step closer to the One Piece according to Buggy. He would just have to keep working at it, and he would reach his goal eventually.

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