A girl ran to Elena's house and up the porch steps, she had just heard that Caroline was in the hospital and since visiting hours were over she decided to go to one of her best friend to get answers. She then knocks on the door, hoping that Elena was home.

The door opened to reveal Elena, who went wide eyed when she saw the girl. "Talia?! When did you get back?! Get in here."

The girl walks in and stops short when she noticed Damon and Stefan standing there, staring at her.

I don't know why, but I can't take my eyes off this maiden. Her hair is white almost moonlight and her beautiful aquamarine eyes almost seem to have gold flecks in them. Damon stood stock still as he stared at the girl who Elena had just let into the house.

Elena shuts the door and turns to Damon and Stefan as she wrapped her arm around the girl's shoulders. "This is Talia Harman, she's one of my best friends." She then looked at Talia and smiled. "Talia, these are Stefan Salvatore, my boyfriend, and Damon Salvatore, his brother."

How can he be here, I was just about to give up on finding my soulmate. But here I find him in the house of one of my best friends. Talia brushed a stray strand of her platinum almost pure white hair out of her gold flecked aquamarine eyes. "It's nice to meet you both."

"It is nice to meet you, Talia." Stefan glances at Damon and notices that he was still staring at Talia, before quickly elbowing Damon.

Damon blinks and looks at Talia. "Yeah, nice to meet you to. Now what are you doing here?"

Talia blinks, realizing why she ran to Elena in the first place, and looks at Elena. "What happened to Care?! I just got home and Aunt Cybele and she said that Caroline was rushed to the hospital earlier."

"There was a car crash and from what Matt told me, she seemed fine at first, but then she just collapsed. Bonnie called me and when I went to check on Care, she was in surgery. So we'll have to wait till tomorrow." Elena states.

Talia frowns and sighs, "I see, well I guess I'll see you tomorrow. I wasn't supposed go anywhere on my own and I'm going to hear about it by Aunt Cybele. "

"Tal, you've not been able to go anywhere alone since freshman year. What aren't you telling me?" Elena folds her arms as she watches Talia, knowing that Talia was hiding something.

"It's nothing, Lena. Now I nearly need to get going, so I'll see you tomorrow." Talia then quickly left and ran home.