***Author's Note: I was really disappointed how in the TV series, Susan has the ability to change size (and mostly stays small). I felt like it kinda defeated the purpose of her character. This is a little blurb about how I think her powers should have worked.***

It was so odd to be normal again. To be small. Susan had only spent a little more than a year at 50 feet tall, and to be back at 5 again was… wholly disorienting. Granted, she couldn't stay this way for long. Thank goodness. After being exposed to Hyperonium, Doctor Cockroach hypothesised Susan should be able to change size at will. He was right, but it was harder than it looked. Sure, thinking small was easy enough, but she had to maintain focus to stay that height. And after a while, it began to hurt. It was like her whole body itched from the inside, like her skin was too small for her body. But in the war room, she didn't have space to get back to size. Little Ginormica excused herself, and darted into the hall, where she released her thought. The relief was immediate, like she had been holding her breath until now. Up she went, taller and taller, until she was 5 stories high again. She sighed and clutched her chest, feeling at ease.

"That didn't last long," Link retorted. He could only see her legs from the other side of the open doorway.

"Fascinating. You can only hold it for a certain amount of time?" The doctor met Susan in the hallway and continued running his scanner over her.

"It's not time, it's focus." Susan stretched her arms and back. "It's really uncomfortable."

"Incredible. I'm sure it will get easier with time."

"I'm not sure I want it to." After all the time she had spent in the facility, it seemed they finally had everything giant accessible. She even helped build most of her accommodations. More importantly, she had accepted herself and learned to love her size and strength. Who was she now to shrink down and walk away?