Chapter 12: Talking the Town

Tears were still falling on Cheryl's cheeks and Cybil was focused on the road and something was definitely on her mind. "Where are we going? What is going on?" Cheryl asked. Cybil, hesitating to answer the question speeds up the car which gives both Cybil and Cheryl a huge bump. Sitting tight on her seat she tries to stop Cybil which drifts the car around the street. Luckily there was no traffic so they did not have an accident. "What the hell were you thinking!?" Cybil became furious with what Cheryl had just done. "I don't know, you tell me! Why did you speed up the car and why aren't you answering any of my questions!?", Cheryl was equally mad as Cybil. "Look young lady, you have got yourself into a huge mess and I am the one who can get you out of this. I don't have to answer every damn question of yours so just do what I tell you and you can save your father" Cybil responded with a cold and bossy tone before pointing towards a diner. "Let's go there, I will explain the situation" she starts walking towards the diner and Cheryl followed. The diner was not filled with people but Cybil already knew that. It was a safe place where they could sit and talk about the current situation but Cheryl was not very much comfortable with this place, not just because it was almost empty but also because it was a little dirty as well. "Okay, sit here" Cybil pointed to one of the cleanest seat she found in the place. She grabbed a chair from the back and sat in front of her. "So now you will listen to me and make sure that you will tell no one about this and do everything as I say.. got it?" she looked very much serious and nervy which almost made Cheryl think that it was her own fault. "Yeah, I promise" she tried to keep her volume as low as possible. "Okay now I will talk and you will not interrupt me for one second", Cheryl nodded.

"So let me take you back to January 31st, 1999. I met a guy who was looking for his daughter.. back then I was not part of the Brahms police department or this towns. It was a whole different place. The man I met.. his name was… his name was Harry Mason", "My fath-" Cheryl was cut between the middle of her sentence. "Do not. Interrupt. Me" Cybil got more stern than she was before. Cheryl quietly took a seat back and got prepared to listen more; she definitely did not want to make her angry again. "Horrible things happened back then, and I fear that it is happening again. The sign back in your house was not just a calling card. Harry told me that it was a demonic symbol that, if multiplies, will spread darkness. As soon as I saw that symbol I made sure that at least you were safe. But now we need to save your father and for that I need your help and you need mine" Cybil looked determined. "And how will we do that?" Cheryl asked, "By going back to the place where it all started, I need you to come with me to Silent Hill… that is where your father is" Cybil replied. "You know, I do not believe any of the bullshit you just told me.." Cheryl was not very convinced with the story she was told which made Cybil a little disappointed. ".. But I want my father back, he is all that I have… and that is the only reason I will come with you", Cheryl's decision gave Cybil a sigh of relief and just a glimpse of hope. "Thank you, I almost thought you were not going to come" Cybil said. "And what would have happened then?" Cheryl asked, "Well then I would have to go alone and in the progress both I and Harry would have died", she replied. Cybil got up and put the chair back where she took from and gave Cheryl a hand, "Come on it is getting late, we should probably start moving". Cheryl took her hand got up and both of them made their way out of the diner and went back inside the car. "And please do not get us involved in a possible road accident", Cybil asked politely. "You should make sure that you do not speed up like that then", Cheryl replied. Both strapped up their seat belts and the engine starts to run. The journey began and tiny bit of smog started to surround them.