048. Shine



Mithian and Elena take away the credit card from Vivian for the weekend, because there's no way they are getting these rubbish, weirdly angled chairs just because of the expensive price tag.

She loves her girls, honestly. Elena works at a boring, tiny office and brings home a new knitted hat every other day — a mustard yellow one with black and white, funny eyes and shoves them on Vivian's head, giggling at her outwardly irritated look. Vivian doesn't work at all — not just yet.

Elena talks with her mouth full during dinner. While Mithian's not a fan of it, she has to admit she plays with her own food occasionally, building mashed potato mountains on her plate.

Vivian scoffs, complaining she was raised with manners before participating in a full-on food fight.

Mithian can do her taxes like an adult, and Elena tries to help — she usually buggers it up. Vivian is offended by having to pay anyone needlessly.

Despite it being a rather hopeless task, Vivian attempts to make Elena more refined. She teaches her about makeup primer, and the differences between salad forks and oyster forks, and to remember to use deodorant every morning.

(Only the last one sticks.)

Elena is too carefree and independent and Vivian turns out to respect her for it, seduced by it.

Vivian's father becomes horrified to learn his daughter is living and sleeping with two other women in a cramped, warmly-decorated flat, and has no intentions of returning home and marrying.

She's learned to love herself and drop the prissy, distrusting act — constructed to block herself and other people out who could judge or hurt Vivian.

Mithian's so very proud of her.

Elena doesn't change by much after moving out of her father's house, but does learn to fold her clothes and to waltz in her socks and garden with her bare, dirtied hands, whistling cheerfully.

Truthfully, all Mithian has ever desired is love — a true, faultless romance that held her heart.

Somehow, she found it with them.

That's perfectly acceptable enough for her.



BBC Merlin isn't mine. I will admit I haven't been in this fandom for a while so idk how they treat femslash anymore, but this is such a good ot3! C'mon! This fandom will always need more femslash and thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment/thought if you got a second! :)