The story here starts after Inuyasha tells Kagome that he chooses Kikyo over her. Kagome feels very down and upset that the one she loves chooses another.

KAGOME'S VIEW POINT: So he chooses her huh? It figures, she died for him when I didn't risk anything for him. I can't compare myself to Kikyo, there's no way. There's no reason for me to stay then. I'll miss you Inuyasha. "Kagome, let's go! We need to find the shards!" "Inuyasha, I forgot something at my house." " It can't be that important. Can it?" "Yes it is." I lied. "Well hurry up then!" All I could do was run. Run away with fear that I would never again see Inuyasha or my friends that I had made here. I looked back; unable to see him threw my tears, and jumped in the well.

INUYAHSA'S VIEW POINT: When I saw Kagome look back with all those tears in her eyes, I had my doubt that that she would return. I tried to go after her, but that's when she jumped in the well. I didn't have enough courage to go after her. I turned back to where the rest were staying. Right when I arrived there was a lot of screaming. "Where's Kagome, Inuyasha?" Shippo asked as I entered the room. "She went back to her time." "What did you do this time?" Both Miroku and Sango asked. "Keh." Was all that I replied. It's mot like I was the bad guy. It isn't my fault that Kikyo had sacrificed her life. I guess Kikyo is just too special to just leave behind. I do wonder when Kagome is coming back though. "Go get her, Baka!!!!" Shippo Screamed. "Why should I, she decided to leave."