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"wheres inuyasha and miroku?" kagome asked sango, who also pondered this.

"I don't know... they left last night... that's a fact" sango responded.

"um... thank you for helping us, im really grateful," kanna said shyly.

Sango and kagome spun around, both had forgotten that kanna had joined up with them, but kagome soon smiled and responded, "no problem, and don't worry about the guys, they are really nice, although they can be pretty stubborn!"

"we heard that kagome," miroku sighed.

"where were you guys, we were worried!" sango screamed.

"we only went to tree," inuyasha answered the question.

"you were worried about me. Oh... I am honored sango! I never knew you loved me that much... if only I had known! But no worries, I know now!" miroku said, sarcastically, and jumped to sango to hug her.

"stay away from me... that is not what I meant!" sango slapped the monk away.

Kagome giggled but walked up to kanna. "so... how did you escape?"

"um... well the master, I mean, naraku was out... and well... I decided to leave... but who knows how long he will let me live!" kanna said worried.

"ah... um.. well hopefully we can get to him, before he hurts you!" kagome said with a warm, gentle smile.

"lets go already!!!" inuyasha yelled... he was being impatient as always."

"alright, kanna, you can ride on kirara!" sango said.

"o-ok!" kanna smiled.

Kagome walked over to inuyasha, and got on his back. Inuyasha leaped away, and everyone followed behind. Kagome sighed.

"what?" inuyasha asked.

"eh... oh... sorry... why cant you just get along with kanna, she doesn't seem evil." Kagome said.

"I just cant get used to her being here," inuyasha responded.

"you got used to me though... and sango, miroku, shippo and kirara! Why not accept her?" kagome asked.

"you were different, and the others weren't evil when we met them... she was!" inuyasha said.

"I was different? How?" kagome asked, interested.

"you were different, because I was forced to stay by you, because of this rosary!" he pointed to his necklace.

"oh... so you only like me because of that necklace?" kagome asked, sadly.

"N-n-no..." inuyasha blushed at the idea of admitting he liked her.

"Good," kagome exclaimed.

"kagome, why do you like me?" inuyasha asked, "I mean, you had a choice... and you don't have a rosary or anything"

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