Title: Bounty Hunter II: Black and White:

A/N's: Ha! I finally did it – the sequel. This teaser will be the final chapter ever added to Bounty Hunter., but lucky for those of you interested, I already have five chapters up on Just do a chapter search or click on my penname. Hope you like it. For now, consider the following and epilogue:

No, whether or not to lead them . . . .

Harry's dark words echoed in Draco's head as he stared around at his father's cronies. He opened his mouth to speak, his brain desperately searching for words to fit the situation – a sarcastic comment to buy him time, words of wisdom to impart – but he was came up blank. He stood next to Harry, watching apprehensively the dark gleam in his green eyes, noticed his dirty, exhausted and bruised body, the way his soul felt, and had absolutely no idea what to say.

Suddenly, a loud roar akin to rolling thunder rumbled over the grounds. A shrieking wind shot out of the Forbidden Forest and a bolt of lightning ripped through the sky traveling down Harry's uplifted sword and encasing him in electric light. The hum of the power of the bolt vibrated along Draco's spine, raising his hair and warmly stroking his skin like a lover's caress. A deafening boom sounded, the earth shook.

Draco felt himself fly though the air. His mind no longer blank, he tried to call out for Harry. Through the haze, he thought he saw something being propelled towards the woods. Then he hit the ground, striking his head on a large rock and everything went black. His mind blank once more.