I'm asleep and Dreaming~Part one
by *~A White Rose Petal~*
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Casey was having trouble sleeping. She was still worried about Baby even though she only saw him a few hours
before. Slowly she lightly fell into the sleep that she wanted but her mind wouldn't let her till now.
"Casey!" Said Baby. He came over to her house for a visit early in the morning apparently.
"Baby! What are you doing here...and on a Saturday?"She said cocking an eyebrow.
"Just wanted to come over I suppose...can I come in?" Casey looked shocked and then re-noticed that it was
winter, and of course, Baby isn't wearing a jacket. She pulled him in and pushed him into the Dining Room where the
family was busy eating breakfast.
"Baby!"Zach, Peter, and Sammy said in unison. They all raced up and gave Baby a hug.
"Wazzup guys?" He asked. He was surprised at how strong they all were. He hugged them all back then put his arm
around Casey's shoulders.
"What's the real reason why you're here?" She asked. Baby rolled his eyes.
"Oh...no reason..."
"Yeah right, what's the real reason?"
"Lenny's not in the best of moods..."
"Does he have to go to the hospital to read to the kids?"
"Yeah...He's not to happy to see Gene again."
"AAAAAAwWWWWWWWW" Casey cooed,"Why didn't he just see him yesterday?" She said sarcastically. Gene was
a friend right until Jr. High. That was because he thought that they were a bit more than that...Now they were in
High School and Gene was STILL trying to get her. He was the star of their football team. Casey sometimes thinks
if it wasn't for Baby she might actually have to give in to Gene. Casey shuddered at the thought. She didn't even
want to talk about it.

She just met Baby this year...or really met him. Baby was from a group called the Clan which was starting to break
apart from what it once was. Baby always stayed quiet during school, showed that you were part of the Clan.
So nobody really knew how smart he really was. Casey turned into his peer tutor and they got alot closer over

The Clan was once a large group. Lenny, baby's older brother, was one of the Master's. Meaning he wore a white
string around his hand instead of plain black or it mixed with one other color. Baby just recently learned that
Lenny kicked him out of the Clan, not because he was smart, but with love. He didn't really think that Baby really
belonged there. The Clan broke up only one week ago. The Clan never did anything that a gang was qualified for.
They didn't get in trouble with the law. One of the kids brought a gun and...that's another story.

Casey giggled without meaning to and tried to make her face serious after that. Baby however already noticed.

"Come on...Let's go outside shall we?"

"Yes we shall." Baby grabbed her hand mockingly and took her outside. She had to laugh. To her, at the moment,
He just looked plain dumb.

"AAAAAWWWWWW being rude are we?"He said. Casey rolled her eyes.

"Whatever." They settled on the porch and Baby put his arm lazily on her shoulders.

"You know what?" He asked.


"I'm tired." He put his head on Casey's shoulder. She giggled and looked at him. He had his eyes closed. He was
really tired because in a few moments he was asleep. She kept on looking at his face and noticed how much
Joanne was right about. It was two and a half weeks ago when she said to Casey privately. "He's Gorgous! and
he's nice, and he's gorgous!" Casey could really see what her best friend meant. She was now sure that Baby was
actually asleep. She lowered her head on his and went to sleep herself.
When Casey woke up she was surprised to see how late it was. What surprised her even more was that she
wasn't on her porch.

"B-B-Baby?" She stuttered. Baby raised his head but she still didn't know where they were.


"Where are we?"

"Dunno..." He was trying to read a map but apperently didn't understand one word of it.

"Oh hand it here!" She said. He handed her the map but all she saw were lines going everywhere and you couldn't
read any of the writing because it was just a bunch of squiggly lines too.

"Much luck?"

"None whatsoever." Casey was holding the map away from her face still trying to read what it said. Baby came to
stand next to her.

"I think we're here. Around five miles Anderxville." Casey looked at the map, blinked but it was still just a couple of
squiggly lines to her.

Casey started to go out into the night. She suddenly heard a motor. She felt someone push her out of the way
and then heard a loud thump. She turned her head to see what happened. Baby got hit.
A/N: Wasn't that sweet? I thought it was. I can't help it! I really think this is starting out good. This is going to be
a two part story so...What will happen to Baby? What is Casey going to do about it?