I'm Asleep and Dreaming ~ Part two
Author: *~A White Rose Petal ~*
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"BABY!" Casey screamed. Baby jumped in front of the oncoming car to save her. The driver was already out of the
car and walking towards Baby quickly.

"Oh my God! I didn't even see him!" Said the driver. Casey was trying to get Baby to wake up.

"Oh please Baby! Please wake up! Please!" She whispered frantically. Tears were spilling down her cheeks fast. Soon
she heard sirens. 'What? We didn't call an ambulance yet? And the old man' She said to herself, meaning the old
man,' has been right by Baby with me! What's going on here?' The ambulance quickly picked Baby up. She heard
She felt her heart leap just knowing that he was still alive.

"Please ma'am, will you get into the cab? You'll still be with your…a…"

"Boyfriend" she said quickly. 'How could this man be so calm?' She thought. She shook off the weird feeling and
climbed in. She kept looking back at Baby, making sure that he was okay.
When they got to the hospital, Baby moaned quite a lot. Casey was quite happy about that. The to men rolled Baby
into the Emergency room. Casey ran along with them. They told that she had wait in the waiting room. She heard
someone reading to the kids. Lenny. Baby's older brother. Gene was there too. She expected that. They both had
to do community service with each other. Casey thought that now would be a good time to tell Lenny about his
younger brother.

"Len - Lenny?" She said hoarsely. Her throat felt sore from crying. He didn't look up. She said it again but a little
louder. Getting both faces from the two men. The kids around Lenny and Gene looked as well. Casey felt nervous.

"L-Lenny? I need to talk to you privately as soon as possible!" She said in the same croaky voice. 'stupid stupid
stupid! Why didn't you just go up behind him and tap his shoulder! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!' She felt in a strange
way to throw her hands up in the air as if defeat but she held back. He raised an eye brow, nodded and pointed his
head out of the door. He needed to finish reading to the kids. She nodded then went outside and waited for him.
"Well?" He said. He didn't look to happy. Casey grinned nervously for an attempt to help her get through telling him
what she had to say.

"What?!" Lenny practically screamed. Casey closed her eyes and took in some breath and let it out. Lenny was
tapping his foot impatiently.



"It's Baby, he…" But Lenny cut her off.

"What? What happened to Baby?" He said. He looked very frantic.

"He got hit…by a car…" She whispered the last part. She quickly stiffened. She knew Lenny lost his temper easily.

"WHAT?!?" He screamed. Casey could practically feel the large gust he was making from yelling. 'Something is SO
not right here…' She thought.

"WHERE IS HE!" He yelled again.

"He's in the emergency room…" Before she knew what was happening, Lenny grabbed her hand and was practically
dragging her to where supposedly Baby was supposed to be.
A doctor came out of the room. He looked worried and ill at the same time.

"Miss and Mister I am very sorry to say that your friend, or brother to you," He said, talking to Lenny, "Has died."

Casey broke down right that second.
"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-" Casey screamed but was then muffled by a hand. When she opened her eyes she saw her
room. Not the hospital's walls. She looked over to see who had their hand over her mouth. Baby.

"Oh Baby!" She said. She hugged him tightly.

"Woah Cas!" He cooed. He lightly brushed her hair. "It was just a nightmare…What was it about?" Casey looked at
him. She felt her eyes burn. She cried in her sleep. She told him quickly what happened.

"It was so weird…and yet so true…"

"Hey, I'm here." Casey smiled.

"How do I know I'm not dreaming?" She whispered, hoping she knew the answer. Baby grinned then leaned over
and kissed her hard on the lips. She was pushed back onto her bed…mostly from joy she was getting from the kiss.

"Good enough?" Baby asked hoarsely. They were both breathing in sync. She looked up at him and pulled him down
for one more kiss.

"Oh yes." She whispered. Then a funny thought came into her mind…"How did you get in here?" Baby smiled

"Look at the window." He whispered. Casey looked over to see an open window. The snow was falling nicely outside.

"Oh you dork!" She said but she laughed anyway, happy that she dreamed all of it.
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