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"Arya?" Was all Sahara was able to say. However, that one word meant and contained more than a hundred feelings, was worth more than a hundred fairths, and was said by a voice that felt more than words could ever say. As Sahara slowly approached, a single glistening tear slid down from Arya's emerald eye, going down slowly on her cheek, and finally hitting the grass with a quiet, barely audible thump. Eragon stood to the side, and watched as Arya, the love of his life, lost control of her emotions over meeting the winged panther he had befriended. Eragon and Sahara often talked about the upbringing of the wild dragons, and the customs of winged panthers and humans. Sahara often played with the wild dragons when she wasn't sulking or hunting.

Sahara finally stood in front of Arya, their faces less than 4 inches apart. Sahara had grown taller over the thirteen years, and her head was now lever with Arya's, where as last time they saw each other, Sahara was only the size of a normal panther. However, Sahara's coat had lost its luster, and now had the wear of water, but it was tears that stained the once beautiful coat. Her claws and teeth had also dulled, due to not being used over the years. Her violet eyes themselves had lost their shine, and now looked like those of an old dragon, except her pupils were round instead of slits.

Arya then closed the space between them, and hugged Sahara, all the while spilling more tears onto the winged panther's coat. Sahara quickly retracted her claws, and then hugged Arya back with both her paws, taking most of her weight in her back paws, so as to not topple Arya. They stayed in each other's embrace for Eragon the first knows how long, when they finally broke apart, their eyes were still glistening with tears, but these tears were happy tears, and were accompanied by the slightest of smiles. Eragon however, was currently recording the fact that the most beautiful elf in the world and Sahara, his closest friend, other than Arya and Saphira, knew each other, and from what he could tell, were friends since before he found Saphira's egg in his journal that he wrote in daily ever since he stepped foot on the island Silver moon. The era era of Galbatorix had passed a decade ago, and the riders had steadily returned. Now, ten riders in total lived on the island. There were 2 Urgals, 2 dwarves, 3 elves and 3 humans. Of them, only 4 riders, one of each race, had completed their 5 year training. Sahara and Arya were starting to walk back to Eragon, and suddenly he said "Arya Dröttning, I don't mean to pry, but how do you know Sahara?"

Arya suddenly heard a great voice inside her head, which could only be identified as that of Sahara's. So, he calls you Dröttning now? Arya wondered how Sahara had gotten into her mind so easily, and then remembered the stone that bonded their minds. What are you implying, Sahara? She asked her feline companion next to her. Why, nothing much, only pointing out the fact that I know your feelings for him, and the way I see him look at you, his eyes are completely full of love. Why don't you tell him? Of course though, I could tell him, IF YOU WANT. She said the last 3 words with force, implying that she did not mean them at all. Arya then proceeded to shoot Sahara a glare that Eragon was sure could melt iron if held long enough.

Arya then turned to Eragon, and said "that's a tale for another time, my friend" Sahara chose this time to but in again into Arya's mind again and say Friend, or more? Arya once again turned and glared at Sahara, but her concentration was broken, as the green and blue dragons chose this time to land.

Eragon and Arya greeted their respective dragons, and Sahara greeted Saphira, as they often played together and with the wild dragons. Sahara then turned to the other, slightly smaller, emerald green dragon. She said in her mind to the dragon Hello great dragon. I have not met you before. I am, and have been for a long time, a friend of Arya's. Fírnen's reply was hello, winged-Fourleg-Black-cat, I am Arya's dragon. It's nice to meet you. I am Fírnen. Sahara's reply to this was please, just call me Sahara. And with that, it was settled. The pairs of dragons and riders chatted away, while Sahara was remembering the time Eragon told her of a special holiday called Christmas. If she remembered correctly, it took place on December 25, and there was a certain object of this holiday that was sure to work, and make Arya come to her senses.

This certain object was called mistletoe, and what you did with it was you hung it on a doorway, and when two people were under it, a boy and a girl, they would kiss. Sahara had visited Blödhgarm earlier today, and heard him mention that today was December 20, only 5 days away from the holiday called Cristmas. Oh, this Cristmas, Eragon and Arya were going to get the best present of their lives, and that was each other's love. However, she could never dream of doing this alone, she needed two bigger life forms, two who shared her opinion, and she knew exactly the people, or, rather, dragons, for the job. She then said "Saphira, Fírnen, can you meet me over there, inside the cave I sleep in? I have something to discuss with you two." The dragons sent their agreement through their minds, and while the dragons unfurled their scaled wings, Sahara spread her great, midnight, hawk wings, that sent the other winged animals (including the dragons!) to shame. With three great flaps, the three were off.

What was it you wanted to discuss, Sahara? Saphira asked once they were inside the cave. Well... Sahara answered, and told them of her plan.

Let's do it! They both agreed, and went to go prepare.

Meanwhile, Arya and Eragon were having a discussion of their own.

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