Star Fox Adventures: Krazoa Legends

By: Edi90

Disclaimer: Star Fox Adventures, and all its related trademarks are registered properties of Nintendo, Rare, and so on... I make no profit out of this. I write because I've always liked Star Fox Adventures, and the Star Fox games. However, any original characters in this story are MINE, so if you would want to use them in any way, let me know by email first. Now, this is my first Star Fox Adventures fanfic, so it may sound shabby. Just be a dear and review the fic. PLEASE!!!!!! I hope you like it!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 1: All hope gone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three weeks had passed since Fox McCloud, leader of the Star Fox mercenaries, has saved Dinosaur Planet from General Scales, the tyrant responsible for many crimes. However, only two things were in his mind now: Krystal, a vixen he had met right before his battle against evil Andross, the true mastermind behind the destruction of Dinosaur Planet, and his father, James McCloud, killed by Andross. Although it had been years since his death, Fox still remembered him as a hero. Fox was sitting on a bed in his room, thinking about his father. Suddenly, something tapped him in his head. Startled, he immediately turned back in a fighting stance. "Hey, cool it!" It was no one less than Falco, who had just returned to the team after years of solitude. Then Falco made a face to his leader. "Hey, you're not Fox! Who are you?!", Falco asked, making a face. "What do you mean, who am I?", Fox joked, hoping to calm down Falco. "Well the real Fox would NOT attack his true blue friend!", Falco joked about as well. "Heh, sorry. I was lost in thought.", Fox apologized. "About what? That cutie vixen you met??? Hoo boy, she's driving you bogus, man. Why don't you take off somewhere alone? You DO need to forget about girls and that kind of crap.", was all Falco said. "You're right, I guess..."

Meanwhile... Somewhere in Meteo...

"Is it time?"

"No sir-I am afraid it's not."

"You had better do something to get that piece of living crap in front of me, or else you will have to face the consequences."

"Rest assured sir. Our team WILL get McCloud."

"You had better, or else the one who will become crap is YOU."

"Do not worry, sir-we have the perfect plan. Everything's covered up, and we will make sure the fox comes with us."

"Can I trust you?"

"More than you can trust the Master..."

"Master...? You don't mean?!"


Later that night, Fox was sleeping peacefully in his room, when he suddenly began to shudder and move around violently. It was it. Once again, his nightmare. And Krystal was in it. Fox and Krystal were in a picnic, enjoying the Cornerian sun. Then Fox looked at Krystal, in a loving way. Krystal got closer to Fox, and shot a violent stare. The she turned into a shadowy figure, that got Fox by the neck. Fox gasped and tried to shake the figure free, but he just couldn't. He felt his strength ebbing away, and then, the shadowy figure just whispered something into his face. "You...", it started. It tightened its grip on Fox's neck. "Will...", the figure continued. Fox was gasping, out of breath.



Fox woke up, out of breath, gasping, and scared. Again. "Fox! Are you alright?!", Peppy asked as he ran into Fox's room, surprised. "It's that nightmare again! It's driving me crazy!"