Star Fox Adventures: Krazoa Legends

By: Wolf E. Urameshi


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EPILOGUE: "Dreams do come true..."

"It ends now, Andross..." Fox said as he made his way through wave after wave of asteroids, and to his target: The flying sphere that Andross had become. "Everything ends now..."

"Mc Cloud... Die..." The evil voice echoed from the inside of the glowing ball as it slightly chuckled.

"Take THIS!!!" Fox said as he fired his blasters at the huge, humongous ball. But to his shock, the ball's fire was deflected, and sent at the Great Fox, where everyone gasped.

"Get ready for impact!" Janus announced as everyone held on to something near them, and the beams impacted the giant ship. Everyone yelled and groaned while the spaceship shook violently.

"Damage minimal. No major injuries found." ROB said in his usual voice.

Janus looked up at Andross after the shaking was over. "That cheat! He deflected those beams!" He said as Wolf stood beside him.

"Something's wrong! Andross wouldn't do that!" Wolf said in a desperate tone.

Falco looked in shock. "What IS up with that thing?! I'm not liking this!"

"That weasel! Ugh, if only I had my ship, but it HAD to be taken by those guys, and destroyed! Now I can't be of help!" Katt yelled out to no ears.

Suddenly, Slippy ran in, carrying a paper. "Guys! I have a way to defeat it!" Slippy yelled, running in to Scales's side.

"Is there a way to defeat it?!" Ivan asked the frog, who nodded.

"Yes! The only way to actually defeat that force field is to crash something into it that's powerful enough to destroy it, but there's nothing around that could help! Not even a smart bomb could penetrate that kind of energy!" Slippy said raspingly as Janus listened with attention.

"That gives me an idea... But, can I try it?" Janus asked himself in thought as Cecilia looked at him expectantly.

"Janus?" She asked in a low tone, but Janus was too much of lost in thought to hear. He closed his eyes, and began to think about everything that had happened to him in just days: His newfound friends, his father, whom he had just saved, and his true love: Cecilia. Her gentle eyes, her simple yet clean robe, and something he always wanted: A friend. A friend who could like him, not for what he was, but for the kind of person he really was. Then, it was decided: He'd have to help them.

He quickly turned and exited towards the hangar. "Janus?!" Cecilia asked, but Janus actually ignored her. He ran, and mounted the Wolfen, and darted off into space, and into the encounter that would settle the fate of Lylat.

"What is that fool thinking?!" Wolf asked himself as he looked at the ship join Fox.

"No, what are you doing?! Go back!" Fox ordered, but the young Sharpclaw refused to listen. He only looked expectantly at Andross.

"…I have a plan, but, Fox... I need you to distract him while I do my part," Janus said, shock running through Fox.

Janus looked around the cockpit of the ship, and to his surprise, he saw what seemed to be an air mask. "Yes! This is just what I need!" He said as he strapped it on.

He read the small, scarlet letters on the mask, which read, "REMAINING AIR: 10%. REMAINING TIME, FIVE MINUTES,"

"That MAY be enough! Yes, I can still help!" Janus chuckled to himself. "This plan is perfect! I can still save everyone!"

"Janus, what are you thinking?!" James asked him telepathically, but got no response.

Fox was too shocked to move. "I don't know what are you thinking, but... OK, but just be careful," Fox said as he flew around Andross. "Hey, Andross! Bet you can't get me!"

"Mc Cloud..." The voice echoed as it fired a few beams from its core at the Arwing, which made quick work of them with barrel rolls and evasion moves.

"What is he thinking of?! If only I knew... Then, I could stop him," Fox said worriedly. If there was something he detested, it was having someone risk his or her life for him. And anyone else.

Janus quickly turned and faced the creature. "Everything ends now!"

He flew towards the evil creature, accelerating. "It all ends now..."

"I KNOW what he's up to! He plans to crash the Wolfen against Andross so that the shield can break!" Falco yelled out hard, once everyone realized what was Janus up to.

"WAIT! Don't... Do it! Stop! What are you thinking?! Come back!!!" A familiar voice yelled out from behind everyone. Tricky looked back, and realized it was Bill.

"Bill! What are you-"

"Stop, Janus! It's too dangerous! Please, don't do this! You still have a life to live! And what about Cecilia, huh?! What about HER?! You KNOW she cares for you! She NEEDS you! Don't do this!" He yelled at a radio in the cockpit, and to Wolf's shock, he had tears. Silver tears falling from his black glasses's innards, and into the floor.

"Bill..." It was all Wolf could mutter.

"Bill, I know. I know she needs me, but this is something I have to take care of. Listen carefully, everyone. I know you don't want me to do this, but I must. You guys have done so much for me. But, have I paid you back? No way! That's why I will do this! To repay you everything you've done for me. I owe you many things and I plan on paying them now!" Janus said, and then, an infernal static played on the radio.

"NO!!! DON'T DO IT!" Fox screamed, but he got no response. Static was playing on his radio, too.

Janus was flying towards Andross. He then started to think. Think of his friends. Then... He started to count down, and think of his friends.


'Guys... I'm so sorry. I wish it wouldn't be this way, but it's got to be this way. If only there was something I could do to reverse things, like making Morex stop the entire Andross-resurrection thing. But I just can't. I can't do this,' he thought as he looked at the Great Fox.


'Tricky... I want you to rule Dinosaur Planet rightfully. Falco, keep on helping Fox... Never leave him. Stay with him...'

"NO! MAKE HIM STOP!" Tricky yelled out with tears once he saw the sight that would slash him for the rest of his life.

"Please stop..." It was all Falco was able to say.


'Krystal... You know, now that I think about it... You and Fox make a great couple. Hope you get married. Ha ha... Katt, I don't know much about you, but if there's one thing I know, is that I want you to live on,'

"Don't do it... Please, don't..." Krystal said slowly. She fell to her knees, and started to cry in her hands.

"NO!!!" Katt screamed as she joined Krystal and comforted her.


'Bill, I know you act stupid at times, but you once told me that you wanted to be of help in the future. I want you to be just that. Not just for Katina, but for the whole universe too.'

"Don't do it! You know you don't want to, so don't do it!" Bill kept yelling, trying his hardest to make him listen, but in vain. He got no response.


'Wolf... Ever since I met you, I always knew you were never evil at all. Maybe you were just used by Andross? Heh heh, the thought mortifies me. Well, you've changed, I can tell. I wonder what it was: My scaring you, or... Oh well, why bother? I know you are a great guy, but here's something you should never, ever forget. It doesn't matter how you live life. What matters is that you enjoy it to the fullest,'

"...NO!!!" Wolf yelled at long last, not being able to contain all that anger and sadness in his body, mind and soul.


'Peppy... Oh, and Slippy too. I don't know you that much, but if there's something I always wanted to tell you is that you are great friends to Fox. Please. Keep it that way,'

"No... It's too risky! He can't do this!" Slippy said slowly, one tear filling up in his right eye.

"He's... Brave. I'll give him that, but... He-he can't do this!" Peppy said in a high voice, taking off his glasses.


'James... Whether you're dead or alive, it matters not. I know how proud of Fox you really are. I really do, and I commend you for it. Please, hold on to your life and soul, and always be there for Fox.'

"No..." James slowly muttered under his breath, desperate.


'Father... Even though I don't know you for that long, I still know you loved me from the inside, and my mother too. It makes no difference if you were evil. It doesn't matter now. Well, change is good, but permanent change is better. I wanted to tell you that... You'll always be my father. I love you, Dad! Oh, and Dr. Windstorm too! I cannot believe I forgot about you! I wanted to say thanks. You gave me a second chance in life, and I will never forget you for that. Ever,'

Scales smiled. Somehow, he caught the message. Tears fell down his eyes, and he kneeled. and finally began crying. Meanwhile, Dr. Windstorm, who had remained quiet the whole time, still had faith. Faith for his once pupil. He finally realized what life was all about.


'Fox... Thanks. I know I was a nuisance to you and the others at times, but I still am a friend. That's why I'm going to do this. I'll try and be able to make it. For everyone! And my love too!'

"JANUS!!!" Fox yelled out so hard, he choked.


'Cecilia... Thanks. Thanks for giving me hope. I know you must be listening to this somehow, so if you are, before I do this, I wanted to say how much I love you. Nothing will ever change that. Ever! So... Live on! For me!!!'

Cecilia. started to cry harder. She heard everything. Now nothing could ever change Janus's mind. Nothing.

'Guys... Thanks.'

The Wolfen finally came into contact with Andross... And exploded in red fury as the two pieces were engulfed in fire. Asteroids flew around, disintegrating in a hellish evanescence, and finally giving silence to the space in which they stood.

At long last, Fox couldn't contain himself. Tears fell from his eyes like a crying river. Suddenly, however, a black ball appeared, and flew around Fox's Arwing.

"Mc Cloud..." The ball called out, and finally exploded, revealing its true self: None other than Andross. And with no change at all.

"You..." Fox slowly started, tears still falling.

"You will die... Now..."

"You caused this! I'll kill you for it!" Fox yelled as he only flew towards the weakened Andross, firing at him everything he had: Lasers, bombs, anything. He wouldn't stop. In frantic madness, Fox only fired at him, regardless of event, emotion, or even what his friends would tell him.

Suddenly, Andross, using what seemed to be magic, moved a colossal asteroid to Fox's way, but he blasted through with a bomb, and kept firing at the reborn monster.

Then, Andross started to glow white. "Mc Cloud..." That was his last sentence, and then, at last, Andross exploded in white light, and destroyed many androids, even those of the largest size.

Fox made his way through Meteo, and finally returned to the Great Fox. Everyone was already waiting for him there. Fox slowly dismounted his Arwing, but landed on his knees, sobbing and dealing with a whole world of pain. After Janus's brave sacrifice to save Lylat, Fox questioned himself: Was he as brave as Janus, or was he a coward?

Krystal looked back, only to realize James was gone.


It had been two long weeks since Janus had disappeared. At least, that's how Cecilia left it. She was looking at the wonderful ocean that was behind her apartment in her new Cornerian home. She always thought Janus was dead, however... Something inside her heart kept telling her he was... Alive. But just what was telling her that? And just what made her believe that?

"He so can't be alive... There was no way that he could have survived. I miss him..." She said, a tear running down her left eye. "But I... I have to put that all behind me now. He told me to live. For him. I will fulfill his last wish!" She said as a bell rang behind her. "Hmm... A visitor. I wonder... Who could that be?" She asked herself as she walked towards the green and blue door that served as entrance to her apartment.

She slowly opened the door, and to her surprise, it was Krystal, along with Katt! "Hey! Long time no see! Come in!" Cecilia said as she greeted them, and opened the door to reveal her beautiful apartment, covered with many small decorations of all sorts and colors.

"Well, someone has a fashion sense around here! I actually liked it!" Katt stated in her usual voice, which made Krystal giggle.

"You know what, you're right! This really has a special ringer around it!" Krystal replied as Cecilia blushed.

"Wee, thanks! I knew you would like the decorations! Please, have a seat! I'll get you something to drink!" Cecilia said as she ran up to the kitchen and fetched a small drink for them. For the rest of the day, they talked about what happened over the last two weeks. Bill had just recovered from his wounds, and was back in the Katina army. Scales and the Sharpclaw made a peace treaty with Dinosaur Planet after Fox explained them what happened to him, and now they were reconstructing what was destroyed by Morex and his villains. Wolf had disappeared, and no one knew where he was, nor what was he doing. No one knew of James's whereabouts, but after his disappearance, Fox had found a note in his room, from James. Fox preferred not to reveal the contents of the letter. Katt and Falco had just started dating, and things were going perfectly for them. As for Krystal, she, too, had already started to date Fox as well, and, like Katt, they were the perfect match. And as for the Star Fox team, they were back in business, and their money had never been better. But then...

"...Still haven't found him, huh?" Katt asked in a saddened tone, but Krystal nudged her hard with her elbow.

"Katt, we agreed we wouldn't mention 'you-know-who'!"

"No, it's alright," Cecilia replied in a low tone.  "I know what he wanted before he died.  He wanted me to be happy.  I'll do just that," Cecilia said, head lowered down.  She raised it up again.  "I'll live!  For him!"

"That's our girl!" Katt said happily. 

Later, at the end of the day, Katt and Krystal had finally left.  Cecilia was staring at the sun going down and making the day turn into night.  "Is he…  Really dead?"

Suddenly, a bell rang again, but she was very curious as of who was it now.  "Who could it be at such a late time?" 

She walked towards the door, wondering who it was.  Then, she opened it, and her shock was too much to bear. 

"…Hi, will you marry me?" The identity said, showing a small case with a ring in it, as her eyes filled again with tears. 

"JANUS!!!" Cecilia screamed out happily as she just hugged him hard, crying happy tears at his side.  He held her tight in his arms, knowing he had finally fulfilled his promise.


"Hurry up, Fox!  We'll be late!" Krystal yelled at Fox, who had just finished dressing up, getting ready for the great occasion tat had befallen them:  Janus's wedding!

"Will you PLEASE stop rushing me?!  I hate this kind of dresses and you know that!" He shot back, looking at himself in a black tuxedo dress that suited him well.  "Aw, why did Pepper have to get me these?!"

"Be quit and hurry up!"

"I AM!"

"You're not and it's very evident!  Please hurry, I wanted to see Cecilia before we got married!"

"SHUT UP!  I'm almost done!"

Two minutes later, Fox came out, fully dressed and his hair quite brushed.

"Aw, you look so cute!"

"Krystal, I am SO not being paid for this, so cut me some slack!"

"Fun sucker,"

"OK, let's see…  Everything's clear.  We better get going!"

A short while later, after they had finally gotten to the site of the wedding, the Corneria Chapel, Fox and Krystal looked at each other. 

"OK, I take Janus, you take Cecilia.  Deal, Krystal?"


They immediately split up, and headed to their destinations:  The rooms where the soon-to-be newlyweds were dressing.  Soon after a short while, Fox heard what seemed to be some shouting.  He followed the sound to a small tent, and once he put an ear to the wall of the tent…

"Stay put!  It took me a long while to find this dress and I won't have you rip it up!" Bill' voice roared across the room.

"OW!  Bill, this thing stitches!  Did it have to be satin fiber?!" Janus yelled as Wolf came in, a serious look in his face. 

"Oh, come on!  You KNOW you want to dress up like that!" Falco's voice cheered, followed by a chuckle, evidently from Scales.

"Do you want to impress your girlfriend?  Yes?" Wolf asked the huge dinosaur on a high-pitched falsetto voice, who looked at Wolf right in his eyes, and bobbed his head as Wolf did.  Janus slowly nodded.

"THEN QUIT YOUR BICKERING AND GET WITH THE DRESSING!" Wolf yelled at Janus, who whimpered. 

"But I don't want some stupid cape…"

"Be quiet and dress up!  And behave!"

Fox grinned, and chuckled.  "Heh heh, some problems he must be having right now…"

"WHO'S THERE?!  WHO'S MAKING FUN OF ME?!" Janus's voice asked as Bill's head peeked outside at the surprised Fox. 

"YOU!  Come here!!!" Bill yelled as it pulled surprised Fox inside.

"Bill, what the heck is going on?!"

"Be quiet!  Janus is complaining for the wardrobe he's wearing for the wedding!"


"He says it stitches!"

"But it's satin.  I heard.  No way."

"Yes way!  Now he doesn't want to come out!"

"Well, he HAS to come out someday!"

"Uh, guys?   I think I'm ready.  The stitching is gone!" Janus announced, which made everyone cheer.

"Perfect, then let's go!" Windstorm's voice ordered as they did final preparations.


Fox slowly sat at the front of the Altar in the Chapel.  He looked around at the neat decorations all over the place, plus the Altar, themed green, after Cecilia and Janus.  Suddenly, he saw Janus walking at him.

"Well, it looks like you're getting married at last," Fox told Janus as he stared at his blue robe, which extended all the way down to the knees, with sleeves, and with silver boots that were perfect to cover his huge feet.

"Yeah, I can finally keep my promise to her,"

"What promise?"

"I promised her once that I'd protect her.  So, now I can finally stay with her…"

"Right.  You finally can,"

"By the way, Fox, I heard you're getting married next week!"

"Heh, yeah, I am.  I just didn't want to say it aloud.  Who told you?"

"Guess who.  Blabbermouth Lombardi,"

"I knew it.  I knew he would say so!"

"Don't take it so hard.  You should be happy."

"I am, I'm just embarrassed,"


"I don't know.  Must be natural, I guess,"

"Nah.  I'll be there,"

"Thanks, Janus.  You're a great guy,"

"No problem.  The wedding should start any minute now,"


Bells started to ring all over the place.  "Hey, it's starting!" Fox yelled as he ran to a front seat in the Chapel.  "Good luck!" Fox whispered.  Ivan appeared, and stood beside Janus, who grinned at everything:  The decorations, the day, and, most especially, his friends being there with him. 

Then, the Chapel doors opened as Krystal joined Fox at the bench.  "Everything all right?" She asked him, who nodded.

"Yeah, we had a problem with the wardrobe, but now it's okay, I guess," Fox said slowly, and Krystal nodded.

"If only you were there to see her…  She was…  So beautiful," Krystal said as Fox nodded, and then dipped his head down.  "No sign of James, huh?" She ased him sadly, who nodded shaking.

"In the letter I got, it said he couldn't be able to make it, but he was proud for them."

"I see.  Well, she's almost here."

Fox then took out the letter he got from James, and opened it.  He read it for himself…

'My son,

I know I had to leave on such short notice, and that I didn't even have the time to say bye, but you must already know that by now, right?  I am so sorry I couldn't say good-bye, but it was something I had to do.  As for Janus and Cecilia, I know they will get married soon.  I just know it, because nothing can ever break them apart.  I wish them good luck forever…  As for everyone else, I know that they will have a fine life.  I wish them good luck, and my biggest blessings.  As for you, Fox…  Well, I want you to know that you will always be my son.  I might not be able to see you anymore, but keep your hopes up- anything can happen! 

Bless you forever,


Fox sighed.  He put away the envelope as he looked at the soon-to-be wife, who was dressing a beautiful white gown, and flowers were in her hand.  Katt was carrying the gown from behind as they walked towards the Altar, preceded by Tricky, who was none other than the flower boy, spreading flowers on the floor. 

Soon, they made it to the Altar, and, at long last, Cecilia and her beloved Janus were staring at each other. 

Then, the words that would seal their union were slowly chanted.

'I have kept…  My promise.' He thought as he gave her an everlasting kiss once they had been pronounced man and wife, followed by cheering all over the chapel where they had gotten married.

                                                                                    THE END

AUTHOR'S NOTICE:  And that was the ending of this fic.  Thanks again for reading, and good luck with all your fics!