AN: Soooooo I've been reading a lot of Fleurmione stories lately and randomly decided I wanted to watch Cruel Intentions the other night and this idea just randomly popped into my head that a Cruel Intentions type story would be awesome for Fleurmione. It's definitely not going to go exactly how the movie did, but it did inspire me a lot for this chapter and there are elements I took from the movie. Anyways, this is my first Harry Potter fic so be gentle with me and I hope you enjoy it :)

Chapter 1: The Bet

The Beauxbatons carriage was buzzing with excitement as they made their ascent to Hogwarts where the triwizard tournament would be held this year. The halls of the carriage was littered with women chatting excitedly as a certain blonde pushed her way through the crowd with her head held high, a brown leather bound journal held securely under one arm. The girls seemed to part like the red sea did for Moses as she passed through, a few girls blushing as they checked out the Veela while others not so discreetly glared at her. The blonde didn't seem to notice or care about any of the stares as she walked into her friends room unannounced as usual.

"Mon Dieu." The blonde sighed as she lost her refined demeanor and plopped down onto an open chair.

"Quelque chose qui compte Fleur?" (Something the matter Fleur?) Came the amused voice of her friend Veronique who sat elegantly on the edge of her bed. Her long black hair slightly covered her face and hid her forest green eyes as she grabbed hold of her necklace shaped like a big cross from around her neck. She pushed a button and the top unlocked revealing a little spoon built in to the necklace. A white substance sat on the tiny utensil as she lifted it up to her nose, inhaling deeply through one nostril while pushing in the other. She leaned back and closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling before closing the top back up, and delicately patting at her nose to discard any evidence.

"J'en ai marre de dormir avec ces débutantes françaises insipides." (I'm sick of sleeping with these insipid French debutantes.) Fleur grumbled as she stood up and looked at a painting on the raven haired girl's wall, seeming to talk to the person in the portrait. "Rien ne les choque plus."(Nothing shocks them anymore.)

"N'êtes-vous pas une débutante?" (Aren't you a debutante?) Her friend Odette laughed, her pearly white teeth showing behind almost too big lips covered in red lipstick chosen to match her dark red locks and bring out her light brown eyes.

"À peine." (Hardly.) Fleur glared at the laughing red head while an amused smirk found its way onto Veronique's face.

"Calmez-vous. Il y aura beaucoup de nouvelles perspectives dans cette école. Nous les ferons tomber comme des agneaux au massacre." (Calm down. There will be plenty of new prospects at this school. We will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter.) Veronique grinned wickedly.

"Je ne veux pas ça. Je veux un défi." (I don't want that. I want a challenge.) Fleur practically whined.

"Harry Potter va à Hogwarts. Il serait une belle encoche à ajouter à votre bedpost." (Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts. He would be a nice notch to add to your bedpost.) Odette smiled up at Fleur as she filed her nails.

"Trop facile." (Too easy.) The Veela sighed.

"Avez-vous quelqu'un d'autre en tête?" (Do you have someone else in mind?) Veronique looked bored.

"En fait, je le fais." (As a matter of fact I do.) The blonde's perfect lips formed into a devious smile.

"Qui?" (Who?) Veronique raised an eyebrow.

"Hermione Granger." Fleur said the name slowly, already liking the taste of it on her lips.

"Hermione Granger?" The dark haired girl leaned forward, the conversation finally starting to pique her interest or maybe it was the pixie dust she just snorted starting to finally do it's job. "La plus brillante sorcière de son âge? La fille d'or?" (The brightest witch of her age? The golden girl?)

"Oui." Fleur grinned, opening her journal and pulling out The Daily Prophet. She opened it up to a middle page where there was a picture of the brunette smiling, showing her perfect pearly whites. "Elle a écrit cet article sur les elfes de maison." (She wrote this article on house elves.)

Veronique snatched the paper out of Fleur's hands and Odette was quick to sit on the bed behind her friend, looking closely at the picture of the golden girl.

"Elle est beaucoup plus attirante que je ne le pensais." (She's a lot more attractive than I thought she would be.) Odette mumbled as she tucked one of her red locks behind her ear.

"Vous êtes bon, mais vous n'êtes pas très bon. Il n'y a aucun moyen d'obtenir Hermione Granger." (You're good, but you're not that good. There's no way you're going to get Hermione Granger.) Veronique scoffed as she tossed the paper off to the side.

"Et je suis presque sûre qu'elle est vierge." (And I'm pretty sure she's a virgin.) Odette chimed in, looking up at her blonde friend.

"C'est pourquoi elle est le défi parfait." (Which is why she is the perfect challenge.) Fleur smirked, crossing her arms. "Elle est un paradigme de la chasteté et de la vertu." (She is the paradigm of chastity and virtue.)

"Vous êtes hors de votre ligue." (You're out of your league.) Veronique rolled her eyes at her friends confidence.

"Pouvez-vous imaginer ce que cela va faire pour ma réputation?" (Can you imagine what this will do for my reputation?) Fleur ignored her friends and looked up with clouded over blue eyes as if she could see the future already unfolding. "Visser Hermione Granger pendant le Tournoi des Trois Sorciers . . .Elle sera ma plus grande victoire." (Screwing Hermione Granger during the Triwizard Tournament . . . She'll be my greatest victory.)

"Vous n'avez aucune chance. Ça n'arrivera jamais." (You don't stand a chance. It's never going to happen.) Veronique swore her eyes were going to permanently roll into the back of her head if the blonde kept this up.

"Je l'aurai dans mon lit avant même que la dernière tâche ne commence." (I'll have her in my bed before the last task even starts.) Fleur didn't miss a step, flicking her dark haired friends nose to further prove her point and tick her off.

"Tu sembles terriblement confiante Fleur. Vous voulez faire un pari?" (You sound awfully confident Fleur. Care to make a wager?) Veronique sat up, smirking at the overly confident Veela.

"Quel est le pari?" (What's the bet?) A mischievous glint popped into those light blue eyes.

"Pas encore ça." (Not this again.) Odette sighed.

"Si vous prenez sa virginité avant la troisième tâche, je vous donnerai cette voiture brillante que j'ai tant aimée." (If you take her virginity before the third task I will give you that shiny car I have that you love so much.)

"Et si je ne le fais pas?" (And if I don't?) Fleur raised an eyebrow.

"Ensuite, je prends ce petit journal que vous transportez toujours. . . et 10.000 gallions." (Then I get to take that little journal you're always carrying around . . . and 10,000 galleons.) Veronique's green eyes sparked with glee when she saw Fleur hesitate for a moment, looking down at her leather bound journal she has poured so much personal information into. "Quel est le problème Fleur?" (What's the matter Fleur?) She smirked at the blonde's apprehension as she stood up. "Tu n'as plus l'air très confiant. As-tu peur que tu ne sois pas capable de le faire?" (You do not look very confident anymore. Are you afraid that you will not be able to do it?)

"Non." Fleur looked back up with a smile as her blue eyes locked on to Veronique's inquiring orbs. "J'imaginais juste à quel point je vais avoir l'air de conduire dans cette voiture moldue." (I was just imagining how good I'm going to look driving in that muggle car of yours.)

"Donc c'est un pari?" (So it's a bet?) A devious grin broke out on Veronique's face as she held out her hand.

"Oui." Fleur smiled, grabbed hold of her friend's outstretched hand, and shook it, sufficiently sealing the deal.


"I don't understand what all the bloody ruckus is about." Hermione grumbled as she tried to push through basically the entire population of Hogwarts standing on the bridge; each person trying to push to the front to catch a glimpse of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students piling out of either a carriage or ship.

"Krum! I see Krum!" Ron crowed when he successfully made his way to the front of the crowd.

Hermione just rolled her eyes, trying to continue on her journey, her book held tightly to her chest when she heard Harry's voice chime in. "Which one?"

"Not you too Harry!" Hermione yelled out in exasperation when she saw his messy dark hair pop up next to the red heads. 'You would think they would grow up after defeating the dark lord in our fifth year, but no, at the age of 17 they just keep getting more and more immature.' She thought to herself glumly as she finally made her way through the crowd so she could head to the library for some light reading.

Before Hermione knew it it was dinner time and Ron was chirping in her ear, going on and on about Viktor Krum and his quidditch stats between mouthfuls of food. She internally sighed, wishing the tournament wasn't taking place during her last year so she could enjoy it.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and everyone turned their attention to the headmaster, anxious for him to announce the arrival of the students that would be staying with them this year at Hogwarts.

The doors to the dining hall burst open and in flowed a stream of blue; it seemed the Beauxbaton students would be the first to make their appearance. The girls danced down the isles with one doing a twirl and curtseying next to her headmistress. Hermione tried not to pay any mind to them, keeping her nose in her book as everyone practically drooled over the women, but she felt a burning sensation in the back of her head as if she was being watched. She tried to shake off the feeling, but it persisted.

She finally caved in and turned her head to see three pairs of eyes looking in her direction; one pair light brown, one pair a deep green, and a third the lightest shade of blue she had ever seen. She had grown accustomed to people staring at her especially after the defeat of Voldemort and the seemingly random spurt of puberty she went through during her sixth year, but she couldn't stop a light blush from forming on her cheeks when she realized how gorgeous the trio was, especially the blonde one who seemed to be looking the most intently at her.

"Those three girls are checking us out mate!" Ron grinned, hitting Harry on the shoulder. The raven haired boy turned his attention to where Ron was looking, a dark blush forming on his own cheeks when he looked at the three beauties.

"They're only looking at you like that, because they think you're the chosen one." Hermione rolled her eyes, inwardly seething at the fact Ron thought they were looking at the boys.

"But I am the chosen one." Harry said quietly to Hermione, causing the girl to immediately hit him over the head with her book on instinct. "Ouch. Sorry." He ducked his head with a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his head that had recently been abused.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist Mione. There's three of them. One for each of us." Ron wiggled his brow suggestively with a shit eating grin on his face.

"I wasn't thinking about that Ronald!" The brunette threw a piece of chicken at the laughing red head who proceeded to pick up and eat the chicken after it hit him. "Honestly, you boys can be unbearable sometimes." She grumbled, trying to make her blush fade as the Beauxbaton girls took their seats at the Ravenclaw table.

Next to come in with a loud bang were the boys from Durmstrang, making a show by flipping down the isles and blowing out fire with Viktor Krum at the head of them, causing everyone to burst out into a loud applause and excited conversations.

Once again Hermione felt eyes burning into the back of her head, but this time it was Viktor Krum's dark orbs boring a hole into her soul with an almost scarily serious expression on his face.

"Do you see the way Krum is looking at Mione?" Ron whispered to Harry excitedly before turning his attention back to the book worm. "I think he fancies you." He grinned.

"You're acting like a first year Ronald. The new students haven't been here for all of five minutes and you're already going on about who likes who." Hermione rolled her eyes for what felt like the millionth time that day.

Ron opened his mouth to retort, but was cut off by Dumbledore's booming voice, going into the rules of the tournament before he unveiled a burning cup. Everyone's eyes widened in wonder as they watched the blue flames lick at the air, just waiting to devour whatever was thrown into it. The headmaster went on to explain the usual rules of the school to the newcomers and Hermione couldn't help but notice the blonde in the group of Beauxbaton girls laughing during the headmasters speech. 'How rude can you get?' The brunette glared at the blonde over her shoulder. Whatever little bit of wonder and curiosity Hermione had felt towards the blonde quickly fizzled out when she took note of how arrogant she seemed to be.

"I'm definitely putting my name in." Ron grinned at Harry and Hermione, pulling the brunette's gaze away from the Ravenclaw table. "Are you guys going to as well?"

"Yeah." Harry grinned while Hermione inwardly scoffed.

"Definitely not. I had enough excitement fighting Voldemort with you lot, but it seems you two can't stay out of danger for more than a year without growing bored." Hermione grumbled, finally about to take a bite of her salad when a soft voice cut in from behind them.

"Excuse me, are you wanting ze bouillabaisse?"

Hermione looked up to see that same insufferable blonde standing behind her and now that she was standing closer to the Gryffindor she was able to see how beautiful she really was which just seemed to irritate Hermione further. Her silvery blonde hair flowed down to her waist, her teeth were almost too white and perfectly straight, and her light blue eyes seem to gleam with fake innocence. Even though she seemed to ask the table for the soup her eyes were firmly locked on the book worm. Hermione felt naked under her intense gaze, as if she was trying to bore her way into Hermione's soul and consume her so she looked away, trying to hide her blush and lose herself in her book again; pointedly ignoring the French girl.

"Yeah, have it." Harry was the first one to finally speak up, pushing the dish towards her with a grin while Ron sat there, his face turning purple.

"You 'ave finished wiz it?" She was more speaking to Hermione then the two boys who had their eyes locked on her along with the rest of the hall except of course for the brunette.

"Yeah," Ron said breathlessly. "Yeah, it was excellent."

Fleur hesitantly took the soup, wanting to linger as long as she could to try and get some sort of reaction out of the book worm, but when she realized Hermione had nothing to say to her she turned sharply on her heal, heading back to her table with a scowl where her two friends were laughing at her failure.

"Bon départ." (Great start.) Odette laughed, holding her sides.

"Ouais, on dirait vraiment que tu l'as fait manger dans la paume de ta main Fleur. Ce sera facile." (Yeah, it really looked like you had her eating out of the palm of your hand Fleur. This will be easy.) Veronique laughed with the red head, causing the blonde's scowl to deepen.

"Tais-toi." (Shut up.) Fleur grumbled as she sat down and pushed her soup around angrily with a light blush on her face. The pictures of Hermione in the paper really didn't do her justice; the black and white didn't show her brown hair with strands of blonde hidden in her soft wavy locks, the flecks of gold in her light brown eyes, or how her tanned skin made her teeth look even whiter.

"Tu ne vas pas sérieusement après Hermione Granger, n'est-ce pas?" (You're not seriously going after Hermione Granger are you?) Came Fleur's 15 year old sister Garbrielle's unamused voice.

"Occupe-toi de tes affaires Gabrielle." (Mind your own business Gabrielle.) Fleur glared over at the mini version of herself.

"Vous allez rendre notre famille mauvaise. Grand-mère sera énervée si elle découvre que vous allez après la fille en or." (You're going to make our family look bad. Grandma will be pissed if she finds out you're going after the golden girl.) Gabrielle glared right back at her sister, way beyond tired of her antics.

"Si vous dites à grand-mère, je vais vous tuer." (If you tell grandma I'm going to kill you.) Fleur kicked her little sister under the table, causing the younger one to jump a bit before kicking her older sibling back.

"Peu importe. Elle ne va jamais aller pour toi de toute façon." (Whatever. She is never going to go for you anyway.) Gabrielle rolled her eyes. "Elle a aidé à vaincre Voldemort et est la plus brillante sorcière de son âge. Tu n'as rien à lui offrir." (She helped defeat Voldemort and is the brightest witch of her age. You have nothing to offer her.)

Veronique and Odette snickered behind their glasses of pumpkin juice, trying to hide how amused they were by their friend who looked like steam was going to start pouring out of her ears at any moment from her sister's remark.

"Je suis le prochain à diriger le clan Delacour." (I am next in line to lead the Delacour clan.) Fleur sat up straighter, trying to exude some air of authority. "J'ai la richesse, le charme et la beauté. Je peux avoir quelqu'un que je veux." (I have riches, charm, and beauty. I can get anyone I want.) She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder, putting her nose up in the air.

"N'importe qui peut excuser Hermione Granger." (Anyone except Hermione Granger.) Gabrielle smirked at the older Veela. "Je ne pense pas qu'elle se soucie beaucoup de vos richesses, de votre charme ou de votre beauté. Elle n'est pas la fille ou le garçon stupide que vous allez habituellement après Fleur." (I don't think she cares much for your riches, your charm, or your beauty. She is not the typical stupid girl or boy you usually go after Fleur.)

Fleur was about to lunge across the table to strangle her unbearable little sister that she was forced to take along with her when Veronique placed a hand on her forearm, stilling her.

"Maintenant maintenant Fleur. Ne va pas tuer ta soeur devant Hermione. Vous avez déjà fait une mauvaise première impression." (Now now Fleur. Don't go killing your sister in front of Hermione. You have already made a bad first impression.) The dark haired girl laughed, seeing the blonde turn even redder. She looked like she was about to snap, but stopped herself when she saw the brunette stand up from her table with her friends and head for the door. She took a moment, desperately trying to see what was under those loose robes, but it seemed everyone had the same idea to leave and head to bed, sufficiently blocking any chance of a view she was hoping to get of Hermione's body.

"Allons-y. Je ne vais pas faire de progrès avec elle ce soir." (Let's just go. I'm not going to make any progress with her tonight.) Fleur grumbled as she stood up and headed to the carriage with her friends and her little sister in tow.


The next day Hermione was heading to her advanced potions class, head down with her nose in a book as usual when someone bumped into her. "Sorry." Hermione looked up, but saw no one in front of her. She looked behind her to see students going about their day as usual, none of them showing any sign of irritation for being bumped into. 'That's odd.' Hermione knit her brow in confusion before reluctantly continuing on her way. She may have been curious about the bump, but was much more worried about being on time for class. Seven years at Hogwarts and she had never been late for a class and she wasn't about to sully her perfect record now.

When she opened the door to the classroom her heart dropped into her stomach when her eyes landed on the insufferable blonde sitting amongst the students in the classroom along with her two friends and Viktor Krum off in his own corner seemingly deep in thought. 'Bloody brilliant.' Hermione inwardly grumbled to herself as she tried to slip in unnoticed, going to a table that wasn't occupied in hopes of saving a spot for Harry so she wouldn't get paired with Viktor or that girl.

To her horror Viktor seemed to sniff her out the second she walked in and took a seat next to her. "Hello." He awkwardly smiled at the brunette, trying not to stumble on the foreign english language when talking to the golden girl.

"H-hello." Hermione blushed under his intense gaze.

The interaction between the two did not go unnoticed by Fleur who sat in the back seething. When Hermione had walked past her she had planned to get out of her seat and sit next to the girl, but by the time she rose from her seat Viktor had already moved in. 'Zat damned Bulgarian better keep hiz filthy mitts off 'er if 'e knows what iz good for 'im.' She crossed her arms, glaring daggers at the two while Veronique and Odette burst out laughing at their friend, making the blonde fume even more.

Hermione looked behind her to see that dark haired girl and red head laughing at something she wasn't sure of, but it seemed to be directed at the blonde and that delighted her to no end. With her head turned in the direction of the back, she almost let out a breath of relief when she saw a mop of dark hair make its way into the classroom.

"Harry!" Hermione smiled at her friend who returned it in kind, looking a little confused at the fact Viktor was her partner. "I'm terribly sorry Viktor." The brunette turned to the famous seeker, trying to let him down easy. "But Harry and I already agreed to be partners." The Bulgarian's face dropped, making him look like a kicked puppy. "B-but-" She cut in, feeling guilt already build up at his defeated expression. "If we have another class together perhaps we can be partners in that one."

His face suddenly brightened up, smiling at the nerdy Gryffindor. "I vould like that very much Hermy-own."

Hermione opened her mouth to correct him, but thought better of it as he walked away, looking for a seat. He was trying after all.

Fleur felt a satisfied smirk cross her face when she saw Hermione send the seeker away to be replaced by Harry. 'Serves 'im right.' Fleur huffed, glaring at the boy, but soon her smirk dropped and her glare grew more intense when she realized he was heading her way. She looked around the classroom to see there were no other open spots except for her. She inwardly screamed as he took his seat next to her and her friends started laughing even harder. 'I swear I am going to kill zose girls zome day.'

When Harry took his seat next to Hermione she gave him an appreciative smile as she pulled out her potions book, trying to ignore the loud laughter coming from the back of the classroom.

"Hermione, you dropped something." Harry leaned down, picking up a folded piece of paper.

"That's not mine." Hermione looked at the paper in her friends hand.

"It fell out of your potions book and has your name on it." Harry turned it over to show her name written in neat cursive.

"That's odd." She frowned, grabbing the piece of parchment, and opening it immediately. After reading a couple of lines her eyebrows rose high up her forehead.

"What's it say?" Harry moved over to read the letter, but Hermione was quick to fold it.

"It's nothing." She replied, stuffing it back into her bag while Harry shrugged.

After tossing the parchment into her bag she couldn't help but furrow her brow in confusion at what the letter said. She looked over her shoulder at the blonde in the back, looking as if she was trying to decipher something, but quickly looked away when Fleur caught her staring and winked with that insufferably confident look she wore on her face almost 24/7. She looked back down at her bag and the letter that was hidden in it, the first line of the letter burning itself into her mind. 'Do not trust Fleur Delacour.'

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