Warning: both spoilers and inevitable crying ahead.

Okay, so I've never harboured a huge soft spot for Dix (ugh, one of the few faults in TMC is her nickname. Like ever tried explaining to somebody what Jordix is?) and a few days ago I came up with the idea that D.C. would die at some point in Vardaesia. Since Vardaesia isn't coming out until January and my patience is equal to my liking of Skyla Fay, I figured a fanfic couldn't hurt.

Disclaimer: I am not Lynette Noni

i. Jordan

Jordan Sparker's pounding footfalls followed him through the endless hallways of the Meyarin castle, accompanied by a scatter of Combat students, the Epsilon-level boys as well as the select few from Jordan's Delta class. At the military's request for additional soldiers, they had joined the last, final attack that the mortals of Medora would make on Meya.

It had been a brutal past weeks, flooded with neverending deaths and disappearances, including countless families with gifted kids at the academy, and earlier Jordan had been startled to look and see Kaiden James fighting side-by-side with his older sister. There had been no sign of Alex; but Bear had apparently received intel that she was intent on hunting down the man responsible for Roka Dalmarta's currently comatose state, so that the still free Meyarins could join the fight.

Just as Jordan and the rest of the group tore into a magnificent space filled with staircases leading off in every direction, with numerous overhanging balconies and openings into various rooms and passageways, a figure emerged from a mass of battling warriors and skidded into sight.


Jordan made a startled, strangled sound at the back of his throat as his eyes took in the sight of the brunette. He hadn't seen her since Graevale - and so much had happened both on that fateful day and since then - and there she was, splattered with blood of every colour and A'enara blazing in her hand.

"Oy, Queenie!" Sebastian Gibbs called out to her. "Where the hell have you been?"

Alex drove A'enara into the shoulder of an approaching Garseth, before directing a brief glance at her assembled friends and classmates before her. "Where haven't I been, is more like it," she scoffed. Before anyone could say anything further to her, she ran towards the nearest staircase, launching herself into the air and landing neatly on a landing not far below.

Jordan watched her mane of dark braids disappear amongst another mass of bloody, battling fighters for a few precious moments, before a single scream instantly seized his attention. A scream that seemed to ring out so cleanly above the sounds of war. A scream that he didn't have to see the owner of to instantly know who it belonged it.

A scream that belonged to his girlfriend.

His head whipping frantically in every witch way, Jordan didn't realise how desperately he was searching for her until he was suddenly dangerously out in the open, his classmates shouting at him. But they had no idea. No idea. Shoving those insignificant thoughts at the back of his mind, Jordan's eyes finally found the location of the scream. Across the other side of the open space, conveniently on the same floor, was D.C. …

… struggling in the hold of his own father.

Marcus's cool blue eyes touched his for a moment, and hatred bubbled up inside Jordan unlike anything else he'd ever felt before. It was then he noticed how close his father was holding D.C. to the edge of the balcony, as well as the jagged knife he was pressing to D.C.'s throat. A challenge was in his gaze, and sadistic triumph in his menacing grin.

Jordan was running before he even knew he was, tearing blindly through the mass of swinging weapons and gore and duels, Bear and Declan following close behind. Nothing else mattered - not the danger, not the fact he'd left the others behind. The only thing that mattered was D.C.

Not her. Anyone but her.

He was drawing close to her, and suddenly D.C.'s vivid green-blue eyes found his, wide with terror. Her lips, those lips he so desperately loved to feel against his own, formed his name helplessly. If possible, Jordan quickened his pace, determined to save her. They were just about to turn on the end of the passageway leading up to the balcony, when D.C.'s eyes caught his own again, her lips mouthing words again. Not his name. Something else. I love you.

Jordan's eyes widened as he processed it, swerving around the corner and tearing towards her. They'd never said those words to each other, so why would she say it to him now … his own mouth twitched with the response, but he couldn't form them in time. In time for the horror to come.

Because then, without warning, Marcus forced her off the ledge.


D.C.'s screams filled the air as she plummeted, almost gracefully, plunging through the air. Jordan didn't watch to see … he already knew it was far too late …

He was barrelling towards Marcus before he could comprehend thoughts, blinded by grief and fury … with shaking hands Jordan wrenched a knife free from a sheath on his belt and tackled his father … plunging the blade deep into Marcus's chest … scarlet liquid exploded around the hilt, and Jordan tore the blade free … only to drive it a second time, this time into his throat …

Jordan was still hacking relentlessly long after Marcus had died, and his vision was too filled with tears to see properly as Declan wrestled him off Marcus's crumpled body. Jordan was covered in red, head to toe, his father's blood, but it didn't matter.

"He killed her," he heaved. "He killed her, so I had to kill him."

Neither Bear or Declan spoke, and for a long moment, Jordan was so overcome with pain his knees wobbled precariously. He couldn't see, couldn't think, couldn't breathe … so overwhelmed with grief. Then a second shriek rose from below … this one belonging to Alex.

That had not been a shriek of pleading terror, like Dix's had been - it was more a roar, a cry of anguish and fury, a call for vengeance. Jordan's eyes were blurry as he looked over the edge -

"No. Don't look down." Declan's voice was hard, as he pulled Jordan away from the edge, but Jordan could not be persuaded otherwise. He turned on his heel and sprinted for the nearest downwards staircase.

They found the two girls soon enough, one keeled over another. Jordan took one look at D.C.'s awkward limbs and still body and instantly knew, and finally the tears flowed forth. Alex was still leaning protectively over the fallen redhead, her eyes bright with tears and fury.

"Fuck," gasped Alex as the three boys drew close. Jordan dimly recalled it was the first time he'd ever heard her use that word. Her cheeks were wet and hot, and grief and fury and adrenaline radiated from her like a heater. She was shaking quite noticeably, covered in blood and debris, and quite possibly the scariest thing he'd seen since arriving at Meya. "I don't care what I've ever said about murder - I am going to kill Aven."

Jordan released a low, anguished moan, like a dying animal, as his eyes took in Dix. There was no saving her now - the impact would have killed her instantly. Dix was dead. The girl he loved was dead.

Making a tormented, infuriated sound, Alex sprung to her feet, suddenly tearing down a passageway. None of the boys had expected it - but they knew it would be dangerous to stop her. To prevent her from reaching Aven and letting loose her wrath, would only mean more deaths.

"Sparky. Sparky, we have to move."

"I'm not leaving her!" Jordan hacked out, his vision blinded by tears. The emotions were swelling in his chest, completely overwhelming, suffocating him.

I'm not leaving you.

I'm not leaving you.

"We can't stay here or we'll die!"

Suddenly Bear pushed him aside, and Jordan would have blindly fought back if Declan hadn't so swiftly moved to restrain him. Jordan watched on with horrified eyes as Bear hooked his hands around Dix's unmoving form, dragging her listless body into a sheltered alcove.

Making a satisfied grunt, Declan heaved Jordan to his feet, clapping a hand to his back. "Make this fight count, yeah? Make it count for her."

Jordan nodded dumbly. His thoughts were frantic, as slowly, reluctantly, he turned away from her, and followed Bear and Declan down the passageway back into the battle. There was no reversing what had been done - he could only move forward, until he could finally press stop.

But why did you have to leave me?


Okay ... maybe I cried writing this. This is also going to be a Post Aven fic as well as the original trio following Dix's death.

Part 2 to go up soonish! Maybe even tonight if I can make it!