AN: I said I was not going to do this. I told myself over and over again, I was not going to do this. I even told some of you I was not going to do this. I was going to concentrate on my long unfinished fics. But then I re:watched AYITL during the snow storm and I couldn't stand it anymore. Logan looked like the saddest person alive during the entire thing. They broke him. Now, I know we women should not be in the business of fixing men, but that's the real world and that's what I love about writing-the real world rules don't apply. So, I'm gonna fix him. This is short, and quite honestly, I'm not really sure where it's going. But I had to get it out there. Hope you enjoy.

It had been two months. Two long and miserable months since that night in New Hampshire. He had gone back to his life, just as she had wanted him to, but it wasn't the same without her in it. It had never been the same without her in it.

He had moved on after she broke his heart at her graduation. He relocated to Palo Alto, he threw himself into his work. He dated, here and there, but nothing really stuck. Not like it had with her. He made a few friends, but it somehow didn't come as easily to him as it used to. He worked on developing his contacts and grew their little start-up into something Mark Zuckerberg had wanted. And then Elias had died, and suddenly Facebook wasn't the only company bidding on Logan's baby.

Mitchum had said he wanted to put the family back together. Logan could stay on at his company; HPG would just take them on as an umbrella corporation. Logan had his doubts, but honestly, he was lonely after two years away. Plus, he had business partners, and they wanted to take the deal. Facebook was still relatively new back then, and they couldn't compete with the likes of one of the biggest media empires around.

And so, slowly, he got sucked back in until, a few years later, he found himself Vice President of Marketing at Huntzberger Publishing Group.

Then he met Odette. The first girl who made him feel anything close to what he felt with Rory. She was smart and witty, strong and independent, and quite honestly, she was gorgeous. Their relationship grew, and Logan felt happy—or at least as close to happy as he had since Rory. He could make this work. He could build a life with Odette.

And then he went to Hamburg. The Global Investigative Journalism Conference. He was immediately drawn to her in her bright red dress. He was pretty sure he would have noticed her in a potato sack, though. There was electricity, an undeniable connection. He just sensed her presence.

As he made love to her that night, he felt something that he hadn't felt in a long time; a piece of the old Logan he had lost all those years ago; the happy, carefree, spontaneous man he used to be. Which was strange, because she had always been the one to temper those traits in the past.

He hadn't set out to cheat on Odette. He'd always been faithful to her before. But this was Rory. He was helpless around her. So, when she suggested their no-strings Vegas arrangement, he had accepted without hesitation. He would take whatever he could get from her; whatever stolen moments of happiness he could find.

Logan leaned back in his chair with a sigh, too distracted to work. Rory was an addiction and he was in withdrawal. He was desperate, and since he couldn't get his hands on the real stuff, he'd have to settle for cough syrup, or nail polish remover, or whatever deadly substitute he could scrounge up. He was going to internet stalk her.

He pulled up his fake Facebook profile—the one he created just to connect with her. With a few keystrokes he figured he could have her feed up and his addiction quelled, but she was gone. No posts, no Friends List, no profile at all. She had blocked him. He checked Instagram next, but her profile was set to private. Even her Twitter account was suddenly protected and she only ever used that to tweet about politics. But alas, there was no 15 thread diatribe on the horrors of a President Elect Trump. Logan even tried SnapChat, thinking maybe she had finally decided to join the rest of the Millennial population in the year 2016, but she hadn't. She had ghosted him.

He felt a flutter of panic. Was she okay? Was she hurt? Was she totally fine and really just that over him? He gripped the edges of the desk, taking deep breaths to calm himself. This was insane. She wasn't his to worry about anymore. Even during Vegas she hadn't been his. And he wasn't hers. He belonged to Odette. A woman he loved but had treated horribly. Her only crime was not being Rory. He was going to start treating her right. He was going to start being the fiancé she deserved. And he was going to start immediately.

He picked up his phone and went to Rory's contact and deleted it. He never kept her texts or voicemails, but there were still logs of their calls, and he made sure to get rid of them. Then he pulled up Odette's number, his thumbs flitting over the screen.

Dinner tonight? Something special. I love you.