At the Sunset Arms Boarding House, after a long night of crimefighting as The Green Eye, Arnold walked into the kitchen for a snack, exhausted and hungry from all his hard work.

Suddenly, a clapping sound was heard from the dark corner of the room, alerting Arnold of the presence of someone unknown in the room.

"I must say, I've seen many strange sights in this world, but nothing compares to what I witnessed on the news the other night. Not only an entire crowd pacified with nothing but your voice, but you defeated all organized crime in this city and brought together a team of heroes to clean up the streets." An unfamiliar voice said.

"Who the hell are you?!" Arnold asked.

The figure walked out from the shadows, revealing himself as a slender man with a large head, with a blade-like hairstyle slicked back above his head.

"My name is Dib Membrane. Your friend, Buckley Lloyd, bought my father's company and had him make him those neat little gadgets you've all been using. Being curious about the strange nature of those toys he bought off us, I went to find out what he was using them for. That's when I found Valiance, and that's when I found you, Mr. Green Eye. I'm putting together a team of individuals like yourself. I want you in." He said.

"A team for what?" Arnold asked.

"Ever heard of an alien race known as Irkens?"

Arnold paused in disbelief, raising an eyebrow at the stranger, believing that perhaps he was not very trustworthy.

"You're trying to tell me an alien invasion is coming?" Arnold asked.

"Not 'coming', Mr. Shortman. It's already here." Dib said.


Welcome to the future. The year is 2027.

In the city Amity Park, life is great. Disease is extinct, food is plentiful, and war is obsolete. Peace has finally been given a chance, and it worked.

But where the living have found peace, the dead continue to roam the Earth, continuing to haunt the Earth as vengeful specters.

In the streets of Amity Park, a one such ghost roamed the streets freely, terrorizing anyone caught in his path, reveling in their fear, enjoying every moment. He is a vengeful beings, and he has no more need to stop to rest anymore. Where he was once human being, a man with hopes and dreams, now, forced to live a meaningless and endless existence, he has no more meaning in his life, only finding some form of it in the terror of others.

Above the ghost, however, two vigilant forces, a pair of Specter Speeders, watch over the spirit, making their announcement known to them with a call over their intercoms.

"You have ten seconds. Leave now and return to the Ghost Zone." The pilots called.

The ghost replied to their demands with an ectoplasmic aimed straight for one Speeder's engine, causing it to fall to the ground and crash. The other speeder, not wishing to share the fate of his companion, opened fire on the ghost, aiming for a shot to send it back to the Ghost Zone, where it belonged.

The ghost, not so easy to surrender, continued to fire back, beginning its fall back and retreating from the law enforcement, with its pursuers in a tight follow. Continuing to race down the streets of the city, beginning to loosen its tail, the ghost began to think itself safe, soon to be home free.

"Where'd it go? It's got to be around here somewhere!" The pilots shouted.

In a short moment, however, he finds that he is not so lucky, as he was quickly met face-to-face with a man that all ghosts alike fear. A man of the living and of the dead.

The man, quick to defeat the stray specter, delivered an ectoplasmic at the ghost, knocking it back into a mailbox on the street. With the ghost temporarily incapacitated, the man pulled a thermos from his belt and opened it, aiming its open end straight at the ghost.

The ghost, fearful of its fate, was quickly pulled inside the thermos, screaming in its high-pitched, wailing, inhuman voice as it did so. Within a few seconds, the ghost was trapped inside the thermos, safe away from the world of the living.

The Speeder, finally catching up to its prey, found that their target was already secured by someone far more experienced in their field. Surprised at the man's presence, the pilots couldn't help but feel dumbfounded that they were lucky enough to encounter the man.

"Holy hell, is that -" The pilots asked.

The pilots, having a full view of the man, recognized him instantly. He floated above the ground, like the ghosts that he hunts, wore an all-black suit with white gloves and boots, snow white hair and glowing green eyes, and a stylized 'D' insignia on his chest.

"It's me. You better believe it." The man said.



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