Summoner AU, no crossover.

When she first got her room assignment, she didn't understand why she kept getting looks of pity and sympathy from the older students.

Upon meeting her roommate/partner until next term, she understood.

Hibari Kyouya was a terrifying legend in the Academy. Rumor had it that he had challenged the head of Discipline in his first week as a student and won. And that ever since he had been the one in charge of maintaining order and peace for the school.

Apparently that was a bit of a stretch. Hibari had gone after the poor man his first full day as a student, and refused to hand over the position since. Considering how...effective... he was at the job, the teachers couldn't really complain.

Ever since his original roommate graduated and went on to earn enough money to pay off his student loans, Hibari had gone through roommates and partners every single term without fail. It was to the point that the administrators were seriously considering giving him a single. She was the twenty-seventh student to be 'fortunate' (read: sacrificed) enough to have him as her roommate for three months.

Summoner dorms were far different compared to what most civilians immediately thought when they heard the word "shared dorm rooms". They were more like small studio apartments that shared the same floor space, as the Academy spared no expense with their summoners. Their job was a high risk one, after all.

The dorm 'rooms' had three bedrooms. Two for the summoners and a shared one for the demons, though it wasn't that rare for demons to share the same room as their summoner. There was a full kitchen, a small sunk in bath tub or a shower if you wanted privacy, and a decent sized shared living room with a table for eating near the kitchen...unless you felt like eating off the small bar with the stools next to it. And the pantry was expanded to hold at least a week's worth of food, two if you rationed properly with stasis seals on the entire thing so it never went bad.

Most summoners went to the great hall so they didn't have to cook, which was always open. After all, you didn't know when a summoner was getting off a late night study session and would need feeding.

Going into the living room with her small bag enchanted with all the usual space charms to make it bigger than it looked, she found it empty save for a small dragon next to the window, positioned perfectly to absorb all the sunlight possible.

The dragon was a very handsome specimen. He had ruby red scales that looked like fire in the sun, and wherever the sun hit his scales they sent a mini-light show around the room. Sadly the effect was marred by the fact that whoever owned the demon clearly wasn't taking care of it properly. She could see cracked scales from where she was standing next to what she assumed would lead to her room, and his talons were in desperate need of maintenance, to say nothing of the spikes along his back or the horns on his head.

Assuming the dragon was a demon familiar, she walked up to it. Deep black eyes opened up to look at her with amusement.

"Hello little one. Are you Kyouya's new roommate?"

"I'm the new sacrifice to keep the rule happy administrator from complaining that he doesn't have a roommate or partner," she said dryly. The dragon snorted with open amusement.

"Well at least you have a sense of humor. I swear the last ten were positively traumatized by his antics, with the way they bolted the first chance they could like skittish rabbits. Where are my manners. I am Fon, Kyouya's demon partner."

"Honoka, rookie Jewel Summoner, or I will be once I start classes," she replied with a polite bow. Fon's amusement was evident, as was the surprised delight in his face at how polite she was. "When was the last time your summoner bothered to do a basic health maintenance?"

"I'm afraid Kyouya was very displeased when I refused to let him send me home, so he has never really been inclined to 'care' for his summon properly. He barely skates on those classes with his familiars as it is," said Fon tiredly.

Honoka went into her bag and started looking for a few things. She had gotten several basic care kits for demons, because she had no idea what she would get and wanted to be prepared.

"Do you think he'll mind if I do it for him?"

Some summoners were very territorial when it came to their partners and familiars. So much so that implying they weren't doing a proper job of caring for them was likely to get your head literally bitten off.

"I highly doubt he'll even care, much less notice. He takes better care of Hibird and Roll than he does with me. That boy is entirely too stubborn, something he got from his sire I'm afraid."

Honoka picked up one of the pillows and put it down next to her, before patting on it in clear invitation. Fon easily flew over and landed on it, with an expectant look on his face.

With the clear permission to continue, Honoka first took out the brush and began to slowly free the cracked and damaged scales. Fon made no indication of pain, but she knew that if left untreated it could hurt a lot. When she started to use the treated oil to encourage healthy scale growth, the small dragon was practically purring.

"You are very good at this," he said pleased, coiling around in her lap. He stretched this way and that so she could get all the spots, not just the visible ones.

"Demons are nicer than humans, so I picked up a few things," she admitted, rubbing in the oil until his hide shined properly. Fon was particularly wiggly by the end of it, with clear pleasure in his eyes from the treatment. The poor thing must have been very itchy.

He didn't even try to fight it when she started cleaning up his talons, calmly snipping and sharpening his claws until they could properly rend something to pieces with a single swipe. That took quite a bit longer since you had to be very careful not to cut too much off or sharpen too close to the blood vessels within. It was a very delicate balance to get the right sharpness.

She also cleaned his horns of the dirt and other unwanted growth, which was a delicate process as you had to be an experienced groomer to tell when you were too close to the actual horn.

He was practically a puddle of goo in her hands once she finished. She was slightly startled when he promptly wrapped himself around her neck like a strange scarf. He was like a hot water bottle against her skin, and it felt rather nice.

She went about cleaning up the couch and properly disposing of the left over scales and clippings. It was a good thing she had a habit of putting down a sheet made clean up so much easier.

So it was only natural she failed to notice her roommate coming in.

"So you're the new herbivore they saddled me with," he said dismissively. He shot an odd Look at Fon, but said nothing at the way the dragon was acting.

"Ah. My name is Honoka, Hibari-sempai. I'm sorry if I offended you by taking care of your dragon, but there's no way I could have stood by and let him suffer from such itchy scales like that," she said apologetically.

Considering the amount of power she felt from Fon, odds were he could have taken himself to a groomer and had it done professionally without his summoner's agreement. Which made her suspect he was just as stubborn as Hibari was when it came to their pride.

If he was going to be that stubborn, then it was partially his fault that his scales, horns,s and talons had gotten that bad in the first place.

Hibari was clearly waiting for her to chastise his inability to care for the annoying dragon, and was mildly surprised when he heard none.

"Hmph. He can take care of himself, small animal."

Because between the big, amber-colored eyes, the caramel colored hair that was neither fashionable nor messy, and the aura that practically screamed "innocent kitten", she definitely fit his definition of a small animal that needed protecting.

Didn't mean he was going to take any of her sass though.

"I figured that much with the way he was able to change his size to make it easier to get to his scales. If anything he's just as stubborn as you are if he refused to simply go to one of the approved groomers when his scales started to itch," she replied dryly.

Hibari let out a snort of amusement at the look on Fon's face.

"I am a light sleeper, wake me and I will bite you to death," he warned her.

When he said nothing at the way Fon insisted on stealing the other free pillow on her bed to sleep on that night, she could only hope he didn't take offense to the fact his dragon liked her better.

The small animal in his domain was different from her predecessors. While she was polite and was a relatively considerate roommate, she didn't let the fact he was very unapproachable for a reason stop her from telling him no.

Case in point, when he attempted to dump all the annoying paperwork that came with being head of Discipline on her so he could take a nap. Fon had watched the entire scene with interest, as previous herbivores had jumped to complete it in the vain hopes he wouldn't bite them to death later if they earned his approval.

The small animal had twitched, likely because she had been pulling an all-night study session the day before and left the paperwork on her desk while she completed her homework. When he tried a more forceful approach, she continued to ignore him.

She then patiently waited for him to fall asleep...before calmly dumping a large amount of ice-cold water on him and informed him to do his own damn paperwork.

The show of spine and harmless retaliation to trying to order her around was amusing enough that he let it slide.

He never attempted to dump his paperwork on her twice. Clearly she wasn't like the other herbivores who were so quick to be cowed by him.

Even if the annoying dragon had apparently taken quite a shine to her, if the way he promptly curled himself around her neck like a scarf the first chance he got was any sign.

Honoka (no last name on record) was a strange small animal. Her mother had been kidnapped shortly before she came to the school, with no leads pending. Her father had been completely absent in her life, and supposedly her mother had married him before conceiving her daughter.

According to all reports she was consistently bullied because of this and had developed an aversion to humans in general, preferring to spend time with the demons that visited with their summoners to the small inn. Her entry scores were rather impressive, and she had been given the rare Vongola scholarship. Her chosen electives were all geared towards a Jewel Summoner, which was one of the harder professions because the summoner had to take care of multiple demons, including familiars.

Very few were actually successful at it, preferring to use the art as a way to have a few back up demons just in case without having to waste time summoning them. The most famous and truly successful Jewel Summoner was Giotto Vongola.

Upon entering the school she was given the 'privilege' of being his human partner and roommate for the term.

All in all, the small kitten Fon had apparently taken a liking to was hardly very noteworthy. About the most interesting thing about her was the lack of real fear towards him or his bad moods...and the fact she was apparently a demon magnet. He had seen more than a few 'stray' demons lingering in her general area, and there had been a few more who had happily submitted to a proper grooming session when the chance arose.

At least she didn't wake him up during her study sessions with loud music.

"Would you be the least bit offended if I were to stay with the little kitten during class hours?" inquired Fon. "I find her presence relaxing, and I am quite bored."

Kyouya paused with the paperwork and looked at him oddly. Fon had never really taken to any of his previous "roommates". In fact Kyouya had come to regard the dragon as part of the furniture at this point.

So for him to want to spend time with the odd kitten that had come into his territory was unusual.

"Tch. Do what you want, annoying lizard."

Fon was rather pleased with this. Especially when Honoka did not dissuade him from the idea when he voiced it.

The next morning, Honoka left their shared room with an odd scarf around her neck, Fon happily curled against her.

A few days later...

The teacher eyed one of her more studious charges. Honoka had been coming to class with an odd scarf around her neck, and she honestly feared the girl was trying to hide bruises from her roommate. Everyone knew the boy was quite vicious, but he had yet to physically harm one of his roommates save for minor trauma from close exposure to him in a bad mood.

Which was why she carefully had the girl stay after class, and upon closer inspection realized with some surprised that the 'scarf' was in fact a small red dragon of some power.

"Have you been summoning unsupervised, young lady? Familiar summoning is not until next term and only for those who have the basics down."

"No ma'am. This isn't one of my summons and I haven't acquired the necessary jewels to do so yet," said Honoka.

"Then where did you find this fellow?"

"He belongs to my roommate and asked if he could join me during classes since Hibari-san prefers to ignore him," replied Honoka.

Her eyebrows shot up in shock. This was the infamous summon that Hibari had brought forth from the abyssal realms and refused to work with? The one that took up so much of his power that he was unable to summon a second partner and had to rely on his familiars? It was positively tiny.

"Is there a problem, miss?" inquired the demon from around her neck. That made a shiver of alarm go up her spine for more than one reason. Only the truly powerful demons could speak human while in their more conservative forms, and of those only a select handful had such a cultured tone that spoke of true intelligence that could match or even surpass that of a normal human.

"No, I was just worried. Students aren't allowed to summon until next term and considering her partner..."

"Kyouya knows better than to harm one of his roommates. He prefers to simply terrify them into leaving with his foul moods than deal with the paperwork," said the dragon with a snort.

Definitely one of the highest tier wonder Hibari had been unable to summon another demon partner with this one around. Familiars took much less power to maintain.

And it had apparently taken a liking to the tiny slip of a potential Jewel Summoner. This would either spell great things in her future, or end really, really badly.

Though if it was surreal realizing that the odd scarf was a high-level dragon demon around her neck, it was nothing compared to the sight of a significantly larger version of the beast purring with his head in her lap while she sat against his side while reading. It wasn't his full size, but it was very impressive since most didn't reach such a large size.