Memories Are Made Of This : A Damon and Anne sequel

A/N: hi guys hufflepuffblonde here (formerly known as TwilighterRose) and I have finally written a sequel to my Damon and Anne story. So this takes place during the season 6 finale. I have also Tweaked the story so it fits Anne into the story. I do not own the vampire diaries or the Tudors I just own this story so please no copying for their own stories. (Because yes I did see that in another Damon and Anne story I found on the crossover page on fanfiction, they are lucky I didn't report them for plagarism.) anyway on with the story... Ps I haven't watched this show in forever so if I got anything wrong plot wise (TVD) then please don't hate me!

Plot: after the events of Alaric's wedding, Anne lays comatose on the floor. In order to save his wife, Damon allows Bonnie to put him into her head and witness many of her memories. Will he be able to save her? Will Kai win and destroy Anne? Read and find out...

Memories Are Made of this...

Alaric's wedding had been a bloodbath. Literally. Thanks to Kai's chaos; most of the wedding party, including the bride had been killed. Elena had been knocked out and Damon had been knocked to the floor. When he regained consciousness; he tried to find Anne. The love of his life. His wife.

His sight became clearer, he stood to see his brother Stefan looming over an unconscious Elena with Caroline, Alaric sobbing over his dead fiancee's corpse and finally in the corner of the room; under a pile of debris did he notice brunette curls. He knew those curls anywhere. Anne.

Damon took in a large breath which Stefan heard; gazing at what his brother was staring at to which he felt shock and pity eminate off of him. His sister-in-law. Damon ran towards Anne; kneeling where her head was visible. It was clear that she was unconscious, a huge bloody gash was on her forehead, yet Damon was more concerned about the fact that she hadn't woken up.

"Why won't she wake up Stefan?" Damon asked in a panic while lifting the debris off of his wife. Stefan widened his eyes "Kai" he replied blatantly "he must've done something to keep her from not waking up". Finally both brothers managed to free Anne. Damon held her body close to him in an embrace that could've smothered the average human being. "Bonnie" he whispered, holding the love of his life close "let bonnie have a look at her" Stefan nodded and went to search for the Bennett witch.

Damon salvatore refused to believe or to allow the notion that Anne was dead. They had been married for nearly 150 years and he wasn't going to allow a little punk like Kai try to take her away from him. However, when Bonnie did arrive, she eased Damon's fears by confirming that Anne was alive and informed him about how Kai gloated to her about casting a spell on Anne to put her in a coma; making her relive her past. Her memories, the best and the worst.

"Can you find a way to stop him?" Damon asked trying to keep his temper in check "it will be difficult and may take time, but I think that I can" Bonnies replied. Damon thought for a moment.

"Put me in there" he said curtly "put me in Anne's head and let me see her memories" Bonnie looked at him in shock. "Damon..." "If I stay out here, then I'm gonna want to hunt Kai down and tear him to pieces, please Bonnie please" he begged; nearly reduced to tears, his undead heart breaking little by little.

Bonnie gave a look of contemplation before responding "if I do this, you still won't be able to communicate with her; you will only get to see her memories" she exxplained. Damon nodded; still trying to fight back tears "but at least I'll get to see Anne" he replied.

The salvatore brothers carefully took Anne's body back to the boarding house and put her on the bed she shared with Damon. Bonnie instructed Damon to lay down next to her on the bed; to which he complied taking Anne's hand in his in the process. He closed his eyes and began to slip into unconsciousness at the sound of Bonnie's voice.

HEVER CASTLE; ENGLAND... A very long time ago...

Damon awoke to the sound of birds chirping and children's laughter. He noticed that he was in a very large; very green garden. He saw two young children playing together in old fashioned clothing; a boy and a girl. The boy started to run away, while the girl stared at what looked to him like a sundial. "ANNE" the boy shouted. Damon's face paled in realisation. It was Anne, his Anne. His Anne as a child, when she was Anne Boleyn, which meant the boy must've been Anne's brother George. Damon studied Anne's features for a short while. Her brown locks were short; her eyes wide and eager. She was carefree, Damon smiled at this.

"Anne, Anne he'll get you" George shouted at the top of his lungs. This caused Damon to frown in confusion. Suddenly he heard young Anne squeal in delight, he turned to see a man lift Anne up in the air and spin her around. Damon could only assume that the man lifting the young girl was her father. 'So this is her father' he thought to himself. Anne had told him many years ago what her father and uncle had subjected the Boleyn children to, he couldn't stomach it the first time when Anne told him; but it looked as if he was going to witnes it for himself through his wife's memories. 'Oh Stefan hurry and find a way for Anne to wake up' he said aloud. Before going into Anne's mind, Stefan swore to his older brother that he would find a way to get Anne back, even if it involved beating Kai to a pulp to find a way.

Damon experienced a flash of light. He knew instantly that he must have been about to witness another memory.

This time he saw his wife; she must've been in her late teens now sitting at the window with another young woman's few years older than her; they were giggling and happy, Damon was immediately entranced. He was sure that they were in France as he could hear the servants in the background with their thick French accents.

"WHERE ARE MY DAUGHTERS?" This caused both girls to turn away from the window, even though he knew that this memory of Anne was looking at her father, it felt as if she was actually looking at him. "Mary and Anne Boleyn" her father said, handing them both a glass of wine "to your futures". Damon's attention turned to Mary briefly. She was slightly taller, blonde and skinnier than Anne 'No wonder Henry went after herr first' he thought to himself.

Damon observed several other memories from Anne's past. From the time her father summoned her, to the time she met Henry, even up to the time where she got married and had Elizabeth. Damon could see the physical change in her 1st husband in that memory,it wasn't fair to Anne at all.

The memory of Anne's first miscarriage shook Damon; not because of all of the blood and gore or the coldness she received from Henry, but the reaction from her father.

"What did you do to kill the baby?" How dare he? Damon's blood boiled. Anne had never mentioned this memory to him at all in all the years of their marriage. He knew from history that she miscarried two children but never the level of blame her father gave her. He was glad to have never met Thomas Boleyn, because Damon would've surely killed him.

Damon witnessed more memories, memories of mistress after mistress; Anne's despair becoming greater, his wife getting pregnant again and the introduction of a new lady in waiting who Damon knew fro history would later become wife number 3: Jane Seymour.

After watching the memory of a very pregnant Anne walking in on Jane and Henry; Damon had come to the conclusion that he didn't know his own wife's inner strength and that made him love her more. This made him more determined to show her how much he loved her when she came back to him 'if she ever gets to come back to me' he thought bitterly. 'Damn Kai to hell' he thoughts getting more filled with anger 'Anne and I were so happy until all of this happened'.

Damon however did not expect the severity of the next memory; Anne's second miscarriage,, losing her baby boy. He was so shocked by the blood, by her screams, by the idiocy of her ladies to rushing to find a doctor to help her but worst of all; by the way Henry treated her.

He was proud that Anne defended herself "It was not all my fault; you have no one to blame but yourself for this, I was distressed at seeing you with that wench Jane Seymour because the love I bear you is so great it broke my heart to see you love others" she sobbed after the confrontation and this made Damon's unbeating heart hurt.

The next few memories that followed were of Anne's arrest, her imprisonment and her last confession. Damon of course rolled his eyes as soon as he glimpsed Katherine Pierce among her ladies in waiting at the tower. Ah Katherine , he knew then that it was only a matter of time before he saw her in his wife's memories. He then of course witnessed Katherine turning the former queen and of course her 'beheading'. Damon had found it very difficult to watch Anne's head being cut off even though it was a very respectful affair in the end.

Many more memories past Damon like a gust of wind. He saw his wife go through many years of lurking in the shadows; watching her only child grow up and later become the great queen that she was destined to be.

He soon found himself in a room, an old woman was laying on a bed, gasping for breath, much like the earlier memory of Anne visiting henry on his deathbed; this woman was alone until anne made her presence known. It was then that the picture was made perfectly clear to Damon; Anne was saying a final goodbye to her daughter.

The old woman opened her eyes and smiled obviously under the impression that her death was near and that she was hallucinating. "You came" Elizabeth gasped, holding out her hand for Anne to take which she did "I came" Anne replied smiling "I've been watching over you my sweetheart" she said stroking her daughter's hand. "I am so proud of you" Anne said serenely and this made Elizabeth start to cry "hush now darling, no more tears" she said calmly while wiping Elizabeth's tears away with her free hand. "No more tears my own heart; you will it be in pain for much longer, and soon we will be together again". Damon knew Anne was only lying to comfort the dying woman, but he couldn't help but shed a few tears at watching his step-daughter's death.

Although he never knew her, Anne had told him so much about her that sometimes at night he would have dreams of himself and Anne raising Elizabeth as a child and having images of them as a family. Of course he knew that it was impossible but he couldn't help but wonder what it would've been like. More images of memories rushed past Damon until one came to his attention that he wasn't even aware of...

BOSTON - 1769

Damon found himself seeing a park full of greenery and a few benches. It was a rather dull day but he noticed Anne sitting on one of these benches waiting for someone. He was quite shocked when he eventually saw who that someone was.

"Your majesty" Anne turned her head and stood up "No one has called me that in a very long time Elijah Mikaelson and I doubt anyone shall again"Anne said with a smile on her face while Elijah kissed her hand.

"My apologies my dear; what do you prefer to be called?" "Anne will do just fine thank you" she replied back, knowing full well that she had just knocked that smirk off of his face.

Anne sat back down on the bench, Elijah followed soon after "I assume you know why I am here?" He asked inquisitively, Anne nodded "I do and though I appreciate you being the messenger and not your brother Niklaus, I'm afraid your journey will not be worthwhile. For you see Katherine and I have not seen each other in 50 years. The last time I saw her was in New Orleans and she seemed quite eager to get away even then".

Elijah smirked. Damon looked confused. "My family were all in New Orleans at the time, so that explains Katerina's eagerness to get away from you back then" he turned to face her "and you have not seen her since?" Anne shook her head "not a whisper" she replied. Elijah let this information sink in before standing up "then I must be going" Anne stood up and took his hand "so soon?" She asked "I'm afraid so; it has been a pleasure seeing you again your majesty" he kissed her hand again "take care of yourself Elijah, you are a good true friend" Elijah bowed his head out of respect and walked away; leaving Anne alone.

Damon couldn't believe it. Anne and Elijah were friends? When the Mikaelsons were causing havoc in mystic falls a few years ago; Anne refused to get involved with any of it. At the time Damon couldn't understand why but after what he just witnessed , he understood now. He didn't want to judge her at all 'at least she wasn't best friends with Klaus' he thought to himself appreciatively.

Damon was getting impatient now. A part of him wanted to rip Kai to shreds, another part wanted his wife awake and with him and the more rational part of him that Anne had only ever seen told him to be patient, that Bonnie and Stefan were doing all that they could within their power to bring Anne back.

More memories rushed back and forth. It was all a blur to Damon; but these were happier memories to him and to her; it was her memories of their time together.

From the day they met, to the day she told him who she really was; to the day he turned into a vampire and to their wedding day, Damon reflected on these memories with a smile on his face. He never doubted her love for him, but seeing her side of these dens sealed the deal even more.

Time was beginning to catch up now and Damon was now in a more recent memory from only a year ago. It was just after the Halloween party and Damon was shocked that elena had decided to dress as Anne in her 16th century era. Anne had laughed when she saw elena in the dress "oh elena, the style is sort of correct but not one for a queen" she then handed elena a necklace, not just any necklace; her now iconic 'B' necklace that hung on pearls and fastened it around elena's neck.

"There, much better". Elena looked astonished. "Anne.." "I think you should keep it" Anne interrupted. Elena paled "Are you sure?" She asked after finally finding her voice. "Definitely, it looks a hell of a lot better on you anyway" she said with a smile "thank you" Elena replied before engulfing her in a hug.

"That was nice of you" Damon had whispered in her ear while curling his arms around her waist from behind in the process. "It was time to pass it on, I've held on to it for too long" she replied "hey" he said while turning her to face him "have I told you lately that I love you?" He asked with a hint of playfulness In his voice "not since this morning" Anne replied with a pout. Damon then kissed her deeply, drawing out the kiss as much as he could, eventually biting her lip as the kiss came to an end "I love you Mrs Salvatore" Anne smirked "I love you too Damon".

Anne's voice faded away.


'Stefan' Damon thought.


"No that's Bonnie" he said to himself.

"DAMON!" Stefan shouted.

Damon's vision became clouded. He had only just blinked before realising he was back in his room, Anne still unconscious at his side. "What happened?" Damon asked Stefan anxiously "Bonnie made a deal with Kai, Elena for Anne; he gave her a spell that will wake Anne up but make Elena go into an eternal sleep".

"WHAT" Damon screeched "there's a catch though" Stefan continued "when Elena goes to sleep, her life will be tied to Bonnie's, so if Bonnie dies..."

"Elena dies" Damon finished for him "I'm sorry" he said "it's ok" he replied after a while. "Even though I'm with Caroline now, it still kind of hurts" Stefan sighed. Damon didn't really know what else to do besides hug his little brother, even after all they've been through their bond still somehow grew stronger. "I hope you realise how much I understand what you're going through" Damon whispered into Stevan's ear. "I understand" he whispered back "Let's do this" Damon said nodding his head to Bonnie as a sign to begin; the young witch had not long arrived with the supplies that were needed for the spell.

Damon leaned over Anne's unconscious form and kissed her forehead "I will see you soon gorgeous" before leaving the room with Stefan to give the little Bennett witch some privacy to perform the spell.

Damon was imagining. Or was he dreaming? He had no idea., he was standing in front of the Salvatore boarding house jus staring into space. "Damon" he turned around to see Elena. "You came to say goodbye i see?" Elena nodded "I'm sorry" he said grimly "don't be" Elena replied "you weren't to know that Kai would do this, you weren't to know that he would put you and Anne in this awful situation". She walked over to him and embraced him in a hug. "This isn't your fault Damon" she said with comfort in her voice. "Tell Anne the same for me" he nodded yes as a reply with tears falling down his face. "Hey now, no tears" same said wiping them from his cheeks "just promise me that you will take care of that wife of your sand that you'll take care of Bonnie too?" Elena started to cry "please Damon take care of her for me" she begged. Damon hugged her again "I promise Elena" Elena smiled "thank you" Damon smiled in return "goodbye Elena" "goodbye Damon" with that Damon woke up. "It's done" Bonnie said with tears in her eyes.

Damon rose from his seat and ran into the room in which his wife was being kept, and there she was, his Anne; awake, sitting up in bed and smiling a beaming smile at him. "Damon" anne whispered before she could even blink or say another word, her husband was across the room and embracing her in the tightest hug imaginable. "I thought that I was never going to see you again" he whispered to her, trying to hold back tears. "I'm here" Anne replied reassuringly stroking Damon's hair in the process.

"I am never letting you out of my sight again"Damon said before pulling his wife into a passionate kiss. After what felt like forever, Anne pulled away from the embrace and stared at her husband for a moment; pondering what was going through his head, what he was thinking.

"While you were sleeping, I had Bonnie perform a spell" Damon began "Kai had already cursed you to relive your memories, so I made her do a spell so I could be there too".

Anne was silent. Her hand stroked his cheek and then she smiled. "Now you have seen my past, I must ask, what did you think? Does any of it change your opinion of me?" Damon thought about his answer for a brief second and quickly kissed her again before answering "I think that your past is in the past and that you should focus more on your future with me". He then went on to inform Anne about Kai's plot, Bonnie's deal as well as Elena.

Together they swore to protect Bonnie at all cost. Anne owed everything to the young Bennett witch and she swore to the stars above that her and her husband would do everything in their power to do so...Together.

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