7 male/1 female



7 male/1 female



7 male/1 female

Foxes of magic, wit, and the occasional bout of crazy.


Fennekin is a quadruped fox with yellow fur across most of its body, and red fur at the tip of the tail and in the ears. The lower half of the head has white fur. Standing below knee height on a human if one does not count the large ears, they can easily rest in their trainer's arms without tiring out the human. Braixen assumes a bipedal stance and stands between human belly and chest height. A 'skirt' of fur circles the waist. Braixen will usually be carrying a stick in its tail. Delphox stands an average of six feet tall. Much of its fur on its limbs turned red, with the chest remaining white. The perception of a wizard in robes comes from how Delphox's fur flares along the limbs. The stick that Braixen was carrying has become infused with Delphox's power and now acts as a focus for its abilities and an extension of self that repairs itself over time.

Most of these Pokémon have only a basic grasp of magic. As a consequence, they can merely focus their fires into a Blaze when threatened. Some, through intense meditation, a quest to find their true self, or other means, advance their understanding of the world and become accomplished Magicians, able to befuddle the senses and snatch items from foes with the gentlest attacks.

Magician Delphox, if it pushes further in both battle prowess and mysticism, may gain an advanced form. Some can achieve it temporarily through Bond Phenomenon. Archmage Delphox stands taller than a human. Its forehead now bears a vertical third eye. The 'hems' of its robe-like fur now bead with balls of Mystic Fire. The wand becomes suffused with energy and stretches into a staff.

Battle Characteristics

Delphox has moderate Constitution, Strength, and Toughness. Its Speed, Power, and Resistance are all impressive. Most of its offensive moves are Fire or Psychic. Its signature Mystic Fire may not be the most potent attack, but it is one of the rare Moves that reduce the target's Power. TMs offer a long list of moves, but lack much type variety.

Archmage Delphox has reduced its Strength and Toughness, but has gained a massive boost to its Power, Speed, and Resistance.


Legend holds that the first Fennekin served Ho-Oh in a time of great need. In repayment, Ho-Oh guided her evolution and gave her an ember of the Sacred Flames. This ember of divine power retained its divine nature and became the Mystic Flames.

Wild Delphox have been confirmed to act as agents, servants, and acolytes of multiple Legendary Pokémon around the world.

Some Braixen trade lessons in magic and spell crafting to humans in exchange for resources to further their own evolution.

Fennekin, due to consistent heat output when consuming fuels, became the origin of the Fennekin Scale of Temperature. It places ice at 32 degrees and boiling water at 212 degrees.

Life Cycle/Evolution Conditions

Fennekin live with their parents for six months before being able to live independently for up to one hundred twenty years. Evolution is triggered through either training or meditation and study. Typically a decade or more of meditation triggers the first evolution, and another thirty years of meditation and study into mystic abilities triggers the Delphox evolution. Traveling with a captured specimen accelerates the process.


While omnivorous, this line greatly enjoys plants. All three stages can reliably be found chewing up sticks and branches like a hiker eating trail mix.


Field Group. Delphox can have six eggs at once safely, but usually has three. The eggs are incubated at high temperatures for faster hatching and their mother will probably be telling them bedtime stories. Expect to shell out 46,000P for an egg or hatchling.

Wild Behavior/Threat Level

In the wild, they live in loose packs. Hunting alone, they return to sleep in communal dens led by the oldest and most mystic member of the pack.

Not normally aggressive. If a trainer is straying into territory that they guard on behalf of a Legend, they will start with warning shots and intimidation displays.

Bonding and Care

Younger Fennekin can be appeased with charcoal snacks. As they get older, they crave more mental stimulus. Puzzle boxes appeal to them. Eventually, Braixen and Delphox start exploring the limits of their fire or magic, resulting in them enlisting their trainer to build a lab for their experiments. Which often involve explosions.

Human/Pokémon Relations

They respect humans, but are wary of humanity as well. Will not object to using them to keep warm in the winter.

With Family

Variable. Some end up loving the domestic life, while others remain aloof. It depends on where their magic studies take them.

Team Compatibility

Smart enough to not eat team members, but is at risk of predation by stronger predators.


When Fennekin has too much energy, it uses its ears to radiate excess heat. The mystic forces this line studies can be dangerous.


A line of cuddly spell-slingers.