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Chapter 1: Here Comes Tachikawa

I was someone, not just anybody, an individual!

I stood out of my problems, and look where it led me to.

A whole world I thought never excited anymore!

Don't Believe Me! Well take a look, this is my story, She's a Gray?

Yeah, a Gray.

Mimi Tachikawa had woken up in an earlier time. She needed a long time to change and freshen up. Now, fully awake two hours later, she glanced at her watch. 'I guess now's a good time to go.' Looking at her surroundings, she peered at the unopened boxes in the corner with her name clearly written across it. She sighed to herself and exited her bedroom. Her gaze was quickly directed towards the door opposite from her bed. She shuffled her feet towards the door.

She knocked once, then twice. No reply. Taking it upon herself to let herself in, she opened the door to a dark room with light peeking out of the cracks of the shades of the window. She dragged her feet towards the window and dared to open the shades to allow the sun's blinding rays. She grunted, regretting that her window faced the east side of the house. Although a sunny morning usually meant a sunny personality, after taking at the room, Mimi was not in the mood.

"Otou-san!(1)" She called seeing the man lying face down on the bed. She face soured hearing her father make a snort-like snore as a reply. Seeing his room in such a mess was worse enough. "Otou-san!" She repeated, putting her hands on her hips, "Hey, wake up you good for nothing!" yelled Mimi as she yanked the covers off.

She took the liberty to start picking up items off the floor and putting them in their respectful places. "You came late home again, didn't you? Is this how you treat me, your only child? I know it's hard for you to comprehend through your hangover, but you should have woken up already! You have a job, remember? It's already noon! Do you want to get fired?"

Mimi's father slowly rose from his bed and looked at his surroundings. Then glanced on his daughter at cracked a smile, "Since when you cared that much?" he asked and lit a cigarette. Mimi groaned and yanked the cigarette away. "Now really," Mimi's father got up from bed and glanced at Mimi, strangly," Is that a way you should act?"

Mimi looked at him with a glare. In a sarcastic tone, she said, "If you would act more like a father, I wouldn't treat you so badly."

Keisuke, Mimi's father, raised a brow at her as she walked out of the room. He started to search his nightstand for another cigarette. His search was shortly interrupted by his daughter.

With a body behind the frame of the door, Mimi spoke with her head in the middle of the doorway. "I'm going to visit the school. I'll be back in a couple of hours." She then continued to walk down the hall towards the stairs.

"Visit the school?" Keisuke quickly left the room and followed his daughter down the stairs. "What do you mean you'll visit the school? I-I thought you'll start tomorrow?" asked her father in question still following his daughter towards the door.

Mimi slipped into her shoes as she responded, "I wanna see it, and get the feel of it." Once the pair was on her feet, looked at her father and said with a hint of confusion in her voice. "Besides they called me yesterday and told me to come by, so they can explain things. Whatever that means."

"Suit yourself," Keisuke shrugged. "Mimi don't get in trouble please. I'm starting to like this neighborhood." He joked giving his daughter a small grin.

Mimi chuckled slight before shaking her head. "Ja, otou-san." She quickly peaked him on the cheek before walking out the door. "Itekimasu(2)!"

"Iterashai(3)," he waved to the now closed door. It was hard to believe that they were back in Japan, their homeland. Only until five days ago, Mimi and Keisuke had lived in America. Because of Keisuke's occupation, since she was 8, Mimi had never lived in a home for more than six months. Her mother had died some years ago. As an attempt in trying to forget such a sad memory, they moved to a number of places.

'I must be crazy to allow myself to move back here.' Their new life starts here. In their hometown, Odiba, where things weren't the same as they were before.

"Dammit, I need coffee." Keisuke talked to himself as he walked away from the door.

'Wow,' thought Mimi seeing the school's size. She knew that the school was huge, but she had never imaged it to be that huge. She noted the buildings to be designed with wide glass windows. 'Maybe it's to help create the illusiion of a big school.'

The school was known for it's prestigious programs. Whether a student wanted to major in art, science, or physical education, the school had high ranks. They guaranteed that their students would get into the top schools and had the scores to prove it. They had their own faculty/administration building, their own swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and it's own soccer field. Surprisingly, that is not the end of the list. Amongst other things, they also have a separate building for the library and theater/auditorium, and a center for club and sports offices.

Every now and then, she looked at the map she had printed from the school's website. As Mimi walked into halls, students would be staring at her. Mimi felt no panic, after all she is the transfer student. But something was definitely off.

After nearly twenty minutes of browsing, Mimi looked closely at the students. They all seemed to be wearing two different uniforms. Trying to decipher why the need of having two uniforms, she stumbled to a tall man with blue hair, and glasses. He grabbed Mimi by the shoulders to prevent herself from stumbling any more forward. Mimi looked at him for a while, trying to read this stranger. Though he processed black spools as eyes, it illuminated kindness and reliability.

He released her shoulder and formally bowed and said, "Konichiwa! I'm Jyou Kido, the school's doctor. By the slightly dazed look, you must be the new transfer student, Mimi, am I correct?" He smiled as she brought a finger up to push his glasses back into place.

"Depends... what did you hear... about me?" said Mimi still looking at the students staring at her. Jyou noticed her stares and decided to reveal all in good time.

"Let's take a stroll, shall we?" Jyou guided the young girl down the hall. He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked at his brown loafers. "You know," He stared off the conversation as his head turned wards her, "Our school doesn't except alot of transfer students, but it seems that the principal must really see some potential in you."

"Either that or my dad must have donated a wing to this already big school," she stated under her breath with a sour tone.

Jyou chuckled slightly hearing her remark. It's always the pretty ones that seem to have a sour disposition.

"Sensei, I have a question," said Mimi looking at her shoes, as they continued to walk. "They said this is a no uniform in this school but when I saw all these students..."

"I'll explain later," said Jyou changing the subject.

'Strange though,' thought Mimi and looked at the two sets of people wearing different uniforms not talking to each other,' It looks like they are wearing two different types of uniforms, black and white. Hm... maybe that's a rule that doesn't really apply to me yet, or maybe it's a fad.' As Mimi meant to walk aside Jyou, she continued to stare at the student body. Beacuse of this, Jyou started to wander off and rant without knowing that Mimi had just left his sight. 'Regardless, it's a fad I'm willing to break. Black and White seem so bland.'

She accidentally collided into another body. Papers flown and fluttered. Two bodies landed on their bottoms. Mimi rubbed her sore behind and let out an, "Ite!(4)" She looked at the scene and grunted to herself. 'Great. I'm already off to having a shitty start in this school.'

"Gomen,(5) gomen." She said picking up the papers that had fallen. "I wasn't paying attention! Here you go," As she hand the papers, the boy looked at the pile very hard. Short after, his blue eyes raised towards hers. He continued to stare in a manner that Mimi thought it was creepy.

'Woah, buddy, what's with all the glaring?' Mimi processed in her mind, "Ano-"

"Mimi," asked the blue-eyed boy.

Mimi couldn't help but ask, " do you know my name?"

She tried to remember the deep blue eyes he had, and the spiky blond hair that must as well be a porcupine. Nothing was registering. There was never a time she had met someone with eyes like his. It was deep; deep with loneliness and regret. Whatever it means, all Mimi could tell is that these eyes, this person wants to escape, and he is begging Mimi to help.

"Is there somethin' wrong, Ishida-kun?"

Mimi broke out of her gazed a saw another student staring at her. She started to stutter as she looked at him then back to the blue-eyed man, then at the papers she meant to return. Mimi shoved the pile at the man, then stood up and dusted herself.

The one named Ishida-kun stood up and dusted himself in small places before replying to his acquaintance. "Daijoubu(6), Izumi."

"Hey You!" The red-head student, known as Koushiro Izumi, called to Mimi. "You must be the new gray! Tell me, what class are you in?"

"What? Gray? " asked Mimi. "Listen, buddy, I have a name. I'm Mimi Tachikawa. I just transfered here." stated Mimi with a little salute with a small smile. Unfortunately, they did not find it amusing. 'Tough crowd...'

"Oh! You're that transfer student." stated red head with a hint of amusement in his voice. "They say you have a lot of potential if the principal was able to allow you to transfer here."

"So I've heard," Mimi retorted.

"Oh, I'm Koushiro Izumi , the vice president of the student council and this is Yamato Ishida, the president."

She glanced at the one he called Ishida again. 'Holy crap! Why does this little punk keep staring at me?!'

"Tachikawa!" Jyou called walking toward to the trio. "I didn't mean to loose you back there. I sort of realized that I lost you once we--well, I got to the tennis court. Let's go. There's more we have to see."

"Oh, coming! It was nice meeting you!" waved Mimi leaving Koushiro and Yamato staring at her.

'That student body president was strange...' Thought Mimi, 'Maybe he knows he through the gossip is going around.' Her curious attitude quickly changed when she remembered where the source of the gossip was coming from. 'Damn you, otou-san.'

"What's wrong with you, Ishida?" asked Koushiro. Yamato didn't reply. He just stared at Mimi walk with Jyou towards the green of the campus. "Is there something I should know or worry about?"

Yamato waited several seconds before replying, "Don't worry about it. It doesn't really concern you." He said and walked towards the student council office in the student center. "Com'on. We have a meeting and Sora is probably waiting for us." Koushiro knew that this was Yamato's way for saying the conversation ends here.

As Jyou lead her towards the center of the campus, Mimi noticed the segregation between the black uniformed and white uniformed. Not only did they not interact with each other, but they would glare, a fiery, wholesome, loathing glare. But trying to be polite, Mimi just kept her mouth shut. Soon Mimi had to ask, "Um...Sensei? I seriously think there's something wrong with this school."

"Now you notice," mumbled Jyou.

"Ah, Kido-sensei! You have an important message in the office."

"Un, I'll be there." Jyou answered. He looked back at Mimi, then the slowly disappearing colleague. He already waisted time before. It was sort of unfair to her. But then again, this is an important message. She can venture off herself, right? "Tachikawa, why don't you look around the green, okay? I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

She looked at him hesitantly. The last time he wandered away from her, she met a potentiality crazy student. Yet knowing her luck, Mimi shrugged to herself, 'What are the odds of that happening again?' She nodded her head and made a strong, "Un..."

"I'll be right back!" She heard Jyou yell back before he disappeared back into the building.

Mimi turned around and started to walk in a circle around the building. She noticed the segregation again. More yelling and idle threats. Mentally, she could compare their petty fits and arguments to be similar to kids in a school playground.

'Jeez, what is up with with school?' thought Mimi looking at the people in white and black again, 'This school is really strange. They fight like little kids!' AFter making a full circle around the building, Mimi stopped to look at the view of their soccer field. 'I hope Otou-san didn't apply me to grade school. Then again, in the condition he is in, maybe he did.' as a sweatdrop came to her mind to the mere thought of the father.

Mimi sighed at watched the players argue. Suddenly they felt something up against her back. "DON'T MOVE! This is the real thing, Missie. So put your hands up," cried the person reaching into Mimi's purse.

'Is he holding a gun to my back?! I'm getting robbed on my first day?!' Thought Mimi almost in shock. 'Okay, calm down, I'll just wait for Kido-sensei to come, but that might take a while. So what do I do?'

"Don't try to be a hero." Mimi heard him curtly reply. "If you value your life and your--hopefully--virgin body, I suggest you stand still." Mimi felt the man's hands ruffle things in her purse. 'Crap. What do I do? Oh, the act of defense! Maybe kicking him will work!'

"Hey, for a girl, you don't carry around useful things to steal!" cried the man and Mimi moved down and kicked him in the stomach! All you can hear was - kuh from his voice!

"Damn, y-you kicked m-me in the s-stomach!" cried the man holding his gut to soothe it's pain.

"Well, duh, you want another one," yelled Mimi getting in position. "I may look fragile, but I can kick your ass if I have to."

"Nope, I'm okay," sprang up the dude, "So, you're Tachikawa?" he exclaimed while looking at her ID card in her wallet that he took from her purse. "You're that student everyone is talking about then! Your name is so cute, Mimi."

"Give me that!" she yelled and swiped her wallet back. She dusted the item off this man's germs. "For a man who got kicked in the gut, you sure are strong for being able to get back up like that."

"'Cause I'm superman!" yelled the man, flexing his muscles. Mimi gave him a disgusted look. The man looked at her back, yet this time there was a small smirk on his face. "And you could be my superwoman." He said trying to sound as cool and as casual as he could get.

"No thanks. I decline." Mimi raised her hand and turned her heel, facing the opposite direction. 'I might as well look for Sensei myself.'

"Wha-why-cho-chotto(7)!" She heard the man exclaim rushing towards her. He cut her in front and looked at Mimi with apologetic eyes, "Why not? I think we'd make a pretty good pair."

"Sorry, but I dig pervs." Mimi said as if she was trying to catch his lingo. "Let alone perverted old men trying to pick up teenage girls."

"Chotto, perverted old man?" The kid raised a brow. "I'll have you know that I'm probably almost the same age as you. I'm a student here too, ya know."

"I still decline." Mimi said continuing to walk away.

The kid turned to look at Mimi's back. By the way he moving his hands, Mimi could tell that he was running out of things to say. "Is it the nickname?" He heard Mimi grunt as she continued to walk faster. Then he caught up with her and continued talking, "If it is the nickname, I could change it! I don't mind! Um-uh--Palmon! Yes, sounds nice!"

Mimi stopped. "Palmon?" She looked at the student. "I don't even know you and you gave me a stupid nickname? I've only met you for twenty minutes and you gave me a stupid nickname? Who are you to even have the right to give me a nickname?" asked Mimi then thought, 'This guy is nuts!'

"Gasp!" The little punk responded with in a mocking tone. "You don't know me? The nicest guy at this whole school?"

"I'm a transfer student," Mimi sighed, feeling like she would have to make the same statement to for the rest of the day, "I wouldn't know..."

"Oh, right! No wonder! Normally, everyone knows the lovable choco-headed me of the Grays!" He said with a wide grin.

Mimi shook her head, "Gray?"

"Gray is one of three social groups in the school. They are people who wear normal civilian clothes. You've probably seen the two uniforms..."

Mimi nodded.

"People who wear white are part of the White social group. And people wearing black are part of the Blank one. You see White is composed of the highly elite students, whereas the blacks are the lower achieving students. When anyone enrolls in this school, one would have to choose a group. Both the White and Black groups usually fight meaningless fights everyday and every night. And we, as Grays, are the ones who don't want to be part of the whole thing! Makes sense, doesn't it? Gray is a neutral shade between Black and White."

"But why separate?" Mimi had to ask, "There is no benefits for joining one over the other, is there?"

"Nobody knows why they separate. It's the way it was done here. That's all!" The student shrugged.

"I've seen students dressed in either a white uniform or a black one. Aren't there many other Gray students?"

"You'll see why, but you may not like it. But anyway, let's change the subject," The guy trialed off the topic, "I'm Taichi Yagami! Can we be friends, because it's nice to meet you," he finished still with that smirk. Almost like an instant, he gave Mimi a light kiss on her cheek. Mimi's face blushed slightly by his sudden action. The one name Taichi looked at the girl he had just kissed and smile with his eyes. "You know, you're real cute when you get all red like that."

Mimi, feeling that her space was invaded, started to panic and punched Taichi again. She did warn him that, when push-comes-to-shove, she would kick his ass.

All you can hear Taichi as he vanishes the scene saying, "Goo-o-o-o-o-d Pun- ch-h-h-h-h!"

The now furious Mimi went to a wash area turned the faucet and started splashing her face with water. She looked at the drips that had started to drip from the hair that touched her forehead and the distorted reflection of herself on the puddle of water on the bottom of the sink. Thinking to herself, 'Ew! What a jerk! I can't believe he tried to take of advantage of me like that! Are all Japanese people like this since I left?' Mimi looked at herself once more on the puddle. She snapped out of her daze once she noticed that the water had went down the drain.

Mimi sighed. 'There are probably one of those things that can't be helped,' she acknowledged mentally. She looked in her purse said out loud, "Damn! He took my handkerchief!"

A moment passed when a hand was extended with a handkerchief. Mimi's eyes followed the arm and was surprised to see that the hand belonged to the strange president, Yamato. Mimi, a little hesitant to react, thanked him and wiped her face. She started thinking off how serious his face had looked and how the eyes wouldn't move to any other direction. It was obvious that he was popular but she thought he was kinder than the pervert from before.

'Maybe he's one of those tortured souls that just want to extend their helpless hand to someone and pour out their kind, sensitive fustrations.'

"Um...thanks again. I'll return this to you, but I'll wash again before I return it to you! You're Yamato Ishida , right? Is it okay if I can call you Yama-kun?"

"I'm Ishida Yamato..."

"Okay?" Mimi tried to ignored the comment. "Can I-"

"Ishida Yamato,"

"Come again?"

"Ishida YAMATO!"

"Okay! I know your name now!" Mimi responded with a sweatdrop. "Is there something wrong?"


"Screw with your...?" asked Mimi thinking, 'Did he just said what I think he said?'

"STOP IT! Don't tell me you have already forgotten! I haven't forgotten for a day! You better remember tommorrow!" The blonde student glared at Mimi before leaving the scene.

So much for a kind, sensitive frustration. 'What the hell was that?' Mimi looked at her surroundings. Was all that a ruse? Or was he seriously mentally insane?

Mimi sat at nearby stairs with her legs and arms crossed.'This is a school of sickos. I-I don't even know him, and he verbally attacks me! Now, I know what they mean by don't judge by a book by it's cover.'

"What kind of school did I enroll in?"

"A cool one!" She heard a all-too-familiar voice say. She looked up to see the chocolate headed Tacihi hovering over her with that stupid grin of his.

"I'm not in the mood," Mimi groaned turning her gaze towards something else.

Soon Taichi came around and faced her head on. He crouched in front of Mimi and rested his elbows on his knees while his fists supported his chin. He looked straight at her in the eyes and said, "What were you and Ishida talking about?" Mimi glared right back at him.

'Man, I feel like kicking him in the face right about now.' Mimi mentally ranted. "Listen, don't you have anything else to do? I'm sure you have a lot of other activities to worry about."

"But you're the activity I'm interested in right now." Taichi grinned.

"I have pepper spray and I'm not afraid to use it." Mimi glared.

Taichi laughed. "You're so cute when you glare. Your cheeks puff up slightly and you turn a bit red." Mimi quickly moved her faze to something else. Taichi, being the persistent person he is, faced Mimi once more. "Aww...why are you so mad at me? Was it the kiss I gave you? It wasn't like that was your first kiss, right?"

Mimi blushed in crimson red, "It was? I gave a first kiss to a complete virgin!"

That caused Mimi to grow redder and started to yell, "Go to hell, you asshole!" Mimi got up and started to walk. She didn't care where she was going or if Jyou would ever find her. 'Now I'm really certain, I don't want to go to this school.'

"Oh, Palmon!" Taichi stated grabbing her hand, "I got a piece of advice for you, Palmon!"

Mimi gave an even heavier glare than usual. "Don't. Ever. Touch. Me. Again!" Mimi grabbed her hand back and put ani-bacterial.

"Will you just listen to me?"

"Why should I?" Mimi continued to walk, "You didn't listen to me when I said leave me alone."

"First of all," Taichi imitated a diva attitude, "you never specifically said leave me alone, and second of all, this is helpful advice from a friend: Don't get yourself involved with the mystery known as Yamato Ishida."

"Why not?"

"Because the blacks and the whites have a leader. Ishida...he's the leader of the White group."

"That doesn't mean anything," Mimi mumbled the thought.

Taichi ruffled a hand through his hair, "By getting involved with him, you're just asking for trouble to come along..."


Mimi's head turned towards the source of the sound. "What was that?"

"That?" Taichi asked almost like you'll-hear-a-lot-of-it-eventually. "That's probably another kid getting beat up again." Mimi's eyes widened and ran to the source of the scream. Taichi shoved his hands in his pockets and followed the girl.

Mimi's running steps soon became a step or two as it came to a stop. Taichi stopped once was close to her. His eyes followed Mimi's as they found to a boy in a black uniform kicking a boy in a white uniform. Mimi, being so speechless at such an action, couldn't stand the sight!

"Oh my God!" She breathed through her lips as she felt goosebumps emitting through out her body. She felt her body shake, as half a minute passed by. She curtly turned her acquaintance and glared, "You gotta help him! Sure, you are... maybe...slightly...scrawny, but still you should be manly enough to help!" Mimi explained.

"First of all, this happens all the time, and second of all, I'm happen to workout! A LOT!" said Taichi.

Mimi's face flipped to the scene run to the scene that occupied her attention. She shook her head, "Something's gonna be done."

With those words said, Mimi ran to help as fast as she could. Taichi tried to grab Mimi's wrist, but, like missing a petal that fell from the sky, he failed to touch it. All Taichi could do was call her, "Oi, Palmon... Mi-chan!"

"Say you're sorry," the black-uniformed student smirked as his grip tightened, "Better yet, say you're prayers!" With a sadistic smile, the student raised the arm with the pipe in his tight grip high.

"Yamete (8)!!" Just in time, Mimi made an attempt to tackle the guy down. Though she was somewhat unsuccessful, she was able to throw him somewhat off balanced.

"Who the hell are you?" He threw Mimi off of him casing her to roll on the floor. He flared his light blue eyes. "What is your problem, lady?! You wanna get dragged into this too?!" He turned his back on Mimi and faced his target once more. Once he turned though, his target ran off. "Shit!"

Frankly, Mimi was extremely shocked, but, at the same time,mad. Someone just saved his damn life and all the guy does in return was run. Bastard.

The boy turned back to Mimi. He glared dimming down the color of his eyes. "Fuck!" He yelled bringing the pipe high, ready to strike. All the adrenaline of the battle caused Mimi's legs to freeze and her intuitions to slow down. 'Damn, the time I decide to be a heroine is the time I can't think straight.' She shut her eyes quickly, granting any pain that was in store of her.

Instead of pain, she heard the sound of the pipe's vibration. It must have hit something. When she opened her eyes, she saw a funny hair that reminder of...


Taichi felt on his knees and started yelling while rubbing the pain inflicted on his body. Mimi's brows frowned seeing the poor boy move in various position to soften the ache. All this time she had thought that this crazy kid was trying to get in her pants. Instead, he makes a complete 180-change and takes a blow for her. Feeling remorse, she started treating Taichi.

"So...Yagami! Who's this Monkey?" asked the Black.

"MONKEY?" Mimi said in shock.

" A new gray perhaps?" continued the black with a hint of laughter in his voice.

"He just called me a monkey!" Mimi looked at Taichi.

"She's a transfer student, Takeru," said Taichi blocking her, "And I like her, so you better not touch her!"

"Why would I, that little monkey?" asked Takeru in tears of laughter, "Let me tell ya, transfer student, The rules of this school! When you enter this school, follow a group, as soon as you do, follow the leader, that means don't stand out, don't talk back, and, of course, don't complain. Stick to the plan, and no one gets hurt. You know what I'm saying... mo-nn-key?" He said in syllables in a mocking tone.

Taichi was about to respond, however resented when he saw the flare in Mimi's eyes. The cute and fun-to-pick-on Mimi soon became a fiery she-man that no one wants to mess with.

"Listen to me, you little piece of shit!!" Mimi raising to her feet while glaring her eyes at Takaru, "Who the fuck made up these stupid rules? There's no point on what you people are doing. You're all a bunch of Sickos with a capital S! And second of all, I am not a monkey! I DO HAVE BREASTS!" Mimi stated pointing to it. "So listen here, buddy," Mimi said walking up to Takeru with her index finger perfectly erect. "There is no way--I repeat, no way in hell I'm going to listen to you or any other idiot in the school who tells me how I should act. I'm an independent women and I don't succumb myself to anyone, especially someone-like-you."

There was a sound of single person clapping in the background. All heads turned to the source of the sound. Strangely enough the source was coming out of the palm of Yamato's hand. He had a small smirk on his face. "Seems like you're loosing your touch, Takaishi. You're leadership skills are getting worse."

"Funny, I was thinking about the same thing about you."

'So, he's the leader of the Blacks!' Mimi groaned thinking of the thought. Judging the way they were staring at each other, it was obvious.

"Yagami!" Taichi snapped back and looked at Mimi. "Is there a leader of the Grays?" asked Mimi.

In reply Taichi shook his head and said, "We are basically one and the same." After he said this, he came to realize what this had meant. "Chotto, Pal-"

"I want to be a gray then!" Mimi squeeled causing Taichi to cause an impact between his forehead and his palm. "People who don't need leaders is the group for me! Besides, I'm not too found of the idea of a uniform." she exclaimed with such pride. Yet, with everyone in pure shock and Takeru laughing in the background, she wondered she had done the right thing.

"Don't make me laugh! Please!" Takeru chuckled holding his stomach, "You'll regret it transfer student, you will."

"I won't!" Mimi said turning around heading home, "Oh, stop calling, transfer student, the name's Tachikawa Mimi! Remember it!"

"Wait up, Palmon!" yelled Taichi running after.

Mimi just punched in the head, "Don't ever call me that again!" Taichi rubbed his head, remembering that Takeru just had hit him there earlier. "Taichi," Mimi started her sentence not looking at him. Taichi glanced at her and was speechless when she added, "Arigatou."

Taichi stood still. She was thanking him? He watched her run off, away from the school's entrance. She turned around and looked at him with a little smile. What was originally meant to be a cute moment, soon turned slightly sour when she motioned her finger to cause her right eye bang to sink and her tongue hang out. Then for after a moment, she was gone.

Takeru and Yamato stared at each other just before Mimi had left. Takeru took a few looks at Yamato before smirking himself, "Com'on, guys. If we stick around, we might end up vomiting our lunches." With that said, Takeru turned and led his group one way while Yamato led his in the opposite direction.

'So, that is the Mimi Tachikawa...' Takeru laughed to himself as he continued to walk away from the scene. 'This school just seems to get better and better.'

"Hey, Taichi!" asked Jyou looking around as the crowd cleared up, "Where's Mimi?"

"Hey, Sensei!" waved Taichi for a high five, "Mimi just left. Funny thing is I think she left a mark on this school."

"Really?" asked Jyou changing his angle, "So, I'm assuming she chose a side. Is she a Black or White?"

"Neither," stated Taichi with a smile as an image of her came to his head, "She turned out to be a Gray!"

"A Gray?" Jyou repeated with a shock. "Interesting." Jyou glanced toward his student and bumped an elbow to him, "Careful, Taichi. This one's a firecracker. I can feel it from my doctor-like senses."

"Wakateru, demo...(9)" Taichi's sentence paused midway, causing Jyou to glance at Taichi again except through the corner of his eye. "I think that's what this school needs anyway."

Jyou smirked moving his eyes towards the entrance. He nodded, "Un... I think you're right."

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(1) Father!
(2) I'm off!
(3) An expression usually meaning that the speaker is wishing someone off, almost like 'Be safe.'
(4) Ouch!
(5) Sorry
(6) I'm alright/okay.
(7) Wait
(8) Stop
(9) I know. But...