An idea that has been brewing for a few weeks mixed with some hardcore insomnia. Basically quite a few of my readers bitch about me writing fem!Harry stories and so few cannon Harry's, so I decided, why not both? Read and review folks, I'm gonna try to get some sleep.

Hermione Granger knew something was up when her closest, dearest friend had mailed her a letter through the muggle post asking her to meet with him in a coffee shop in muggle London.

It was their method of completely bypassing magical observation and scrutiny after all, unlike with the telephone listening charms were useless to intercept, and magicals simply ignored any post that wasn't sent by owl.

Was it really any wonder that both of the muggle raised war veterans looked down on the society they were drawn into? For Circe's sake the magical world still thought the moon was made out of cheese! That little revelation had Harry fall into hysterics as he landed on the floor laughing at the Weasley patriarch thus earning him some enmity with the clan, not that he cared.

Really it was just another reason to not restart his relationship with Ginny, something he hadn't wanted to do to begin with. Hermione honestly didn't blame him, Ginny may have been her friend but seriously insisting that the two of them were soul mates after dating a few months when he was sixteen was completely ridiculous.

Especially since Harry would be the first one to point out he was essentially a highly functional sociopath thanks to their now deceased Headmaster's manipulations, and there had only ever been four people to get past his shields to see the real him.

Three of them were dead, Sirius, Remus, and Tonks, so it fell to Hermione to look after the most important person in her life aside from her parents, and while the Weasleys cared for him they just didn't get him.

Harry didn't understand love in the traditional sense, it wasn't that he didn't embrace it, but he just didn't get it, all thanks to being forced to live with the Dursleys and their warped view on what was 'normal'.

Sirius, an outcast from his family, Remus, an outcast from society for an affliction he had never wanted, and Tonks. Oh Tonks, the metamorphmagus daughter of an outcast pure-blood witch who had been so terrifyingly sadistic Voldemort himself had never gone after her.

They had all understood Harry and his being practically socially retarded. Then they had died for Harry, because they loved him.

And so had Hermione, the unwanted know it all, the teachers pet, the beaver faced bitch shunned by her peers for being smarter and faster all in an attempt to make themselves feel less inadequate. Yet Harry gave his limited understanding of love to her, just as he had to his cousin, uncle, and godfather.

Was it any surprise these four had understood Harry better than any other?

Sighing Hermione finally found her target spotting him through the pane glass of a high end coffee shop, staring at his drink in contemplation, completely ignoring the interested looks from the women passing him by. Steeling herself for what was likely going to either be a rant or a revelation of some incredible threat to, well, something they both cared about, she entered the cafe and primly sat across from her best friend.

After removing her knit hat and scarf Hermione wrapped them around her gloves and placed them on the window sill beside her before turning to Harry, who still hadn't acknowledged her presence. She knew how to handle this though and simply waited for her friend to pull himself out of his reveries and did her best to remain patient.

Eventually a waitress approached her and she ordered tea and a scone, turning back towards Harry she continued to wait until he finally spoke.

"It's been five years, you know?"

Oh, Hermione knew.

"Yes, it has."

Harry smiled at that while tilting his head to the side, "Nothings changed though, nothing at all. Those of us who grew up in the real world are still looked down on, sometimes with disdain, mostly with pity, and it's disgusting. There are six billion people on this rock, and less than twenty million of them have magic, yet they insist on the fact that being able wave a stick and turn a couch into an antelope makes us better than those who cannot."

True, the equal rights movements were Hermione's brain child after all.

"On the same note," Harry continued, "women only got the right to vote within the past century, yet in the magical world it had never had a divide. When every little witch is just as capable of boiling your blood or liquefying your organs as any little wizard, sexism kinda falls on the wayside yeah?"

Hermione smirked at that, "When society is not defined by those who can swing a sword the hardest, equalization becomes the norm. Plus witches can be far scarier than wizards."

Harry laughed, "No dispute on that here. That wasn't my point though, muggle society for the most part, the magical world stagnant, but both have moved in different manners that benefit everyone in the end. But...but everything is so backwards still."

Hermione realized at this point that Harry had been rambling this entire time, and decided to lance the boil so to speak, "Harry what is really on your mind?"

Harry glared at her freshly arrived scone a few moments before finally replying, "I'm sick of my life, Hermione. Everyone I have ever loved is dead except for you, Sirius, Remus, Nym, they're gone and there isn't anything I can do about it. We had Teddy but...but after that last assassination attempt on me Andromeda had snatched him up and disappeared into the masses."

Her heart clenched a bit when Harry rested his face in his hands and muttered, "And I respect her beyond all words for doing so." Sitting up straight again he smiled at her while shaking his head slowly, "I'm poison to those I care about Mia, I only get them hurt."

"Harry that isn't true you-"

"Then you don't have 'Mudblood carved into your arm?!" He snapped this out so fast that Hermione could only snap her mouth shut and glower at her sulking friend.

Eventually she collected herself enough to respond, "I followed you on my own free will, I protected you on my own free will. Just like your Godfather, just like Remus, just like Tonks, we chose to protect you. Don't you dare try to take that from us with your self imposed martyr complex."

Harry stared at her a few moments before wilting, "Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. It's just taking care of Teddy the past few years... Well, it had been all that was keeping me sane, and I was sort of... Ugh, feeling responsible for Andi. Without them to look after what's the point of going on? The Weasley's outside of George and Bill won't talk to me anymore since I won't hook back up with Ginny, Neville is doing his own thing at Hogwarts, and Luna is off being..."

"Luna?" Hermione finished with an amused lilt, which only had Harry grinning in return.

"Yeah, so I was at a loss as what to do with my life. I don't care about the magical world, at all, thanks to Dumbledore making sure I grew up without it, really it was an escape from the Dursleys thus why I latched onto it as vehemently as I did. The muggle world, hell Mia I don't know anything about it thanks to the Statute of Secrecy and the whole being forced to be the magical worlds war hero."

He sighed, "I had been looking into things for awhile, reading through the Black library, trying to find something that would make me, you know, hate life a bit less and I found something a bit off the wall yet quite interesting."

Hermione perked up at the idea of new knowledge as she cocked her head to the side, "Oh?"

Harry nodded slowly, "It's a ritual that will send you someplace where you are most needed, where you can make a difference in one persons life and give yourself a fresh start. The kicker? It was written by a woman who insisted she was from an alternate world and had been sent here to right a wrong and thrive for it."

Hermione was silent for a few moments before worrying her lip and glanced to the side before whispering out, "You're going to perform that ritual, aren't you?"

"Yes, but... I was going to ask if you wanted to come along?"


Harry's brows furrowed slightly as he tilted his head, "Because you're the only person I have left that I care about enough to keep me here. Don't get me wrong, Luna, Nev, Ron, George, they all matter to me but...but they hadn't stood by my side every step of the way like you have."

He sighed in frustration as he glanced out the window before continuing, "You're the only person I've ever loved who hasn't judged me, even a little, for being as broken as I am."

"Harry you're not-"

"Spare me," he snapped out meeting her gaze evenly, "You and I both know I'm unstable, I was never meant to survive the war. I was supposed to die as Dumbledore's toy soldier, a lamb raised only for sacrifice. There were no contingencies in place for me to actually survive Tom and Albus's pissing match, and the end result is someone who can barely function in society. Someone so Morrigan damned famous he can't even use the loo without getting swarmed by the press, and has to resist the impulse to kill them all.

"Mia, I. Am. Not. Right. And I get that, it's why I plan leaving for good, going so far away no one will ever be able to find me. All that being said, I'm letting you know in my own round about way that... That I care about you more than any other living person and I wanted you to know I gave you the option to follow, regardless of the fact I knew you wouldn't."


"You still have your parents Mia, you still have Ron, now that he finally pulled his head out of his arse and is actually putting that strategic savant thing to good use with the Aurors. You have a future, but... but I had to be selfish. I had to at least ask you if you'd follow me down the rabbit hole."

Hermione sniffed and wiped a tear from the corner of her eye as she shook her head slowly, "Oh Harry.."

He smiled sadly as he stood up and briefly leaned down to kiss her brow, "You're the most brilliant woman I know, you are the only reason I'm still alive, and if Ron hadn't already won your heart, well... There are far worse witches for a bloke to fall in love with. The Black's old townhouse is left in your name, along with a good chunk of their money, Sirius would probably find it absolutely hilarious for me to leave it all to a muggleborn. Use it, raise a large family, change the government's policies and most of all..."

He gripped her chin lightly as he tilted her head up to meet her teary chocolate brown eyes, "Be happy, if for no other reason than to make me happy. Ok?"

Hermione lost it there, she began crying and wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and he held her in turn, fully expecting this response. She held onto him for a solid five minutes, earning quite a few stares that Harry had to glare down before she finally let him go.

Sniffling she lowered her head and muttered out, "You do the same, you hear me Harry Potter?"

He raised a brow in return as he replied with, "Umm, what do you mean?"

She lifted her head and gave him a determined glare, "Be happy, enjoy your life, do something that brings you contentment, and never let anyone manipulate you again."

Harry smirked at that and pulled his best, most loyal, most loving friend into one last tight hug before whispering out, "Yes ma'am," earning him a swat at the back of his head.

Harry just laughed.

The ritual had been complex, slightly ridiculous, and a tad bit humiliating, thankfully anyone who could have ribbed him for it was the next universe over so Harry tried to not let it bother him. Getting his bearings he looked about before noticing a street sign.

"Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me, I was sent to hell wasn't I? Hermione will never stop berating me for this one..."

Glaring at the 'Privet Drive' sign Harry sighed and stomped down the sidewalk while he tried to figure out exactly what had gone wrong to teleport him to this whitewashed corner of inanity when he heard a child cry.

"O...k..." glancing down the road he hurried his gait a bit before coming to a stop before a house, glancing at the postbox lettering he felt his throat tighten a bit as he walked up to the front stoop of the home and stared down at the blanket wrapped form before him.

Gently plucking up the letter resting upon the child Harry quickly read it and soon felt pure unadulterated rage wash over him, eventually he forced a smile on his face while meeting the emerald gaze of the child before him.

"Well...Harriet is a terrible name now isn't it little lady me from another reality? Well... mum was named Lily, our aunt was named Petunia, and our grandmother Marigold so... Well... If we're starting fresh, how would you like to be Violet?"

The swaddled toddler before him made a happy cooing noise, and Harry could only grin as he pulled the Girl-Who-Lived into his arms and apparated away an instant later.

It would be well over a decade later that the magical world realized their "Savior" was nothing like what one Albus Dumbledore claimed her to be,and that she was in fact raised to be the most dangerous witch seen in the last few centuries.

Harry was just content with knowing that his Godfather would find the entire situation absolutely hilarious.