So massive time jump but that was to be expected, yes Harry and Bella are going to be getting up to mischief but I will be focusing on Rose quite a bit as she deals with culture shock and the fact that she is very unhappy with her current situation. Also Sirius hooking up with a Kitsune has me both laughing and cowering in a corner in abject terror, it should be fun. Anyway, this was certainly an insomnia chapter but rest assured, there will be silliness and siriousness throughout the rest of the story. Enjoy!

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Simple, appeasement, Harry and Bellatrix are still searching out the last Horcrux while Dumbledore and Tom are fixating on their daughter. They have every faith in themselves to keep her safe and while annoyed they are upsetting her it's a necessary sacrifice to make sure that she is freed from fate and destiny. Is it fair? No, but it's the best they can do while they work against the odds.

May 20, 1991

Ten year old Rose Potter was rubbing the bridge of her nose as she entered the ancient hallowed halls of Mahoutokoro School of Magic and couldn't help but grimace when her best friends spotted her and quickly fell into her wake.

It was not their presence that bothered her, it was the fact that Rin and Sheena would ask questions and-

"So someone looks a bit upset, what's wrong Sakura?"

Rose rolled her eyes at that, have a flower themed name and a cherry wood wand and you were practically doomed with the moniker.

"It's my sisters, Jazz and Cassie got into my closet again and were dressing themselves up when I walked in on them, I yelled at them, then they accidentally caught my wardrobe on fire."

Rin blinked at that, "Wow, could your clothes be repaired?"

Rose's eye twitched.

"No...mum and dad both tried, apparently it was an accidental curse..."

Sheena shook her head at that, "Your family just..."

Rose sighed, "I know...being aligned with Dark magic may be frowned upon here but we really have no control over it or what it does after the fact."

Truthfully Rose wasn't really that annoyed with Jasmine and Cassiopeia, what was annoying her was that the school year was about to end and that meant next term she had to go to Hogwarts.

She had been attending Mahoutokoro since she was seven, had made many friends, had learned much about magic, and at the end of the day she would return to her family home on the outskirts of Tokyo.

She liked her life split between visiting Britain and France while living in Japan, and was not at all happy about the prospect of spending nine months out of the year boarding in a school in the middle of flipping nowhere Scotland.

She had grown up walking the bustling streets of London, the fashion districts of Paris, the brilliant bright lights of Tokyo, and she was going to be sent off to a bloody school she had no interest in surrounded by strangers she had no desire to even know, much less tolerate.

"You're brooding," Rin said shooting her a sad smile.

"I know," Rose muttered.

Sheena threw an arm around her shoulders while shooting her a slightly forced smile, "It won't be that bad, we'll still have the summers and we can always use your dad's communication mirrors right?"

Rose dropped her head and nodded, "Yeah, just... Mum and dad usually let me do what I want, but they're forcing me to do this...and...and I think they don't want to actually do it. Just that...they have no choice in the matter? It's so confusing..."

Rin tilted her head to the side at that, "Did you ask them about it?"

Rose scoffed, "Yeah, of course..."

"Annnnd?" Sheena asked.

"They said it was 'Complicated, unfair, and you have every right in the world to be angry about it.'"

Rin paused a few moments then hesitantly replied with, "Well, at least they aren't lying to you right?"

"Right," Rose muttered in reply, gritting her teeth as she plowed through the last day of her happiness for the next seven years.

Harry rubbed the back of his head as he watched his twin daughters chase after, then be chased by a three tailed kitsune while turning his gaze to his wife who was cuddling their youngest child while rocking in her chair.

"Rose is pissed off."

Bellatrix nodded at that, "She has every right to be, she loves it here."

Harry turned back to his eight year old daughters as they ran away from the now rather sexy woman with three tails flicking about her rear when said woman jumped into the air. Moments before she would land on Cassie she shifted back into the form of a fox and knocked the girl to the ground, licking the girls cheek the fox narrowed its eyes at the now laughing Jazz and took chase after her as she squealed and ran away.

"Naomi is having fun today," Harry commented with a lazy drawl, Bellatrix rolled her eyes at that.

"She loves 'her' kits dearly, and don't deflect the conversation topic, this is a real problem."

Harry sighed at that before nodding, "There isn't anything we can do about it, really. Even if she doesn't attend as Harriet she will need to make an appearance, trust me on this one Dumbledore and all his hangers-on will not rest without the Girl-Who-Lived being present."

Sighing Bellatrix stood as she carried little James to his cradle before turning back to her husband, "I hate it, she is so happy in Japan, sure she loves visiting Britain, but Hogwarts?"

Harry snorted at that, "A girl raised in the shopping districts of Tokyo, Paris, and London being forced to languish in the highlands of Scotland for seven years? Instead of silk kimonos, pop bands, arcades, fashion shows, and rich food she gets to sleep in a drafty castle with no electronics, wear an itchy wool robe, and eat over cooked mutton for damn near a decade?"

Bellatrix cocked her head to the side before nodding slowly, "She'll burn it down by her fourth year."

Harry raised a brow, "I was thinking sixth, explanation?"

Bellatrix shrugged, "Women in our family mature earlier than most, hormones will lead to homicide, speaking from experience here."

"Ah," Harry replied as he glanced back out to the gardens where Naomi was now reading to Cassiopeia and Jasmine, the twin girls sitting happily on her lap with her arms wrapped around them.

"When do you think Sirius and Naomi will finally have kids of their own?"

"When they're ready," Bella stated with a shrug, "Stop changing the subject, Rose, what do we do about the fact she is going to be resenting this entire thing for...ever."

Harry sighed while shaking his head slowly, "Tell her most of the truth, and always be there for her as things progress. We've recovered most of Tom's horcruxes already, all we're missing is the cup which, well..."

"We frankly have no idea where the bloody hell the thing is," Bellatrix said with a sigh and nod.

"Right, so we bide our time, and when we've finally gotten rid of all the anchors, well, Rose will be free and I don't care where she decides to go after that, just as long as she is happy."

Bellatrix stood behind him a moment, then wrapped her arms around his waist pulling Harry close. He eased into her embrace and leaned his head upon hers when she rested her chin on his shoulder.

"Our family will win in the end," she whispered as she stared out at her daughters and sister in law, Harry smiled at that as he turned his head to kiss her brow.

"Of course," there was never any question otherwise.

July 31, 1991

Rin and Sheena shot Rose anguished looks as their best friend stared down at the letter in her hands, her eyes sad, yet her demeanor resigned to what was to come.

Miss Rose Mary Potter

Second Bedroom To the Right

001 Kuro No Kakurega



She let out a tired sigh as she nodded to herself slowly, so it begins...whatever it was...

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