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" " Speech

' ' Thought

Slytherin Reborn

Ch.1 Summer Start

It has been a week into Harry's summer vacation; and so far his so-called family has left him alone. After the order's warning they did not dare do any thing to him. Which didn't bother Harry at all. Since he got back he has done nothing but studying, reviewing all that he has learn in his past five years at Hogwarts.

Today however he is relaxing, since the Dursleys decided to go out of town for the weekend, leaving Harry home alone. The Dursleys didn't want to leave Harry by himself but there was no one to take care of him. They would have asked Mrs. Figg, but she was away for some reason and the Dursleys weren't about to change their plans.

Harry decided to go outside since he didn't have to worry about doing any chores. So far the day was drawing to a close and a peaceful silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive. Harry was the only person left outside lying flat on his back in the back yard.

Harry reflected on the events that had happened to him last year. He thought about Sirius's death. Harry didn't blame himself for Sirius's death. Voldemort had cause his death and Harry was determined to make him pay. Harry swore that he will become stronger and more knowledge in magic, so the next time he faced Voldemort he would be prepared. Which meant he wasn't going to slack off on his studies anymore.

Feeling rested Harry goes back to his room ready to do more studying. Upon entering his room however he is consumed by darkness.

"What now" Harry says as he looks around his surroundings.

Torches in each corner of the room light the dark room he is in. In the center of the room there is a pentagram drawn on the floor. A circle surrounds the pentagram, with strange runes written on the outside of the circle.

"What is this place?"

Suddenly he hears an old wooden door opening and a voice he would like to forget.

"No one is to disturb me while I am in here. Do I make myself clear?" Said the cold, bone chilling voice.

"Yes master." Said Wormtail as the doors closed behind Lord Voldemort.

Harry gasps as he sees Voldemort come towards him. Harry try's to do something, but he couldn't seem to move. Voldemort is inches from Harry now. When he walks by Harry, seeming completely oblivious to Harry's presence.

'He can't see me! This must be another one of my visions.' Harry realizes.

Voldemort now standing in the center of the pentagram pulls out a silver dagger. He starts chanting in a strange language. While he is chanting he takes the dagger and makes a cut on his right palm. The blood from the cut drips on to the floor, on to the very center of the pentagram. Voldemort then steps outside of the pentagram and stands outside the circle, facing inward.

Voldemort stops his chanting and raises his arms into the air; blood dripping from his right hand and the dagger in his left. He then starts talking in a language Harry recognizes. At first he thinks it is English, but then realizes it is actually Parseltongue.

Past and present,

united through blood.

Bring back my ancestor,

so his knowledge may be known again.

Blood of blood,

Return Salazar Slytherin.

Suddenly there is a brilliant flash of light, blinding Harry. Next thing he sees is darkness, before it consumes him he sees his room and then nothing.

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