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Slytherin Reborn

Ch. 3 Taking Action

            Harry awoke refreshed and ready to get on with the day. After everything that happened the previous day he needed the rest. Harry looked out his window and thought about the letter he sent yesterday.

            'My letter should arrive there by now.'


            'I need to know why Voldemort wants to resurrect my past self. But I can't just go up and ask him.' Harry sat at his desk contemplating what action he should take when an idea came to him.

            'I cannot find out what I want directly. I can learn what I want indirectly.' Harry then took out a quill and parchment and began to write. Once he was finished he double-checked his letter.

Dear Dumbledore,

        I had gotten another one of my visions. In the vision I saw Voldemort cast a spell. He was attempting to resurrect Salazar Slytherin. I don't know if he succeeded, because I found myself back in my room before I could see the result of the spell. I know it's not my place, but I had an idea. You can have Voldemort learn that you are aware of his attempt to resurrect Slytherin. Voldemort might reveal something in surprise. I hope the information I've given you proves useful and I'm sure you'll use it to your advantage.


P.S. Please tell everyone I am doing fine.

            'There that should do it.' Harry then folds the letter and hands it to Hedwig.

            "Here you go girl, can you deliver this letter to Dumbledore." Hedwig hoots in response; takes the letter and flies out the window.


'Well there is no need to worry about the letter, I'll get my response soon enough.'

            Harry goes and takes a quick shower. Once he dries himself off, he puts on Dudley's old clothes.

            'I need to buy myself new clothes, but until then these will have to do. However I can adjust these until then.'

            Harry grabs his wand from his desk and holds it in front of him. He shouts his eyes and starts to concentrate. Pulling the magic in his wand and in himself.

            "Magias Hadas" he says. The wand suddenly glows a pale blue hue. His body also is surrounded by the glow. After about a minute the glow fades.

            'There that should prevent the Ministry from detecting the use of my magic.' Harry thinks as a grin forms on his face.

            A young man with brown hair and eyes walks towards Gringotts. No one pays any attention to him, but if people knew who he was there be a different reaction. Harry was enjoying be among wizards and not having them stare at his scar.

            Harry had used his magic to change his appearance and hide his scar. He had also adjusted his muggle clothes so they would fit him better. Which he then put a plain robe over. He then made his glasses invisible, so he would stand out less.

            Harry entered Gringotts and looked for a goblin to help him. He approaches an assistant manger because he didn't want to deal with a regular Gringotts employee.

            "How can I help you sir?" asked the goblin.

            "I like to make a withdraw and exchange some wizard money into muggle money. The account is S12A," said Harry.

            Harry couldn't help but smile at the shock look on the goblin. The number account Harry just said was in the highest security area of Gringotts, but also the most private. There is no name, no key to the account. Very few wizards are aware that such accounts exist. Getting over his shock the goblin calls over another goblin.

            "I need you to take over my post while I help this client." He then leads Harry to a cart. For several minutes the cart twist and turns through the tunnels. Going up and down many tunnels, until it seems to reach a dead end. The goblin then says some words from the Goblin language causing an opening to appear. The cart continues on until it comes to a stop at a vault door.

            The goblin steps out of the cart and unlocks the vault door. Harry then says the spell to open the vault door. The door opens to reveal a vast treasure. Just as the door completely opens a Tatsu dragon blocks the entrance. It's sky blue scales changes in intensity in the light of the torches. It has a serpentine body with three claws on each foot. It is a type of dragon that comes from Japan. Salazar got it to guard his vault, so even if someone else were able to open the vault door they wouldn't be able to get past the dragon. The Tatsu stares into Harry's eyes, then with a nod from the Tatsu, it moves aside allowing entrance for Harry. Harry goes to work by putting all the money he would need into two separate bags. Once finished he exits the vault, sealing it until he would have to return for some more money again. He turns to the goblin and hands him one of the bags of money that he had filled.

            "I would like that money exchanged into muggle currency." Harry said.

            "Of course sir. May I say I'm surprise, the last time this vault was open was a 1,000 years ago. So I didn't expect you to get in and for the dragon to allow you entrance."

            Harry smiled at that, knowing all to well what the dragon is capable of doing to him if he were an intruder. With that thought in his mind, Harry and the goblin rode the cart back.

            Once Harry got his muggle money he headed outside. He went to Madam Malkin's shop buying a variety of robes, so he didn't have to ware his Hogwarts robes. He made a stop at the Apothecary buying every type of ingredient that they had. He got a new trunk: made of dark wood with silver hinges, it had one lock, but it had a number of rooms that could be entered, besides space to store his things. Harry got some furniture to fill up the rooms in his trunk. Harry also made sure to get a Pensieve. 'This should help clear and organize my thoughts'.

            He bought some other items before heading to Flourish and Blotts. Once he got there he got almost every book written since the Founders were alive; he didn't get books that he already have or written by Gilderoy Lockhart. He only got a few books written before the Founders time. Since he knew almost everything there is about magic that had been discovered before his life as Salazar ended. When he got his memories back from his life as Salazar Slytherin, he also got all the knowledge he had gained in that life. However that knowledge didn't cover what had been discovered since then. That's why he was here buying books, so he could learn everything that had been discovered since his life as Salazar.

            Once he bought all the books he wanted, and had them shrunk, he went outside. He then headed to the one place no one would expect to find the Boy Who Lived, Knockturn Alley.