051. Grave



Life and Death follow each other, hand-in-hand.

Stephanie has given Life to another human being, and works now alongside Oracle and Batman, to protect and monitor Gotham's citizens, though she's been underestimated and rejected endlessly.

It would be too easy to label Cassandra as Death — the daughter to the well-known and most feared assassins across the globe; the living weapon.

And it would be wrong.

Of all things, Cassandra represents Life — the one who chose justice and mercy, to witness decay.

Death clings within Stephanie's heart and mind, reminding her of her mistakes, shrouding her past when Black Mask nearly killed her — and yet, Stephanie chose Death, fleeing with Leslie Thompkins, to work through her guilt and naviety.

Life and Death would fall in love, if they could — there's no possibility of one without the other.

It seems silly to think her minor and admiring crush on Cassandra could mean anything by now. She seems more thrilled about punching Stephanie in the jaw, or kicking her ass in general.

More-so than a love confession.

"You weren't very good at hiding it," Cassandra tells her flatly, as Stephanie's perspiring, semi-bruised face goes an ugly, mortified scarlet.

She's probably shouldn't have whispered it like a infatuated, horny loser, with Cassandra's tan, muscle-toned body straddling over hers, three of Cassandra's fingers thrusting gently inside her.

Stephanie's heart flutters with a similarly gentle beat, when Cassandra's expression relaxes and she leans over, pressing a kiss to Stephanie's lips.



DC Comics doesn't belong to me. I used to be obsessed with these two, wow. Back around 2011-2013. They're still PERFECT. Comments/thoughts welcomed!