Summary- Abandoned by those that were supposed to be her family Fem! Harry makes a life for herself. One that she is just really starting to enjoy when the dead wake up hungry for human flesh. So, what happens when this independent Fem! Harry is faced with surviving during the walking dead?

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FemHarry-Hyacinth Potter

Chapter one

A fifteen-year-old Hyacinth could feel a headache building up behind her eyes. One that had been steadily getting worse as time went on and one she knew from experience really wouldn't be disappearing anytime soon; despite how much she may have wished otherwise.

Something that just seemed to make the situation she had found herself in just that much worse. As she realized, with a rather deadpan expression on her face, at what had just happened to her.

Honestly, given everything that had happened to her do far, and after everything she had already been through, it wasn't really that big a thing compared to it all. And if she was being truthful to herself she actually preferred it this way, and would be better off for it in the end; more so when you considered everything that had happened before.

In fact, it wasn't that Hyacinth hadn't expected them to do something like this to happen eventually. Hell, she had thought they would have done it a lot sooner when she had been younger; like they had threatened to do more times than she could count.

But since she had found out she was a witch, she had thought they were too intimidated about both what she could do to them, as well as the reactions of the wizarding world, to actually go through with it; even if at the moment it seemed the wizarding world didn't seem to like her too much.

However, as it turns out Hyacinth had guessed wronged when it came to the reactions of her 'dear' family; at least in the end she had. Because it seemed that after her fifth year, after she had lost her godfather. Not to mention after she had finally defeated Voldemort once and for all; with a powerful emotional magical blast from losing said godfather. Everyone seemed to really wipe their hands of her; like they no longer needed her any longer.

The biggest one of this, or at least the showiest one of this, being her so called family. Who had all finally decided to abandon Hyacinth once and for all. And of course, they had decided to do this while they had been on a family vacation. One that had been made for a business opportunity from Vernon's job.

Meaning that Hyacinth had no way inform anyone who just might care about her where she would be during the summer. As in the end she herself had no idea about it, until she had gotten home.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, Hyacinth decided that what had just happened really didn't matter to her, that it didn't hurt her in the least bit. And to show this she made herself look around herself, to see what choices she now had; to see how bad things currently where for her.

After all, Hyacinth knew she was a survivor and she wasn't going to let something her so called family did to her, hurt her; not after everything else she had been though. That she had lived through for that matter.

Not when she had faced every challenge she had been through head on and didn't let it break her. No Hyacinth had long since promised herself that she would let those she had been forced to call her only family for so long be the one to break her. If only for the sheer spit of not giving them what they obviously wanted.

As she looked around herself, Hyacinth also decided to think about what other options she may have when it came down to everything. Having calmed down quite a bit after coming to earlier realization.

Enough so that her rational side, the part that made it so she would have done well in Slytherin, kicked it. Starting with going over what she did know about her situation, as well as what could be used to help her; giving everything that was currently going on. Before moving on from there.

Okay, first thing first, she did at the very least know her location; or at the very least the general location she was at. As currently Hyacinth knew that she was in the large forested area that was good several miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

One that, if she remembered correctly, was a natural preserved forest; or something similar to that. Not only that, but if she remembered it all correctly, she was pretty much close to the center of said forest with civilization on either side of her; in some way or another. But at the same time far enough away that it still would take her a while to actual meet any other humans out here.

Two, her oh so loving family had actually been 'kind' enough to let her grab her things before they threw her out of the car and tore out of there like the very devil was at their heels; spiting insults at her from the windows as they drove off. Their rather demented laughter being the very last things she heard from them before they completely disappeared.

Though, at the same time, Hyacinth was sure that the only reason they actually let her grab her things was only because they didn't want any of her 'freakish' items on them. Or, for that matter, to have anything that could be used to link themselves to her at a later date if they were question about it by the police; something she seriously doubted would happen given her luck. Otherwise, she was sure they would have left her out here with nothing but the clothes on her back if they could.

At the same time, she was rather grateful it hadn't gotten into their heads to simply burn her things or dump them all somewhere she wasn't. Otherwise, she would be in a lot worse situation then she currently was.

So yes, she knew it certainly could be worse for her then it was not. Not, that she dared to tempt fate by saying that aloud or anything like that. As with her luck that would be like daring them to try and make it worse in the first place.

The third things Hyacinth knew for sure was that the wizarding world really wouldn't come looking for her; not any more at least. What considering they seemed to have pretty much wiped their hands of her after she defeated their dark lord once at for all. Something that Hyacinth wasn't ever going to regret doing, but at the same time wished she hadn't been so hurt by everyone's reactions after she had done so. That she could have, or should have at least, expect it given how they usually treated her.

But considering, that her so called friends even seemed to ignore her after everything was said and done. Even going as far to move on the other side of the hallway if she tried to talk to them.

With that reaction actually being one of the more milder reactions she had gotten out of the people who had been around her during that time. Much to her misery during that last couple of months she had been forced to live in the wizarding world.

None the less those reactions, as well as several other terribly similar reactions, really drove in the cold hard truth that the wizarding work had only been using her all along. That they never really cared for her and had only wanted her to defeat their dark lord for them all along, in harder than anything else had.

And reminding Hyacinth once again just why she had major trust issues before she had even joined Hogwarts to begin with. Reminded her why, before she had even found out about magic, she had always felt that the only one she could fully trust was herself.

Why she had forgotten that lesson and had let so many people in Hyacinth would never really know. But now it was a lesson she swore would always be engraved in her very being; no matter what.

Though Hyacinth could say that realizing this and remembering all the 'lessons' that she had seemed to have forgotten when she had entered Hogwarts, had helped her more so then ever considering the circumstances she had found herself in.

But again, it was because of this, because of the reaction the wizarding world had to her, the way everyone seemed to throw her away after they had their use of her, that Hyacinth was actually as prepared as she currently was.

As, after the abrupt wakeup call Hyacinth had gotten from the wizarding world, and those she felt she could trust. Hyacinth had decided that it would be best if she buckle down hard and remember all the lessons she had seemed to have forgotten.

That it was best to return to the much colder girl she had been before she had first found out about magic. The one who hadn't been hurt by being bad mouthed or betrayed and the one that seemed to be prepared for what ever life may have thrown at her.

Besides going back to what she had been before made Hyacinth feel like she was showing everyone that what had happened to her didn't break her, like she now felt the others wanted it to. That if anything it lite a fire in her to just learn, to be better, to be stronger than ever before. A fire that even now fiercely burn with in her chest; and no amount of work or time she put into it seemed to calm this fire down.

It caused her to become more determined than ever to never give anyone a chance to do something like that ever again. To be strong enough that everyone would think more than twice about betraying or trying to cage her in anyway; be it magically or physically.

It made it so that she never wanted to have to be close to someone, to need someone like she had before. To never give anyone a chance to hurt her like that again, to make her feel as worthless as they had made her feel.

After all, if those she had thought were almost like family to her, not to mention her own blood family, seemed to hate her so much what did that say about others?

Even if deep inside, she did know that there had been one or two that hadn't betrayed her. At least not that she knew about they hadn't. As she hadn't seen them before she had left Hogwarts as unlike the others there had been a few that had been unable to return to the school because of injuries they had. Or if not that because they had been kept away from her by others.

But she had already hardened her heart long before she realized this, which was around the time she was out of the wizarding world, and had no way to contact them to find out the truth. Seeing as Hedwig had 'mysteriously' disappeared before the year had ended; and a smug Granger had said it was for the best.

And if Hyacinth had silently curse her with some of the Black family magic, the more karma based untraceable kind, that she had learned before she had fully left the school, then the same could be said for her; it was for the best. And only reinforced the lessons Hyacinth had want to keep close to her heart.

To do this Hyacinth figured out that, she first needed to become independent as possible. So that no one would be able to stop or control her like they could before; like they had done all throughout her stay in Hogwarts.

All because of the fact that Hyacinth had needed them as she hadn't known anything about the world she had found herself back then. Or hadn't known enough that she could do anything for herself. Meaning find what she had, what she needed and more was necessary.

It had been something that had been the first of many things she had done to reach her goals. A step that proved itself more than necessary and helpful than a lot of things she had done before.

Something that was only further proven to her by what her family had just done. Not that she honestly counted on them for anything but pain, but it was the point of the matter.

Not to mention that at least this time she was already fully prepared for what had happened; even if she hadn't actually known it was going to happening. Because before she had even left her school, she had decided to make sure that she was prepared for anything remotely similar to it.

Or to be more precises Hyacinth had made sure she was prepared to run if she had to. As she was determined to make sure she could live her life the way she wanted to, no matter what anyone else may have to say about that. Be it from the wizarding world or anywhere else.

Seeing as after everything she had been through that year, she hadn't really been planning on going back to it for yet another two years of the same treatment; Hogwarts being her previous home or not.

Or worse, whatever else the wizarding world may have in mind for her now that she had fixed their dark lord problem. Which somehow while doing so, they had managed to make it like she owed them something after everything had been said and done.

How they felt like that Hyacinth had no idea, but she could see plans beginning to form in certain heads. Plans Hyacinth knew she wanted absolutely nothing to do with; as what little she could see meant nothing good for her.

So, with that in mind, Hyacinth let her inner snake take full control and began to try and prepare for anything that could happen. Or if not that, make it so she could at the very least escape from whatever may be planned.

As her preparation not only made want to her study and learn everything she could, be it for knowledge or for future strength. It also got her back in to the survivalist mindset that had helped survive living with her family. Who often threw her outside in at night in the middle of winter just because they had felt like it at the time.

Which was one of the reasons why she wasn't terrible surprised that the Dursley's had done what they had done to begin with; just the fact they hadn't done it much sooner than they actually had.

Seeing as her aunt seemed to hate her so fiercely for looking like her mother so much. Well besides her skin tone, and the height she had gained over the last couple of years that is. Both of which she found out came from her father; along with the cheek bones and shape of her eyes.

Because of everything she had delt with during her life, Hyacinth had gained a rather colder mindset. One that was geared towards me verses them than anything else, one that she had pushed aside once she had entered Hogwarts and had finally gained her first friends. Not wanting to frighten them like she had so many others before them; for fear of losing them.

To keep them she had pushed aside a lot of what had made her, her; and what had helped her survive as long as she had. Not to mention the very things that had made the sorting hat so certain she would have not only survived but thrive in the Slytherin house.

Now however, it was something that she wasn't going to hold back anymore. No, now she embraced that mindset fully and utterly. Would fight tooth and nail to keep said mind set and wasn't planning on letting anyone change her; wasn't going to change herself to please any ever again. They would either like her as she was or would utter loath her; she didn't care. Not anymore.

At the same time, it did leave her feeling rather disgusted with herself for abandoning it to being with. As once she had thought back on it, she felt that there were so many things would have been better or at least easier for her if she had never left those instincts, and ideals, behind to begin with. For friends that hadn't even been worth doing so in the end.

However, as she knew that there were other plans in mind when it came to her, as there had to have been; considering everything she had already been through. At the same time, she knew that she wasn't supposed to know this, so to play along with this image, Hyacinth decided to hide the fact she had said fuck it and had enough of the Wizarding world as a whole.

Which amount to Hyacinth basically, attempting to keep acting the way she felt the so-called golden girl they wanted her to be would have reacted; if she had been real instead of a mask Hyacinth had made years ago.

She pretended to be heart broken when they walked past her without saying anything. She acted her heart out behaving like the guilt ridden, abandon little girl the wizarding world, or more specify one Albus Dumbledore, seemed to want her to be.

While in truth Hyacinth did nothing but study, train and prepare for everything she planned on doing. Once she had to opportunity to have a life where she didn't have to depend on anyone else, and a life outside the wizarding world control; even if she had no plans whatsoever to give up on her magic while she did so.

Who would after all, her magic was an advantage she had that, along with several other thigs, she planned to use to her full advantage. Why would she train it so much if she hadn't planned to use it any more after all?

She had said fuck the Wizarding world, not her Magic. As her magic was something that had always been with her, and had protected her during the worst of times, so why the hell would she ever abandon it.

To do this Hyacinth learned all the magic she could, be it from the restricted section of the Library or not. After all, with her cloak and combined with the skills she had in sneaking into place helped her get into place most people hadn't wanted her to. Not to mention, with everyone ignoring her she had an easier job hiding what she was doing.

Not only that but while she was doing this Hyacinth also did something she had wanted to do for a while now, since she had first found out about it in the middle of her fourth year and had made some real good use the room or requirements.

Using said room to its fullest extent to make sure she had learned everything she could get her hands on in regards to magic or otherwise. Any and everything Hyacinth thought she would need in the future or thought could further herself in some way she did her best to learn at least the basics of. Hell, some of the things she had decided to learn where because they caught her fancy in some way or another.

By doing this Hyacinth was able to learn things such as advance transfiguration, wards, runes, advance charms, battle magic, defensive magic, even some elemental magics and a good deal of basic healing as well.

Not only that but she was able to teach herself at least the basics in more mundane skills such as a good grasp on hand-to-hand combat due to the manikins that the room had that had. Which helped her learn to fight by actually fighting against her.

All and all making it so that if she ever got in a situation that made it, so she wasn't able to use her magic she be able to at least have a chance of getting out of it. On that same vine of thought Hyacinth had also learned how to use swords, from the same manakins that had taught her hand to hand.

Along with other skills the room had the books, and lessons, from passed times that she had also took time to learn; as they had piqued her interest. Things such as hunting and the skills necessary to prepare the food she caught hunting.

Though this she had learned both the mundane as well as the magical way to do this. Not to mention the fact to her secret joy, and as a big mocking middle finger to the wizarding world, Hyacinth had also managed to sneak out and learn how to use guns. Which she, with a little bit of guilt pleasure, got good at rather quickly and if she pictured certain faces on the targets well that was for her to know and no one else.

After she had managed to sneak out of Hogwarts to get the guns she had trained with, she began to do so for other things. Without any real difficulties or anyone even finding out she had left in the first place and had gone to several different places while she had been out.

Each one she felt would help her plans further and each place she made sure to either go to under disguise or if not, that get an oath of silence about her being there before she had left. And had done so on several different occasions as she knew she couldn't get everything she wanted done during the first trip she had made. Something that was made just that much easier due to the fact she was able to space everything out throughout the six months she had remining of school.

The first place Hyacinth made sure she went to and had gone to several different times since her first visit, was the Gringotts bank. After all, it was the place that everyone seemed to go out of their way to make sure she didn't have to go to it.

Showing her in many different ways, now that she stopped and actually thought about it, that there was quite a bit of important information there. Information that Dumbledore, and his little group, most likely didn't want her to know about in said bank.

Meaning she had to go there, no matter what. And considering just what she had found out once she did go there, it was a good thing she did. As she had found out that there were several different, and important, bits of information that had been kept from her.

Information that if she had known about beforehand would have made a big difference and most likely would have changed several different things that had happened in her past. Hell, it would have most likely saved several lives that had been lost, but no Hyacinth knowing that information hadn't been in the headmaster's plan; so things had played out like they had.

This information was several different things. With the first being the fact that ever since she had competed, and won, the Triwizard tournament she had been emancipated. Meaning she was legally considered an adult within the wizarding world, making her the current lady Potter, and since her godfather had died, she had also become Lady Black.

Meaning her full name was now Lady Hyacinth Lilyanna Potter-Black. A mouthful of a name, with an even bigger meaning behind it. Not to mention one hell of amount of political power behind it as well. Which was the main reason this not so little fact had been kept from her in the first place.

The second thing she had found out being the fact that there actually had been a marriage contract that had been set up for her. One that would have married her to one Ron Weasley; one that would have pretty much stripped her of all of her freewill and had her being nothing but a broodmare the Weasley in question. Much to her utter disgust.

And something that she felt for sure was part of what ever plan the headmaster had next for her. Most likely springing it on when the felt she was completely isolated and at her worst, wanting her to feel utter grateful for said contract and not look deeper into it; or something similar to that.

But fortunately for her the contract in question had been dismissed and canceled the second she had become Lady Potter-Black. Seeing as her very family magics rejected the pairing, and literally burned the marriage contract to show this.

Much to Hyacinth joy, as she knew she would have been a widow before their wedding night even began if she had to Marry one Ronald Weasley. Seeing as she would have slowly killed the weasel in question before he could have even touch her if the contract had stayed; no matter what the others may have thought otherwise. And she would have done so with a smile clear on her face, even with the consequences she would had to have faced if that had happened.

And three, those she had called family, and her so called friends, knew all of this and kept it from her. All the while dipping their greedy little hands into her family vaults taking money from her; using her family things just as they had used her.

Something she had honestly expected given the fact they had done all they could to make sure she didn't find out about it in the first place. But yet, still oddly found herself rather hurt about it once she had undeniable prove about it. As despite all the evidence otherwise a small part of her had hoped she had been wrong about her friends.

However, after shaking her head and steeling herself once more Hyacinth ignored the hurt feeling she had gain, and instead just became that much more determined to never again be part of this wizarding world. To get as far away from those backstabbers as she could.

Which is why she did what she did next. As she purchased several untraceable, bottomless bags from Gringotts and proceed to use said bags to empty out her vaults. Gold going in one bag, Nongoblin made jewelry and family heirlooms in another, all the family books into yet another, and into the final one all her family weapons and other object, such as Pensives, went into the last one she had. And she did this for both family vaults that she had; leaving nothing of value behind as she did so.

Then to ensure that the goblins didn't inform anyone of what she had done, or what she was planning on doing she made a magical binding contract with them. One that was short to the point and with zero loopholes to use to get around it; for either party involved.

A contract that pretty much said in return for all the goblin made items that been in her vaults, as well as any in the homes she owned and in return they would keep their silence about what she did. Well, all items besides the bottomless bags she had just purchased which would only last for her lifetime before automatically returning to them.

Then to further sweeten the deal she swore to them as long as they helped keep others off her back, they could also use her family names, and political power, in any way they wanted to. Something the goblins seemed very eager to do if the sudden sinister grins they gave meant anything.

And if Hyacinth could bring herself to care about the British wizarding world, even in the least bit, she might have felt a little bad about what she had just done. But in the end figured they were honestly bringing it down on themselves. What with their lack of respect for the creatures that were in charge of what could very well be their lively hoods; of their entire family fortunes. Hell, of the only money that the wizarding world had.

So yeah, she really couldn't see just why the wizarding world was so determined to disrespect them; even with the wars they had with them. Hell, especially with the wars they had with them. You'd think they'd learn from their past. After all, even from little she had gotten from the history in school at all but screamed that while they had lost the wars it was just by barely and because of this Goblins were not to be trifled with.

After emptying her accounts from the bank Hyacinth decide it was time to get some much-needed shopping done. Something she had never really been able to do before and something she had found herself rather eager to do now that she had the time.

Not to mention that with the bags she had on her sides, she both had a place where she could store everything she did purchase as well as the money she would need to do so; all without it looking too suspicious while she was at it.

After all the bags themselves were all small enough that they could be tied together before being slipped into robe pocket; without any worry about them being visible to anyone else. Not only that but they were also made so they weren't able to be summoned by anyone but her, or even detected by any normal spell work either for that matter.

Not to mention with a little work on her part she could very easily make the bags in question look like something on a hiking belt, or something similar to that. So not too many questions wouldn't be asked about them; in either the wizarding world, or the mundane one.

Seeing as plenty of people wore bags like that in both the wizarding world as well as the mundane one. Worse comes to worse she could also simple place several notice me not charms on them if she had to.

Hyacinth knowing the wizarding world prejudice, and not give a wit about it to boot, not to mention she would most likely find more of what she wanted there, made one of her first stops in her shopping trip being Knockturn Alley. The supposed dark alley of the wizarding world. Where supposedly only those of evil and dark intentions went.

But a place Hyacinth knew would have pretty much anything she wanted to buy, not to mention a place not many would speak up about just who was shopping there as that would be admitting that they were there as well. Though she did wear a disguise as a just in case.

Something she found most of the shoppers in Knockturn themselves did; so, it wasn't something that really stood out that much there. If anything, it was what was expected there; at least from those that weren't completely arrogant about who they were it was.

The first store Hyacinth had decided to enter back then, had been a potion store; one that sold premade potions. Because despite how hard she tried and even with all the training she had done with it in the room of requirements, she wasn't ever going to be the best at potions. Though if need be she could make the more basic and a few more complicate potions. However, at the same time, it'd probably be best if she simply purchased the more complicated ones this risk actually making them.

In that store Hyacinth had purchased a magical expanding potion case to put in her bag, as the case would protect the potions a lot more than the bag she had would. Making it so she didn't have to worry nearly as much about one of the potions accidently shattering or anything like that. Or for that matter about the potions going bad or spoiling in anyway as the case keep the potions in a status that as long as magic was in it.

The case she had gotten, was one that was made to hold several different potions at once, while keeping them all individually protect. With hers being the largest case in question available at the store, at least on the inside it was. With it being able to hold over three hundred different potions. All neatly kept in order and made it so she could summon the potions she wanted with but a call.

Which was one of the main reason Hyacinth had decided to purchase the case she had; she had gotten two of such cases in fact. And she had the both of them filled with several types of healing potions; like a blood restoration potion, bruise healing cream, skelogrow, potions to boost immunity, pepper up potion and more.

But in the end when all those potions combined it made it so she had a good six hundred different potions. All of which dealt purely with healing in different degrees from deadly to bare basics.

Though given her history Hyacinth felt it was a good idea to have potions like this on hand. Especially since it took years for potions to even begin to expire. And that was outside the case they would be in most of the time. Not to mention the fact that Hyacinth was hoping with this major purchase of potions she wouldn't have to buy any more for a long period of time.

Hyacinth also got a smaller case filled with potions that effected the environment, as well as potions that effected a person without being classified as an actual healing potion. Seeing as she knew that she would need more than just potions geared to healing; especially considering how much variety potions had with them.

These include potions such as, potions to help with plant growth, potions that could cancel someone scent, cleansing potions for animals, items, as well as people, potions to correct eyesight, potion for malnourishment as well as several replicates of any and every other potion Hyacinth could think that could help some use for someone living on their own.

In fact, anything that dealt with survival in some way or another Hyacinth made sure to grab as many as she could of them. Knowing it was better to have something and not need it, then to desperately need something but not have it because you didn't think you would ever need it in the first place.

And because she had made such a large purchase Hyacinth had also been given what could be considered a goody bag with thirty different cosmetic potions in it. All of them geared to beauty in some way; several of which she knew some woman would have fought tooth and nail for.

When it came to theses cosmetic potions, which if Hyacinth was honest with herself, were all things she wasn't sure she would ever be using in the first place. As she never really saw the point of them. Though maybe she could use them for trade or as a trick for someone later on, who knew.

As honestly, she had seen hair growing potions, as well as hair dying potions being used not only in pranks but as ways to attack someone before. As it was hard to see or attack when you suddenly had hair growing all over the place, not to mention the colors the potion could turn your hair to could be distracting as well.

Lastly, before she left the potion store in question, Hyacinth did grab the subscription magazine they had on the counter out front. A magazine which had locations of all similar potion shops around the world, where you could purchase from in the back; something she could really see being helpful in the long run. As Hyacinth knew she may need even more potions in the future after all.

After exiting the potion shop Hyacinth saw a shop that had what looked like magical camping gear in the window. Seeing this, even back then, she hadn't been able to help but smirk slightly. As she has been suddenly reminded of the magical tent she had been in during the summer of her fourth year and knew she had to go in there; even if it was for that tent alone.

Not to mention, as she had paused to think about it, if one of the lower end tents had been so amazing to her back then, then how much more so would the higher end ones be like? After all, she had seen Malfoy with a tent there, and she seriously doubted anyone from that family would have 'lowered' themselves to stay in a tent similar to the one she had been in.

Once she had entered said store, Hyacinth had purchased a tent, one that was not the largest on they had, but not the smallest either. Seeing as she didn't feel like she needed the largest most fancy one the story had, which would have honestly done the Malfoy family proud.

But at the same time really didn't want the smallest one available, seeing it only had the barest of spells on it making it slightly larger than a more mundane tents, as well as making it waterproof; and that was it as far as the smallest one was concerned.

Instead, she had gotten one that had a two-bedroom apartment in it. Along with a working kitchen, bathroom and even a small library as well. All protected and powered by both the owners magic as well as the abundant magic that was around said tent. Like every other tent the shop had added to it.

Though she did have to admit that she only got the two-bedroom apartment one instead of the single room one simply because the single room apartment didn't have a library in it and Hyacinth really wanted the library. What could she say but she honestly had a love of reading and putting said knowledge she learned from it into action. Unlike what most others thought when they thought of the so-called Girl-who-Lived.

But this wasn't the only thing she had gotten at that store, which now that she thought about it has been called The Magical Great Outdoors. Not in the least bit, especially not after she found everything the shop had inside it.

It seemed that while most wizards were rather lazy, there had been or was a few that really loved to explore, and this shop was made to cater to them. Though given what she knew about curse breakers this maybe a shop geared towards jobs like theirs as well.

In the end Hyacinth had gone a bit wild in the shop in questions. Meaning, not only had she purchased the tent she had originally wanted when she had first entered, The Magical Great Outdoors, but she had also purchased a magical hiking bag she had seen not far from the tents.

A magical hiking bag that she could attach her bottomless bags or even if she wanted to put said bottomless bags inside it; without worrying about them being stolen. Seeing as the hiking back had anti-thief charms attached to it.

Not only that but the hiking bag in question also had a secondary function of being like a cooling box. One that once food was put into it would automatically be hit with preservation charms; as well as spells that would keep the food at whatever temperature the owner of the bag wanted them to be. Be it hot or cold on each food separately. Meaning she could pull out an icy cold drink one minute and follow hit by a piping hot burger or anything like that the next. That is if she wanted to

All you had to do to use the bag was stick a hand in and call upon whatever it is you wanted from within it; just like the bottomless bags. Only it was a bit bigger and wouldn't get you nearly as many looks pulling larger things out of it like the bottomless bags would in the more mundane world.

Which was one of the main reasons Hyacinth had gotten this bag in the question despite the fact she did have bottomless, that and there were only so many spells that could be placed on the bottomless bags before they literally exploded, and the cooling/heating box spell wasn't one of them.

Not to mention the hiking bag in question was one of the few bags that could safely store magical tents also made in a necessary as bottomless bags usually couldn't hold but the most basic magical tents due to all the spells on the more complex magical tents.

Seeing how helpful these bags were, and already loving the tent she had just gotten, not to mention seeing several other things that could prove to be useful at a later date, Hyacinth couldn't help, like with the potion shop she had just left, grabbing a subscription magazine.

After leaving this shop, Hyacinth knew that she was probably starting to push her luck a bit when it came to being out of the school; at least for the amount of time out in a single visit that is.

Because even if it was a Saturday, and she didn't have any classes that day, she knew there was bond to be someone who would notice that she wasn't there; even if they were ignoring her at the time. So, at that time, she had decided she would enter one last shop before heading back for the day. While at the same time mentally planning on coming back out here another day to finish up what she had planned.

But which shop exactly should it be the last one she went in to? Should she go to the book shop and get several more books that she had read yet before heading back? Or should she go to the wand shop and purchase a second wand before heading back to Hogwarts?

In the end Hyacinth had chosen to go to the wand shop, while snagging a now very familiar subscription magazine from the book shop in question as she did so. After all, while having more knowledge would be a great thing to have, she felt that at the moment having a second wand could save her life once she was on her own.

While at the same time making it all but impossible to track her down seeing as her magically recorded trace was keyed with her other wand, her first wand, not her newest one. Something that not many people knew because the Ministry didn't want them to. But Hyacinth had found this out from Sirius a little after her fourth year. Which explained why Sirius had been able to use his magic without being tracked down by the Ministry after doing so.

Plus, if it came down to it, she had plenty of books to read from her family vault, ones she hadn't had the time to even crack open yet. So, she didn't really need more books on top of them at least not yet. And honestly, a way to use her magic without being traced, at least until she learned how to do it wandlessly, would be a lot handier than some extra books would be.

Once Hyacinth had gotten back into Hogwarts, thankfully unnoticed, she made sure everything she had gotten was placed first in her hiking bag. Which she then spelled to only open for her. Then to make sure it was even more hidden, she placed said back in a recently added secret compartment at the bottom of her trunk.

One that was hidden by all her old clothes in her trunk; where she knew no one would look for it. Because honestly, she wouldn't put it past some of her roommates to try to go through her trunk; it had been done before after all. On more than one occasion for that matter.

When she finished doing that, and while adding little bits and pieces to it during the rest of school, Hyacinth did her best to keep her head down so as to not bring more attention to what she was doing to anyone she didn't want finding out about it.

While at the same time learning as much magic as she could now that she didn't have anything to distract her from doing so. Something she had only realized had been happening recent and had been rather disgusted with herself for letting herself become so distracted in the first place.

Though she had to be careful about doing this, seeing as she noticed the sudden narrow eyed looks she had been getting near the end of the year from Hermione; who didn't look pleased in the least bit about Hyacinth raising grade level.

Not that Hyacinth could really bring herself to care about that; even if it did bring some suspension on her plans in the long run. As by then Hyacinth knew that she was too far along in her plan, and too far near the end of the year to really do anything else but continue on with what she was doing anyway.

Though even Hyacinth would admit that she really did enjoy the scream of rage from her old supposed best friend Hermione when she beat her scores; and that had really made a plus for her plans so far.

Besides, it wasn't like Hyacinth had any plans on returning for her sixth year of Hogwarts anyway, so it wasn't like she'd have to really worry about whatever plan the girl cooked up for her for doing so in the first place. Again, another middle finger to the world, and more particularly the girl she had thought had honestly been one of her first friends.

But now that little bit of joy and satisfaction was replaced with a cold hard sense of bitterly being correct as Hyacinth continued to watch the dust trail of her so-called family's car; eyebrow raised, and sneer clear on her face as she did so.

After all they had just dumped her in the middle of a forest, in a totally different country, in a state she knew extraordinarily little about; without any warning. Hyacinth knew they were hoping she would die or worse because of that lack of knowledge she had. Honestly, they really didn't know her that well, did they? Despite all the years she had been with them?

Snorting slightly and dusting away the dirt that had landed on her after the car had spun out of there, Hyacinth looked around her, with weary but alert eyes. Well, it seems her plan on going on her own, and leaving the Dursley's during the summer, were starting a lot sooner than she had originally planned. At least she still had all her things with her, and she had planned for something similar to this. So, it truly was no skin off her nose that it had happened when it had.

Though in her plan, when she had left her so-called family, it had only after mentally tearing them to shreds as well as having a little bit of fun with informing them about certain details about her they hadn't known about her. Like the money she had and that she would have been willing to share with them if they had actually been a true family to her.

Instead, it seemed her 'family' was ahead of her in this, as they were abandoning her in some far-off country. But as she thought on this, she couldn't help but think maybe it'd be better this way; at least in the long run anyway it may have been.

After all, what better way to get a real, fresh, new start then to have one begin in a new country altogether. One no one knew you were going to, or even would think to look for her in for that matter; seeing as she had never showed interesting in traveling there to begin with?

Especially one that made it nearly impossible to track her because of both the distance between her and England, and the wild magic that made up most of America. Which in itself made tracking someone through it impossible. At least unless you were attempting to do so in America as well and actually knew the place you were in well enough the magic there would let you track someone there in the first place.

Though this wild magic did mean Hyacinth would have to start practicing her magic more often to get better control over it. On top of that her magic would have to adapt to the wildness that was now around it, before she could use large amounts of magic again. Or else she could end up being seriously injured by her own magic.

So that was a downside to her sudden trip to America, and one of the reasons why so few people from England now made the trip to America in the first place. Well, that and the fact they also seemed to consider it rather uncivilized for some reason or another. Something Hyacinth had never really cared about it enough to find out just why they thought so in the first place.

But once her magic did finally fully adapt, Hyacinth knew that her magic's personal, fingerprint she guessed it could be called, would once more change, and once that did happen Hyacinth knew she'd be set.

After all, two changes in her magic in such a short amount of time between them would make it so no one would be able to recognize her magic anymore; let alone be able to track her through it. More so then ever when you consider that the tracer in her wand wasn't even valid anymore due to her recent change of wands.

Once the second full change occurred, the only way anyone would be able to actually find her, would be to literally physically see her. And since she was only fifteen, and bond to grow, as well as change as she grew into her physical features. Wasn't something that she was too worried about.

Something she felt even more secure about as she knew Magical being, such as witches and wizards, usually happened to go some more sever changes during their magical inheritance at the age of seventeen; usually going through the majority of their puberty during it. Which meant that if they did find her after she came of age; there was a less likely chance of them even recognizing her.

Especially as Hyacinth was finally going to ditch the golden girl look, she had been forced to keep because of the expectations of the wizarding world. Instead, she was going more for the look she wanted; the look that fit her personality more accurately. Though at the moment she felt that anything that made her look less like a goody goody two shoes, almost nun like figure, would be a good thing.

Though before she did this, before she did anything else really, Hyacinth knew first she needed to find some place to settle in. A shelter, something everyone needed in one way or another, and if she could a place that she could safely call her home.

Which would have to also be a place that wouldn't seem too suspicious to any authority figures that maybe around here seeing as she was underage; and looked even younger than she was because of the way she was currently dressed. Better yet, if she could manage it, a place that wouldn't be seen by anyone around her; especially any authority figures that may be out there.

Because if someone did find it suspicious, or even began questioning things upon see wherever she did decide to stay, it would bring their attention to her; a lot of unnecessary attention at that.

Hyacinth knew from what she had learned in school, what she had learned from listening in to television, not to mention what she had learned from the laws she had read over during her fifth year, both magical as well as mundane; due the sham of trail she had undergone. That if they find out she wasn't from this country, she wasn't supposed to be in this country in the first place, and that her family had abandoned her in the forest on top of all of that, it wouldn't be a good thing; for anyone involved. And it would be made just that much worse if they found all of that together. That would cause a huge fuss in one way or another.

One that would most likely be covered by the news, maybe even in a world-wide fashion, eliminating her wishes to remain unnoticed. Which could mean that she would then, possibly be, sent back to her home country by some 'well meaning' civilian.

Which would be something that would most likely end with her either under the ministry's control, Dumbledore's control or even a former 'reformed' death eater's control; something Hyacinth wasn't willing to chance. And for that matter wasn't sure which one would end up being the worst for her either.

Especially since while she was emancipated, as she wouldn't put it past any her supposed guardians to do something that would put her under their control in a much more permeant fashion. What considering just how bad the so-called marriage contract to Weasley had been, at least in her regards side that is. And because of that being under some 'well meaning' adults control was something she wasn't willing to happen if she had any choice in the matter.

Meaning she had to do her best to avoid causing such a situation. Which in turn meant that she had to avoid the police, or any other well-meaning person who thought they could help her.

In fact, in all honest, until she got everything set up and had become of age in both worlds, it probably be best if she avoided most human contact altogether. At least as much as she could, seeing as she knew she couldn't avoid it completely as she wasn't utterly self-sufficient; not at the current time she wasn't at least.

To Hyacinth, this meant that finding a place she could stay. One that was pretty far from civilization, and one that would be safe for her at the same time, was defiantly a necessary; more so than it had been just moments ago.

And by safe, this meant it had to be a place she could to both practice her magic in, and at the same time being sheltered from the danger that was out there; be it from weather, heat, cold or the more human like dangers that were part of this world. Not only that but it had to be something most people would either overlook or not see as something that was out of the ordinary; and there for start investigating it.

Pausing in her thinking, Hyacinth just took a deep breath and looked around herself just taking in the all the nature around her. As she did this Hyacinth couldn't help but feel a sense of peace that she hadn't felt in a long time.

Completely relaxed for the first time since her godfather had died. Feeling this, Hyacinth came to the decision that had been building in the back of her head for a while now; since she had first been dumped in the first place. And that was, that she was going to live in this forest, though how exactly she hadn't quite decided on yet.

However, though she hadn't thought of just where she was going to be living yet in said forest. She had been able to figure out what she was going to do to avoid catching any unwanted attention when she eventually did go into the city though. If only because, that for the moment Hyacinth couldn't see a way around not going to the city.

What she had chosen to do was simple, yet at the same time she felt it would be effective; or as effective as any other plan could be. Because now that she thought about it not many people would be like hey there is a teen out here alone do you think she doesn't belong or is an immigrant of some sort; it really wasn't the first thought many would have at seeing such a sight. Or at least Hyacinth seriously hoped that it wasn't.

Still, she would rather be safe the sorry in the long run, so she was planning on only going into the city to get whatever supplies she may need at certain times. Either when it was really early in the morning, when everyone was simple too tired to pay much attention or care too much about the people around them; let alone a simple teenager.

Or if not that, she was planning on going when it was extremely busy where, if she was quiet and keep her head down like she had done near the end of her last school year, the people there would simply be too busy to pay any real attention to her. Taking her as a teen doing some afternoon shopping for a family member or something similar to that.

Hyacinth seeing, that at least for now, she had a plan for if she actually decided to go to Atlanta, put her mind to towards something that was much more important to her. Which was the thought that had been bothering her earlier and was the one she needed to really figure out soon; otherwise, her earlier plans really wouldn't matter all that much. And that was just where she was going to be staying in the forest; she had recently decided to make her home. Just where was she going to take shelter from any of the dangers that were out there.

Because from what she could see she would have to find somewhere that was both well-hidden as well as protected. Not only from the predators that called the forest their home, which Hyacinth were sure there were quite a few of given how big the forest itself was. But from the hunters that came in the forest to do just that; hunt.

Because Hyacinth had learned from previous experience that more often the not it was humans that were more dangerous to her than any other animal; who were just following their natures more than anything else.

Which ruled out a lot of the more obvious places she could think of staying at; seeing as they would be way too out in the open. That or would make either escaping from them or getting into them to difficult or impossible in certain situations. Or just plain out trap her in what was supposed to be her shelter if the entrance to said shelter was blocked off in anyway.

Groaning slightly, Hyacinth fall back and just stared at the sky somehow hoping that it would give her an idea as to where she could now stay. One that wasn't a nearby cave or some underground place; something Hyacinth wasn't willing to do for more the one reason. Especially when she thought on her luck which all but screamed doing something like a cave would be a bad idea.

Laying on her back, staring at the sky, Hyacinth sighed softly as she saw a bird flying past her. Seeing this, Hyacinth couldn't help but almost bitterly snort and think to herself that being a bird wouldn't be that bad.

At least when it came to their nest, they were a lot safer than any place on the ground because people, and creatures, rarely looked up; never thinking they'd need to do so. Not to mention they got to always see the open sky; which was one of the reasons she never wanted to live in a cave. She honestly loved to see the sky and the freedom said sky offered her.

That's when Hyacinth was hit with an old memory, an old memory that gave her an idea as just what she needed to do now. It seemed the sky have given her the answer she wanted after all.

Because this old memory was one of an old treehouse, she had seen at one of Dudley's friend's house, and how she had once wished she had owned her own tree house. Where she had, at that time, wished she could live at all times; one if she actually had it she wouldn't put a stupid, no girls allowed sign on either.

Hyacinth had to smile slightly at herself as she remembered her rather naive thoughts back then, as it had been before she had really hardened her heart against other. But it was because of this memory that Hyacinth had gotten the idea of what she was going to do next.

It was because she had recalled that treehouse that had gotten her thinking on multiple different ideas that had begun to rapidly from in Hyacinth eyes. As a plan began to rapidly take form in her mind; causing a rather deep feeling of satisfaction to settle down her spine. Now she had the plan she had wanted.

After all, hadn't she just thought of the fact that people rarely decide to look up? That somewhere high would be one of the safest places to be in a forest? And hadn't Hyacinth pretty much lived in trees while she was growing up? If only because it was a way to escape her so called family? Not to mention it wasn't like there weren't plenty of extraordinarily strong trees around her; considering she was in an exceptionally large forest.

What Hyacinth idea was, was to make a sort of treehouse of her own within the trees that were around her. She planned to do this by using the magical tent, she had in her trunk as the actual tree house. After all, she knew that she could very easily make a sturdy wooden platform on one of those trees.

Seeing as she had done similar work way too many times before; be it either repairing the fence or even the roof of her family's house. Not to mention if she wanted to, she could very easily use some very basic magic to pretty much form a platform out from the tree itself; simply making it grow out of said tree in the shape she wanted.

It was, after all, one of the simpler spells she had learned that year during her self-studies. A spell that if the book she got it from was correct used to actually be a basic spell most first year learnt before Dumbledore took over. A spell which if she did use, would make it the stands in question just that much stronger now that she thought about it.

And once she had this wood stand, which she'd have to make sure was placed up high in the tree she chose to use. High enough, that it would be well over people heads but at the same time low enough that the branches where still plenty strong enough to hold at least twice her weight; more if she later spelled them to be stronger than normal, or even unbreakable.

But at the same time not too low as her tent would be clearly visible from the ground either. As Hyacinth knew she would have to find a good middle ground between too high or too low. Or even, now that she really got thinking about it, use several different spells to make it even less notable than it normal would be; so she could afford to go either higher or lower than she would have been able to do otherwise.

Which was something she would have to do after her magic got more used to how America's magic worked; seeing as it was a bit more powerful magic then she could currently do. At least to do safely and be sure of the effects of the spells she did use that is.

Though for now her magic was good enough that she could use an overpowered permeant sticking charm to place her tent on it. One that would keep the tent in question from being torn down or even blown away by storms or anything like that. Which normally would be one of her biggest concerns when it came to living in a tree in the first place.

The tent in question was already damage resistance, so Hyacinth didn't have to worry about that. But to be on the safe side she could later work on increasing that resistance of said tent.

After she had gotten completely settled down, and her magic adapted to the wilder state this country's magic was. Seeing as it was only after that happened would she be able to safely use magic like that anyway.

Until then, Hyacinth was planning on playing it safe and only use the more basics of magics that were available to her. After all, she had learned from experience that most of the time it was better be safe than sorry. Especially if sorry led to her doing something to her magic that couldn't be undone or worse led to her being located and brought back under those in Britain's thumb.

Even, if at the same time, she did know there were going to be cases that she would have to take major risk in. Hell, she had done so multiple times in the past to know just how unavoidable those choices could be a time. It was just, in her mind, that this time really wasn't one of those times; at least not now it wasn't.

However back on to what she felt she needed to do, when it came to what she hoped was going to be her new home. After her magic had adapted enough for her to use it on a higher level, Hyacinth then planned, to be on the safe side, use a combination of mundane and magical ways to camouflage her new home both from below and even from above. On the off chance that anyone looking down from above the trees like from a plane or person on a broom would be able to do.

Something Hyacinth knew would be possible if the wizarding world decided to look for her for any reason whatsoever. And if they were through, or used magic to get their answers, her so-called family could easily let it slip where they had abandoned her in the first place. Giving those looking for her a clear idea just where to look in the first place.

Besides how many times had she found information or seen something she wasn't supposed to simply because she was above them or on a broom herself. It was something she wanted to protect herself from; not leave herself open to it.

Hyacinth while she had all these ideas flowing decided it would be best to get to work on what she had planned; least she forget some of the ideas she had. Which was bound to happen if she continued to get these ideas and couldn't get them done right at that time. As she would most likely forget several of the ideas she had by the time she was able to actually put them in to place.

For now, though she could write down any ideas she had and ways she could get them done as a way to remember to do them later. After all, she did still have all her school supplies still with her. Which included some quills and parchment she really needed to use up.

And she could easily use them up with her ideas while at the same time make the best plans she could with her ideas. Discarding the ones, she wouldn't be able to do or wouldn't be any use after everything was said and done while doing so.

That in mind Hyacinth took a deep breath and brought up her newest wand; it was time to get to work. After all she got the feeling once she got everything done, she was going to be exhausted and want nothing more than to lay down and rest before she did anything else.

Which luckily, she could do once she got the tent up and where she wanted; not to mention got it fully secured in such a way she didn't have to worry about it collapsing or falling in anyway. Seeing as the tent in question was fully furnished already; including an amazingly comfortable bed she could collapse on once she was done with everything else.

Hyacinth prediction of being tired after she had finished everything was proven to be true when over three hours later, Hyacinth felt like utterly crashing down after she had finished. But at the same time, she was feeling rather satisfied about what she had been able to do. Seeing as she had been able to do everything, she had wanted to in the beginning done and then some. Actually, putting herself ahead of schedule with everything she had gotten finished before she had decided to call it quits for the day.

Hyacinth when she put her mind to it, was sometimes rather impressed with what she could do; especially when it came to something like her own survival. When Hyacinth finally let herself go and gave it her all in the name of her new home, she had been able to get her tent up in the tree; a good fifteen feet up at the least maybe a bit higher than that.

She had also managed to get the wooden stand she had placed it on to be nearly unbreakable, along with several different branches around said stand. Using a weaker but similar spell to that of the real unbreakable spell. Which was something she would be using later on once her magic finished fully adapting to everything. After all, better safe then sorry when it came to her home. And that was before she even put the sticking charm on the tent in question.

A sticking charm which instead of being just on the very bottom of said tent, like she had originally planned to do, she had also placed it on to the sides that was touching the tree; which had the benefit of making the leaf green color of the tent look like it was actually part of said tree. Giving it a degree of coverage, she had even planned on doing in the beginning.

Seeing this Hyacinth had to give a slight smirk, it wouldn't take much work to get the tent fully camouflaged; unlike what she had first thought. Less if she used the nature around it to her advantage; which was something she was totally going to do. It would be simple stupid to do otherwise.

She had even made other stands in several different trees that she thought she could use if she decided to make other building or places. Like a storage for all her food, be it food she bought with her, or the eventual food she had hunted for. She even debated add another tent made for just training or anything like that. As if she needed it, she would at the very least have a place already ready set up for it; at least the base of it.

She liked to say she was setting herself up for the future and trying to plan ahead for a bit. Seeing as it was always being unprepared for something that came back and bit her when it came to her past. On multiple occasions at that; usually in the worse kind of way at that.

Thought she wasn't doing all of that, at least not yet she wasn't. Because Hyacinth knew she had a lot more she needed to do before she could say she was successfully setting herself up for the future. Seeing as currently she couldn't use her magic to do everything else, she had planned on doing; not at this stage of things she couldn't.

Which meant the bridges she was planning on putting up, ones that would look similar to vines going through the trees from the view of the ground, would have to wait. And so, would the near invisible netting she wanted below the tents as a precaution for if she ever fell; for that matter.

So, the bridges, nets and other ledges would have to wait until she got used to the American magic's more. Not to mention learned a bit more magic in general to make sure she could do it the best she could when it came to fortifying and protecting what was supposed to be her new home.

Though that didn't mean she was going to be forgetting them or any other plans she had for her new home for that matter. After all, the time she needed to adapt to the wilder magic, would simply be used to make a more detailed plan on just what she was going to do once she got the chance to.