"Ugh…" – Alice opened her eyes, the pain all over her body made her nauseated. Slowly pushing herself into sitting position, the magician was surprised to be inside some kind desolated building made of stone. Another thing that shocked her more was her hand that looked too small to be the hand of late teen female. She fearfully glanced at her own body and almost choked from the nasty revelation – she had reverted to her human self, the small twelve years girl existence that she discarded when her body absorbed the power of the Grimoire.

The Grimoire, the damned book was still with her. Alice took the ancient Makai artifact and carefully examined it. Aside several scratches here and there the book looked the same as always. Even though it was her source of trouble, the Grimoire was doing its job perfectly since she found that her clothes were adjusted to her human body.

"Mother would be glad to see me like this, I think," – sighing, Alice got up from the cold stone floor and slowly walked toward a window.

"That is… Not… Gensoukyou…" – was the first thing that came to her mind when she saw outside landscape. The massive stone buildings with black window holes were stretching toward the skies. It reminded her of the Makai Capital.

The second thought was more sinister – "I will kill Marisa this time for sure!" This crazy black-and-white witch finally made a huge blunder and sent her to the outside world. At least it looked like the outside world, like on those pictures Sanae called photos. The only disturbing part was that everything outside looked completely ruined and devoid of any life.

Did something happened to the outside world after Sanae left it? Alice heard a lot of different apocalyptic scenarios from green haired shrine maiden after all.

Clapping her cheeks with her now tiny hands the young magician decided to descend to the ground level of the structure. This task was actually more troublesome than she thought. After all, human eyes were not as good as youkais to see in the darkness. And even though outside were all shiny and bright, the inner parts of the building were quite dark.

"Argh!" – Alice was annoyed. She raised her palm to the shoulder level and casted a simple magic skill, the artificial light source made of mana. It was not very bright but it was enough for her to see around. She carefully located the stairwell only to find it ruined. Her eye twitched and a sigh escaped from her mouth. She was really unlucky…

"And stupid!"

It was the thought that came to her when she looked at the mana light source in her hand. She was the seven-colored magician! She could fly like a bird in the skies. It was so natural for her that she forgot about this fact. Even this child body should be capable enough to support flight for an extended period of time.

The magician concentrated mind trying to remember how to circulate magic energy inside and outside of her body. After several minutes of practice she was able to levitate and freely moving to any direction, slowly. Another minute later she descended through stairwell since it was safer compared to doing it outside.

"Alright, it is the time to explore this world and see how I can return back," – Alice was standing at exit from the building while looking outside. She checked the Grimoire and her clothes before making her very first step into the new bright world…