Let us look in the past to investigate some fact from the life of two six-winged sisters.
And return to the main story.

Her and her sister's circumstances

"You are an interesting person," – The unrecognizable goddess spoke slowly, carefully choosing her own words. The silver-haired woman in lavish red dress with golden trims on the sleeves stood up. She glared at the silhouette that was in the mist – "Do not need to be so wary about me. I am not your enemy. You could say that your unyielding determination impressed me and reminded me of another person…"

"What do you want?" – The woman in red clenched her fists covered in blood of the gods that tried to oppose her will. There was no mistake that the one behind the cover of the mist was a goddess, her divine aura was the same as others. However, there was a little difference as well. Something eerie, something that felt the similar to that one of Sariel.

After she managed to return from the ocean of primordial chaos there was no shortage of enemies that tried to kill her. In the end, all her opponents died by her hand, brutally destroyed and crushed by overwhelming power she managed to obtain in the origin void.

"I am little troubled with your methods," – The unknown goddess emerged from the mist with a concerned smile. She wore a long black robe, which covered her entire body. There was a collar with a long chain of magic energy in golden color that connected three spheres in the image of the Earth, the Moon and something else. Her wavy hair was red like her eyes. The aura the emitted by her was not comparable to enemies that appeared before.

The calamity of the world, the silver-haired woman started to gather magic energy in preparation for battle. The eyes turned gold and six black wings sprouted on her back, engraved with red pulsating veins of magic energy.

"Chill…" – With one gesture of the hand, the goddess suppressed her opponent with ease, pushing her on knees. There was no anger nor malice in the words of the red haired girl, only displeasure for recklessness – "You are not an opponent for me. You cannot kill me, though the same is true for me…"

"And… Who… Are… You?" – The suppressed woman could barely speak under the terrifying pressure of the goddess. She killed many of those pesky deities but when the real deal had come, she had no power to resist. It was ridiculous and infuriating.

"Me?" – The smile got wider and the goddess looked with pity at the woman in front of her. She was not really that type of person but it would be hard to discuss thing in the middle of combat – "I am known as Hecatia, the ruler of three hells… It is nice to meet you, escapee…"

Those who sin should be sent to the hell without exception. The woman that was pressed down by the enormous magic energy should have been added to the number of the self-proclaimed liberators from the divine oppression that would rot in the depth of hell. They all had a pitiful life and the punishment was not equal for their tormented souls – at least it was what Hecatia had thought but never had shown.

Nevertheless, this one incident… That kind of determination and tenacity. Escaping the clutches of death, slaughtering dragons, deities and youkais indiscriminately…

"You sure a piece of work…" – Hecatia was not a deity that relied on faith and fear. She was born in the distant past with a different form, ever changing and adapting. She saw many different events but nothing could compare to the monster in the human skin that resisted her suppression.

The ancient goddess felt how bit by bit, the silver-haired woman gained more power. Her desire, simple and so innocent drew energy from the depth of the abyss, where nothing could exist. The desire of the single human had already affected different timelines…

"You should stop struggle. I am not your enemy…" – It was impossible to kill this wriggling flesh, which had made contact with origin. To make thing worse, that monster gobbled down and obtained some very sophisticated and uncontrollable power. She did not have an obligation to clean up the mess that other made but since she found her by chance... There was a possibility to make other owe her one – "Do you really want to fight the gods and youkais to the bitter end? Did you desire something else? With that power… You can fulfill you wish and your regrets with you own strength alone…"

The chaotic movements abruptly stopped. Hecatia smirked from satisfaction. It seemed that her words got through the thick skull of the woman. Without stopping her suppression, the dark goddess walked close and crouched in front of the body on the ground. She stretched her hand and raised the chin of that monster.

"You got the intricate power, you know… The power of creation. With a little imagination and effort from you, it is possible to get what you desire the most…" – The words of Hecatia hypnotized the woman, whose eyes became wide from realization of her own foolishness. She did not understand her power, never ever tried to do it – "Such a beautiful face… Reminds me of another one. But unlike her… You can mold your own happiness…"

"Your mocking… IS ANNOYING…" – Hecatia felt that her neck was strangled. The woman hand tightly grabbed her, her wings deformed into additional formless limbs with nauseating pattern on them.

"Ha-ha-ha… It is so hilarious!" – The heartwarming laugh echoed in the misty environment. Hecatia never imagined that somebody would dare to bare their fangs against her. She grabbed the face of the woman and pushed her with magic burst, sending the fragile body away. Her opponent cleaved through several trunks and obliterated large rock formation, completely becoming a bloody mess. It was impossible to tell what it was. Still, the darkness absorbed the pulsating flesh and reformed into the human figure clad in the red dress with golden trims – "Ha-ha-ha! That is it! That is it! Such a beautiful goddess had been born from the lowly desires of humans! You should be known as Shinki!"

Before Hecatia was able to continue her monologue, she was sent to the low orbit of the Earth with one throw…

"Everything is going according to our plans…" – The white-feathered angel stood on top of a temple and overlooked surroundings. The age of gods slowly ended. The numerous pantheons that did not suffered defeat from herself or her sister succumbed to the new united religion. The old world was dying; the new one was going to be born in the darkness.

Sariel balled her fists and looked at the starry skies. Centuries had passed after her separation with her sister. She lost her mind afterwards, wandering aimlessly and fighting random youkais. Somehow, her own image became a new sort of inspiration for humans, giving a birth to the new type of existence that fought evil in the hearts of people. With this, she was no more alone, pushing those annoying youkais in the lands of Europe to extinction.

However, her influence was weak in other lands. She had to create another method to deal with youkais and deities.

There was something in the air, which got her attention. Sariel spread her wings and flew up, catching the strange particles that appeared from the temporal rift. They were simple speckles of dust charged with strange kind of magic. It fed on her own mana, which was seeping away from her body. Intrigued she charged more magic energy into it and the unknown particles multiplied. Each of them started faintly glow in the night, resembling snowflakes. Several of them fell through her fingers and landed on a beggar who slept on the streets.

Moments later, the poor human transformed into malformed creature that started to breached into nearby building and started to slaughter sleeping people. The entire town woke up from the agonizing cries. The armed guards rushed to the building to be killed by the new monster. The curious bystanders met the same fate. The panic spread through the settlement… And with the panic the true disaster stroke – the fire…

Sariel, unsheathed her sword, and with a staff in other hand landed in front of the monster. She ignored the people, who stopped and dropped on their knees, and with one slash of the sword finished the monster. The entire body structure of the creature collapsed, leaving only the same particles that started all this chaos.

After gathering the remaining particles, Sariel went up with a satisfied smile on her face. She found a way to deal with youkais and deities. Among bodies of the townsfolks the angel of death noticed the corpse of the vampire, at least what was left of it, that was caught in this event. With a little effort, she would be able to create fearless army that will deal with her enemies…

Suddenly, another thought appeared in her mind. Instead of stupid game of chess, she could inflict the mortal wound to her enemies… After all, majority of youkais and gods were born from the humanity, humans fears and awe. Without them… They all would perish into nothingness…